Let me explain to Bernd Leno why he is no longer Number One at Arsenal

With players on international break, it’s common they give interviews with their national press which tend to get lost in translation.

Bernd Leno will most likely be asked by the German media why he’s currently not playing for Arsenal?

His country will be expecting their keeper to expand on an interview he gave to SportBild where he’s been quoted saying, ‘There was no clear reason why I was out, but It had nothing to do with my performance.’

In one sentence he ended his Gunners career in my opinion.

Days later Arteta would confirm his goalkeeper was lying because there had in fact been ‘a very clear conversation with him 48 hours before I was going to make a decision.’

The 29-year-old is either trying to protect his value by trying to convince any potential suitors that there is nothing wrong with his form, or worse, he’s deluded and actually believes he’s playing better then what is reality.

Either way it shows a mentality not strong enough for the level we want to return to.

What the very best athletes do in adversity is they take accountability, they take ownership, they acknowledge their short comings.

Because only when you admit there is a problem can you find a solution.

That’s not to say you have to lose the self-belief which made you a professional sports person, but you have to accept you will have moments where things don’t go well.

So, Mr Leno let me try and help you as you can’t possibly make sense why you are no longer our number 1….

In Mikel Arteta’s first home game as manager he was on course for a 1-0 win over Chelsea when you decided to charge out for a corner, miss the ball and present them with an open goal.

A month later an Everton goal squeezed through your legs.

Days later with seconds remaining in the Europa League second leg against Olympiakos instead of kicking the ball up the pitch, you lacked any kind of composure and kicked the ball out for a needless corner.

So, in a new managers first 3 months in the job he had witnessed his GK make three costly errors.

You then got injured in our second fixture back in Project Restart.

In your absence we won the FA Cup as Martinez showed more presence in the air then you ever did and seemed to bring confidence to his back 4/5.

When the Argentine gave us an ultimatum though we showed a loyalty towards you and gave you every opportunity.

Whether it was the injury or the knowledge that some gooners preferred Martinez you seemed to have lost a lot of confidence ever since.

At Anfield and the Etihad you were beaten at your near post, a big no-no in the keeper’s manual.

You were out of position against Leicester allowing Vardy to head into an empty net.

Your ability on the ball (or lack of) cost us goals in Vienna and played Xhaka into trouble at Burnley.

I still don’t understand what you were thinking at Wolves when you charged out and needlessly handled the ball getting an obvious red card.

West Ham and Everton both scored goals that went through your body.

At this point we were looking for alternatives to, at the very least, give you competition which might help you raise standards.

Instead, you conceded 9 goals in three games with Brentford scoring from a throw in!

Now that we had bought Ramsdale it made sense to give him a chance and to his credit he’s kept 4 clean sheets in 5 games. He’s had the baton and until he drops it, he deserves to stay between the posts.

So, in conclusion the reason you have been on the bench is the same reason that you don’t play for Germany …. there are better options.

Finally, whisper this quietly, maybe you’re not as good as you think you are?


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  1. Harsh? Yes PERHAPS, though personally I believe not. But elite level football has to BE harsh, as the pressures to win are enormous and they ARE harsh, as MA is realising , IF, which I MUCH DOUBT,he ever reads many of the silly anti MA comments on this site.

    As for LENO, DAN is of course entirely correct.

    LENO lacks self confidence, as his constant punching, instead of ever catching a high ball, shows only too clearly. That lack is also shown by the age is takes him to decide which under pressure defender he will attempt to pass the ball out to when he has the ball at his feet!

    Simply put , he is now nowhere near the keeper he was when he first came in to the team. I see him gone by next season and will be hugely surprised if I am wrong.

    Just not a good enough all round keeper in so many ways, even though his shot stopping reactions remain good.

    But thats not enough for a top level keeper in the modern game!

    And THAT is surely far nearer the the whole truth, I suggest.

  2. I dont think Leno has ever been good enough for the prem and never a proper no1. Martinez was a better keeper but we ended up as Leno as our no1 again, which was a strange decision. A good shot stopper but that is where it ends. Is Ramsdale the answer? Thats a question only time wilm tell but he had better be, we cant do with another mistake with our goalkeeper.

