Leno reckons the Arsenal ‘big family’ is at nearly 100% for Man City match

Since his move to Arsenal just two months ago Bernd Leno has been pretty quiet as he adjusted to life in London, but his latest announcement will put a lot of smiles on fans faces.

The Germany International holds the distinction of being the youngest goalkeeper to feature in a Champions League match when he played for Leverkusen against Chelsea (including Petr Cech) in 2011 at just 19 years and 193 days old.

But 230 appearances later for Leverkusen and six caps for the National side, he decided to leave the Bundesliga and join the revolution here at the Emirates, despite reported interest from the likes of Liverpool, Roma and Chelsea.

He is expected to replace the ageing Petr Cech as the clubs number one, although the Czech star has warned Leno that he faces a fight for the number one jersey, and is ready to help the club get back to where we belong, challenging for titles and playing Champions League football.

He admitted he is genuinely happy with life at his new club and is ‘proud to be at Arsenal. “It’s very good, I’m so proud to be part of Arsenal,” he told Arsenal.com. “The team is very nice, the coaching is very good and it’s fun to be here.

“It’s like a family, we have big players, big personalities but I think the atmosphere is brilliant. I’m a little bit surprised [by how good it is], it’s very good for me to come to a team as a new player and the team make it very easy.

“I am satisfied [with the Lazio game], I think the team showed a good performance and the defence was very good as well. We won the game but the most important thing was the performance and that was very good.

“I think we are very close to being at 100 per cent. It was exciting to be in Singapore, then on Wednesday we had a difficult game, and today again, but now we can relax a bit and on Tuesday we will focus on the game on Sunday and prepare for Man City.”

Now Leno is not the completed article just yet after stagnating at Leverkusen over the last few seasons, and many will feel Cech should be the clubs number one until he adjusts to life in the Premier League.

But Cech showed his age on occasions last season and now would be the perfect time for Emery to give his full confidence to Leno, as he is the clubs long-term goalkeeper



  1. msty says:

    Chelsea XI: Caballero, Azpilicueta, Rüdiger, David Luiz, Alonso, Jorginho, Fabregas, Barkley, Pedro, Hudson-Odoi, Morata

    Man City XI: Bravo, Walker, Stones, Laporte, Mendy, Bernardo, Fernandinho, Foden, Mahrez, Aguero, Sane

    From the above team set out we now have a glimpse of what our first 2game opponent will set out, so what is our chances of beating this teams ???

    1. Innit says:

      I expect a lot more changes from City to play us ie. Maybe:
      De Bruyne

      1. msty says:

        silva and Kevin and ederson will defiantly play

    2. Nayr says:

      We can beat both provided aubameyang is at the top of his game.

      he can turn a game on it’s head with his goals.

      defence is my worry.
      someone needs to step up.

  2. Innit says:

    Im happy that he is happy. That’s about it really. Ive heard similar comment every year.

    Hopefully Leno and Cech pushes each other

    Cech looks good and our defense should improve his peformance with Torreira, Guendouzi and Lichtsteiner

    But our centre backs situation worries me

    1. Maks says:

      Yeah, I dnt know for sure who I would put there. Mustafi maybe but not for his clever defending but more for his good long ball. Chambers looked good in a friendly and on the side, Sokratis looks like Mertezacker – a very good reader of a game but slow and Holding is guy of contrasts. Can became a great player or end up in Fulham in 2 years time…

      1. Innit says:

        I like Holding too. I hope he turns out good. I think he has a better chance with Emery than with Wenger.

        But your right. Almost every CB either has something missing ie speed or defensive brain/reader of the ball or is young needs more experience.

        We need at at least one CB that has:
        1. Enough speed
        2. At his peak with plenty experience
        3. Good reader of the ball
        4. Leadership qualities

        ie Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Koscielny

  3. Maks says:

    Lichtsteiner Mustafi Chambers Niles (Monreal)
    Torreira Guendouzi
    Mkhi Ozil Iwobi

    subs: Sokratis, Laza, Bellerin

    We will need a bit of luck to get a good result against City, and our defence is not ready to start a season as attack is. But if Iwobi finds an extra bit of composure and Guendouzi treat a game like an other then I have a very good (optimistic) feeling about this. Bellerin as a speedy sub on the wing in 2nd half can prove his rightful critics wrong and Laza can bring extra freshness and confusion in Citys defence. (I hope Otamendi will play).

