Leicester v Arsenal review – Transfer needs highlighted by draw

With no Olivier Giroud and just over a day of the transfer window left, Arsenal’s trip to Leicester was the last chance for Arsene Wenger to see whether Yaya Sanogo and the other striking options really could be enough for the Gunners. There was also the small matter of three Premier League points at stake.

Well Sanogo and Arsenal got off to a good enough start, with the Frenchman providing the assist for Alexis Sanchez to put us in front after a beautiful pass from Cazorla. Sanogo was looking dangerous, if a bit clumsy at times. He works hard and has plenty of ability, but he still looked badly in need of his first BPL goal.

But whether the head injury to Koscielny was to blame or not, we were pegged back almost straight away after a pinpoint cross found Ulloa. Chambers camo on for the French defender and that left us sweating on another defensive injury and the rest of the first half was tight.

After the break we got our fluent passing game going a lot better, but without a goal to show for it. In fact Leicester had two great chances on the break and Arsenal were lucky not to be behind. It did not help that Ramsey was having a shocker in the final third or that the ref let them foul contimually, but the lack of a real goal scorer was in evidence again and surely Wenger will do something about that tomorrow.

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  1. When Wenger say’s he will be Active on Transfer Day does he mean he will be Active buying Players or active when counting the Money he saved by not buying some Quality Players for Arsenal. This guy is a joke should have gone long ago.

    1. It has been highly speculated that Mr Wenger has indeed taken up some Yoga lessons to help him endure the hard stresses of a transfer deadline. Close sources confirm that Wenger will be very active, as always, relieving the stress of not buying a much needed striker that would ensure his club’s success. The transfer deadline poses to be a traumatic experience for no other manger of a top team as they take the easy way out and actually buy much needed reinforcements. I can also confirm that Mr. Wenger will be stress free after the deadline unlike a vast majority of Arsenal fan that’ll be drowning in a bucket of tears.

    2. Wenger is a retard. He should have signed Balotelli months ago. We are in deep shiiit. I hate Sanogo and the way he plays and even the way he looks.Hate him. He is by far the most useless player I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. Wenger better sign a damn striker by tomorrow or he will have to leave the club when we fail to even get 4th place this season. we have been playing like shiit in the past 4 games. what the F is going on? We don’t want Sanogo, just release him.fuuuuuuuuuuk

  2. Neville: “But if we are judging them in terms of targeting a title, then they are going to have to sign a centre forward.” don’t think anyone else would disagree unless ur a self proclaimed expert than gary neville
    Arsene Wenger confirmed today that he has “had no offers” for 21 year old winger Ryo Miyaichi. Set to stay crapppppIs Yaya Sanogo Arsenal’s macot?

        1. He did not said that you fu cking liar. He said : we missed something. We had two busy weeks with three away games.
          I see now from where this sh it is coming, retards like leo (which I am going to hunt everyfu cking second on this site just to expose him what a pathetic piece of $hit he is) misquoting or hearing from someone else and then giving the false info and turning people against the players, the boss and basically whatever moves. I simply spit in your general direction.

          1. there’s a lot of excuses about tiredness, but u couldve seen in the schedule that there would be that much demand put on the players.

            wenger’s doing more rotation than in past years, but still ,
            shouldve started roz/campbell/podolski .
            why are they in the squad???

            its not rocket science: ozil/caz debuchy/monreal all tired from 4 days ago.

        1. Haha.
          I’m calm at the moment.
          However when the transfer window closes and I don’t see a striker.
          All hell is breaking loose.

  3. Clearly you fans get it. Sadly, I fear, Wenger has lost sight – can’t see the forrest from the trees kind of thing.

    Nearly all the highly negative comments today are absolutely warranted and strike directly at the heart of the problem – Wenger has created a nightmare and seems content to stay with it.

    I have tried to stay open-minded about Wenger’s plan to form a team with so many CAMs and few other specialists but I am afraid the reality of failure is overcoming my optimistic loyalty.

    1. good to have you on board.
      Wenegr should wake up and try to do something before it is all over, his 4th place trophy is not any more guarantee.