    1. True and then some fans question why Mikel finished 8th! As if Mikel told Leno to do all those school boy errors. Eniugh is enough. the bench is the right place for you ( just like your pal Ozil on the Fener bench!)

        1. with 9 goals conceded we were 20th, with 1 goal conceded we are 11th. Elementary reasoning! Or should we start blaming every one else other than Leno? Should we start with ….. Boris?

          1. Imagine scoring 5 goals in 7 games though ,maybe I’ll blame boris for that as well ,because it wouldn’t be the Magician would it .

  3. Maybe Dan the blame should be placed at the feet of MR (magician)Arteta ,I mean his form nosedived as soon as Arteta came through the door with his big ideas ,let’s not forget Leno is not alone with his form dropping ,TBF there are not many players who have really kicked on ,Leno seems to have been made a scape goat for the shortcomings of a underperforming manager who likes to pass the buck when things aren’t going his way .
    We all know that quite a few fans have a problem with Leno because of the Martinez debacle,but that wasn’t his fault and I’ll always big him up for his service here .
    He’s not the first and he definitely won’t be the last to be kicked to the curb because of the inexperience of our boss man .

    1. im not sure Aretea can be blamed for his mistakes
      eg, does a manger make you run out of area and punch the ball ?
      plus he was making some mistakes under Emery as well

      1. Well his form dipped as soon as Arteta came through the door and started to set the team up to the weaknesses of Leno .
        First 2 seasons here he was outstanding .

        1. It irks my skin when people blame clear individual errors on the coach. Forget Arteta, focus on Leno. He has been a complete disaster for sometime and this has nothing to do with the coach.

        2. See Dan I don’t think he was
          and I think thats part of the problem
          He was being told how great he was when in reality he was okay

          1. Leno’s shot stopping, reactions and reflexes are the best in the league. In my opinion, by far. He has some clear weaknesses though, mostly in his decision making and aerial ability, which are most likely Martinez’s strongest points (Leno also lacks personality). I would never say that he has been a disaster, especially when he was in the receiving end of a lot more pressure than Ramsdale(who i like, but may i add that he made 3 errors in the last match alone and we were fortunate that none of them was costly). Imagine facing brentford (biggest pl surprise so far) and the two best teams in the league with a makeshift defense and then losing your spot and being called a disaster, because your competition does not concede goals vs 2 2nd/3rd tier teams and two of the worst teams in the league, attacking wise. You can check in to see the amount of errors leading to goal scoring opportunities (not those converted to goals) from keepers last year and you will find that Alisson and Ederson actually top the charts. Maybe they should be kicked out too. That being said, i do feel that it was time for a change of scenery for both Arsenal and Leno and that it would be in the best interest of both if they part ways. But calling him a disaster is a bit harsh.

      2. In Lenos case I don’t think arteta can be blamed. On the other hand, I think arteta lacks experience in managing individual players. Martinelli for instance a great player. Mavropanos great, Saliba great. Our core players are great but I think the boss doesn’t know how to get the best out of them. You must identify the spine of the team and build around them. The ball has to have a channel it follows. Right now we don’t who our creator is- ordegard smith partey or xakha I really don’t know. When he plays Pepe he keeps making the same mistakes over and over,can’t arteta tell Pepe he is a winger and he has to do what Tierney does on the left. Throw balls in at the earliest opportunity. Too much dribbling then he loses the ball.

    2. Leno’s form going down has nothing to do with Arteta. That’s always how he’s been from Bayer Leverkusen. His shot stopping has always been world class and there was even a season in the Bundesliga when the fans voted him as having the best save of the season. In the season Martinez was finally proving himself for us the only reason why people said Leno was great before injury is because his shot stopping was seriously tested and he excels in that department. People’s focus was drawn to his saves than his overall game. Its the same with Auba people mostly looked at his goals only than his overall game and you can’t blame them but what I don’t get is they make it look like Auba has lost things he never had. He was never complete but only a poacher. Even when he had world class numbers there were several games he looked poor with the ball.

