Leno admits he could leave Arsenal “Only if nothing changes…”

It now seems very clear that Mikel Arteta, the team, and even the Arsenal fans, are more than happy that Aaron Ramsdale has proven himself to be a commanding prescence between the sticks for Arsenal.

And obviously this means that Bernd Leno has got a big fight on his hands to try and regain his position as Arsenal’s Number One.

So now the question arises; Is he willing to stay and try and regain Arteta’s trust, or will he sulk around until he finds another team that will give him a starting place?

According to German media outlet SportBild Leno said when asked about his future: “London is very nice; Milan is not bad either and closer to my home Stuttgart.

“But I’m not seriously thinking about that yet. I feel comfortable at Arsenal and in London.”

“Only if nothing changes in my situation by winter would I have to think about things: what option do I have, how can I continue?” Leno added. “But I’m concentrating on my work in training; I can’t commit to anything else at the moment.”

I’m not sure that his closing statement sounds like he is “comfortable at Arsenal” at all. And with October starting tomorrow, I’m not sure how much his situation could change “by winter”.

Winter is coming Jon Snow – Be prepared!

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  1. I was disappointed in Leno reading this. He’s been out of the team for 3 games and he’s already gone public. Shows a lack of class imo

    1. Sean Leno has always been like this, he’s only been out of the team for 3 matches and the next thing he did is to go public, he can leave if he wants to.

      1. So Lenohappy is not happy then? I always wondered why on EARTH YOU CHOSE THAT PROFILE!



  2. I think one of the issues that has done for Leno as much as ability, is his personality / character (or lack thereof – in footballing terms).

    Can you imagine Ramsdale settling for the Brentford centre back coming up and pining his arms to his side on the line – I don’t think so !!!

    Ramsdale has been a breath of fresh air in bringing his youthful confidence, command of his 6 yard box, ball at his feet, interaction with both his defenders and the crowd.

    All that being said, you have to feel for Leno.

    But Aaron is in possession right now, and all things being equal that won’t change.

    Although not the best window, I can see Leno moving on in January.

    1. AJ, your pertinent point about him being held back by the Brentford forward is a VERY RELEVANT one. It shows a distinct lack of fight.

      There is no way such powerful and determined warriors like Seaman or Peter Schmeichel would have ever allowed that to happen. Nor would Ramsdale IMO AND THAT ALONE IS A KEY AND VITAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUR TWO KEEPERS.

      Top keepers need massive personality and RAMSDALE DEFINITELY HAS THIS. LENO LACKS IT BIG TIME AND HOW IT SHOWS!

  3. Ramsdale has won me over. I admit that i was very skeptical at first but he has done very well. And deserves to be between the sticks over Leno

    Leno shouldn’t make comments like that. Hes not playing PL matches because of his poor performance

  4. Arteta should not repeat the Emi mistake with Ramsdale.. Stick to your best keeper at the point in time no matter how disgruntled Leno is.

  5. Leno, should never have been our No1 and it has cost us unnecessarily, Ramsdale looks a good keeper, lets hope he actually is. We should be getting decisions right more consistently than we have been, it has taken us round the streets to get to a keeper that could be our real No1.

  6. But Leno should be truthful to himself, he cost Arsenal a lot of games. Hence we are not playing European football. He started the league badly by conceiving 9 goals. He must chill we don’t need bad blood in the dressing room.

    1. Blaming Leno for conceding 9 goals in
      the first three fixtures is terribly unfair IMHO
      Even the greatest goalkeeper the world
      has ever seen( judging by the opinions of
      may on this site) Emi Martinez would of
      struggled mightily to do much better with
      the likes of Holding, Chambers, Mari and
      Kolasanic leading the back line.

      I love Ramsdale and believe he will be a
      terrific goalkeeper @ the Emirates for many
      seasons to come but the young Englishmen
      has played three games against average at
      best competition with Arsenals best Back
      Four in front of him.

  7. Lol all of you praising ramsdale but was completely ripping areta and edu after transfer day. Only a very few of us was saying give it time and chill. A lot of the names i see are now saying ” I love ramsedale”. Well , I don’t believe you bunch. Thats fake friend energy, which is the same as fake fan energy. Our fan base is so toxic and fake sometimes. Arsenal deserves much better. I just left goal.com and seen fans calling each other out for the character of our fan base displays.

  8. You forgot to mention that Leno also said that,MA hasn’t said anything to him or given him a reason for dropping him.

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