Let’s actually all celebrate Iwobi getting a new Arsenal contract – He deserves it, He’s a real Gooner

So its been a few weeks, but Alex Iwobi has officially opened up on his new Arsenal contract, and is now looking to make everyone proud. Iwobi has spent his entire career with us and made his first-team debut back in October 2015, and became an integral part of Arsene Wenger’s final season at the Emirates, cementing his place on the right side of midfield, despite many fans believing he never produced enough quality.

But despite all the abuse and media attention over whether or not he deserves a new contract at the club, the Nigerian International is now looking to make the fans and his beloved Arsenal ‘proud’.

“It’s always been my childhood dream to represent Arsenal,” Iwobi said on Arsenal.com. “To get an extended contract is an amazing feeling and I hope I’m doing the Arsenal family proud, as well as my family.

“The first kit that I had was Arsenal and long may I continue to represent them.

“I always realise that I have to be representing the team and giving 100 per cent at all times. It’s not just myself or my family I’m representing, I also represent the people and the younger generation as well.

“There’s always going to be pressure in football and it’s always amazing for young kids, especially at Hale End [where his shirt adorns the wall], to look up to me. So I’ll try and continue making them proud.”

Although I am not a big fan of the winger and would have preferred Unai Emery went out and splashed some cash on Bayern Munich star Kingsley Coman or Bayer Leverkusen winger Leon Bailey, it is always nice to see a young player show a desire and determination to show all doubters wrong.

He may not score ten-plus goals a season and may not even create that much for Auba and Lacazette to feed off, but he wants to work his arse off and make sure he leaves the pitch having given everything.

Some players at the club do no deserve to be handed a new deal, as they are simply here for the money. But Iwobi has always wanted to play for Arsenal and hopefully he develop into a top-class Premier League winger.

He deserves his new contract.



  1. ger burke. says:

    he is not arsenal standard. he does not have a football brain . and before anybody says that this is a typical british view i must tell you i am not british . because iwobi is from nigeria does not mean that we have to love him, we would be lying . if nigerians wish to love a sub standard player then please go ahead, but do not make him out to be ronaldo or messi. he could not lace world class players boots. and yes, i love the arsenal, and no, i am not a plastic fan, i am just saying it as it is .

    1. Godfrey says:

      A young player trying to improve his way of playing isn’t something bad.. the truth is that he has potentials and he’s working hard to improve.
      So please try to encourage and not condemn or discourage him with ya poisonous words.

      1. sal says:

        spot on!

    2. lifespring says:

      Remember Manure released Pogba and would later buy hjm for how much? Chelsea did not value their kid player Lukaku or more absurdly, Mo Salah. The story is that Harry Kane started at Arsenal as did Ozyakup.
      Impatience can really be expensive or lead to regrets.
      Of course nothing, least of all the trajectory of a young player’s career, is set in stone. Surely the people at the helm have seen enough to take a punt on him.
      It would be best if we keep an open mind and see how it pans out.
      If we had riches like Man City of course the options and decision are likely to be different

    3. Mobella says:

      Isn’t that absurd to say about a young man who earn his living playing the football. If he doesn’t have a football brain how then does he is in the profession.

    4. Kachi says:

      Do you consider how old he is and how he could improve??? Do you ever think of encouraging irrespective of bad performance. You should not just give up on people you don’t know how much these players put in.

  2. RSH says:

    he’s already had a better arsenal career than wilshere, and ppl wanted him to sign a new contract and stay, lol. If we’re being real he’s not good enough, but I hope to be proven wrong. At the very least he needs to start finishing his chances.

    1. Goonster says:

      Remind me of any match that pops up in your mind instantly that Iwobi was the star? Give me only 5 matches that Iwobi was MOTM in his Arsenal career so far.
      I thought Wilshere was done watching him last season because you could see he had lost nearly all his mobility and football quick thinking brain.
      But to say Iwobi has had a better Arsenal career than Wilshere than I just have to laugh.
      He was a far superior natural talent to Ramsey too but constant long term injuries did it for him.
      Wilshere reminds me of “Owen Hargreaves, Rosicky and Diaby”, very good talents but always injured.

