Leno insists that ‘unbelieveable’ Mesut Ozil is important to Arsenal

Arsenal fans have argued about the importance of Mesut Ozil to the first-team in recent years, and goalkeeper Bernd Leno has moved to insist that he is a key player.

The former Real Madrid midfielder has come under scrutiny in recent seasons, with some naming him lazy, and others keen to see the back of him.

Mikel Arteta doesn’t appear to have the same thinking however, with the Spaniard having made the decision to start Ozil in each of his 10 Premier League line-ups since returning to the club as coach in December, compared to only eight starts in the previous 17 PL outings.

Bernd Leno has moved to defend his international and club counterpart, and even insists that Ozil is an important player for our side.

“I think his passing is very good, it’s unbelievable,” the goalkeeper told Soccer AM.

“Of course, in the last time he didn’t make too many assists but when you see how many chances he creates, he is maybe playing the one pass before the assist.

“He brings his team-mates into good positions and many people, they don’t see this.

“But when you see him every day in training and also on the pitch, you can feel how important he is and how important his passing is for the team.”

I know that I’m one who regularly jumps on the band-wagon along with many others who are overly critical or Ozil, and I’ve called for him to be moved on a number of times.

I still reiterate that I would like to see the back of the 31 year-old, but if Arteta sees Ozil as a player who will help us push up the table then I will get behind the decision for as long as I can see fit.

We won’t shy away from being critical of those who are under-performing, and while it could well be overly harsh to blame Ozil for much that was wrong with the club, December opened the door to a new positive chapter.

Does Arteta view Ozil as a key player in his rebuild? Are we as fans easy to jump on Mesut over other players?


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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Well he can’t exactly say anything else can he.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Well he doesn’t exactly have to say anything does he?

      Remarkable how all our current players still support him and the manager MA of course -still they are only professionals, what do they know?

      KENNY they cut you off in your prime my man!!!!!

      Anyone notice not a tattoo in sight?!?!?

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        You’re right Ken, don’t know whether you saw but there were a few sighting before the team went up to collect the cup. I was the one commiserating and finally picked up Steve Coppell having known him for a while. the two guys you saw being ushered off, one with a navy jacket on were mates of mine who got back on to complete the lap of honour.. 41 years ago, didn’t look a day older lol

      2. ThirdManJW says:

        Oh ken1945, here you go again? You STILL do not understand how the media works?

        By saying nothing, Leno might as well be slagging Ozil off in the medias eyes. ANYTHING he said that isn’t positive about Ozil, or saying nothing, will be spun into a huge negative by the press.

        This is done all the time to celebrities, politicians, etc. I find it hard to believe you don’t get it?

  2. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Make Leno 100% right, the average football fan doesn’t see the importance of Ozil and Bernt’s right he is the one that makes the pass before the assist. Put the right players around Ozil and a midfielder like Thomas Partey to do the hard work and you’ll see the Ozil of old. Hope I’m not going to be told to go and support another team after these comments after being a regular for 62 years. On another point, two of the biggest games in our history are being shown tonight, Arsenal v Man Utd 1979 FA Cup Final 5 o’clock ITV, hopefully they’ll shoe it but look out for me doing the lap of honour with the players, dressed all in beige, long hair, dark glasses and Anfield ’89, 7 o’clock Sky Sports Main Event

    1. Sue says:

      Be worth tuning in just to see that hair, Kenny 😜 Hope all is well with you, btw!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Oh Sue , growing back now during this Lockdown but unfortunately a different colour. Yes thank you, I’m well. keeping fit, working out even more these days to keep fit just in case. Its you and all the others angels looking after us that we worry about. Take care Sue and stay safe.

        1. Sue says:

          Glad to hear it!
          I enjoyed that, Kenny… last few minutes were tense…but that winning goal was a beauty!!
          One thing that never changes – always sweet beating the Mancs 😉
          And as Ken said – they cut you off!!
          Bloody cheek of it haha!

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Sue, I could write a book about that day but ill try to keep it short.Five minutes to go, 2-0 up, we leave our seats because that day there was fencing so to get on to the pitch we had to get to the other end. So we make our way underneath the stadium to the United end where there was a gap for the St Johns First Aid Medics. While underneath the stands a massive roar goes up from the United end so we know now it’s 2-1. we carry on walking, then we get to the gate where we had to join the crowd just as the pitch came into my sight the ball was rolling in the net for the equaliser. Suddenly the police rush in and slam the gate shut, like a jail cell gate, to stop the United supporters who are now trying to get back into the ground for extra time, suddenly my mate, who’s on the inside of the gate, is screaming at me “we’ve done it, we’ve done it”. Now remember i’m surrounded by hundreds of United fans, I just froze, I couldn’t celebrate, they’d have killed me, but now everyone was leaving and it was easy to get on the pitch. If anyone asked any question we all had Press Cards so no problem.but you’ve got to play the part, behave like you should be there, anyway we were all experienced Jibbers so that wasn’t a problem.

          2. Sue says:

            Brilliant, Kenny!!
            I can’t imagine going to a game like that, getting on the pitch, wandering around with the team! How times have changed!!!

  3. Shakir says:

    I am just surprised to see a positive article of ozil being posted here,no offence admins.

    I have pointed this out many times,how much ozil is important and some keyboard managers just wont take it.And about this pre assist scenario,ozil have had already more than 15 i think,why cant it be any other player who is getting players to assist…

    But yeah,for them their opinion and for me mine

  4. Top Gunner says:

    They should join hands and walk to Germany together. Leno does not have best interests of Arsenal at his heart. Is it about supporting the hommie, or is he really professional? We sold our best academy products which are Fabiansky and Sczesney. Leno should know that he is also not good enough for Arsenal, like his pal Ozil

  5. Goonster says:

    If “The Shirt Selling Genius“ is very important to our club and team then good old Denilson is also still very important for us

    1. ken1945 says:

      Yeah – ignore the professionals, they haven’t got a clue.

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