Lemar to Arsenal is a done deal (or maybe not!)

Don’t you just love the transfer rumour mill, the way that just one little comment from an Arsenal groundman or an inconsequential journalist can spark a feeding frenzy amongst the fans. It’s all crazy. Well (according to all recent rumours) Arsenal are pressing hard to make the Monaco winger Thomas Lemar our next signing, and there certainly seems to be a concensus that he is now our main target.

Well, according to the (never-wrong of course) journalist Emanuele Giulianelli the deal has already been completed. According to him, Arsenal have struck a deal with AS Monaco for France international winger Thomas Lemar, I can reveal.

He goes even further, saying: The price agreed for the French winger, born in Guadeloupe in 1995, is around £48 million plus some bonuses to be added. It’s close to the price asked at the beginning of the negotiations by Monaco – £53 million as we’ve already reported.

An official announcement is expected when Arsenal return from their tour of Australia and China: Monaco have asked Arsenal to wait – with medicals, official pictures and his presentation to be delayed until they find a replacement for the French youngster.

BUT according to the BBC, it is looking increasingly unlikely that Lemar will join us this summer. They reported: Arsenal believe they could miss out on the signing of key target Thomas Lemar from Monaco.

The Gunners are still trying to land the 21-year-old France international but the French champions may not be keen to let another player leave.

The Monaco exit of Tiemoue Bakayoko to Chelsea and the likely departure of Benjamin Mendy mean a deal for Lemar is looking increasingly difficult.

And this was confirmed a few hours ago, by the BBC’s David Ornstein via this twwet…..

So who are we more likely to believe? Giulianelli or Ornstein?

Sam P.


  1. The thing with the BB. Is they are so Man United biased they just want to scupper everyone else’s transfer dealings. Can’t believe we have to pay a licence fee to that Mickey Mouse outfit!

    1. What? Man United bias? The BBC is the most credible football reporting source. Because it is paid for by the license payer it doesn’t have to make complete nonsense and outright lies for views and papers. In terms of bias I can think of a couple of the tabloids that love to stick the boot into us! The BBC only reports when there is genuine smoke, it doesn’t create a bogus fire like the others.
      Ornstein is the source for me, his reporting over the years has been excellent.

      1. Mate, the BBC is just like any other media outlet. It has agendas, biases and publishes lies, just like the rest of ’em.

        1. Lies about football? What agenda could the BBC have in arsenal’s transfers?! Please explain. This isn’t politics.

          1. mate leave it be, some people believe that everything around them are conspiracies one cant reason with them

      2. Really?

        The BBC has been the most “Anti Brexit”, “Anti Tory” media source since the right to vote for an EU exit was passed. The BBC wanted to remain in the EU and has actively been looking for any means possible to derail the whole process!

        Credible? no, incredible that you actually believe the BBC stand on such high ground?!

        1. @Martin
          I’m talking about their football credibility. I at no moment mentioned politics. You have not mentioned their football credibility.
          I’m talking football on a football site.
          You are talking politics on a football site.
          Wrong place mate.

          1. @Jibs

            The BBC is, as we all know an organisation that distributes many forms of reporting that includes sport and politics. My point is that just because it’s the BBC, it does does not mean it is “credible news” be it sport or otherwise. I was using the Brexit topic purely for its lack of credibility on a topic so important!

            Lets no be hypocritical!!

            1. If you’re suggesting that reporting on brexit and football transfers are in anyway similar in terms of credibility I don’t think you understand news reporting.

              You proceeded to rattle off the “lack of credibility” of the BBC regarding politics but at no point have provided any examples of the BBC lacking credibility on transfer reports. Name a media outlet that is more credible in reporting transfer?

                  1. The man has his wires crossed. The beeb even did an analysis of the accuracy of their transfer news- it is about 3% accurate. They went on to say transfer news is heavily skewed towards the bigger clubs because that is where the most interest (and rumours) are. Hence for smaller clubs, the rumours are usually true.
                    David Ornstein for the most part is a trusted source because he has an inside source. Any perceived bias Martin has is from BBC reporting other news source claims.

