Compare our Arsenal players with …… Real Madrid (combined team)

Comparing Arsenal’s squad with the elite in Europe ‏ by Briantole

Many people, including fans and pundits, deem our squad to be a million miles away from the elite forces of Europe.
There are three current clubs given the title of Europe’s best, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid. So how far away or how close are we until we can be deemed capable to be equal to these top sides? I am going to do a comparison between each of the three, this one is against Real Madrid..

Real Madrid Starting XI
Carvajal – Varane – Sergio Ramos – Marcelo
Casemiro – Kroos
Bale – Rodriguez – Ronaldo

Let us compare to the Arsenal first team…
Navas v Cech – Cech is one of the world’s best but Navas still performs well… In terms of who’s better Cech edges Navas out in terms of quality, experience and talent.

Carvajal v Bellerin – They are both quality players and are both attack minded. Carvajal is important to Real Madrid contributing to goals and assists, but its Bellerin who is the better of the two in terms of skill, precision and quality.

Ramos and Varane v Koscielny and Mertesacker – Let’s compare the two Real centre backs to our own…
Well, Ramos is a better tackler and better finisher of the four. Koscielny is the best in terms of reading the game, skills and movement. In terms of rankings it would be Sergio Ramos, Koscielny, Varane then Mertesacker.

Monreal v Marcelo – Monreal is better defensively but Marcelo is better offensively. Monreal reads the game well and is more intelligent in positioning, but Marcelo gets forward more is more skilled and much faster. Marcelo just edges Monreal in this comparison.

Casemiro v Coquelin – They have both been brilliant for their respective clubs though Coquelin has been much more efficient. With his work rate, 100% defensive work and much better movement. Le Coq averages more takeons with a much better success rate per game.

Kroos v Cazorla – Kroos strengths are passing, dribbling and finding the back of the net. He’s unlucky because Cazorla is the king of all these departments – being more creative, having better technique, skill and precision so Cazorla edges him out here.

Ozil v Rodriguez – These are two completely different players. Ozil is a creator while Rodriguez is a scorer. Ozil is more creative while Rodriguez is more athletic so it depends on who you’d rather have for the position. Rodriguez cost more but Ozil is a World Cup winner. My verdict is Ozil because he is more of team player and brings the best out of others. He is the best Number 10 in the world.

The front three in the forward line is between Giroud, Benzema, Ronaldo, Sanchez, Bale and Walcott.
I would chose Benzema, Ronaldo and Sanchez, because they offer more and are much more of a threat going forward.

So the combined line up looks like this in my opinion…

Bellerin Ramos Koscielny Marcelo
Coquelin Cazorla
Sánchez Ozil Ronaldo

So in my opinion we have every chance of going through if we draw Madrid in the later rounds (after we’ve knocked out Barca of course). I would rather face them than Bayern Munich again….



  1. A problem when facing these Spanish teams is not just how awesome their attacking lines are, but because they are always full of confidence when facing them. They basically play practice all year long tearing up the opposition who are a million miles away. Then you have the winter break which means they will most likely be fit and raring to go ..and with us it could be the opposite.

    Then another thing they do is roll around after every bit of contact, not just to slow a game down or to earn a booking or free kick but it also keeps a game from getting physical which would be an advantage for us.

    I am hoping to see us bring some new tactics into the game, treat it like a war. Be sneaky if we have to, and see how they like it when a player takes an extra tumble.

    1. All your comparison wrong, marcelo is not better offensively than monreal , maybe he is a better dribbler but my God monreal is almost a LW..

  2. Ronaldo is the man to stop if we get by barca and end up drawing madrid… hes a level above all the players around him aswell as MSN which makes them so scary going forward though defensivley they are not as solid all round as Bayern imo.
    1. Bayern
    2. Barca
    3. Madrid

  3. Rodriguez cost more but Ozil is a World Cup winner.

    Isn’t Mertesacker a World Cup winner too? You didn’t say that :/
    Ozil might be a World Cup winner but it was Rodriguez who was the star of that same world cup 😀
    I think world cup winner is a pointless ground for comparing players.
    Messi and Ronaldo will readily agree with this I’m sure 🙂

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