  4. Does this draw feel like a loss to you?

    I mean with it being against Leicester a team that has just played their 3rd game in the Premier League and a day after Chelsea smashed 6 away against a team we barely drew with.

    It just feels quite miserable day.

  5. out of all the anger and madness that has happend from today wenger said some that shut up everyone , everyone bangging on about a striker (me too0 his response was man city have 4 strikers why didnt they score lol

  6. If Man City got Falcao I’d be gutted. If he is on the move, and not going to Madrid then we have to go all out to get him

  7. I nominate Arsène Wenger for the “Sign a Striker Challenge” in aid of Arsenal’s Season

    You have 24 hours mate

    1. I nominate you for Geordie Shore Whore of The Night for couple of months. Getting rid of you will bring some fresh air around.

  8. I was content over the last years with the 4th place trophy thing because I knew each week I still could watch some great Arsenal football, win or lose.

    I am losing faith in that possibility. It is not about the result today. In fact, Arsenal were lucky to get a point. But now, even against a newly-promoted side, there was nothing Arsenal-like about Arsenal’s performance. It was just chaos on the pitch and complete frustration in the stands.

  9. Wenger completely ruined Arshavin by playing him on the left wing. Now he is doing it to Özil to accommodate Wilshere or Cazorla. A guy who has played all his career CAM, is played on the left wing.

    Wenger must be the most arrogant manager I have seen.

  10. Leicester manager “We are disappointed not to win”.. Now take that Wenger and shove it up your arse.

  11. Our club has been going backward since the 2006 CL finale…!!!!!!

    Today, we had (according to L’Equipe) 21 chances….!!! One goal!
    Sanogo is obviously still learning his craft, so why is Campbell not playing???
    If we are not in need of a striker, I don’t know what are Wenger’s plans.

    What is his problem with Campbell?
    If I was Campbell,I will hand over a transfer request… It is not worth staying at Arsenal when you know you can play at the highest level.

    We have, as for today, the shortest squad (in numbers) with Burnley…!!!
    WTF is going here???

    We are short at the back and need at least another CB.
    We are crying for a DM.
    A striker is not needed, we are begging for it.

  12. I have rushed home recorded the game and wAtched that shower and one person is to blame, we all rave when he won the league about him so he has to accept this is his fault wenger please leave now before what happend to manure happens to us.
    Look at the facts wenger never changes the team until the last 15/10 mins no matter what
    Ramsey poor today
    Ozil I can’t remember the last time he had a good game
    Corzola very poor
    Flaming Not good enough his decision to jump in when they were on a brake shows how we need a DM
    Sanchez needs help he cannot do everything
    Why did chamberlain and Wiltshire not start ???
    I’m sorry but Sanogo seems a nice guy but he should learn his trade elsewhere
    One final thing do the decent thing wenger let Cambpell go and play football somewhere
    You all better hope manure don’t sign more class and take that 4 th spot from us

    1. Flamini was one of the best today. Basically the only one trying something. Maybe Monreal had a better attitude than him but Flamini was way above the rest.

  13. Why is everyone defending Ozil the guy is playing 20 yards left of the “apparent” position everyone thinks he should play.
    Like all of a sudden he’s going to turn into Messi or Ronaldo if played there is laughable.
    Why don’t people just realise he’s playing poorly not through playing wide-ish but because he’s weak at times doesn’t look that bothered and plays safety valve passes I expect better from him.
    He never looks like scoring or shoots from long range and even lacks pace and desire.
    We need 3 players in minimum.
    We are literally going through the motions and the moment Wenger needs to read the riot act to the team after that performance.
    Leicester were well worth a point.
    I feel sorry for Sanogo he clearly isn’t Good enough to lead our line but in saying that there were some dreadful individual performances around him like Ramsey Ozil Mertesacker and Cazorla to.
    Our side lacks pace penetration and urgency right now and we are easy to defend against I don’t see a flood of goals in us and I don’t see any goal scorer other then Ramsey and Sanchez in our side.
    Giroud haters wake up he is our best striker still and we look poor without him.

    1. About giroud , i cant welco with you. Giroud look great in our team cos no body there to compare with him. We just did not have a great CF so giroud look better.

