Let us all get behind Arsenal’s new fighting spirit

Learning to fight for Arsenal is the new way to go by Lagos Gooner

Against West Ham, we probably said to ourselves “oh no not again”, when they were leading us. We probably felt Arsenal were going to get beaten all over again. We had our fears; fears that were inspired by past performances. However, the god of football (is there something called that?) had another plan. We showed some fighting spirit and before West Ham knew what hit them, we were winners by three goals to one.

Against Standard Liege, we probably thought we were going to lose this one too. With us going two goals down, it felt like the same thing we always fear was going to happen again. Who would have blamed anybody for giving up? Well, our boys had had enough and were not going to lie low and lose the game; they rallied around, found their fighting spirit, and got a morale boosting draw from the game.

Now, before these two games, we were not known to be great comeback kings; we were always known for bottling it when it really mattered. I have seen games this season where we should be winning and not losing, but could not. We lacked the belief in ourselves, we lacked the motivation and we lacked the fight to win games.

During the week, I read online, how Joe Willock praised Freddie for being a good influence on him. He spoke about Ljungberg being the right person during this period because he has played for Arsenal in the past and knows what it means to put on the Arsenal shirt. Being a player is one thing, being a player of impact is another. Ljungberg was not just a player; he was a player of impact while at Arsenal. He is an Arsenal legend.

It takes a legend to build a legend; it takes a star to build a star. Ljungberg is a legend and it is expected that he teaches the players what it means to fight for Arsenal. The players have to be taught that whenever they don’t show any fighting spirit, it affects the club generally. These lessons from Freddie seems to be yielding results at the moment.

So when next you watch Arsenal play and they seem not to be playing well, please don’t give up on them, because these boys have the fighting spirit in them and they will pull their way through.

Have you given up on the team yet? Please, reprogram your mind, put up a smile and support the team as they fight their way back to the top of the league table. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Not sure 20 minutes out of 360 points to a new fighting spirit … I still don’t see a collective endeavor or purpose in our play and Just about every team I watch in PL puts in more effort than our lot … We need a manger with the vision thing and soon to start rebuilding as a decade of accumulated bad habits wont be removed over night … basically we are going the way of Milan and for the same reason … Owners matter and ours sucks

    1. Rkw, Could not agree more. Well said, as sad as it is to hear! There surely cannot be a mature and proper thinking Gooner anywhere who will differ with your correct analysis.

  2. Yes we all so want to win games and climb the table.
    I am realistic though.
    Some teams are harder to beat than others.
    Until we sort DM and CB we will struggle.
    The next 8 PL games I’ll make a realistic positive prediction.
    Man City (H) Win
    Everton (A) Draw
    Bournemouth (A) Draw
    Chelsea (H) Win
    Manchester United (H) Win
    Leeds (FA Cup) (H) Win
    Crystal Palace (A) Draw
    Sheffield United (H) Win
    Chelsea (A) Loss
    That would see us 5th on the table by Feb 22.
    COYG 🙂

    1. agu eman. your posts in general show you to be a thinking fan. Yet , incredulously , you describe yourself as a realist and then proceed to predict as you have done. I say these predictions are close to fantasy and are the very least thing I consider realism. You nuse the expresiin “relisticlly positive”> All present evidence strongly points to realists being anything BUT positive , at least in the near fiture. The club is a shambles, without a manager and we have no defence at all. Moreover, we have an absent and care nothing owner and a regime with no evidence that all are singing from the same hymnsheet. Try TRUE realism , before again misdescribing yourself as a “realist”

  3. I appreciate the writer’s optimism. This is a welcome departure from the usual pessimism and despondency that are the Hallmark of this site. I have always contended that our players are not as poor as some people portray them but they have been lacking a motivating coach. Emery was too timid to be an Arsenal coach. He would become clueless when the going got tough. Perhaps he needed to listen to Billy Ocean’s song “When the going gets tough the tough get going”. However I doubt if his limited English would not have hampered his understanding of its meaning. I recall Ljunberg as player and his fighting spirit. He was never one to give up. He would give it his all. If he can inculcate the same spirit in the players Arsenal’s future will be bright. Let all if us rally behind our team

    1. Our squad is 6th or 7th best. 8th at the worst.
      But too many here exaggerate in either direction, mostly in the negative one.
      I agree with you. We should rally behind Ljungberg; he might surprise us all.

  4. Losing against Man City would be understandable, because we have some underperforming starters. However, we shouldn’t lose against the likes of Everton and Bournemouth

  5. I agree with author. We should get behind team. The youngsters are very promising. There are many special talents in the young gunners. We should help support them through the rebuild. I think there is a great future team

  6. Well done so far Freddie just put more fight close your opposition down dont give them the space and and dont give them a chance to get back to defend attack fast and furious.


  7. I am sorry but there are some dishonest articles and comments here. Arsenal have rallied from deficits a number of times in the recent past. Have people forgotten that the team came back to win a game with 10 men in September? That was with Emery as manager.
    I agree that Arsenal need to move on but it I feel that it is important to be fair and balanced.
    Obviously, we need to support Freddie and the team but we cannot shy away from the fact the team needs major rebuilding. Arsenal also need a new manager pretty soon.

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