Leno told to ‘be upset’ over failure to secure result at Man City

Bernd Leno has revealed that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta told his players they must ‘be upset’ because they should have gotten a result against Manchester City.

The Gunners succumbed to a 1-0 loss at the Etihad on Saturday evening, but watching the game back it was our side who wasted the best opportunities.

Bukayo Saka forced a save from Ederson in a one-on-one, although the youngster should have done better with his chance, while our team had more than enough of the ball, but lacked that clinicalness.

The goalkeeper has now revealed that our manager told his players that they should be upset at the result, as they should have gotten more out of the game.

Speaking after the defeat, Arsenal goalkeeper Leno told Sky Sports (via the Metro): ‘It’s very hard. The manager said we have to be upset because [getting a result] was possible, but on the other side there were a lot of positives.

‘It’s disappointing that we lost. But we compete today and had chances to get a point. Unfortunately we didn’t take the chances.

‘We controlled the game but the big chances we missed. We tried everything but we couldn’t score.

‘The game was very close and Man City could feel that. They didn’t have too many chances.’

On another day, Arsenal would have finished put those chances away, although you could argue that on another day City would be better also, but on that performance we definitely have reason to be frustrated to come away without any points.

Will the players be disheartened by the result or will they be able to put the hard work in to fix the errors going into the Europa League come Thursday?


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  1. He has to continue to improve
    This practice of punching the ball to opposing team is not good enough

    Same as Pool game

  2. Sue I want to ask you this question?

    What would have happened if Arsenal led west Ham 3 nil in the 1st half and bottled it in the 2nd half?

    People lambasted our players for winning narrowly against West Ham. West Ham went on to beat Leicester, no ome said anything.

    We win, we complain.

    We lose, we complain.

    We the fans raised our hope in beating city cos some of their players are not available. I think that is where the pain originated. No team in EPL this season is certain of winning a match. Let’s stop criticizing MA. The job on his hands is difficult than putting a bottle in a needle.

    Let’s cherish what we have and support the team.

    1. Phenom.. I can’t help feeling disappointed about yesterday’s result… we could and should have got something from it. Rather than it to do with a few of their players missing, I actually expected more from our players, was that wrong of me?
      I haven’t criticized MA and you don’t need to tell me about the mammoth task on his hands, I’m already aware of it!
      I do support the team and I don’t complain when we win, plus I’ve always said there’s no easy game in the PL! So you picked the wrong person to ask!
      I’m partial to the occasional whinge – but hey I’m female, haha.- and tbf most people are!! Anyway this should be put behind us now, it’s over and we have Thursday to think of….COYG

      1. From the people I regularly search for their comments to read, I do not think you are a complainer, some others are 😂.
        Arsenal for some time was in a status that entitle fans to complain sometimes, not about everything but the regular rate, whatever that is 😅.
        Even though it is City away, our offense aside from Saka has to improve. I went sleepy in the match at the 70+ minute.

        1. Nice one, Ba 👍 Yes, I did too… there was very little happening 😂
          Be nice to see it raining goals in one of our games – that seems to be happening in loads of other games at the moment!! Let’s hope for a few on Thursday…

    2. Should we narrowly lose to Aston Villa or Leicester, our consolation should be that we lost to a team that demolished one of the 2 best teams in the league, hence we should be proud of our performance…lol.

    3. Our performance was more lackluster than the result. Forget about the result. It’s the performance that was disappointing. Losing 1-0 to City is actually a respectable result.

      Win, lose or draw, we need to improve on our performance to be a top 4 team. Let’s trust Arteta to come up with something better soon

  3. As frustrated as I feel right now, I don’t even want to see Aubameyang and Laca laughing and playing in training like they usually do, they should be challenging themselves to do a comeback from their piss poor forms of late. Maybe Arteta’s game plan didn’t work as we hoped but I don’t think he can tell the players to play shitty football. There’s something massively wrong with the mentality of the players that they seem to choke when they go away to Liverpool and man City. I don’t think we show any other club that much respect. And in retrospect, we definitely should have gotten something from that game, A game without KDB, there was no better time.

