Leicester v Arsenal review – Gritty Gunners denied in breathless battle

As football matches go this was a real humdinger, but unfortunately for Arsenal the key moments did little to help us earn a first Premier League point of the year away from home. But against a well up for it Foxes team the Gunners produced the sort of fighting team performance that we hope to see more of in the new era. Well done lads!

Having started well we had a quickfire double setback of a gpal against the early run of play and a harsh sending off for young Mavropanos, judged to be the last man when usually it would have been a yellow. For a horrible 12 or 20 minutes the game could have been over as Leicester were on fire while Arsenal looked all over the place.

So the way the players fought to steady the ship before starting to cause real problems ourselves was as welcome as it was unexpected. We may have rode our luck at times but we also defended like heroes and, to a man, refused to give up.

So many chances and great pieces of drama and periods of play in this amazing and absorbing game. Super saves from both keepers kept it balanced on a knife edge and neither side was going to give an inch but to take nothing away I do think that Arsenal deserved more.

When Aubameyang levelled in the 53rd minute it was only what our play deserved and instead of settling Arsenal went for the win. It was great stuff all round, apart from the referee who followed his harsh red card did nothing to help us and gave the hosts a penalty with 15 minutes to go.

With Arsenal trying to rescue the game it was not surprising that Mahrez bagged a late third to make the scoreline as harsh as hard on us as the referee had been. Plenty of positives, though, from this breathless battle against a very impressive Leicester City.

The one Arsene Wenger chants joined by the Foxes fans at the end were top class by the way.



  1. Nayr says:

    didnt watch the game.

    i was watching allegri

    juventus 4-0 ac milan.

    the man has got tactics.damn

    1. tony says:

      damn tactics againest a garbase team?damn

      1. Tobee says:

        at least it’s far better than wenger who has failed to record a single point away from the emirates in the epl this year…did you see what MA did against spurs in Wembley…or how he was close to taking RM’s game to extra time…mate the man may not be the best but at least he is able to adapt to the current changes in the game

  2. S says:

    There are NO positives to be taken from this game. The one player that impressed in defeat at Old Trafford has undone all his hard work. Now the new manager will demand money to buy an established defender. If he is denied it, we will continue to fade into obscurity.

    1. ClassyGunner says:

      This really is an area of improvement for us fans. The moment young player makes a mistake we are on his back in a blink. We must realize that every player, however great he may be, makes mistakes. We must support the lad. Am sure he must be feeling terrible. This is when he needs our support the most. We must not fail him at this point. He can be a super defender for us for years to come, but he needs that environment to blossom.

      1. enda says:

        your so right give the chap a chance before pi$$ing all ove him

    2. Lance says:

      Mavropanos is young, only 20. He will learn from this experience.

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Away form this season is abysmal. I remember few seasons ago where we had a great away form. Anyway, let’s hope we get an away point of the year against Huddersfield.

    I m glad they survive relegation after getting two points respectively against Manchester city and Chelsea away from home.

  4. John Wick says:

    Worst away record in English football continues, red card aside these away performances this season have been a total embarrassment, I cannot wait until Sunday and this nightmare season ends and Arsene Wenger is gone forever! We are so easy and predictable it’s laughable! Arsene reckons arsenal only need 2 signings and we’ll challenge for the league title lol and that’s the reason we’ve needed change more than ever! Roll on Sunday!

  5. Tatgooner says:

    Just sell this team to barcelona already ffs

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    I said 3-1! Should have bet on it! Just in case anyone was getting sentimental about getting rid of Wenger, this was a timely reminder.

    1. John Wick says:

      Exactly ThirdMan JW people in tears on Sunday and thinking because we beat Burnley Wenger has still got gas in the tank! He’s been past it for years some people need to wake up.. and stop worrying about Wenger worry about Arsenal

  7. John0711 says:

    Just a thought do you think the foxes shouting “
    One arsen Wenger” was serious lol

    Respect gone

    1. #MAGA says:

      No, they were taking the piss

  8. Hilary says:

    Hey guys, calm it down for a bit, those guys ain’t super human. Arsenal play 1 man down against a good team and still produced such a performance and even scored! C’mon mate, the arsenal I used to know don’t score after a red card. This is an entirely different arsenal, a much better.
    Exciting times ahead…

    1. Tatgooner says:

      Did you even watch the game?
      The reason that game didn’t end 7 0 is because leicester arent a top 4 team.
      They completely outrun us in midfield our players were constantly giving away dangerous balls

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        the boys party too much at lacazette party

    2. Raja Danish says:


      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Cause Wenger never like to park the bus or defend even with 10 or 9 men….its attack all the way

        1. bran99 says:

          It’s not attack all the way, it’s just that the clueless one doesn’t have any tactics whatsoever, he just tells the team to play the Arsenal way. When Atletico were 10 men with no Simeone on the sideline, I was confident. Only to remind me once more that the specialist in failure, really have to leave for good

    3. John0711 says:

      Hilary go wash the dishes or something productive

      1. Hilary says:

        Ooh, forgive me, I forgot I am on the just arsenal platform where positivity or optimism seems to a taboo!
        So yes John 0711, I think I will go do something more productive, like remain a positive gooner. Hey relax, I will take it somewhere else, not here… ?

