Why are Arsenal aiming for this “defender”

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are true about Arsene Wenger failing with a bid to sign the 22-year old Gabon international Mario Lamina from Juventus, then I suppose it is a cause for concern, as it adds to the theory that Arsenal just cannot seem to attract players like we used to.

But it seems a lot more worrying to me in that Lamina is not the answer to the two big problems facing the boss in his squad options.

Every man and his dog with even a modicum of football knowledge seems to know that Arsenal are in dire need of another centre forward to compete with Olivier Giroud, with Danny Welbeck injured, Theo Walcott inconsistent, and Alexis Sanchez showing against Liverpool that he does not do well in that position.

Another thing blatantly obvious, before and even more since the opening Premier League game, is the need for an experienced centre back. Lamina is neither of these things. Instead he is a central midfielder which is probably the position that Arsenal least need any more options in, with Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, Elneny and co already fighting for places in the first team.

So is this just a daft rumour or is Wenger really looking to strengthen in the middle instead of defence and up front as everyone else thinks he should?



    1. I’ve heard many times it being said Wenger is the reason for Ozil and Sanchez coming but now I think Wenger is the reason we are being rejected by players,the players look at Wenger and Arsenal then realize they lack the ambition needed for them to win titles,if I’m Jamie Vardy why would I come to Arsenal with Wenger the failure as manager,if I’m Higuain why would I had come to Arsenal?

    1. You’ll only get that dream line up on Fifa 17 not at Arsenal where Wenger is the manager and Gazidis is the CEO!

  1. Yeah, I just think it’s a daft rumour. It could be his agent trying to find his player a club, many of our rumours is in fact clubs and agents just trying to whip up some interest in a player.

    1. Arsenal was there before Wenger came,Arsenal had 10 league titles before he came so what map did he put us on?in his 20 years he’s only won 3 league titles which means he has an average of winning a league title in every 6,7 years which is a terrible statistic!

      1. Arsenals football before 98 was not to anyone’s liking other than an Arsenal fan. Our fan base is enormous because of our brand of football, you must know this is true. This in turn gave us the capability to move to the Emirates, because we have a huge fan base. We are all sick of hearing about money, but we have so much of it now thanks to how we do things. Even now without winning the biggest prize the shear amount of Arsenal fans all around the world is unbelievable. Not only Arsenal, but Wenger is accredited with revolutionising the premiership. He brought all his nutrition and fitness techniques, he amped up the speed of Arsenal’s play, and everyone else followed suit. That’s what I mean about putting us on the map, Africans, American, Asian fans all in the millions, he put us on the map.

  2. Cazorla 32 + injury prone
    Wilshere injury prone.
    Ramsey injured.
    Cover at DM would not go amiss.
    Why wait till Wilshere gets injured again?
    Sell him and get Lemina who is 23.

  3. It’s still too early for the Whos? And Wtf’s! ?
    The real fun and games will start on the 31st of August! ?

    Iwobi out for a month.

  4. There’s a rumour kicking about that our 2nd biggest share holder is about to sell up and take over at Everton. ?
    If true, then that speaks volumes of the direction of this club.

    1. If that does happen, and Eve as well as Wham and tott go on to become a threat to the top four. I can see the top four being scrapped, with some new super league popping up. Where the top six to eight teams from the biggest leagues all go into some kind of super league.

      1. I don’t mean for good, I mean instead of four teams, six will enter each season into a different kind of format.

  5. Mahrez has said that there are two to three clubs that would make him think.
    People of course take this to mean Barca and Real, it probably does, but for me I got something completely different the first time hearing. He began by saying the PL is a super league, and I would like to stay here for as long as possible. Then he says the bit about two or three clubs, and finishes by saying if you know what I mean. I think the two or three clubs are in England.

    1. Those two or three clubs with ambition to buy Mahrez in England are Man U,Man City and Chelsea so it won’t be Arsenal because they are stingy and don’t want to pay the transfer fees that are demanded by selling clubs!

  6. Haha i find it hard to beleive that we can’t attract top talent thats a lie in our face.it has to be how much we are offering the club for the player and how much we offered the player and what our goals as a club are.i dont get this it can be a ploy from the management to not spend.

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