        1. It doesn’t make sense because you refuse to see the sense in it. If you understood me you’d know it made sense. Everything I’ve said makes 100% sense. Leno’s drop in form as you may call it has nothing to do with Arteta. He’s always been an error prone keeper. Under Emery our defense was highly pressured and he was able to shine with his word class reflexes so when he made a mistake fans would forgive him because in their minds he’s saving us. He has been exposed after more was required from him . As for the Auba stuff I said its obvious. Hes’ a great goalscorer with a generally poor all round game. What I’ve said makes sense. If you want to see it you’ll see it but if you don’t its not my problem.

          1. It doesn’t make sense Kev because you have just said that Leno excels at shot stopping and Auba is a great goal scorer ,now tell me if I’m wrong but isn’t that both their jobs and that was what they was doing so well before Arteta came in .
            I don’t really care what he done at Bayer leverkusen ,I’m talking about the here and now ,both players have regressed that was my point it as nothing to do with Leno playing with his feet better or commanding his box better and it as nothing to do with Aubas all round game ,they were paid to do just what you pointed out and they were doing fantastic as the player of the season votes show .
            My point was regressing nothing nothing else which they both have .
            You have gone on some massive ego trip in which I’m not interested in reading as it as nothing to do with my post .

          2. What your’e saying is laughable. Gooalscoring and shot stopping are just one department. Funny thing is even Szczesny excelled at shot stopping yet was highly error prone and many fans wanted him out. Podolski excelled at finishing yet many deemed him not to be good enough as a CF or winger for us. Just because Auba and Leno excel in one department don’t mean we can’t talk about the many others which they fail in. Also you don’t need to care about his Leno Bayer Leverkusen days but the point is everything people fault Leno for here he showed the same at his former club. To regress at something you must be at least good at it previously. Leno still excels in shot stopping even today but always lacked in several departments. That has nothing to do with Arteta because his still good at shot stopping but average in many departments. Leno overall has never been that good but has excelled throughout his career only in shot stopping. Auba excels in goal scoring but his lack of qualities mean even when he excels in one department overall he and the team are underachieving. Stats don’t tell the whole story. To say or imply they do would be a simplistic argument. What I’m saying makes 100% sense and no matter how it is spun anyoen who judges players form the eye test knows Leno’s current state isn’t due to Arteta but himself. I don’t care if you see this as a massive ego trip but yeah you need to be told the truth.

    3. I am with you. Had it been Leno alone there would have been something to the claim but he is not alone. Aubameyang everyone? From the best striker in the league to below average?

      1. “I need to be told
        The truth”
        Yes according to your own opinion but let’s be honest your opinion nod about as worthless as mine ,that’s because opinions are just that Opinions!
        My post was that Leno as regressed dive Arteta came in ,
        You blame Leno I blame Arteta ,who’s right ? That’s the magic of having your own mind is that you don’t have to follow blindly .
        I dont need some person I will never meet telling me that I need to watch football or have an agenda ,I speak it as I see it if I’m wrong I’m wrong .
        But my opinion is my own and I’ll keep it that way buddy .

        1. Yes you need to be told the truth and when you have provided zero concrete evidence to prove that Arteta is at fault for Leno’s so called regression then it is just merely an agenda. I actually backed up what I said and explained why everything you said isn’t true. Since when has Leno from 2018 to current been a complete keeper?? Let someone tell me he wasn’t error prone long before Arteta came in.

          1. I was talking of regression which he has where did I even start to say he was a complete keeper .
            You have just taken my first post and made it all about yourself and some knowledge you think you have of him before he signed .
            Get off your high horse mate and actually read what was written ,my post was about form nothing else .

          2. You will find that some fans will never agree with you because they have this fixed idea that every time there’s a mistake, a poor result, or somebody stubs their toe it’s all Arteta’s fault.
            Anyone who has been watching European football for years is well aware of both Aubameyang’s and Leon’s strengths and limitations.