  14. People are realising now that the guy in charge is deluded…!! Well, until next week when they will be singing his elegies again… Damn fools !!!

    The guy is not a coach, but a manager… There is a difference, but the pundits and some fans have mixed up the real significance of that fact.

    A coach asked for players and get them because he has a job to do.
    A manager like Wenger, makes the deals and set the wages. Tactically, he is a disgrace and clueless.

    Arsenal is no where near a top club.
    Yes, we have been in the CL for 17 years in the row… F*cking Woopi do! It is not like we are going to win it. We are every year silent participant to a competition that just passes us by because we are miles away from the top teams in Europe.
    What’s the point?
    The point is the money. That is why you saw Wenger relieved and joy at the end of the game. Simple!

    No ambition and no drive. No passion except from the fans, but that is not enough since we can only support the team and pay our tickets.
    We are doing our job, but the rest is useless.

    Prediction: Top four, if we are lucky and spared by injuries.
    Now we can see Giroud importance.
    21 Chances and one goal… Are you having a laugh or what?

  15. How come we’ve spent so little this year? Ticket prices continue to rise, tv revenue is up £20m, Puma, Emirates and other deals are another £50m, thousands of new shirt sales, cash reserves of £120m. Net spend has been ~£30m. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t spend at least £35m on top quality players tomorrow.

  16. Nice concise little article. Wenger saying active is a get out clause. Like a mirror reporter wrote that not getting a striker is absolute negligence and I couldn’t agree more. Same old same old.

  17. We pay £42millions for Ozil and he is far away the mark!

    If we want to be serious and keep the situation real (without the delusion and arrogance of an average manager), we need, RIGHT NOW, a CB, a DM and a striker…

    That is the minimum.
    Wenger has the smallest squad in the league with Burnley!!!

    That is just ridiculous.
    Other fans are f*cking laughing at us with the atrocious ticket prices we are paying.
    We are not getting our money worth that is a f*cking joke!!

    1. I feel your justified frustration. However about the ticket prices regarding Ozil he is increasingly looking like a flop but I 100% blame wenger for playing out of position. If hot top 15 players are in flux regarding there starting positions you are just taking the pis’!!! Something AW is an expert in.

  18. 1. I’ve been saying it since we got him, Sanogo isn’t and will never be Arsenal first 11 quality. He tries hard but he simply lacks the skill set to put the ball in the back of the net. Giroud is mind numbingly frustrating to watch because he shows flashes of real quality. I’ve yet to see such flashes of class from Sanogo. Wenger has admitted that we need strikers so I say just cough up the money and buy Falcao.
    2. STOP PUSHING ÖZIL WIDE. We have the best no.10 in the world and we play him on the wing. Mental.
    3. We need to get a big guy in the centre of midfield. We got overrun by LEICESTER.

    This team has the potential to do great things and when they gel together they’ll be fine. We just need to add that steal in midfield and the star striker a club like this deserves.

  19. Wenger says we look for quality

    Well news for you EVERY PLAYER HAS A PRICE
    only you are shopping at Costco

    Pay the f##ng money it’s not your money

    1. he scored 15 la liga goals and won Europa League, hes actually pretty good. Not world beater though but as long as hes better than Sanogoals..

  20. I wont join the negative bands. I understand we need to sign players but to say arsenal will finish outside top four is stupidity-saying the same thing and expecting different outcome.last week liverpool suck according to y’all,this week they are better.

  21. Wenger is clinically insane, the old man has lost it. That’s my only explanation for our current predicament. How he hasn’t addressed glaring needs (DM, LW, CB, CF) is beyond me. Everyone on the planet knows what we need – except the idiot in charge. But even then I’m still not convinced we’re good enough because Wenger is the liability…Everyone says if we had a great striker they’d have a field day with our midfield. But I think that’s way off the mark, our style of play is awful. And it has been for a few years now. We never get in behind the defence- just the same stupid slow passing around the box. We are so predictable and easy to defend its embarrassing. He’s making Ozil look so average, but to be fair he isn’t helping himself. Even when he switched to his favored attacking midfield position today he was ineffective. Maybe he just isn’t suited to the BPL. Im really worried about him. But back to Wenger he should look at how attractive Liverpools style is under Rodgers. Constant movement up front, interchanging positions. It’s so good to watch. Wenger get creative and change things up or step down.

