Lemar transfer to Arsenal OFF as Monaco want mental fee?

I can only assume that all the talk this summer about the Arsenal transfer target Kylian Mbappe who is also being linked with the likes of Real Madrid and was thought to be about to break the world record for a transfer fee, has gone to the heads of the people in charge at his French Ligue 1 club AS Monaco.

How else could they possibly think that naming a price of £80 million for their 21-year old winger Thomas Lemar, as a report in The Daily Express claims they have would be seen as anything other than mental?

Not long ago there were Arsenal transfer rumours claiming that Arsene Wenger was very interested in the Monaco and France star and that he had offered around £30 million which had been rejected by Monaco. We all know that Wenger can be careful with his transfer spending and likes to get a bargain but surely not even Le Prof would be so way below a player’s real value.

One thing is for sure though, if the story is true, the chances of Arsenal signing Lemar this summer are about the same as Tottenham getting Lionel Messi. Maybe now the boss can focus fully on bringing Riyad Mahrez to north London from Leicester, unless of course they go mental and ask for £80 million as well.

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  1. If that is true then No thanks
    £80 million is ridiculous for his quality. He is no where near as good as Alexis to demand £80 million

    If we keep Alexis we don’t need a LW
    If we lose Alexis we will need to find some other left midfielder like Payet, Martial, Arnautovic, Draxler, Marco Reus, Keity, Brahimi, Shaarwy, Gotze, Bernard, Insigne

    I hope we get Mahrez or another good right midfielder also

  2. In other way they are saying Lemar is not for sale at least to Arsenal. so let them keep him and all the best to Lemar and Monaco. Best part is this is not the end of the world. Try looking elsewhere and find someone who fits the bill. And about Mahrez I am not confident because Wenger spoke very highly about Michu once he came to Swansea and we don’t know about him right now. I doubt he’s playing football. There are many one season wonders in n football and I’m afraid Mahrez is one of them.

  3. Yes why havent arsenal made a move on goretzka. Been following them for 2 years and he is a damn good cm. A good mix of Def mid and box to box mid. Also he has 1 year remaining on his contract and we all know how arsene loves a bargain. 21m bid should be enough.

  4. Agree completely 80 mil is a ridiculous fee as ridiculous as paying 40 mil for mahrez!! Why is this guy’s name even mentioned I don t get it!! so many quality wingers out there that are better suited for us than someone who will weaken our defensive structure and will never track back. Yes let’s have a team with 3 players never defending or tracking back that makes sense to you? Wake up!! we are not Barca and we don’t play in la Liga or ligue 1 for that not to bite us on the behind!! ozil can’t defend but will make an effort to go back in vain and that depends on his mood, lacazette will remain upfront to run the channels in case of a counter, and mahrez never ever tracks back, poor bellerin if that happens might as well play to his weaknesses to accommodate someone we don’t really need as mahrez will leave him exposed over and over again, or do you want to get rid of him as well and get a new Rb just to be able to say we got abit of flair in our right wing? You got ox seeking game time should we ship him off to Liverpool to welcome the one and only mahrez? Did you forget about set pieces? That’s three players guaranteed that won’t win the aerial ball you can also add Ramsey and bellerin to that list, what differs is bellerin is a gem and he’s one of us, so I won’t accept losing him or having him lose confidence in a WC year he deserves better so stop mentioning mahrez.. Find some other team to accommodate his set of skills not arsenal and never arsenal we want pace,skill, work rate and a never die attitude not mahrez!!!

    1. You people really think Mahrez became champions with Leicester without doing his defensive duties >.< Have you ever seen the way Walcott defends? Mahrez is the best option believe me. He is a winner, he wants a step up (ready), knows the league, right age to perform. Lemar is fine but not for Arsenal if you want someone who performs this season.

      1. walcott has actually been a very good defensive player this season. have always bashed him about lying in wait for a counterattack instead of defending but he seems a transformed player this season.

        i would rate walcott def work way better than mahrez. mahrez plays in a counterattacking team with almost no defensive responsibility. lol even ozil track back and tackles once in a while. e.g that sliding tackle on hazard in fa final.

  5. Did I read a comment saying, Lemar can’t track back to defend? Or is it Mahrez that’s been talked about? I believe before Arsenal summited a bid for Lemar transfer, Le Prof must have gone through Lemar’s stats and found him suitable for his plans next season. Therefore, while exploring the possibilities of finding another top quality left winger, Le Prof should not give up in his trying to sign Lemar this summer despite that he’s not yet a proven player after having just one good season at Monaco last season. But if he believes his signing of Lemar for option and cover will improve Arsenal titles bid next season, I think he should still keep his option to sign Lemar open by resubmitting an improved bid to sign him to test the resolve of Monaco if they’ll sell him to us. Which I believe if Le Prof submits a £40m package transfer fee offer to Monavo that’s included adds on for Lemar’s signature, Monaco might give their consent to him to join Arsenal.

    One thing is obvious, I don’t think Real Madrid and PSG in as crazy spending as they are in the transfer market will pay a crazy £80m transfer fee for a Mbappe who is yet to show that he’s not just a one season good player after having a stellar season for AS Monaco last season.

  6. You guys should remember that we now play a 343 formation. That four man midfield is settled. The 3 front men includes Ozil as Wenger rates him highly and is a starter. The remaining two positions are for Lacazette, Giroud, Sanchez(if he stays), Welbeck, Walcott, Perez and Iwobi. I do think Wenger should sort out the Sanchez situation as soon as possible. Give him a final offer. 280K per week is OK. I read he is demanding for 400K which is ridiculous imo. Let us know if Sanchez is staying or going. No player is bigger than the club. Other players will step up. Wenger should not sell Perez. Give him game time. He is a good striker. I rate him highly. Sell Sanchez to Real Madrid or Juve if he fails to renew his contract.

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