Leicester v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Leicester City vs Arsenal Preview, Line up and Predicted score by KJ

After the nervous game mid-week, we have a somewhat easier game this Sunday but even then, a Premier League team is never truly easy and I’m sure we’ll be a nervous mess come the 75th minute.

Leicester City gave Chelsea a lot of trouble last week but ultimately failed to punish them. With a home crowd behind them, they could be very tricky to face and we have a plethora of injuries to key players at the moment.

I expect us to play a possession game that also looks to punish on the counter. We will most likely be very direct with Sanchez as our striker. Alexis will need to play better than he did against Everton. He was far too deep and didn’t run the channels enough to cause their defence problems. This time I expect Sanchez to be causing the Foxes a lot of troubles with better movement and positioning.

Predicted Line up:
Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Monreal
Flamini – Ramsey
Wilshere – Özil – Cazorla

It’s still a very strong team considering the injuries to Gibbs, Arteta, Walcott and Giroud. The defence is very strong and I personally want to see an improved performance by Debuchy. He lacks that defensive edge at the moment and I’m hoping that’s just down to him learning his role at a new team.
Arteta is apparently fit enough to train but won’t be fit enough to start. He’ll probably be ready next week and there’s no need to risk him for this game.

Wenger has opted to play the 4-3-3 so Wilshere can play in the CM role but I’m hoping that Wenger decides against it and goes with Wilshere on the right in our traditional 4-2-3-1. The 4-3-3 is absolutely killing Özil at the moment with him playing on the left. It is completely destroying his game and he’s hinted at that in his most recent interview.

This game will be tricky but we will come out on top. 3 – 1 to Arsenal.

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    1. I hope we’ll see Diaby & Ramsey bossing the midfield any time soon.
      Do you think Diaby’s in the squad tomorrow?

    2. According to BBC and Sky, Arsenal ended their interest in Remy..
      That means we will have no specialist striker this season.
      This transfer window is partial success. But due to giroud injury it can be said a bad way to end it if wenger doesn’t get another striker and DM..

        1. Oh come on.. like if we were actually really close to signing Cavani, Falcao or Balotelli. Still would be awesome though if we get Falcao or Cavani but I never saw it happening this transfer window.

          Last year was way worse than this year, you also don’t mention Higuain from last year simply to complain about this year’s transfer window.

          If we get Carvalho I think we had a good transfer window. Yes, I prefer a WC striker but No, to be honest, Cavani is not worth 50m pounds at all and 20m for falcao for one season is just crazy.

          Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers, Sanchez and possibly Carvalho. Good transfer window to me! Best we had in years for sure.
          I simply can’t stand the ones who are ALWAYS complaining

          1. Football is all about supporters opinion’s after all it’s our club and our right,

            some of us who understand accounts and finances are frustrated that we have so much money and I mean a lot of money siting in the bank and more to come for the next five years and why we don’t challenge for the tittle,

            So excuse us for being concern that all that money which we the supporters generate for the club let us have a little say after all we are the customers,

            So far all the players we bought are replacements including Sanchez now that OG is injured.

            1. Yes and I just gave my opinion about your view.

              And haha ”some of us who understand accounts and finances” is so much crap. I’ve got a bachelor in economies and a Master in Accounting so excuse me for not understanding anything.
              If you understand accounting and finances, then you should realize that an investment should make sense.
              – Cavani for 50m doesn’t make sense. He did not have a great season last year at PSG and I can’t remember him on the World Cup.
              – Falcao 20m on loan one season also doesn’t make sense. He has just recovered from a repeated knee injury.. so what if he gets a challenge in let’s say december and he would be out for the rest of the season? I don’t say it will happen, but it’s possible. In that case we would pay 20m for a player over 2 months. besides, 20m for a player for one season already is crazy.

              I understand the fact that we have had some really frustrating years and that our transfer policy was ridiculous. But we had our backs to the wall.. we recently built a whole new stadium during a crisis and look at how we recovered.. In long-term, this was the best we could have done.

              Also look at our improvements over one year. We did not sell one of our key players and we did not have ”replacements” but Improvements overall. Our squad and talents are aging and getting matured and I think we might be up to something. So yess, sht is getting better every year and instead of complaining all the time.. maybe you could be satisfied with our prospects and be a bit more optimistic

              1. Get real man your contradicting yourself, I believe me and you we had this argument last January but you went by another name and you was BS then as you are now about your bachelor in economies and a Master in accounting you don’t know ST

                1. – We did not have this argument last January
                  – I did not change my name
                  – not contradicting myself
                  You started about the ones who understood finance and accounting. Well, here I am with my knowledge about finance and accounting and I do have a totally different opinion. Quite easy to say I don’t know st haha.. great argument!!

