Lemar to Arsenal OFF as Man City sign Monaco’s Mendy?

While Arsenal fans will be happy to see our own manager Arsene Wenger talking tough over the future of Alexis Sanchez and seeming to be determined not to sell the star striker despite strong interest from a number of clubs and the Chilean international’s own wish to leave, we are not so pleased about the French club AS Monaco and their apparently similar stance on the young French winger Thomas Lemar.

The 21-year old is thought to be one of Wenger’s top transfer targets for the summer window and according to Arsenal transfer rumours the boss has already put in three offers of increasing value which have all been rejected. And it looks like the Gunners are going to have to get along without Lemar because his club’s position is likely to be even more determined now as well as their coffers being significantly boosted.

The reason for that, reports the BBC, is that Man City’s insane spending has carried on with the signing of the Monaco left back Benjamin Mendy for a similar sort of fee they paid Tottenham for Kyle Walker. As well as that suggesting that Pep Guardiola is building a team of full backs, with Real Madrid’s Danilo having also been signed last week, it probably means that Lemar will not be sold this summer.

Back to the drawing board Arsene!



  1. henry says:

    If true, that is the cost of dilly-dallying and penny-pinching. If you believe a player is quality and would fix your problem, then why wait. If otherwise, move on and get another deal done. Why create unnecessary anxiety?

    1. funkyrith says:

      I would rather hope Mendy move means Mbappe and Lemar moving too. They are close friends. if Silva/Mendy/Bakayoko can leave, and triple their wages, why would others stay?

  2. ZEN2OH says:

    Let’s hold on , on Lemar and concentrate on getting our defensive side sorted out. we need a Central defender and a Holding midfielder, after the accusations of those two we can then talk about Lemar

    1. Efe iteire says:

      I mean Mahrez can guarantee you assist and goals. Please go for Mahrez

    2. RICHARD OKOH says:

      Its Arsenal style again, not wanting to do anything rather engaged with irrelevant topics. Arsene Wenger is interested in doing business in France, his sentiments is failing Arsenal F C. Please, buy Leicester man and sporting Lisbon William. Forget Lemar, sell sanchex and Ox-chamberlain. Loan out Walcot, Gibbs, Wilshere, jenkenson, Debuchy, Lucas, Campbell and do business like Manchester City

    3. Dashing Rino says:

      Spot on. Lemar can wait while we sought out our midfielder. Jorginho nd kongdobia or kovacicnd mstic

  3. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    it’s very likely we are keeping Alexis anyway.
    So unless we are buying Lemar for next season, I think the priority should lie elsewhere: A TOP QUALITY CENTRAL MIDFIELDER to improve on what we have!

    In the meantime, I pray Arsene has plans for Aleksandar Golovin this summer. This boy looks like another Naby Keita type in the making. Seeing as just over a year ago nobody really knew about Naby Keita or Mbappe.. I think a punt on Golovin is worth it. He’s got talents that we so desperately need in a B2B CM.

    1. Dashing Rino says:

      Golovin is quite good. Hv watched him a couple of times

  4. Jack reacher says:

    Anybody sick sugar daddy’s football is in sad place Man City reminds me Fifa game is gone to da dogs sad thing is arsenal try run things right way but truth is we’re a bit behind for long time now and seems it will stay that way we need big name signing with Sanchez or with out I like xhaka very good footballer I like ozil silk player Sanchez is class but he is a winger and gives away ball a lot that’s why he works a lot cause always looses ball new left bk is great player u watch he’s a tank he’s like ivanovic but a lot faster but we need replace santi hamsik anyone

  5. kibs says:

    I feel we are in for quite a depressing season but hoping we still going to get Lemar by mid-week. I have a feeling or just dreaming

  6. waal2waal says:

    Its common knowledge that arsenalFC and fans are huge news simply by way of the clubs former success as well as the fans anger and divided opinion of the manager. More often than not the papers and media are being saturated with drivel with not an ounce of truth to it. Its a game and we need to see it for what it is – although its frustrating we have to wait patiently for the players we want to come through – everyone thinks they have the heads-up on T. Lemar but the truth is nobody knows F*** All. Contrary to the headline I believe this transfer remains “in process”.

