Lemar transfer to Arsenal BACK ON for January?

There are two full months of football for us to enjoy, or suffer defending on how things go, before the winter transfer windo0w opens up, but Arsenal fans will be hoping that Arsene Wenger is already working on which players to sign in January, especially after the club made a profit this summer when all of thought it was going to be a splash the cash sort of affair.

The Gunners did break the record for spending on a single player though, bringing in Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon, and if the Arsenal transfer rumours had it right then Wenger was ready to spend even more to sign his France international teammate Thomas Lemar from Monaco.

The only reason Arsenal did not add Lemar to our squad, according to reports, was that Monaco said no. There were some stories in the football media suggesting that it was the young winger’s decision not to come to Arsenal, but that seemed to be just more anti-Arsenal spin and has this week been declared false by the Monaco vice-president, Metro reports.

Vadim Vasilyev said, ‘He wanted to go to the Premier League and I had a few discussions with him and I said ‘stay, stay, stay’ but, of course, when the offers were very, very high, higher than we initially expected then we had to talk, to discuss. But in the end we were very happy.’

So maybe the reason Arsenal did not spend the money in summer when the Lemar deal fee through was so Wenger could go again in January, knowing that the player was keen to sign for us. Does that mean this huge transfer deal is back on for January?



  1. Wenger has promised that Arsenal would go back to Lemar, but I think it would depend on Arsenal’s position in the league table, in January. I think Lemar sucks as a left winger, but he is pretty good as a central attacking midfielder, kind of like a more attacking version of Kante.

    I will be happy if Arsenal will get Lemar to use him in a central position, but I also wish Arsenal would try to bring Thiago, Rafinha or Sergi Roberto in. Like Sanchez and Neymar, they have been learning from Messi directly for several years and have been standing out in Barcelona’s internal player competition.

    1. Theres nothing to learn from Messi. How do u learn to see or dribble like a God. Players hardly get better around him. Barca players are almost spent before they leave

      1. Sanchez and Neymar have been trying to imitate Messi’s movements and habits in the field, such as:

        – Likes to delay the pass to wait for better chances and dictate the tempo.

        – Always tries to produce more than three touches on the ball, when possessing it.

        – Tends to cut inside to shoot with their stronger leg, from outside of the penalty box.

        – Tends to lob through balls to the other attackers in the penalty box.

        – Plays the ball adventurously, but chases it back if he loses it and pressurizes the opponents to force them to make mistakes.

        – Drops deep to get the ball.

        – Likes to beat the opponents with dribbles.

        Thiago, Rafinha and Sergi Roberto have similar skills as Sanchez’s and have been playing with Messi for several years, so they could produce similar performances in Arsenal.

  2. Thomas Lemar. Another English
    player the club is nurturing.
    “We don’t buy super stars we make them”.
    Of course we do.

    1. The god of football will cost at least 300 millions in this crazy market. And I think he would like to play under the same system, like Guardiola’s.

      Rather than expecting to get unrealistic targets, Arsenal should try to get the more realistic ones. Like Lemar, Draxler, Moura, Di Maria, Pastore, Jean Seri, Rafinha, Sergi Roberto, Turan, Goretzka, etc.

        1. Signing on fee. It’s reported that Barca’ are offering £300 million signing on fee, and £500k per week.

  3. No team will sell an important player in January. Monaco are doing well in the league, and are in CL as well. So I don’t see it happening. Having said that, we will more than likely go after him again next summer because Sanchez is as good as gone.

  4. No thanks, we got Iwobi who is like Jay-JayOkocha times ten. Why would we need useless Lemar, Iwobi is already Ronaldo level. Soon to be at Pele level.

    1. Gundam, What total tosh from an obvious idiot. Iwobi is merely a promising youngster who has not yet even nailed down a regular place. Yet you consider him already Ronaldo level. Have you any idea how immature and idiotic your ridiculous hyped comments are? You are exactly the sort of fool those who misrun Arenal love. PREPARED TO WORSHIP a mere youngster who is comparatively wet behind the ears, when mature, sensible fans all understand we need far more talented and proven players than Iwobi – promising(only) as he is. With fools like you around prepared to consider players like Iwobi virtual Gods already, no wonder our cancerous regime spend no real money on star players.

  5. Lemar is good, but 92million is too much for him. Why not go for Draxler which will cost around 50million? Draxler has speed, good movements, and dribbling skills

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