                  Good story bro

    1. Spend spend spend spend spend spend spend spend spend spend spend spend spend…
      Is that the only thing you can say?
      – Arsenal to win by 2-0

  1. Well, the EPL champions did get beaten by Stoke City at home yesterday. Lets see how the Community Shield champions fare away at Leicester today. He he.

  2. We’ll definitely be playing oxlade, cqmpbell or sanogo cant see wenger playing ozil, cazorla and jack together.

  3. Szcz
    Chambers Kos Mertz Monreal
    Flamini Ramsey
    Chamberlain Ozil Sanchez
    Subs: Martinez Debuchy Diaby
    Podolski Cazorla Wilshere Campbell.

    1. Our line up will be

      But i love to see

      Campbell…. Ozil……..cazorla

      1. Yeah I agree I would give the Wilshere-Ramsey pairing one more chance and see how they perform together!

  4. arsenal to win 3-0

    Louis Van Gaal’s net transfer spend in just two months stands at £149m.
    Arsène Wenger’s net transfer spend since 1996 is £103.75m lol at manure

  5. According to lequipe Remy is still hesitating between Chelsea & Arsenal, he has to choose between replacing Torres as 3rd striker or Giroud

    1. Chelsea go through players like toilet paper, unless they are Eden Hazard. Although I feel we can still do better than Remy, a logical choice for him would be to join us. I really don’t think it would be difficult for him to perform better than Giroud, especially with the caliber midfield we have. He has the pace which can be used effectively to capitalize on our midfield through balls, something we have been sorely lacking against certain teams. I’m still hoping we can somehow nab either Falcao or Cavani.

      1. @Big gun : being a fan has to stop somewhere and reality has to kick in. No way arsenal is spending that much on a striker. He even will not pay 15 million for Bony/Welbeck who are definite upgrades on Remy. Hell he isn’t even wiling to pay 8.5 million for Remy. As long as Wenger is the Boss, we have no choice but to accept his ways and beliefs. The only thing we can do now is pray some of our lads (strikers) come to the party this season!

  6. i think wenger will play
    debuchy chambers koscielny monreal
    ramsey wilshere
    ox ozil cazorla

    campell,flamini, rosicky as subs

  7. Really wanna see a positive game and win today. Nothing less.
    Can’t wait for all this transfer rumour trash talk to end.
    Let’s get behind our team

    COYG 4-0 #redarmy

  8. arsenal drop interest in remy lool why do arsenal always do this to themselves sometimes act like a real bunch of clowns

  9. I’m thinking it might be worth playing Hector this game, though Leicester is not a team you can easily pass, I don’t think our full backs will be tested defensively as much. Also Campbell to get a look in would be nice, in place for Jack perhaps, to add that extra pace we might need to get past their defence, I don’t see us easily passing through their defence. Also realistically looking at it, I imagine Sanogo will be upfront and Alexis on the wing for Carzola.

  10. ……debuchy…..mertz…….kos……monreal….
    At least,this is the team i would like wenger to start. Either of cazorla, sanogo, campbell, rosicky or chambers to come in second half depending on how the game pans out. Wilshere to rest cos of the last game.

  11. “Arsenal have ended their interest in signing QPR striker Loic Remy, Sky sources understand.”

    Arsenal seems extremely erratic, naive and unprepared anytime the transfer window turns around. What took us so long to bid for Remy when he himself wanted to come for a very long time? Did we not say we have enough strikers, why then are we bidding for Remy now? How could we bid for a player on Saturday then end interest on Sunday? Do we even have any targets at all? Do we really know what we’re doing? Crap.

    1. Lol..bang on…its random last minute panick bidding in the hope that something clicks- I am sure that tomm at 7 pm, wenger will place a bid for welbeck, get rebuffed and then telltale his usual BS about how difficult it is to do business.

      I mean how difficult is it? I look around and I see everyone doing it! So it cannot be that difficult right? It’s just an excuse- the ambition is clear-it’s 4th !

  12. I’m going to come out and say it. Chelsea looks scary. Does anyone else question whether Wenger has the intention of competing for the title. I know it seems like an illogical notion but it just seems so irrational of a serious manger to go into the season without a recognised striker and a DM and ofcourse a back up CB.

    Has anyone else wonder if Wenger has possibly gone senile? Seriously. He has aged and considering the stresses that football managers go through, I do think it’s a possibilty. It would certainly explain many of his actions.


    1. Haha fair one! The shit thing is that we have actually spent more than usual…. But Chelsea have gone out there and done it better!