                    1. Of the transfer coverage by the BBC only 3% of what they report is accurate?
                      That’s quite surprising can you provide a link please?
                      Because I remember an analysis that was run on media outlets in general. I’m surprised it’s this low.

              1. I can provide a list as long as my arm of stupid transfer rumours that media outlets have churned out over the years. Sky sports comes out in second place. The rest of the pack shouldn’t be in the equation.

  2. Is this is the same “Emanuele Giulianelli” that, back in 2015, stated Benzema had signed a four year contract with Arsenal?!

  3. ornstein fed this by arsenal
    fans depair

    arsenal get lemar
    when they thought it was gone
    fans rejoice

    not rocket science lads

    1. yeah yeah the conspiracy theorists always think they are the brightest out there.. but most of the time they are only throwing guesses and fantasises around them 😉

      1. your clearly the brightest krish
        your opinion matters most
        everyone thinks that

        …..everyone being your mother

        1. haha cant take a critic? i never said that i’m the brightest out there, its just annoying that people write conspiracy theories/guesses and finish it with ‘not rocket sciences lad’ implying that you are SURELY right, as only you are able to discern the truth from the lie, dont be so full of yourself, this theory of yours is just an opinion not the truth, it could be but probably far away from it

          1. thats my opinion , and your always quick to bite on my comments
            just gives it relevance when u should just ignore it

            address yourself krish cos your emotional as hell on here
            i enjoy the banter, and winding ppl up
            u included
            calm yourself -its not that deep krishna

            1. haha believe me i am not emotional 😉 you are just getting butthurt when you are being called out on your so called “winding up” cant take what you dish out? stop making assumptions about me ^^

  4. Find it hard to believe when City went in later than us and reports are saying they are able to secure Mendy

    and yet we are struggling to land Lemar with several improved bids…

    we need a smooth operator..someone like Dein, a tough negotiator, a person with connections

    someone that get deals done

    1. well it could also be that they just dont want to sell lemar (attacking talent, probably very popular, difficult to replace) but dont care as much about mendy (defensive talent, but attacking talent are mostly higher regarded by fans)

      1. Before we bidded for Lemar Benjamin Mendy had not gone and of the crucial players it was only Bakayoko who had gone.Monaco’s two most important players are Mendy and Lemar.People can deny it all they want to.They don’t want any of them to leave.Just look at the mammoth bids they’ve rejected for Mbappe.People just want to find excuses to blame Wenger.I congratulate him for his efforts.If Lemar was Mendy we would’ve gotten him long ago.None of the players in Monaco are as important as Lemar and Mbappe.Even Sidibe could’ve been sold if we wanted him.I don’t know why people can’t open their eyes to the reality.

        1. yeah i share the same opinion selling mendy and selling is not the same, the value in the eyes of monaco is wholly different, its like comparing dele to kyle walker, tottenham would have been much more stubborn if man city had wanted dele

          1. If Monaco was Arsenal we would’ve also wanted to keep Lemar and Mbappe more than anyone else.People can ignore the fact all they want that they don’t want to sell Lemar at any price this season.It’s just the player’s wish that is sort of forcing their hands a bit.Monaco are just finding excuses to not sell him but deep down they know they never wanted Mbappe and Lemar to leave this season even before the transfer window opened.Wenger will now take all the blame for being slow why the facts available prove he wasn’t.If Arsenal had wanted any other Monaco player except Mbappe for that same £50 we would’ve gotten the player.

            1. yep and that’s what i think is the problem of the fan mentality for example, we demand that wenger buys early and think that clubs prefer to sell early as they have enough time to replace but thats just not true, because we/ the same fans demand from wenger to first buy and then sell after we have the replacements, but we forget that the other clubs will also think like that et voila if every club keeps waiting for the incoming player all the transfer are stagnated till somebody makes the first move (mostly in the last weeks) and the famous domino effect takes place, so its not always dilly-dallying of wenger some transfers will be delayed till the last weeks

    2. The price Monaco are demanding for Mendy is £50.Don’t you think if it was the same for Leamar we would have signed him already for £45 plus £5 add ons?The two players Monaco don’t want to leave are Mbappe and Lemar.The only thing that is making it a possibility is the fact that he wants the Arsenal move and is demanding it.Funny enough over the past seasons we’ve been linked with many players in the same Lemar scenario if you get me.However, people called them one seson wonders but seem to think Lemar isn’t.I also want us to sign Lemar but us fans are so funny.