  22. Falcao
    Aleksander mitrovic -anderlect
    Jackson martinez
    Fingers crossed we get one of the above
    #coyg #arsenal #transferdeadline #hatespurs #spudgun

  23. I’ve only seen Baaca on YouTube but he’s deadly from 5 yards but so am I, he looks similar in quality to Carlos vela,
    Why not offer 35/40 mil for Martinez he’s big quick and scores goals in my opinion similar to Giroud but better

  24. Edward- Falco agreed to join RM on loan and tweeted ,then Man City offered to buy him 50 m so he removed the tweet

  25. So who’s left? Martinez, cavanni, falcao, bony, (too late), french strikers for ligue deux 🙂

  26. *A conversation between two Arsenal fans discussing our transfer dealings before the Leicester game, fan 1, we’ll call him Tom, is a new fan from Canada, fan 2 is Jack who has been a fan for 20 years*
    Tom- “He’s the manager of a huge team, he’s won trophies, he knows what he’d doing, he sold RVP and replaced him with Giroud who was such an upgrade, he’s a genius? No? -Jack – “No, Giroud was worse” Tom – “Oh but that cool Wenger’s trusts him so there must be something? Jack – “No, he’s completely mediocre” Tom – “But I heard everyone say, that this is the season Giroud shines” Jack “Yes maybe, but it doesn’t look likely now” Tom – Why? Jack – “he’s injured. ” Tom – “or well that’s cool too, Arsenal players always have extremely quick recoveries, don’t they?” Jack refuses to answer out of frustration Tom – “Well Wenger will buy someone surely, yes?? No? But Why? Jack – “Sanogo” Tom – “Is he good? Jack – “ Watch the game, he’s player for us against Leicester” (they watch the game) Tom – “Mate did I tell you, I actually support Chelsea, I got my London clubs mixed”……
    Sorry, this probably wasted alot of your time, but serious Wenger mate

  27. I’m just watching Henry’s 100 goals on sky sports and it’s just come to me as fans it’s not all about winning the PL , I can remember having Henry / Viera,Pires, Bergkamp and we didn’t always win but we played THE BEST FOOTBALL IN THE LEAGUE
    now we do neither
    I don’t want players to learn there trade here I want to see top players here

  28. Prepare for panic buys everyone! Wenger should of snapped up Mario Mandzukic, great up player, suits our style. There isn’t anyone out there that’s available, will be interesting if Wenger does actually sign a player. A CB an CDM are a must, maybe Carvalho and Sokratis? We’ll see. In terms of strikers, Wilfred Bony is the only realistic target!

  29. Sorry, I’ve lost my patience.

    It is not Sanogo or Giroud the main problem, the main problem is Wenger that he choose not to buy quality main striker.

    It is not Flamini or Arteta the main problem, the problem is Wenger that he choose not to buy quality CDM.

    And even World Class Quality Player like Messi, C.Ronaldo, Bale, Suarez, etc, can NEVER EVER help the team IF they are not given a chance to play.
    That’s also the problem that we have quality player like Rosicky and Campbell, BUT Wenger choose to not given even a single chance for them to play. Rosicky and Campbell deserved a chance to proved their worth. They absolutely can improve our attacking performance IF they were given a chance to play. Rosicky can inject much creativity, spirit, directness, game making and dictating tempo ability, penetrating dribbles to break down the opponent defence, and much much more.

    Rosicky always makes things happen, not only with individual dribbling but with individual acceleration of his passing and of his runs.

    Unfortunately, Wenger is way too STUBBORN and too old.

    The main problem is Wenger, his poor team selection and his old tactic.

    Sadly, the FACT, in our last five matches, we still have a very serious problem in beating the likes of Crystal Palace, Besiktas(twice), Everton, and Now Leicester city.

    Chelsea beat Leicester, we draw.
    Chelsea beat Everton, we draw.