      1. Transfers need to plug gaps in the team which Chelsea, everton and liverpool briliantly did. With arsenal its the usual- let’s find someone cheap even if he doesn’t meet our requirements..!

  13. Going off recent form we are gonna have a tough game today! Leicester play well as a unit but hopefully Ramsey can feed and Jack can continue from midweek and create those little touch and goes, one-twos!
    Debuchy, Koscielny, Per, Monreal
    Ramsey Ozil
    Ox Sanchez Cazorla

    Untraditional, but could fit the needs! Don’t want to see Flamini, he is getting old and is far too average and mikel another old lad but we need to start bringing on the other lads!! In an ideal world we could just spend money!! Haha

  14. @gamer. Remy interest may have been withdrawn for any of these 4 reasons:
    1. We’ve secured another target.
    2. Chelsea beat us to him.
    3. It may all be BS to distract people from what we are really doing.
    4. We are incompetent.

    1. 1. It has numerously been reported that Arsenal is not after a striker. Wenger himself has hinted as much.
      2. It’s possible, but I think the Park transfer was even closer than this one and yet we pulled it off.
      3. We’ll see by tomorrow.
      4. No comment 🙂

  15. that assist yesterday cesc did if that was giroud cesc would not had that assist , it was a good pass but ever so slight underweight costa had to do a bit of work to get a goal from it which resulted in a assist for cesc .
    had it been giroud hes natural game would of been to pass it back since he plays with his back turned to goal and this is what mesut ozil has been working with, not blaming giroud just saying that the difference from getting a assist and not getting one .

    again the assist cesc did for shureller against burnley if shurler did not make that run cesc does not get that assist , had cesc been at arsenal last season large parts of it it was a front 3 of ozil cazorla and rosisky all 3 dont run behind. so lets keep everything into prospective people. without the right players around them people like ozil, cesc silva mata become useless .

    1. OG is a target and does play with back to goal. You know the guy who feeds AR, JW, TR Costa doesn’t give you that and certainly doesn’t win aerials all over the pitch. AW values that maybe you don’t?

      1. how about you read my comment properly you clearly mis understood my point it has nothing to do with giroud

        1. That is what Ozil is working with? They become useless without runners? You’re wide players can provide that and I agree with you TR and SC can not run behind. If Ozil, learned the chip pass he and OG would have brought in at least 5-8 more goals for OG last year. He prefers to keep the ball on the ground for his passes. Not a bad thing but his passing didn’t change for OG.

  16. Take Cazorla out and put Chamberlain in, we need pace down the flanks.

    Debuchy Mert Kos Monreal
    Ox Wilshere Ramsey Ozil

  17. We will win 3-1.

    Chelsea do look good, but it’s a long long season. Costa is new, brilliant and angry.

    The new and brilliant will get him so far, but teams will work out how to target his weakenesses. At the moment his temperament is questionable.

    Because I really really cannot stand Chelsea, I hope he either gets injured or gets a few red cards. That said, he is great for the Premier League.

    Back to Arsenal…let’s hope we sign a couple or three players of top quality. Carvalho would be a good start!

  18. The team I’d like to see:

    Debuchy mert koscielny monreal
    Ramsey flamini
    Chamberlain Sanchez Cazorla

  19. Leicester is my hometown, been living here over 30 years.

    Arsenal is number 1.
    Leicester is number 2.

    I’m going to the game today, have to sit in the home stands and I cannot get away tickets for Arsenal.

    Arsenal home games are always expensive for me with ticket, travel food etc !

    Will cheer on Arsenal (in my head) when they score !!!


  20. This game has draw written all over it, but still we have to be careful that Leicester doesn’t nick it.

  21. This game, like many, is all about execution – which team shows up to play.

    On Paper: Based on each team’s recent form it will be close with the edge to Arsenal – will win it late through stamina, quality and drive.

  22. It’s now half-time and did I not tell you?!!
    At least I had the correct score at half-time with a £200 bet! Now that’s what I call, leaving sentiments behind. Eat your hearts out, those of you who marked me down. Moppets!! I hope however we go now and win it as I’m a lot richer on my prediction! Sanogo is no good in an Arsenal team that wants to challenge for the title. He should go out on loan whilst we go and get a proven goal scorer in the mould of Cavani. If we don’t, then all the blame reverts back to Prof Wenger!

  23. We are is DIRE need of a new striker.

    Its not Sanogo’s fault but he is not good enough and never will be…

  24. Wenger keeps saying that we will buy if we find the right player, when there are 2 out there in Cavani and Falcao waiting to be bought. That man doesn’t have a clue sometimes, honestly and I’m saying this with every emotion set aside!

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