Let’s be fair….. Arsenal ARE improving!

It’s time for us to get behind the boys by GB

It’s an obvious fact that Wenger’s boys have endured a very slow and disappointing start to the season. It’s therefore understandable why most fans have grown so resentful towards the manager. If we look at the performances displayed by Arsenal at the beginning of the season, anyone knows that we’ve been struggling to create chances so much that we had to rely on our opponents’ mistakes to score goals, which always brought the managers tactical ability to question and it was fair for fans to criticize him.

However, for the past few games starting from the Man United game, I have been impressed with the way the boys have been playing. We have been dominating and outplaying our opponents, creating lots of chances per game, restricting our opponents to almost one shot on target per match. The team has improved considerably…. in both defense and attack, and they deserve some credit for that, hence we need to start showing some support and help them carry the winning momentum forward. The impatience that the fans were showing at the Southampton game isn’t going to get the team anywhere, it builds unnecessary pressure on the boys instead.

The manager deserves a break as well, especially if you consider that he hasn’t been able to field his best X1 so far this season, let alone maintain the same starting X1 for more than two consecutive games – key players like Wilshere, Gibbs, Monreal, Koscielny, Szczesny, Ospina, Ozil, Giroud, Debuchy, Arteta and Walcott have been in and out of the treatment room this season. It can be really difficult for any manager to get his team going and in good rhythm if he has to shuffle players around every week because of injuries.

If somehow Wenger manages to constantly play his best X1 (like Mourinho does) and still goes on and fails in the league, then it would make sense if fans start asking for his replacement. But as for now, given the injury crisis he is in, I think the abuse that Wenger is receiving is a bit harsh and unfair especially if you consider that the team has been improving recently despite the injury problems.

By G. P.

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  1. Good to see we are improving and slowly getting our key players back. Just something completely different but remember we all wanted Serge Aurier for RB. Well he is struggling at PSG to play and when he does , he does not impress.

    1. Yea!……. WE ARE IMPROVING……. No one have been able to whoop us 6-0, 5-2 or 8-1, so far this season…… Yippee!

      1. And I don’t think is going to happen very soon. Those were pretty special circumstances. Even Mourinho said this happens once in years.

      2. And the rather sad part is that we were lucky to win against WBA, couldnt score against Saints untill they had to send one guy off with injury after spending three substitutes on atleast one other injury. We didnt deserve to win against saints. We were lucky against WBA and were also quite lucky against Dortmund, considering they are in their worst form of their current time in the bundesliga.

        “We are improving”. From what? Turd to slightly less turd?

  2. Yep, they’re improving. I’ll still like to see us go on a rampage though, like winning by 4-0 or 5-0. We no longer see one of those.

  3. Wenger on Mings: “He is one of the young players we follow. But we are not close to signing anybody.” him or natasic/schar + schendrlin in jan window would be good + if possible dybala scouts are regularly watching him

    1. We got Ox and Walcott when they are playing in the championship.
      Charlie Austin is scoring for fun and he used to be Championship player
      The same apply for Danny Ings of Burnley, Cresswell of West Ham
      We have been spot on with our recent signings so I trust them on this one. Given both Monreal and Gibbs injury record, signing a LCB can play LB as well is a big big plus. He is young so dont mind sitting on the bench for the time beings and he is English as well.
      Diaby will be given a pay as you play kind of deal, which I think is ok as he is still 28. After seeing Van Persie shrug off 7 years of injury problem and put in performances for us, I’m kind of hopeful for Diaby as well. He deserve it, top player on his day.

  4. Let us put this rugby team called Stoke in their place 1st and see how much we have really improved. We have such a poor record at Stoke:

    Last 8 games at Stoke
    Won – 1
    Draw – 2
    Lost – 5

    We really need to improve on this and I hope Wenger has reviewed what has led to this poor record and worked on it with the team. No time to slip up as our opponents are gaining form too.

    The team cohesion is not there yet and this can be attributed to our engine or heart of the team playing poorly (Ramsey/ Flamini or Ramsey/ Arteta combo). The overall team passing and coordination is not Arsenal like at the moment, we’ve looked disjointed at times in games and this needs soughting out. Our play needs to flowwwwwww.

    3 wins, 3 clean sheets is a good indication though and this can attributed to sanity coming back at CB with the boss’s return and a calm and collected goalie between the sticks.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

      1. Haaha, its just for men, some fellas here are too sensitive I tell you. Until the one that gets 8m moves on I wont stop. Bear with me.