  7. John0711 says:

    Resource will be gutted lol

    Other than the AKB who must be rolling their eyes
    Is anyone surprised wenger dilly dallys

    1. sanmi.marvellousif says:


      ….and what if @Resource is right eventually?
      Will you and some of your happy trollers be bold enough to swallow your pride and kneel before him and ask for his forgiveness ?

  8. Arsenal1Again says:

    I’m mighty shocked to see Wenger dilly dally over the price of Lemar. Not only has he missed out on buying Lemar, Wenger has strengthened Man City’s defence. Mendy would not have been sold if Lemar was bought.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Arsenal just need to cough up £55 million for Lemar. Monaco were only putting a block on further sales to appease Mbappe, in hope that he’ll stay put at the club, but it now seems that he himself will be leaving for Real Madrid, Which basically means that Monaco will continue selling if the price is Right! .. They have a sausage factory full of young potential stars in their Academy, they have got the Wenger & Stan Dreamland plan working to a tee, it’s all about the Money, Money, Money.

  9. Kachope patrick says:

    what about the possibility of Lemar not wanting to remain in a Depleted monaco side? dont look at one side of things always.

  10. Henry says:

    I still believe lemar will only be signed if Sanchez goes..

    I feel a CB and holding midfielder should be priority now!! Sure we need to be getting rid of Gabriel.. BFG we all no is retiring at end of season.. but is useful to have in squad for leadership and experience.. there is rumours of chambers going.. maybe loan out holding to a premier league team.. depending on whether we set up as 343 or 4231 we will need another CB and the man for the job is Van Dijk.. we know Southampton want 50-60mil for him? So why not chuck a 55mil up front and 5mil In add ons bid for him get the job done.. saves him going to liverpool!!

    Holding midfielder roll is a tough one tho.. we need someone with height power good reading of the game and who can tackle and is more defensively minded.. William carvalho from sporting Lisbon is available but the dude is slow.. other than that u have mayb kondogbia of inter or matic of Chelsea..
    It’s just seems to me all our current midfielders all have forward thinking mentality.. coquelin mayb is our most defensive midfielder and let’s be honest he is average at best.. U never know what the daft old fool has up his sleeve but let’s hope for our sake we focus on adding these positions


    1. ZEN2OH says:

      I quite agree with you on william Carvalho about been slow,And EpL requires speed, but no doubt he would be quality in tackles, and areial duels. but the best is Fabinho but he won’t come cheap now that we are dealing with Monaco

      1. Dalinho says:

        Xhaka makes carvalho look like Walcott in terms of speed! Has everyone noticed that xhaka is an arteta replacement and to think wenger chose him over kante lol he must really miss the glory days when arteta was the captain hahaha this summer is becoming halrious and wenger is just blindly walking into the depts of hell! I’ll give him 2 games before we all want wenger out

    2. Dashing Rino says:

      Kongdobia would b an ideal candidate for dm pacy nd strong unlike william carvaho who is slow. Bt we equally need sm1 lyk alrxandr golovin as a cm

  11. lord wafflebury says:

    Whats the problem ? According to resource a while back the lemar deal has been done but monaco didnt want it announced !!!!!
    Isnt that correct resource ??…..where are you ???

    1. The Wizard of Ozil says:

      where the f…** is Resource???

  12. LacaHero says:

    Same Old Wenger….. AHHH…??

  13. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Galatasaray are in London for talks to sign Mohamed Elneny.
    Surely Wenger is bringing in another DM ( Carvalho?) if he’s getting rid of a makeshift DM fringe player? .. You would think that we’d make good use of these types of players in the Europa league? ?

    As Roma prepare to up their bid for Mahrez, Arsenal & Liverpool have asked to be kept informed by Leicester.

    There’s a lot bluffs and poker faces going on with the Sanchez saga.
    It’s seems as if Wenger is secretly holding out for Sanchez to put in a transfer request, followed by a big offer coming in for him.