    If you really watch carefully our current performance, last five matches, we really need to improve. Our current performance are definitely not good enough.

    Unfortunately, Wenger is way too STUBBORN & too old to listen any advices.

  30. team looked tired due to 2 midweeks.

    we had completely fresh:
    he brought on pod at 75min! why dont u do subs at 60min to give them 30min ???

    ozil on CAM, sanchez at CF , pod on LW, campbell on RW (not sure of his footedness)
    that would have been energy.
    (PLS STOP WASTING OZIL ON THE WING: one of the best CAMs in the world and u’re wasting him)

    ramsey had a stinker.
    flam tries hard but just not good enough: didnt get close to his man (who provided the assist)

    golden lining: maybe stinky performance will make wenger buy more.

  31. i was a sanogo believer but now i think he needs to go on loan .
    so we need to buy a finished CF to play when sanchez is resting.

    ozil looked tired: roz shouldve played at cam : why do u have roz in the squad??
    campbell on LW instead of caz would’ve given u more energy. love campbell’s energy.
    (caz looked tired too)

    debuchy/monreal both a shadow of what they were 4 days ago (couldve started bellerin??)

    i see wenger is doing more rotation than last few years: but still not enough.

    having rested pod/campbell/roz wasted when the others played their guts out on wed
    not good enough.
    sanogo’s used up his last chance.

  32. What I fail to understand is how wenger can keep playing sanogoal after he has failed to score a goal in over 15 apps and then not give campbell a chance. Also the late subs are f*cking annoying as the subs don’t get enough time to make an impact. I love wenger, but it seems he has too much faith in these players and he is not realistic enough. The current squad has no chance at pl or get beyond r16 in the cl. We need 2 quality signings at dm and cf

  33. well another disappointing performance today. Gotta say I am most disappointed in players like Ramsey, Carzola, Ozil. Our top players have got to perform better. Just not enough quality in the attacking third. The passing is not crisp, too slow, players are hesitating, giving the ball away, no sense of urgency about scoring. 70% possesion but not many real goal scoring oportunities. Its like they forgot that the objective of possesing the ball is to create a scoring opportunity and then SCORE!!!!! Also, not good production from the striker position. Sanchez is trying hard but still getting adjusted and will take a little longer. If AW is not buying another striker, it seems to me he needs to try someone else, such as Campbell or Poldoski. I don’t think it will be a downgrade for the status quo. The team needs a spark from somewhere and he needs to try and find one on the bench, because the starters are not playing well right now.

  34. But let me ask? What has Sanogo ever done to warrant starting ahead of a world cup bright talent like Campbell?

    For real, is wenger just deluded or what? You leave out Campbell who has proved that he can handle the biggest stage of all (The World Cup) and continue over looking him for a BAMBI DANCING ON ICE player (Sanogo).


  35. Early on in the transfer window I was pleased with progress and we were bringing in new players. Then everything seemed to stop. So far the new signings have been good but generally have been replacements for good players who have left. The strengthening has been sanchez and campbell coming back from loan, but Wenger seems reluctant to play campbell.
    Now I am fairly pessimistic, we definately need a proven world class striker, irrespective of the injury to Giroud. Unless Wenger has an “ace up his sleeve” i cannot see this happening. A year ago we tried to sign Suarez, so Wenger knows we need a wc striker but does not seem able to sign one.
    We are coming out of the difficult financial years and should now be substantially strengthening the squad and wc striker is a glaring deficiency which has not been addressed. Giroud was cheap and came to play alongside RvP, as such he is good and puts in a lot of effort and commitment. Its a replacement for RvP that we need, but not one that is often injured, has one excellent injury free season and then leaves.
    I expect that this year will be the same scrap for fourth place and don’t expect to challenge for title.
    I hope I am wrong and Arsenal sign a wc striker tomorrow, if not my fear is that we will drop out of top four posision.
    Sorry for such a long post but i have been waiting for wc striker to be signed all transfer window and it does not seem to be happening.

  36. Its sad that 2 yrs later we still haven’t replaced RVP. Mind boggling that 9 yrs later we still haven’t replaced Viera and/or Gilberto.

    But hey, Arsenal forever

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