          3. I should’ve realized what you were saying was just you pushing your Arteta out agenda. That I can’t fault you on but this idea of him being responsible for Leno’s regression can’t be proven and I dare anyone who agrees with you here to prove it. Also btw I knew of Leno before we signed him. He was always error prone and when he was being replaced they felt they were getting a better keeper in Hradecky. Its not Arteta’s fault that fans are seeing the flaws which were obvious ages ago. He has no hand in Leno’s flaws.

          4. @David

            People say a lot of things but when called out they start getting defensive. Imagine implying Arteta is responsible for Leno’s limitations. He’s not even really dropped in form. The simple thing is he can’t do what Arteta wants for his gk and coupled with that he’s error prone too.

        2. Leno is 29 years old and an experienced goalkeeper, he has his qualities but also his weaknesses which have been monitored by our opponents for a while. Our opponents will always try to expose our weaknesses.

          The second Bradford goal is one of them, in most leagues not a goal but a free kick. In Germany goal keepers got much better protection by the ref particularly in the six yard box, but this is not the case in the PL.

          Leno was our #1 goalkeeper but didn’t convince many that he should remain our #1, and certainly not without competition. Leno could pick up his gloves and fight for the #1 positions, but more likely he will ask to leave and look for new challenges elsewhere.

          Should we blame Arteta for Leno’s shortcomings, a goalkeeper he inherited from Emery / Raul Sanllehi? How is Leno’s level compared to potential top four teams? How is his level compared to potential top six teams? There are many goalkeepers in PL that is better than Leno, from my point of view he’s barely top 8.

      2. Auba like any good striker feeds on service. What you probably want to note is that the seasons when Auba scored those goals he played with Ozil who was a key assist king. Alexis left Arsenal went to manunted and struggled serious because at emirates the game was built around ozil who created for him and others. Until Auba gets that service there is no goals

  4. Agreed
    We should’ve got rid long time replacing him with Martinez.
    Aaron is the superior GK though and will be better than Martinez

  5. Repeat post, hoping my original will now reappear. I write this post so often, only from unfortunate necessity. Sigh!

  6. Leno’s concentration seems to have slightly worsened, but I don’t think Ramsdale is much better than him. Had he been allowed to make more long goal kicks as Ramsdale did in our last four EPL games, I believe he could’ve got four clean sheets

    It doesn’t matter who’ll be our main GK, because the internal GK competition will only make them better

    We just need to improve their passing accuracy and decision making skills. If we can’t play from the back, they have to be able to lob the ball to one of our tall wingers

      1. In my opinion, it’s too early to judge him. He also made more long goal kicks per game, as compared to Leno

        I can only say he’s better in that aspect if he can consistently make accurate long passes like Ederson and Alisson. His ball catching ability seems to be better, but let’s see it when he plays against Liverpool

  7. SORRY but I have never been a fan of Leno´s he is far too weak in coming out to win the ball in corner kicks and passes into the box and bad in playing the ball out of the box. But to his credit he is ok between the sticks at times at least.

  8. Leno wasn’t great end of last season and the first 3 games he was bloody awful. However the defence in front of him was a complete shambles, they didn’t seem to know what they were supposed to do? Maybe the improving White/Gabriel partnership will provide more stability and maybe more confidence for Leno? I think after all the negative press he faced when signing for us, I think Ramsdale has done well. Lets be patient and see if he develops into a class goalkeeper and if our keeping situation improves as a result of the competition..

  9. I like Leno but he embarrassed himself with that interview. Put your head down and do the work needed to get back to first choice.

    Dare I say it, his words reflected a culture of self-entitlement that has been around the Emirates for too long.

  10. Leno has always been error prone since his Bayer Leverkusen days. I said this even before he played his first match or us so it wasn’t hindsight. It was the same way I made clear that Pepe was never a 72m even before he played for us. The same way I also said Aubameyang’s individual game has never been world class and is only great statistically so when he doesn’t score he’s mostly above average. When you judge player’s from the eye test and refuse to be bias these things are easy.

