‘Let me tell you’ – Kevin Campbell hails ‘incredible’ Arsenal signing

Kevin Campbell has hailed Arsenal’s signing of Aaron Ramsdale, claiming that nobody else has impressed him more.

The Gunners spent more than any other Premier League club this summer, a decision that attracted slander from rival fans, but the new signings are already making an impact in our first team.

Aaron Ramsdale, Takehiro Tomiyasu, and Ben White have all earned their place in the team in recent weeks, conceding just once in their last four league matches with the trio playing a key role, and the goalkeeper has rightly earned praise from that.

Former Gunner Campbell has hailed some of his impressive traits, as well as claiming his doubters were wrong, with some fans claimed to have targeted him even before he had been confirmed as an Arsenal signing.

“This is the beautiful thing about football,” Campbell told the Football Insider.

“At first, I didn’t pass judgement because I did not know enough about him. Instead, I went away and did my research. Others made preconceptions about him because he was relegated with a couple of clubs. It was held against him straight away.

“When people found out he was signing he received hate on social media. He had to turn off his messages and comments and this was before he had even signed for the football club. Straight away fans are on his back even though he hadn’t done anything.

“There was a pre-conceived idea that he was not good enough for Arsenal but let me tell you, that young man has impressed me as much as anyone they’ve signed. I think he’s been incredible.

“Not just his saves and his distribution but the way he commands his box. He is not afraid to give his defenders a rollicking. That is really important. I never saw [Bernd] Leno do it.

“You can see that he has a feeling for the football club.“

Will Ramdsale’s inbox be full of apologies and praise now, or do these type of people only focus on negatives? Where does Ramdsale rank amongst all of Arteta and Edu’s signings?


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  1. Well said Kevin, agree 100%

    Aaron has been a “breath of fresh air”, in more ways than one.

    Let’s hope a few of the trolls have returned to their caves for a while ….. well, until the next time anyway.

    Happens a lot. Judgement passed on players purely on PERCEPTION, when they just may be one of the parts missing from the jigsaw.

    Have to say I do feel for Bernd Leno.

    However, no room for sentiment with Ramsdale currently ticking boxes that were becoming problematical and lacking between the sticks.

  2. Does JA have some financial link with Kevin Campbell, as it seems that way by the fact of his constant comments on here!

    He has a perfect right of courseto speak out but why does he not do as we all do and join this site, giving his email, etc. etc.
    He is nothing special IMO and nor are his many “nothing insightful” comments and he was certainly never a legend .

    So WHY the obvious worship of his comments by those inhouse?

    1. That’s harsh Jon. We comment for or against KC’s article exactly as we would any other post.

      KC scored 59 goals in one season at our Academy, and scored 60 goals for the seniors. He has made more senior appearances tha Michael Thomas, Ray Kennedy, Lauren and Ashley Cole, to name but four. He holds the EPL record for the most goals without getting a full England cap.

      Whether he is a great football pundit is subjective, but it is disrepectfull to say he doesnt deserve to be at least heard based on his playing record. If we are only permitted to read articles from Arsenal “legends” (presumably those who qualified would be decided solely by you?) we would have very few posts.
      Throw in the fact that you also state you do not like “opinion” pieces or any that are not purely factual, then this site would if you were editor just become a statistics spreadsheet. Any discussion of a players form, personality or unmeasurable attributes can by definition only be conjecture rather than fact.
      It is worth mentioning that many of your own posts are based not on known fact, but on your own assumptions of what the (unknown to us) facts are, and also your own assumptions on the motives behind actions taken by others. As these are particularly popular topics I would refer you to your regular assumptions about the motives and actions of Messrs Kroenke and Ozil.

      Nobody minds that you comment based on your own assumptions Jon – we all do it to. But please stop stating that you, unlike the many posters that you chastise, only deal in solid facts. Because that statement, Jon, is not a fact at all.

  3. Jon.

    All points of view should be considered before agreeing or discarding, I choose to at least listen when an ex-professional (who represented our club) speaks – then process the content as I wish.

    In this case yes, I chose to click and read like many others I suspect- you have the choice not to surely ?

    Campbell plied his trade within the environment of which so many “self proclaimed experts” quite frankly haven’t a clue.

    Whether agree, disagree or find his point of view tedious and irrelevant – the man has been there and done it.

    Does that make his viewpoint more valid than those of us in row Z – no, but is it simply “good to hear from our ex’s” now & then – yes.

    Is Campbell telling us he finds Ramsdale a good buy particularly riveting – no.

    I do however like the fact he briefly touched up the moronic element, who abused Ramsdale on-line – cavemen all.

    Personally, I would much rather our players of the past take a continued interest rather than simply walk away never to be heard of again.

    Also Kevin is a frequent guest on many Arsenal related platforms (some paid others not), and is doing what is perfectly natural when not in the financial position todays players upon retirement in terms of taking work as it presents itself.

    If on the (pundit) panel of Sky’s or BT’s live coverage of one of our games Campbell may well have raised his opinion above (however superfluous you find his comments) brief discussion would follow and move on without further ado.

    Let’s face it, the really “insightful” stuff rarely reaches the public domain.

    Personally, I more often than not find Kevin Campbell an enjoyable and agreeable listen – insightful or not.

    There’s always the “skip” option.

    1. AJ, Decent comments overall.

      It is this sites constant use of an ordinary ex-player who rarely says anything out of the obvious, ordinary and bland into the bargain, that gets my goat.

      I much appreciate educated and insightful comments from wherever and from whomsoever it comes, to those which are grey and bland, which I do not appreciate.

      I have nothing personal against Campbell, who was and is a decent man but rather with JA which foists his bland views on us far too often.
      Interesting trumps boring all day long, IMO.

  4. It’s simply way too early to make any definitive statement about Ramsdale’s future here and it’s surprising to see someone who’s supposedly better informed about the realities of footballing life would make such claims so soon…the fact that Areta refused to curtail the “play out from the back” plan when the ill-equipped Leno was the regular starter, set the bar fairly low expectations-wise…since he’s started he’s been rarely tested, minus 2 stellar saves, but has shown that he clearly has a much more commanding box presence than his predecessor, albeit he had a rather sloppy moment in the rain on the weekend

    common sense suggests that we must see considerably more games before anointing him as the undisputed number 1 Keeper…as for those who continue to prematurely spew their own particular brand of passive aggressive “told you so” nonsense, please keep in mind that most who questioned this purchase did so as a result of us paying over the number for someone with a spotty past and the fact that we had a much cheaper option in the building some 12 months earlier yet we chose to keep our now back-up instead…it’s called context

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