        1. John0711 says:

          Ooooh time of the month ?

          1. Sue says:

            Hilary is a man’s name too ?

          2. John0711 says:

            I know sue just banter

          3. Mwsupporter says:

            Is the use of the word banter an excuse for for being an a..ehole?

        2. Lexynal says:

          You are a true gooner. Forget about John0711 he will soon be supporting Suprs productively.

          1. Hilary says:

            Hahaha…I won’t be surprised

      2. John Wick says:

        Haha my thoughts exactly ?

    4. Lugdush says:

      Like athletico madrid vs arsenal? And they were away from home..hum

  9. Sue says:

    It’s looking likely that we will finish the season with no away points this year… to add to the 13 losses & 51 goals conceded….. just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, buzzing after Sunday, but back down to earth with a thud….. Gutted gooner

  10. barryglik says:

    To be fair decent performance
    after going down to 10.
    But seriously just another
    end of season nothing game like Burnley was.
    Need this awful season to end.

  11. Mikejohn says:

    I still wonder why some people still think and said Wenger deserve to stay and honor his contract, those must be very deluded. What a shameful performance, I watch the 2 game arsenal and juventus Allegri game and u see the different btw Wenger and Allegri. I’m so happy he is leaving to end this night mare, we still hv one more game to lose against huddersfield definitely we r going to lose that, our defense is shit. Arsenal board shud do all it takes to bring in Allegri, i hope he comes after watching this shit we played.

    1. John Wick says:

      Because us realists see the truth Wenger fans only see through they’re Wenger rose tinted glasses.. the man should of been sacked 10 years ago we may of had a European trophy in that time but wasted our time with a mediocre manager on massive wages!

  12. Godswill says:

    That’s why Arsene has to go and thank God he is going.

  13. Lupe says:

    I am not even angry. I don’t even know what to say, i don’t know what is going on at arsenal that we can’t manage a single away point this year. We have lost 13 games this season. How can anybody not see why the fans have been angry.

  14. jon fox says:

    Less than 100 hours of Wenger still at our club. Now counting down the minutes and hours til around 5 pm on Sunday, when we will be free, after 22 years of him. The last decade plus being a slow and worsening torture.

    1. John Wick says:

      The clock is ticking Jon just wish it would tick faster! Sunday night is a joyous occasion we’re free of him for good ?

  15. Chukwuma says:

    You all can say what you want to say about the game but pls don’t compare a coppa Italia final to a dead rubber contest and remember that this poor team of ours with our “poor” manager beat AC Milan twice this season so just because some dude does it doesn’t mean he deserves to be our next coach

    1. Lexynal says:

      You are the man Chukwuma

      1. Phil says:

        Chuck Wagon or what ever your name is-So we beat AC Milan Twice and you feel that is something to celebrate.Are you serious?Are you joined at the hip to @Lexynal or something?Or perhaps something more intimate?The two of you are pathetic and ridiculous with comments like you post.Get a reality check in the morning pal and wake up to the fact things would have been just as bad next season as they have been this season if Wenger had not been SACKED.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      must agree on this….

      cant compare Coppa Italia Final to this meaningless game….

      Its a Cup final after all…..100% effort required……

      so many managers have beaten us and or Milan, do they deserve to be our manager/coach too?

  16. Sue says:

    Iwobi is getting absolutely slated on Twitter… I thought I read he’s signing another deal at the end of the season ?

  17. John0711 says:

    Question is Xhaka a poor mans shelby ?

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      That’s a really good shout. Similar statue, pace, and they like to spread the play. Xhaka has a lovely haircut, so he shades it for me.

  18. Ronny says:

    Blah blah on tonight’s game 🙁
    @nayr. Allegri is a tactician but you can’t compare juves side to ours he’s got a much better and more expensive sqaud than we have.
    I still believe we won’t get an allegri, Enrique type manager to the club as they won’t offer the wages or transfer budget required. The only experienced manager we may get is ancelotti who lives in London and seems desperate to manage again and preferably not for abramovich again.
    We’ll end up with an enthusiastic, (and very greatful) young manager.
    In some ways I wouldn’t mind a Julian Nagalsman character working closely with Mislintat and some very carefully chosen coaching experts, (defensive coach a priority!).
    Don’t know if anyone read the article on ozil and how mourinho pushed him and gave him a hard time at RM rather than pandered to him like Wenger did.
    Ozil even says himself he liked and needed that approach.
    Guess some players are natural winners and can motivate themselves and others need managing.