      1. It’s how I’m being told I’m speaking nonsense. People can’t handle the truth when you put it to them I guess. They would rather blame the manager to satisfy their agenda. Why won’t some tell it how it is than engage in cheap agenda?? Any Arsenal fan worldwide who thought when we sign Leno we signed a gk who was world class or going to be clearly didn’t know him before. If they did know him then it was false hope. As for Arteta he’ll be another day for me and he can be blamed for other players but Leno is definitely not one of them. People should watch football.

        1. You should’ve tried to be a scout, kev. I think Wenger’s, Gazidis’ and Kroenke’s assessments on Leno and Aubameyang are questionable

          I’m also amazed by some immature people here, who always blame the manager for the players bought by the previous regimes. If they want a more flexible manager who can make a new system based on his players’ strengths, they should’ve asked for Ranieri

          I bet they’ll don’t like Guardiola as well, since he always forcefully instills his system into his players. Some of them even want the more defensive managers, such as Allegri, Simeone and Rodgers

          1. Leno is still Leno. As for Auba the tactics do not suit him. It seems like the striker is required to come deeper like what Laca does. We are making some players look better than they really were. I believe Arteta is also at fault for many things but he is ultimately not to blame with respect to anything concerning Leno’s individual game. He’s only a good shot stopper. Yeah great shot stopping should making him world class right?? So then I ask will anyone here have wanted Arsenal to sign Pickford to replace Leno?? Obvious answer I guess.

          2. @kev : I think Leno will thrive if he has a strong tall CF, that can receive his long goal kicks. He’d likely be a better competitor to Mendy at Chelsea, as compared to Kepa

            About Aubameyang, his pace is obviously perfect for the defensive managers I mentioned above. Playmaking as Kane does or hold-up play as Lukaku does aren’t his forte

          3. Wenger had no say on lenos transfer as he was gone and if you hadn’t noticed Auba topped the scoring charts 2 years in a row ,I’m not sure what kind of assessment you are talking about or maybe I’m just being immature again and didn’t get what you probably ment to post .
            Regarding Kev becoming a scout maybe because he as great knowledge in our transfer dealings every transfer window .
            Sorry for being immature again there but if the cat fits .

          4. @Dan kit : I forgot about Leno, he was bought after Wenger left. But he wasn’t brought in by Arteta

            As for Aubameyang, his addition to Wenger’s squad didn’t help Arsenal’s performances as a team. So he was obviously not suited to Wenger’s system

            Being a high goalscorer doesn’t mean the striker is very useful to his team. Jermaine Defoe at Sunderland, Fabrizio Ravanelli at Middlesbrough, Yakubu at Blackburn, Charlie Austin at QPR and Andrew Johnson at Crystal Palace couldn’t save their team from relegations, despite having scored many goals

          5. Auba is all stats. If he doesn’t score he’s above average. He doesn’t offer much apart from that. Arteta’s tactics generally don’t fit his style. As for me being a scout that doesn’t matter to me. As long as I judge players from the eye test I’ll be fine. People may try to downplay my knowledge but believe me they know nothing about me. Its laughable but who cares though I guess. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.

  11. It appears certain subscribers to this site are obsessed with blaming Arteta for the failings of virtually every player who has worn the shirt, since he was appointed Manager.How refreshing therefore to have Dan provide factual evidence to support what he rightly sees as the reasons why we felt obliged to sign a new keeper .Leno was never a great commanding keeper before he arrived at Arsenal.He was, and can still be a very good shot stopper, but he never was, and never will be the complete package.

      1. Weird and puzzling emoji!
        No idea what it is supposed to be saying but frankly who cares anyway!
        People who use emojis regulary, esp those who use ONLY emojis in certain posts, are rarely worth reading.

    1. Agreed Grandad. May I say certain subscribers are defending every decision Arteta make without results to back those decisions?

      I will back and praise any decision he make if results go along with them. 8th position back to back and bottom half of the table so far means only one thing, the decisions are bad.

      You can consult the only honest and truthful party in these debates, the league table.