  4. Relax the league has just began and all teams are struggling to get points

    Beating Leicester, Leeds and getting a result at WHL has become a must. Our losses haven’t affected our table position that much, we’re still in it.

  5. Arsenal are now clear favourite to win the league. Empty stadiums means every game is like pre season . Liverpool and Man City no longer have the edge. Low 80’s could be enough to win.

  6. ‘It’s very hard. The manager said we have to be upset because [getting a result] was possible, but on the other side there were a lot of positives.’ But some some realist said we shouldn’t be upset because we are playing the second best team in the league.
    OT: I know I’m not a coach but I really don’t know how any coach will decide to play Mason mount ahead of Grealish, that guy is pure talent.

      1. Sue I know we are not allowed to talk about Martinez here again, but did you see that save he made in the 62 minutes, a huge deflection.

  7. Aston villa win at Leicester just goes to prove how empty stadiums have changed football. Every game is like pre season. Home ground advantage has disappeared. Bad for Arsenal because Leicester will be desperate to get back some points against us. Win next week and go second. Empty stadiums and the asterisk season is here.

    1. Emilio is the key reason why we will struggle this season, we sold a top top goalkeeper, I swear it was luck that gave the players so much confidence to play well and win trophies while Leno was injured

      1. Jd and some people still believe Leno is better with his feet than Martinez lol. Martinez is a complete goalkeeper. He gives you confidence and doesn’t always palm easy balls away.

        1. U misunderstood me mate, I meant we will struggle without Emilio, the guy bring so much calm to the defence, arsenal destroyed a wining pattern by selling the goalkeeper that brought so much stability to the team

        2. I was meant to say that it wasn’t luck that gave the player so much confidence to play whilst Leno was injured, Emilio did, he is much better than Leno, the league table does not lie, but people can argue that we ain’t in may yet

  8. I’m beginning to believe that Arsenal made a serious mistake by letting Martinez leave! He’s such a joy to watch!!

    1. 150% mate, I thought they would just let both of them fight it out, Emilio is a top goalkeeper, just watch out, a top team wil com for him soonest

    1. WH paid 4m for a season long loan with an agreement to make it permanent at the end of the season for 21m, plus 5m in add ons apparently…

        1. Can’t wait to see him in action, even if it is for the hammers!
          Villa and AC Milan are the only teams in the top 5 European leagues with a 100% record!!

        2. That’s isn’t a coincidence, they guy is very very good!! We made a blunder selling Emilio , fact that arsenal managers couldn’t see that makes me realise that I can do a better job being part of the people making those decisions, how can they not see that??

  9. I can bet my life, Aston Villa keeper is better than leno!! The rate at which Emilio is keeping clean sheets is just as same as while in goal for us, I truly believe arsenal made an unprofessional rag tag team error selling him, has he made any mistake yet? But I bet u won’t say that about Leno!

  10. Would Villa swap Leno for Emi?

    Not a hope in hell.

    If that doesn’t tell you we sold the wrong keeper nothing will. By not catching, Leno never arrests control of the play. Martinez started 6 breaks that led to goals in 11 games from quick turnover. We’ve removed that from our game now with someone that replaces it with a rebound to opposing team inside our box.

    Leno apparently too thick to realise that ‘we should have got a result’ and ‘ We controlled the game but the big chances we missed. We tried everything but we couldn’t score.’ means the difference was our keepers.

    Ours gifted a goal, theirs didn’t.

    Learn to catch Leno!

    1. U ar so right👌🏾, I remember thinking this ain’t coincidence watching Emilio wining us game and keeping clean sheets, the guy is very very good, I saw calmness confidence in the defence , so sad the people that ar paid so much to make the right decision for arsenal messed up, top teams don’t make that kind of decision based on loyalty, they normally go for the inform player

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