    Allegri to Bonucci in front of the whole sqaud when his late in the game changes were questioned…..”shut up d*ckhead!” Then benched him. That’s what we need.

    1. Enagic says:

      Jardim is your new manager trust me

  19. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Talk about the tale of two tenure’s, the first tenure, a whole season undefeated, the second tenure, no away points in the whole of 2018, is Huddlesfield going to spoil the party. I know you can’t except it but that’s why you have to go Arsene.

  20. Enagic says:

    I dont really care any more for a single game we have to go just looking forward for new manager to start working and bring in established players so we can start to compete again we need to put aside (experiment and the so called self sustain model) was a good song from Arsenal management for few season – Allegri always buys established players Benatia, Khedira, James just few to name – i am just happy Wenger is leaving and i wish our last game was in two days again so can bring down a curtain and move on – Arsenal have new manager already but they to show wenger some class till is gone to name a new manager while is still around will be a nail on his head he deserve atleast end of this week.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      why show wenger some class when hes leaving?

      The board has never been supportive since 2008……

      Just name the new manager and move on….

  21. Lexynal says:

    Arsenal vs Mcity: Why did he keep using Mustafi – Arsenal fans
    Ars Vs BH : Mustafi is a joke – Arsenal Fans
    Ars Vs Atl. Madrid – why keeping to use Mustafi …he is rubbish….
    Ars vs Burnley: Oh…why has Mavropalos not been starting a game; mustafi needs to go to bench
    Ars V Leicest. – Mavrop is out within 15mins due to red card
    Ars vs Leicit – Oh…why did he not use Mustafi…?

    Typiccal fans…..unbelievable!

    1. Elliot says:

      No one wants mustafi to play lol.

    2. Phil says:

      You know the rules about personal abuse. You have overstepped the line many times before but this is your last chance or you are going into moderation….

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Calm down Phil….

        you have the right to comment, hate, despised and etc… anyone

        but not personal attack please

      2. John Wick says:

        Phil, talking to wengerites is like talking to a brick wall! They won’t and can’t accept Wenger is a clown and should of been removed years ago! They will blame the AOB’s and the players the same players Wenger bought, trained and constantly played! Mr Wenger can do no wrong in their eyes.. they live off 2004 and compare spurs to us because we’ve won a few fa cups.. what they completely miss is that we were told we moved to the Emirates to compete with the real Madrid’s and Bayern Munichs of this world not winning more trophies than bloody spurs!

  22. RSH says:

    nothing new. same stuff we’ve seen all season. onto the last one and then we can all finally get a break from this club for a few months.

  23. Malch95 says:

    Look man as much as I’m relieved that AW is done this season, that ref was absolute trash, the penalty killed our momentum and we just couldn’t finish our chances. Not saying our team was 5 star, in fact far from it and as far as I’m concerned Mavropanas is still a prospect cause his mistake was one from inexperience which Koscielny made quite a few times if I might add. AMN is a great player and our attack is solid as well as the left back position. IWOBI shouldn’t be playing for AFC if we’re srs about getting anywhere. Iwobi is welbecks replacement in a few yrs but till then he belongs at West ham. AMN is quality

    We need CB’s, DM, GK and maybe a winger to get back into the top 4 imo

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Exactly….at 10 men we were doing quite well…missed a lot of chances as usual……the penalty should not have given….it totally killed off the game….

      Mavropanas is still learning and lacking of experience….but the only way to learn is to keep playing….he has the height and strength and can only get better…he needs to keep playing…..and partnering an experience head

      Iwobi is very inconsistent…..he should go on a loan to get game time….

      CB, DM, GK and a pacey creative winger is what we need….but based on the potential budget given……
      the priorities should be a solid DM and quality GK… before anything else….

    2. Mobella says:

      I don’t know why are slating Mavropanus. He did what he was expected to do when the ball came to him suddenly and even took a card for the team. That is a worrior attitude our establish defenders to have. Personally, l blamed AMN for that red card just like I blamed Xhaka for the first goal, he passed the the ball to a player at the edge of the box instead of kicking it out the danger. Why the hell he passed back from an attacking position and the coach for encourage that kind of play

  24. Innit says:

    Xhaka and Iwobi are World Class.
    I hope we can keep them from joining Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    1. Malch95 says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHÀHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Mustafis as good as gone too ?, thanks for the laugh mate. Sorely needed

  25. John Ibrahim says:

    what we need is to get the refs under the payroll

  26. Frankn says:

    Why has no one called John 0711 the sexist he is?

    1. What do you think this is, feminist. com?

  27. Grandad says:

    Think positively guys.AMN is going to be a star and a first team regular next season.

  28. FrankN says:

    No, but blatant, sexist, puerile rubbish should be called for what it is. Are we still living in the 70s or something? I’m surprised Admin let it through.

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