  12. Got me thinking about the best Arsenal keepers I’ve seen. 1) Jennings 2) Seaman 3) Lukic. Szczesny may yet go on to be a great, but he wasn’t all that for us. I hope Martinez goes on to do well at Villa, but his sample size is too small to place him on an all-time Arsenal list. I think Ramsdale may go on to be an Arsenal great. Lehmann was too mad to be trustworthy, while Cech’s best days were behind him when he joined us. For me, Leno would be coming in a bit ahead of Fabianski.

    1. Fabs was much much better, Leno may be marginally better than Manuel Almunia or Vito Mannone.For the fee we paid, we can safely say he is on the all time flop list.

        1. Voyageur you mean Germany number 3. If I remember correctly, he’s behind Neur and Ter sterghen

      1. I am far from being his fan but to say Leno is only marginally better than terrible flops like Almunia and the rarely used Mannone is ridiculous and obviously untrue.

  13. ok so Leno has been benched for 4 games and we have picked up 10 points from them, which is a good return.

    Lets get to the point then yea. Many on here know i was an ex-pro keeper, i went on to coach at Orient, Luton and Brentford up until i retired 7 years ago.

    If i was to judge both Leno and Ramsdale on current ability, its very tough to call tbh, both has strengths and weaknesses so on raw ability, they are close but there is 6 years between them so Ramsdale has more potential to go way past Leno imo.

    If we look at Leno when we signed him to his injury at Brighton we can say this, we conceded around 20 shots on goal per game, even teams like Watford had that, This is where Leno probably goes a little past Ramsdale in terms of shot stopping. He kept us in games and we are not disputing that fact here.

    Leno isnt a very vocal Keeper, i’ve sat behind his goal many times and its not like being behind Seaman or Lehmann, not at all. Which in turn doesnt give you the presence to command that 18 or 6yd box – this doesnt go down well with the defenders in front of you.

    Leno’s also pretty poor with decision making, making the right call to play out from the back or go long, this means imo, he cant read the game and doesnt understand the fundementals of easing pressure.

    Ramsdale in this department is the complete opposite of Leno, passing is very good, short and long, he will go long if he spots a break on or to relieve pressure so the team can get back into shape etc.
    He commands that box like a man possessed, its really great to see, he has character aswel as being English.

    Leno for me talks to much to the press, in the summer it was yea i could move blah blah, now hes lost his starting spot its i could leave in the winter – good go bye!

    this may sound racist but its not in anyway shape or form, but i dont want foreigners playing for the Arsenal, i want more British/ English players here.

    It was the same for me way back under Wenger and his full squad that included 0 English players.

    Anyway back to the subject at hand

    Leno vs Ramsdale – well you are only as good as your last performance – so until ( god forbid it happening) Ramsdale loses form, confidence or whatever, he is my No1 bee a fan of his for years, so happy he’s here

    1. val, I do not think it racist to want only British/English players, though it would have been, had you written only whiteBritish/English players. But thankfully, you did not !


      Thankfully too, it will never happen, as our game is all the richer for being a global game, played by players from so many various countries.

      I am thankful too that the views of folk who think like you, even ex pros, are being ignored and correctly so.


      1. so I am a neanderthal for wanting more British players playing for my English club?

        We are blessed atm in England that we have as a country producing some of the best young English talent we have arguably ever had so why not have more, more players who know the club, grown up playing around the country and have the passion to excel.

        so i am a stupid, short sighted, backward thinking Neanderthal yea?

        should look in the mirror mate

        1. Just Jon being Jon val ,I read you post properly and got what you ment ,looks like Jon skimmed over it and went all pope Francis on you .

          1. I have to fully agree with Jon on this one. How anyone can come up with such a narrow minded and insular perspective in this day and age is mind boggling.
            Thankfully, Mr Val’s values are not shared by the club.

          2. I also read it properly and also replied with great detail as I usually do DAN.


        2. Quote. “I don;t want foreigners playing for the Arsenal”!
          YES, I DO call that NEANDERTHAL “thinking”! Most people will too, if asked. Your actual langauage and phrasing and the way you use it is also a giveaway as to you being NEANDERTHAL.