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    now monreal is injured…..we need to sign 2 leftbbacks immediately

  4. Andrew E says:

    So let me get this straight, a player that doesn’t score or create goals but works his arse off (your words), is good enough to play for Arsenal (Iwobi’s stats: 65 apps. over 3 years with 8 goals). Sounds logical!!!

    He might be a great lad but I honestly do not think he is good enough to hold down a regular starting position. Emery might have the domestic cups in mind for him plus some games in the Europa League.

    1. Durand says:

      I agree with you Andrew E. And before the Nigerians come after me I have bashed Ramsey for his poor output over 10 years (36 goals 40 assists) repeatedly, and been far far harsher on him!

      Nationality should make no difference unless you are already biased. Ramsey poor, Welbeck poor, Wilshere poor now gone, Giroud poor and gone, and so on. Nothing against Wales, England, England, and France. (Believe I got it right).

      Underachieving is what it’s about, and we have too many still in this team. Bellerin is shaky at best, and even with his pace is looking below average.

      Many fellow gooners ripping him hard too, its well deserved. So don’t be so sensitive about Iwobi, many other players get shit here if you stop and think.

      By the by, I’m not British or even European, I live in the United States. So Nigeria suck it up buttercup, don’t know what you’re complaining about, most everybody hates the USA, lol.

      1. jon fox says:

        Durand, I have become increasingly an admirer of your posts and on this foul subject of alleged racism by some dullards, may I please ask you to turn back and read my own firm post on the previous thread “go Iwobi”. I am white skinned and English with a white ancestry as far back as I can trace. My own anti-racial campaigns started when I was an older teenager and I am now 68. Britain back then was a disgusting and largely racial society,among the then older people, which I have actively fought against all my life since becoming acutely aware of this repellent common attitude. Those dull IQ people who falsely allege racism in modern society where , at least in British football, it is now , thankfully, very rare, do their own worthy cause a disservice, which needs pointing out very strongly. I have consistently done this over many years past. I would love you, if you would please, to read my post on that thread and let me know your comments. I regularly turn back to previous threads to see who has said what, as they move( The Admin, at least) the topics so very quickly on here.

        1. Durand says:

          Jon Fox, much thanks for your kind words. I did as you asked due to your passion on the topic. I agree wholeheartedly about players vs nationality. Standing up to unacceptable behaviour and judgement based on skin color is never easy and often invites retaliation on oneself.

          I’m a white male, mom is Norwegian and father 5th generation in South.I live in the South in the USA; North Carolina specifically. I am very familiar with racism and it’s evils.

          Once there was “separate but equal” nonsense; schools to resturants even bathrooms and water fountains. I was raised to treat people based on the content of their character not color of their skin. Martin Luther King Jr. had the proper message.

          It saddens me not angers me to see comments based on color still in 21st century. Sad because these people hold themselves back, limit themselves by these self-imposed standards.
          I will discuss football with anyone rational; hell even emotional or illogical sometimes! But I will never, i repeat never engage with a bigot who is FOR OR AGAINST a player based on skin color.

          I will simply ignore or merely point out who and what they are, using their own words in quotes.

          I look forward to your posts and debating, much the same as Ken1945. Good health my friend, look forward to your response

          1. jon fox says:

            So grateful to you and I too look forward to further debates with you and any on here who actually have something real to say.

  5. LagosGunner says:

    ADMIN is pretty smart, trying to drag the ‘IWOBI’ debate into another topic, to get more traffic and earn more money (Which is a normal thing we bloggers do LOL)

    I will say it again, for all those who think every Nigerian think IWOBI is Maradona.

    I’m Nigerian, and i don’t rate IWOBI

    I don’t think he is good enough!

    But unlike some ignorant, biased bigots on this blog, i believe IWOBI can improve given his age and flashes of brilliance, sometimes we need to turn a blind eye to nationalities and judge based on simple facts.

    He should be supported and given a chance to improve, and if you don’t just like him, don’t spread hate even when he does well.

    Swallow your pride and give credits when he performs well, simple as ABC!!!

    1. Admin says:

      Trying to DRAG Iwobi into a topic???
      It was a game review and he played well..

      I’ve had enough of all this bill. Any comments that are not about football and arsenal are getting deleted from now on. We are all gooners FFS stop the bollox….