  5. I believe Lemar will be a gunner. If not sell Walcott to Everton and buy Mahrez with the money to replace him. Lacazette up top with Alexis on the left and Mahrez on the right with Ozil in behind in a 3/5/2 set up perfect .

  6. Still keeping my finger crossed looking @ d window unfolding itself.. Hope it is gona be a gud gud season

  7. Nothing is a done deal until its confirmed on Arsenal website

    That said I am sooo hoping this comes through
    This kid is very talented and has few weaknesses for 21
    He is hard working
    Loads of pace.
    Strong dribbler
    Strong passer
    Good at set pieces and long distance scoring
    Good at crossing which we sorely need

    He isn’t a big scorer like Alexis and not world class like Alexis but seems to be better than Welbeck, Iwobi, Lucas on the Left wing. Can play right and CAM. Alexis can play on right in 442 with Lemar on left or we can have Alexis, Lemar and Lacazette up front in 343

    He would definitely improve us

  8. Kev You only need to look at a player qualities to acknowledge if the signing has a good chance of making it …of course everything is gamble in football.injuries, home sickness, family issues, the PL fast pace football etc…if you’ve seen arsenal play long enough you can spot which players are suited for our system and which ones aren’t. At 21 lemar has the ability to adapt his game to our needs, it’s much more difficult to change the way you play at 25 and above with some exceptions of course…I’m convinced he would fit like a glove. Also def especially quality wing backs are much more difficult to find than wingers just ask pep, it would be harder for them to replace mendy than lemar. But Monaco has already found a replacement for mendy so that why the deal is getting done.

  9. I find it hard to believe Arsenal would spent around £50 million on a player, and agree to not use the player, or say anything until Monaco have a replacement. New signings need to be integrated asap. We need to see them in friendlies.

    Also, the sooner we sign him, will give us plenty of time to negotiate the highest fee possible for Sanchez, as Lemar will be his replacement.

    1. Wenger was looking at Morata and Dembele for Alexis replacement so i doubt he is replacement for Alexis

  10. At the risk of being shot to kingdom come by gooners in this forum i will suggest that Lemar has some Carzola qualities in his locker and i would not be suprised if Wenger shifts him to the base of the midfield. He can pass, long range as shot, he can dribble and get out of tight spots with inititive to initiate our own attack from a position we were under pressure. He is 21 and can learn from the pass master himself…Ramsey, Ramsey…well it has never been the same without Carzola in their and Ramsey in the wingback is not an option. he will probably be a back up for Ozil and there were plans for Wenger to create a team for FA and Europa which is also competitive enough and engage the big boys at very late stages of the tournaments….Trow in the bullets!! Got my helmet

  11. Ornstein is definitely more reliable than resource guy who just copies qotes made from others on internet. A few of you might remember Leo who did exactly the same thing come to think of it may have been resource acting as Leo as he has had mores different names then fat boy has had hot dinners!!! Bottom line is they are both clowns and not to be believed take what they say with a pinch of salt!!!

  12. The Italian and Spanish media are as bad as the English. It’s the French media that seem to be on the money, so far during this window they have been pretty quick with the news. ?

    1. i dont mean fan articles, i mean the articles by sports journalists.. the overall quality of the sports journalists seems to be pretty bad :/

    2. Signing a player in Fifa would be way easier

      no player home sick

      no moving issue

      no communication issue

      no family issue

      Players dont fall sick in Fifa

      1. it would be more fun if they included all that in the game 😀 but wait isn’t there the home sickness too? i think sometimes players do send a “message” that they want to go back or not ?

  13. Personally if it was up to me id keep Sanchez. Buy lemar mahrez and gueye. Who would be our starting cdm as im not sure on xhaka/coquelin yet and switch to a 5131 with attacking wing backs:
    Bellerin Mustafi kosc holding kolsc
    Lemar ozil Sanchez

    Your subs. Iwobi mahrez welbeck monreal ox ospina mert

    That squad is capable of winning the premier league and Europa which will get us back in the champions league and will entice Sanchez to what

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