          But either way, its academic, as the little Englander view of life you propose was vanquished from mainstream society thinking years, even decades, ago.

          Ps. Why include all Britain anyway! Why not say only Highbury and Finsbury ParK born players!! Lunacy!!

        3. Not “more” British players Val. You wrote “I don’t want foreigners playing for the Arsenal”. That means you want none. There is a big difference.
          It’s a shame because I totally agreed with the rest of your article. I could even sympathise if you simply said you wanted a larger proportion of Brits to help our national sides. But the statement that you want no foreigners at all has obvious connotations, and is imo:
          a) sinister (I will stop short of using a stronger word)
          b) highly detrimental to the success of our team, and
          c) not supported by 99.99% of Arsenal fans
          ps by your criteria Henry, Bergkamp, Brady and Stapleton would never have graced our teams. Absurd.

          1. guy Fine post and sensible reasons but they fall on deaf ears with Neanderthals! Such folk do not think; they merely react.

            The British/ English only debate
            was over decades ago and the NEANDERTHALS lost. Mercifully!

            When something that certain people wished to never change WAS CHANGED decades ago, it is pointless discussing further.
            We modern thinking evolvers have long ago won!

  14. Yeah I knew that Lenno would never get back to his feet and cement that top spot after that injury spell,. This isn’t a new issue at arsenal,
    Hector B
    Edo etc, all went through that spell and they never got back to their feet.
    And the probability are there that xakha will go through the same.

  15. Off topic

    Why on earth is this manager so arrogant, gendouzi, Saliba and Mavrapanos are all good and 100% going to be another gnabry situation

    Everyone and thier dog can see it so why can’t arteta ?


  16. Leno is a good goalkeeper, he was there when we needed him but the defenders in front of him were ghosts most of the time. I think he wants to leave and personally, I believe we should always keep the doors open with the right price!

    Rams is doing a great job =)

  17. Great shot stopper but it is time to cash on him for many reasons.
    I do not like the recruitment department in our club in general since years back, when Gazdis took control from Wenger and brought Mustaphi, Lucas Perez and others. Wenger for whatever disagreements I have with him, like slow recruitment and buying players in positions that are already covered, but he knew the difference between a good player and a great one that carries the team forward.
    After he left, we ended up with too many good players and many experiments but few to none exceptional players to compete in top 4 level. You cannot win PL with just good players, you need a level above that.
    Leno is a good player…

    1. And when Wenger knew he cannot afford exceptional players, he bought the good ones or potenially good ones on cheap to keep the bank unbroken, when the chance comes up. People after him (and at the end of his era), they broke the bank unnecessarily.

  18. we need to fetch in new strikers guys how do u see these here..
    Victor osimhen
    Sasa khaljdic
    Ollie witkins

  19. What is actually the purpose for this article? It’s time we support our players through thick and thin. Yes, he is not performing well these days. But this is not the right time to discuss his shortcomings. Any potential buyer will not submit any coin after reading this article. This is how our players find they market value dropping and end up leaving the club for free because we fans don’t give them the support they need in difficult moments.

  20. I get that he had a less solid defence and harder opposition, but when you go 10/12 points as a team the second he stops playing, better than any other team in the PL during that period, you have no choice but to give him some of the blame.

    He makes for a perfect backup goalie, though. His best attribute is shot stopping, which is great for someone coming in here and there when necessary, but not for maintaining a stable defence season long where someone confident, passionate, and in command will do better even with other weaknesses..

  21. Someone is definitely lying,the problem is that only 2 people know who it is,so for Dan to call Leno a liar without anything to back it up except for MA’s word is a step too far,Dan what makes you think that Leno is the one lying?since being in charge,MA has said many things that his actions contradicted,should I call him a liar even though I cannot prove it?

  22. Ramsdale looks more promising than our no 1 GK, let him be given more time to prove himself; Leno had his time and we know how it has been in the last few days.

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