Would Leicester title win pile pressure on Arsenal boss?

Leicester City are closing on an unlikely Premier League title win at present, and big mouth Piers Morgan has claimed that Arsene Wenger should quit because of it.

The Frenchman will have been the Arsenal boss for 20 years this summer, and has guided his side to lift nine domestic titles, excluding the six Community Shield wins.

Piers Morgan is leading the #WengerOut brigade at present, and is calling for the boss to quit from his role, using any excuse as ammunition. The Arsenal shareholder is now citing him to quit out of ’embarrassment’, due to being 11 points behind league leaders Leicester City, which is just pure ludicrous.

The outspokern Morgan tweeted: ‘Arsenal now 11pts behind Leicester.
If I were Wenger, I’d quit out of pure embarrassment. #afc‘.

On that evidence, every manager bar Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino should hang their heads in shame and walk away from their clubs, but in the real world, the Foxes have been amazing all season, and deserve to be topping the table this year.

Claudio Ranieri’s side have lost only three matches (two of which were to Arsenal), have scored an impressive 55 league goals (only two less that Tottenham who have the highest return), and have the goalkeeper with the joint-most clean sheets this term.

If losing out to a team who look deserved winners of the title is shameful, then we live in a shameful world! The only thing Arsene Wenger should learn from the current season is, what we have been telling him all along, that we need a world class striker to lead the team, as Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane have been instrumental in their side’s push to win the league, much in the way that Diego Costa fired Chelsea to the title last season.

The French boss should not be pressured because of the Blues unlikely dominance this term, but he should feel pressured to invest properly in the coming transfer window.

I don’t even want to ask you whether you agree with Mr Morgan’s views on Arsene Wenger, but I do want to know which strikers out there could help us rectify our goalscoring problem. Could Higuain be the answer, or does it simply have to be Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

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  1. Wenger will not quit bec he is a perfect fit for Kroenke’s lack of ambition. He has delivered everything Kroenke has asked for over the last 10 years. Wenger also would not want to go to clubs where there were requirements to win : its easier to just finish top4 with a squad that has ample ability to do so, and is nearly able to win the PL. Its just more comfortable for Wenger at AFC. Not so comfortable for the fans who know that with a couple of WC additions, we could have won the league this year.

  2. Forget about Ibrahimovic, his wage demands are ludicrous,
    For a 34 year old ( £600,000 aweek)
    Higuain is over valued by Napoli,
    they want a Cech’s arm and a messi’s leg for him ??

    We need a Young Beast like Lukaku and Wenger better be quick, because Chelsea’s new manager wants to bring him back to Stamford Bridge before the Euro’s kick off!…
    It will cost at least £50 million… If thats too much for wenger,
    Then he should offer Everton a player plus cash deal, or even two players. .. take your pick ..Walcott, Ox or jack wheelchair. . I would chuck in Ramsey too, but I don’t want to upset the fanboys!???

    There’s rumours of Arsenal being linked with Lukaku’s younger brother, who is plying his trade in Belgium,he is a 21 year old pacey LB and has recently been added to the international team, he even assisted his brother with a goal in the friendly against Portugal last week.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have the Lukaku brothers at Arsenal?

  3. Wenger will most like get only one Lukaku
    And it will be the wrong one

    Wenger will keep faith in Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom
    He wont get another CF

  4. Wenger is supposes to quite……. We”ve done this dance be4 and it wnds with us in third place behind spurs. Judge him in may, some fans say, well mayvis upon us and wenger still sucks. WENGER OUT!!!!!

  5. Vardy or Kane are not world class strikers yet, but they are made that good by their respective coaches. They are also surrounded by some very good players who are hungry for success. The real tragedy is AW has not bothered to change with times. His match strategies are well know and almost all managers could beat him to that. Arsenal is there in top four only because of some handful of players like Ozil, Sancez etc. AW should go whatever may be the outcome at the end of the season. He has to call it off one day. Sooner the better.

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