  14. Barnabas Gamaniel says:

    Wenger is frustrating Asenal fans for his lack of buying quality players and his too much waist of time to make right decisions on time. He should learn from other epl managers as they make quick decisions on buying player to strengthen their teams against next season. When the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Man U have already gotten 4-5 new quality players, he is still at 1, that is very poor of him. I don’t think he is ready for the epl challenge. Season in, Season out, Wenger remain the same, it’s due time for Wenger.

  15. Twig says:

    So all things being equal this is our starting eleven in the first game of the season?

    ________Iwobi Ozil
    ____Sead Xhaka Ramsey OX
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker

    Iwobi instead of Welbeck as he has had a better preseason. Welbeck still yet to find his range.
    Mertesacker instead of Gabriel, Holding or Mustafi as he has played more in preseason.

    How good is this team? Not up to City, Spurs, United or Chelsea in my opinion. We need one box to box midfielder and one left winger to replace Sanchez, who I’m certain is leaving

    1. Dalinho says:

      Twig! That team is depressing! Not blaming u obviously coz it’s wengers choice but wow that is a slap in the face when u see it on paper! What a weak tiny petty slow uncoordinated bunch of overrated over paid defensively inept team! Bye bye history welcome medeoricy! Time to live like a true West Ham fan

    2. Jack reacher says:

      Twigg iwobi can’t start he needs be protected and wrapped in cotton wool , Walcott will start and ox surely won’t start instead bellerin at this stage bring back John Jensen joke and I bet he will start giroud up front and let lacasette time settle u watch.

  16. Steve K says:

    Bob, I think you will find that far from building a team of full backs Guadiola is simply replacing the four who left with three younger upgrades. As for Lemar, Sanchez situation, that is a symptom of modern football, where we want our players to be loyal to the club, whilst those we want to buy should walk out of their clubs without a second thought. We think all clubs we wish to buy from are selling clubs, whilst we of course are not. We cant understand why anyone would want to leave our club, would not want to leave any other club for ours. We think all of own purchases are terrific quality at the right price, whilst those purchased by our rivals are over priced tossers.

    1. sanmi.marvellousif says:

      @Steve K
      I love your comments wholly. I can’t agree less. I only pity the sole man that down thumbed you. I guess he has difficulty in understanding English Language.

  17. Jack reacher says:

    I’d love us take chance on zaha if we can’t get lemar ” I’d love young french superstar but we won’t get em , to many Monaco players sold. But I think zaha has a lot to give I no everyone will say not good enough but I think he would better than Mahrez zaha is powerful and very quick and van diik be top signing and let chambers go bk home in swap deal with bit cash and while I’m at it if ospina goes go get frazer foster very good keeper there’s loads out there I hate when wenger says we have squad full quality really Gibbs has go ” so does jack he has go and if da ox wants be like gerrard he has go why gerrard really why can’t he say I want be like vieria, and Walcott is borederline maybe , maybe not Jesus wenger I love u ur like a Granada to me at this stage but please before da voltures come out make these decisions fast league is rite around da corner arsenal for life but I want see us challenge for this season he always says teams not in champions league have advantage prove it and let da Europa to da under 16″s nobody cares we want fever pitch or Micheal Thomas feeling again just one more time.

  18. Goonarish! says:

    How can anyone think that Lemar wud replace Sanchez…thers no way that kid is that good, he’s average and I’m thankful we didn’t spend so much money on another average player, Lacazette was enough.

  19. Jack reacher says:

    Lot rumers going around that Steve bold is getting a wig”

  20. Maj says:

    Poor article. What is the relationship between the sale of a full back Mendy and the decision not to sell Lamer a winger? My lecturer taught me to always establish the facts in support of an article’s title. If not in the first paragraph at least in the second. Here the writer completely ignores the claim in the title.

  21. ade says:

    Monaco sold Mendy n others why can’t they sell Lemar?

    1. neil says:

      if Real buy Mbappe they will have quarter of a billion in the bank ! So why should they sell because we cant agree a fee quickly??? !

      Citeh and Chelski have been over paying for years which sadly sets the benchmark for pricing … so either we match them which ee cant or we have to be more clever in transfer market which is getting harder each year when even Everton are spending big !

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