  4. Shekar233 says:

    Its @counsel

    1. Counsel says:

      @Sheka233 Let’s see how Emery will cope against man city next weekend given he has never beaten pep,Some here have stated that we will never be embarrassed by big teams anymore.Let Emery stamp his authority Sarri was over hyped for his work at Napoli some even wanted him here I’m in pub with Chelsea fans who already say Sarri won’t last a season.

    2. Counsel says:

      @Shekar233 I’m in pub with Chelsea fans who were optimistic about the new season with anew manager but they feel Sarri may not last a season and that like Wenger all Conte lacked is financial support. Let’s see how Emery will cope against man city next weekend given he has never beaten pep before.All the myths that Emery will coach average players from some people here is laughable. Quality will always prevail pep buys the best to be the best

      1. Sue says:

        No manager lasts long at Chelsea.. regardless of how they do


    Man city has full strength team so why are some people alluding to us having an advantage on season opener ?

    1. Innit says:

      I know. They will be extremely difficult to defeat. Its not impossible but some peoples hopes are too high and not realistic.
      They have:
      De Bruyne,

  6. Europe fan says:

    Wow,with the way bellerin is playing,we had better use the experience of lechstiner(don’t really know the right spelling)

  7. snowden says:

    ” And lastly all arsene pie lickers also need to know thatits not just arsenal that has benefitted in this relationship… he also made a life out of Arsenal FC… If he were left untouched at nagoya grampus eight in japan… Would he be sitting in front of a camera and give his opinion on the world cup matches? Would he be earming some of the best wages in the country?
    Would he be respected all across the world? ”

    Yes, yes, a 1000 times yes.

    Before he went to Japan, he was shown more respect in Europe than he was ever shown in England.

    1. Shekar233 says:

      Oh that is why i hear he rejected offers from real madrid,bayern etc and went to nagoya grampus eight… So much respect to care about.

  8. Bellerinout says:

    Am just not really convince about Leno,I still think cech should be our No1

  9. Sue says:

    Don’t you just feel for those poor Chelsea players?
    ???? not a chance!!!

    1. G says:

      They will take us apart we have no chance.

      1. Declan says:

        Hi Sue, not my wishful thinking result but next best eh?
        G, you’re optimistic then…….?

        1. Sue says:

          Yes Declan, as long as it results in a Chelsea loss hey?! ?

        2. G says:

          The defence worries me so much and our height worries me we have been poor at defending set pieces in pre season. But I have hope lol

  10. ks-gunner says:

    I dont think that arsenal today is a team worth a thought let alone a team to be feared. We are not ready as always and instead of moving and doing our best before the season begins we are busy with the likes of Ramsey and friends struggling to secure them and moving players out for cheap bec we give under performers way to much money .

    Ivan maybe leaving is kinda funny as this somehow sums it up what Arsenal is going await during the season.

    1. Someone says:

      Go and support another team.

  11. Russell says:

    Torreira And Matteo Must Play To Cover Our Back We Need To Keep It Tight In The Mid So It Can Be Tough For Them To Reach Last Line Of Our Defence Upfront Auba Can Cause Them Problems With His Speed And Laca Can Bully Citys Defence

  12. David Rusa says:

    Any team is beatable any day. Liverpool has turned Man City into punch bags. Why can’t Arsenal do the same? We have the players, the spirit, good coach and fresh determination. We could force a draw or even win it. That history of Emery not beating Guardiola must be looked at in a context. Were the two teams of equal strength? How long ago was that? Since then Emery has gone on to win 3 Europa League trophy and a quadruple in France. Remember France is now the world champion. Life is not static; It is dynamic. So there is every chance that Emery can beat Guardiola. Let us keep the faith. As for the perpetual pessimists there is little we can do about that. Old habits die hard.

    1. ozziegunnerjo says:


    2. faiswal faiss says:

      I really liked your comment frankly you made my day but I liked that part most where u said Liverpool turned man city into punch bags……if at all gooners where as such arsenal would have lots of uefa cups in store because that positivity can keep the team winning everything

  13. CannonSpike says:

    The amount of negativity in the media regarding Arsenal as compared to other clubs is astonishing. I now understand the perpetual negativity some fans here have, they read into the media bias so easily.

    Hell Tottenham haven’t done much better than us in years besides avoiding St. Torringham’s day, but they don’t have nearly as much negativity surrounding them as much as we do.

    1. Hackinubee says:

      It’s always the media vs the Arsenal, unfortunately they’ve taken some fans with them lately and they have nothing good to say about the club anymore if the club don’t go with their choice of transfer plans like someone saying arsenal cannot compete until they buy Adama Traore and Yerry Mina

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