      1. jon fox says:

        Pat the Admin, I hope you mean this threat I have become increasingly agitated about the many false allegations of racism towards Iwibi for simply being Nigerian. I have seen NO ACTUAL RACISTS COMMENTS against him at all. I HAVE seen and PERSONALLY share, many opinions of him as a poor player, not good enough for Arsenal. I have seen many others who think him good enough. But I will not stand idly by and accept or be implicated in false and disgusting accusations of racism, merely because I do not rate an Arsenal player who happens to be Nigerian. I do not rate Holding either , but he is not much discussed on here, being merely a fringe player. To be clear, that does NOT therefore make me anti-English either. Nor do I rate Bellerin, Mustafi, Elneny or Xhaha as good enough for Arsenal. Equally, I am not anti Spanish, German, Egyptian or Swiss either. Really Pat, you MUST now prevent these idiot accusations of racism where there are none. Otherwise you risk your site being involved in something that may , if left unchecked, threaten it’s existence.

        1. Admin says:

          I think you have not seen my replies! I was up until 4 this morning deleting comments and some more when i goy up.
          I will not tolerate this and I have announced that ANY posts that are not about the football will be IMMEDIATELY deleted (well, if I’m awake).
          Everybody has gone too far with this crap racist talk. We are all Gooners, and this is NOT a political forum. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk about football can go somewhere else….

  6. Andrew E says:

    I fully agree. I honestly thought that with Wenger gone we would get back to open discussion and comment about our football club but I was wrong.

    1. Admin says:

      I agree. Talk about the football or go away please….

  7. Wolfgang says:

    I saw the video highlights and am pleased with the way the current boss is getting
    the team to play. Iwobi shot and the resulting deflction ended in a goal.Under the
    previous regime he would have to pass the ball .
    Then the resulting defence wall would prevent a goal being scored.
    Of course take nothing for granted. The real work starts against MC.
    A goo d result meaning a win would be agood omen.

    1. lifespring says:

      In most underdevloped (developing) economies and even in nature plenty of seeds are sowed in hope that at least some will take root and grow. Sometime many do take root and at other times few or none do. In more developed economies or natural cultures survival of the seed is almost assured. So the number of seeds sewed is far less.
      What does all this have to do with football?
      Well, some footballers do, and some managers encourage their players to, shoot, shoot, shoot at the slightest chance hoping that some will end up in th net. Other players/managers tutor themselves to try and improve their chances before taking a shot. I think something can be said for either approach. A fine balance between the two would be best, I believe. Lets hope our players develope the instinct and spatial awareness to know when to shoot and when a pass would better serve the team.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        lifespring, well said.

      2. jon fox says:

        An interesting analogy. Halfway through reading it i wondered where you were going. I was heartened when I read to the end. We have all seen players waste shots by firing uselessly from 35 yards out and almost hitting the corner flag or Row Z. But, under Wenger, we definitely went to the opposite extreme. As you say a fine balance is best. As a rule of thumb if you have a clear shot when inside a CROWDED penalty area, it should be taken. Many goals are scored from deflections and if you don’t shoot, usually you don’t score.

  8. ruelando says:

    In the preseason games I have seen Iwobi , he has been good, driving at the opposition, decision making was fairly good, but his finishing still needs improvement. I think it will be good if he starts in the next match with AMN as support on the leftside in the LB role, it gives arsenal more balance

  9. Shirosmith says:

    This is a new coach and he should be given chance to prove himself, preferably he plays as an attacking midfielder coz he is not a natural winger and can’t score goals. Although am not a fan of Iwobi but he is still growing and remember what happened to Chelsea about Debruyne Lukaku e.t.c

  10. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    I’m not blind or in denial given how good iwobi is….he obviously as a long way to go before being the player we fans deserve..but he is still one of us and deserves enough respect for the work he does…sure you are free to express your opinion how you deem fit..I just advocate for less negativity that’s all. I remember when we use to be a class fan but somewhere along this past season we lost our way which is kind of understandable. But moving forward we all need to be a bit more positive and patience cause the new gaffer and his team will need it. Have a blessed Sunday guys

  11. Dexter says:

    Just thinking. How about we get Sanchez back. The we would have Sanchez laca and aubameyang as out front three. We would be just as deadly as Liverpool front three…if not more deadly

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Sorry Dexter, but after his sulking, I don’t want Alexis Sanchez back. He and Mourinho deserve each other; their best is behind them.

