Leicester worried about losing Mahrez to Arsenal?

One of the big questions that people are asking with less than a month to go before the start of the new Premier League season is whether last season’s champions Leicester City can keep it going and be one of the main challengers again or whether the league will go back to the status quo of the big clubs dominating.

Arsenal were the best of the rest last time around but that does not mean that we are confident of winning it if we finish above the Foxes this time but one way Arsene Wenger could make that a lot more likely is to sign one of their best players. The Frenchman has already tried and failed with the flying forward Jamie Vardy as we know, but perhaps he will have more luck in the pursuit of their second top scorer Riyad Mahrez.

Leicester’s manager Claudio Ranieri stated his belief this week that no more of his stars would be following N’Golo Kante out of the club but a report in The Guardian today tells me that the Italian’s words were more hopeful than confident and the accompanying picture of the Algerian international looking less than overjoyed to be back does nothing to back up Ranieri’s hope.

Morgan said, “I know there’s a lot of talking going off but hopefully everybody can follow in my footsteps. We want to maintain our key players and build on that with the new players because we have got a lot to play for this season. We have some fantastic players and some of the bigger teams in Europe are going to want them. We need to focus on our job, let the people talk the talk and do what we can do on the pitch.

“I suppose it’s to be expected especially after the season we had and I suppose teams trying to poach our better players is part and parcel of the job.”

It sounds to me like he is worried that Mahrez is going to follow Kante rather than Vardy, don’t you think?


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  1. Lost my patience with Arsenal. With all the nonsense and dithering over a ‘world class striker’, they haven’t bothered on improving the team since Xhaka. We need a right winger. Mahrez has sat there all summer and Arsenal haven’t even tried to get him apparently. Why not?

    It’s pretty evident we aren’t going to sign a world class striker. None of the strikers we’re linked with are world class. Higuain is, but we aren’t paying £80m, and frankly I’d consider it a bad deal even if we did. Lacazette isn’t world class. Icardi isn’t world class. If we aren’t going to get a world class striker then we need to get more goals from other positions. Mahrez is the blatant solution to that problem.

    My only reservation about signing Mahrez is that I want to see Iwobi and Ox progress. Theo can go, he’s had his chances.

  2. This is getting ridiculous and childish!

    Why doe everybody think Arsenal is the only place you could Lose players to?????

    I don’t get it!…

  3. Funny that many would say the spuds are always in our shadow….. So what did we do today?

    (according to skysports website)

    Wenger goes on to inquire about Clinton N’ije (a sparsely used,injury proned and unproven striker)…… Yea u heard that right….Clinton N’ije

    onLy for arsenal’s offer to be turned down by the spuds…… They prefer to Loan him out to marseille

    This is absolutely an insult on our part…

    & it Leaves me thinking….Wenger is High on some abusive substances and sure deserves medical examination.


  4. Arsenal has at least 10 wide men.
    Sanchez Adelaide Iwobi Walcott
    Chamberlain Campbell Gnabry .
    Cazorla Ramsey even Wilshere
    can play wide.
    Even Wellbeck and Sanogo can play wide
    no doubt Asano can too so wingers we do not need.

    1. LmaO………. Sanogo a winger? …… Crocked wilshere…. Cazorla ….. Injured welbeck…. Unused gnarby… A rejected campbell…..unreliable walcott and Ox?

      How much were u paid to prepare such a List?

  5. ____________Giroud
    _____Griezmann Ozil Sanchez
    _________Xhaka Cazorla
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    Keep faith guys, Wenger will surprise all of you 🙂

  6. Would love Mahrez to come to Arsenal (would be a step above Theo, Ox, Joel)
    However, we still need a top striker

    A top striker means we can compete for the PL
    A Top striker plus Mahrez means we can compete better in CL and compete in all other competitions

  7. I’m getting sick and tired of all these transfer rumours, stories and gossip. We have had the same crap for years. Wenger made a great start with Xhaka, I’m hoping he will finally spend some money and do right for the club before he leaves. The only time I’ll believe a player is coming to Arsenal is when we see him in an official photo in an Arsenal shirt.

  8. Athletic Madrid bid 60mil for higuan n they turned it down, they r hunting for a striker. They extended the contract for Torres. I have a feeling they know they gonna lose griezeman, I think that’s y the boss haven’t said anything because they waiting for Madrid to find their replacement. I really think something is coming. Even the arsenal insider said there’s something special ahead and griezeman is special

  9. Mahrez isn’t the target it’s Draxler.

    As…………….. Alexis’ replacement
    Pogba’s sale will start a domino affect!!!

  10. There is something cooking with the real striker target,
    Apparently only a hand full at Arsenal know who it is.
    The money mentioned for this deal is said to be between £50-£60 million.
    I doubt that this target is Griezmann, as he renewed his contract at Athletico Madrid during the Euro’s, which now has a €100 million release clause.
    One of the Striker’s who we haven’t been linked to ‘properly’ during this transfer window is Lewandowski ?
    It’s also funny how Lukaku has gone quite later! ? what happened to all that noise that he and his agent/ dad were making a few weeks ago? .. you never know.
    The Aubameyang rumours have also gone quite, what with Real Madrid buying Morata back and planning on keeping him there, it certainly looks like Aubameyang ‘isn’t’ going there!

    With the amount of money suggested that wenger has/is prepared to spend on a Striker (£50-60 million) and out of the 3 striker’s I mentioned above, the most realistic striker target would have to be Lukaku ?and then a eyebrows rised for Lewandowski ? to a Woooo hooooooo for Aubameyang ?

    If the reports are true, regarding the amont of money for this secret striker target , it could well be a happy ending to this transfer window.

  11. Marrez would be a great addition to the squad.
    1) He is a proper winger that can create for others and himself. He would improve our numbers
    2) Not afraid to put in a shift and help is full back
    3) He offers the same danger Alexis does on the other wing. Özil, Sanchez and him can switch freely at the front and help Giroud the same way Griezmann did for France.
    He cost too much? I wouldn’t mind lowering the fee by including Walcott or if Walcott is not wanted by them Campbell as he would be an upgrade on both. I like Campbell a lot so Walcott who has had his chances can go.

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