  12. badass says:

    Iwobi should not be considered a starter right now unless he improves which is 100%a possibility. However, being judged by his goal to app ratio alone is not fair enough considering his age and position in the team.

  13. Pires says:

    he certainly has talent,BUT he has to improve his finishing no matter what his nationality is…And being a gooner don’t give you the right to play for the club we would all here have a go if it was just a matter of loving the club!!!

  14. rkw says:

    watched brentford yesterday … would iwobi get in to that team … not sure his fitness or ddecision making would allow it … but he should go there on loan to see if he can make it …. if not sell him next season

  15. Goonster says:

    What is nonsense about If you don’t rate Iwobi you must be a bigot, xenophobe and racist? You must hate Nigeria etc.

    Racism is sick and disgusting but to just throw out that term every time it feels convenient to you makes it lose it’s meaning and strength.

    Our fanbase has gone from being a sane logical bunch to a bunch of whiny little sensitive cuties that look at everything in Black or White. If ones does not rate so and so player, you are either a racist or a person that has no clue / knowledge about football. Since when did you become the expert on football matters compared to the rest of us?
    I bet you it’s the same people that have chosen their favourite personal favourite players that they will defend and make never ending excuses for no matter what. But on the other hand they themselves have selected particular players that they don’t rate and absolutely go in hard with the criticism if those player (Sell him. He is a donkey. He is average and mid table or championship level. He does not deserve to bw paid thosw wages blah blah.)
    Can people fcking calm down with this overly sensitivity when it come to your personal favourite player being criticised now and then? We all have our own opinions on each and every player, so I don’t know why people get so emotional and overly sensitive when their personal favourite players get a bit of criticism.
    We are all grown men and should grow some balls for once in our sheltered lives.

  16. ozziegunner says:

    Iwobi, hopefully will nuckle down and practice hard (particularly shooting; because he won’t survive under Unai Emery if he tries the same “party tricks” which went largely unpunished by Arsene Wenger.

  17. Welbeck says:

    Come on people, surely Iwobi isn’t as bad as some people make out? Granted he misses chances but he usually tries very hard and his lack of output is probably due to confidence. He probably shows more of his ability on the training pitch (which is why Wenger and now Emery puts so much faith in him). A young-ish player trying to improve his game shouldn’t be castigated at every opportunity.

  18. Senile says:

    Ok…I will say Iwobi is not good enough. But saying stuffs like he has no football brain is a bit too harsh. Spare Laca and Auba who ‘just’ arrived, list arsenal players who have been playing to the best of their talents.

    It is up to Emery to decide who is good enough to stay or go, then we come in a season or two to praise or condemn.

    Again, most arsenal players are ‘not good’ for some years now.

  19. Leeroysgooners says:

    60k a week come on guys yes he needed a new contract as he does have potential but his performances so far does not justify 60k a week… so if he doesn’t live up to his potential who in their right sane mind would match that so we wouldn’t be able to shift him on just like many others in our current squad too many tag alongs happy to take the cash this bad man management needs to stop

  20. Midkemma says:

    I do not think Iwobi is good enough but I am happy for him and I want him to prove me wrong, make me a believer 😛
    It is all up to Iwobi, I am happy to say I was wrong and he has talent but he has to make me (along with other doubters) see that we are wrong and he does that by hardwork and performing.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  21. Abel says:

    I do rate Iwobi and expect him to fully justify his new contract. Like every player including Lionel Messi and Ronaldo, he has his strengths and his weaknesses. His strengths include; good upper body strength, dribbling, acceleration, and passing. His weaknesses include; shooting, poor decision making.
    It’s quite foolish to keep spouting 3yrs and 8 goals nonsense. He has always been a bit part player, getting starts due to injured players. The same three years in which Arsenal as a team have played their worst football in recent times.
    He is also not a striker either, contrary to popular opinion.
    He is just 22, and has a few years before he hits his peak. Decision making naturally improves with age and experience. Shooting, he has time to improve.
    The club are no mugs, who give out contracts freely.

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