        But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  5. In 2008 on a visit to the UK my son and I went on a conducted tour of the Emirates. As we sat in the coaching seats on the edge of the playing surface I asked the guide how long the manager was likely to stay. With a starry look in his eyes he answered “he’s got a job forever”. Well I thought that was a strange answer, as no manager should have a job forever. And now here we are six years later with nothing more to show but a lucky FA Cup win and not a hint of dissatisfaction from within the club itself. I’ve finally realised, that guide was right, the man does indèed have a job forever.

  6. OT: Sorry but team news is always nervy to hear for the gunners, for those who haven’t got it yet, here goes:

    on team news…

    “We have to assess a few players today because we had some bad surprises with Nacho Monreal being out for tomorrow’s game. Hopefully Kieran Gibbs will be available and back in the team. We have to assess some other players like Laurent Koscielny and a few bumps and bruises that we got after the game. I’ll make that decision after today. We might also lose Tomas Rosicky for a thigh problem and Yaya Sanogo for a calf problem”.

    on Laurent Koscielny…

    I would like him to play a third [game after coming back from injury] because he is a very important player in our squad, and ideally he will be available tomorrow. That decision will only be made tomorrow morning.

    on Wojciech Szczesny and Mathieu Debuchy…

    Szczesny will be back today in full training. I don’t know if he will be completely available or not yet. Debuchy is also back in training but it’s too early for him. The earliest he could be available is maybe on Tuesday. I don’t know whether I will take him yet because we are short number wise.

    on Walcott’s availability…
    Walcott is still struggling with his groin inflammation. I think he has an injection today to take care of that. Hopefully he can be available again after that. Galatasaray will be too early for him.” Wenger.

    Damn even our bench players get injured at Arsenal, we were all happy that we escaped the last game without injuries not knowing that 3 players got injured, two from watching the game on the bench.

    No matter what anyone says, some things just don’t exist, UFO’s, Big foot, Santa, Easter bunny, Wenger’s coat without a malfunctioning zip, the Queen of England, and a fully fit Arsenal squad.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

    1. Yes, after telling us all 15 times that you don’t get 8m to think about Arsenal I think we’ve all got your highly boring point!

      1. Struck a nerve there buddy, feel free to skip my comments. Hate it or love am still going to add it.


  7. The improvement for me is that they have been, in Merson’s words, a little less “clueless”. The senseless bombing forward at 3-1 vs Anderlecht, the 1-9 formation we seemed to play when down 1-0 against ManU have disappeared in the last three games. But still a looooong way to go.

  8. Obviously we’re in improving, and it’s great to see. But it’s very important to look at these three games in context. Two out of three were at home, with only one being against a big team (Dortmund). Dortmund had already qualified and more or less have won the group, so not much to play for. They were missing lots of key players through injury, and in very poor form in the Bundesliga. I think they were third from bottom when we beat them, and now they’re bottom of the league.

    West Brom are an average/poor team in general, let along the fact they’re in awful form as well. The Southampton game was a much tougher test to be fair, but again we only managed to win it at the death when they had a man less.

    I’m sorry for sounding so negative in victory, but I just don’t want fans to be hoodwinked into thinking maybe Wenger’s still got it, and that everything will be okay.

    If we start scoring three/four or more goals a game, and start beating the big boys home and away, then yes…I will start getting exicited and support Wenger a little more.

    If Stoke and Swansea can beat the likes of ManC and ManU away, and a team on the verge of relegation like Sunderland can beat title chasing Chelsea away, then why can’t Arsenal get these kind of results? Even with injuries we have the better players, greater squad depth, and our finances for attracking better players are a million miles ahead of these teams and most other clubs as well.

    1. I agree that we shouldn’t start getting too carried away by the recent wins, but its a start and you can only beat what’s put in front of you. And don’t start about the Dortmund game…they came to the Emirates to win but they didn’t. When we played them in Germany, we weren’t on form domestically either and had lots of first teamers out with injury. give credit when its due.

      I don’t think Wenger is STILL the man to take Arsenal back to the top, but he clearly said something or did something to improve our defensive play in the last three games. I want a change at Arsenal, but i will hail the boys when they do well (or better). And for all the radicals, I wouldn’t go as far as holding up “Wenger Out” banners during a match. Its needless because he won’t leave midway through the season, or before his contract expires. And also its counter productive because it will only upset the players’ morale during the match and you’d be achieving exactly what you’re protesting against.

  9. Don’t worry – once we are up and running again Wenger will find another way to **** it all up again. Dude thrives on a good old crisis

  10. With adding more pounds, schar is better. He can play wing back and cb as well, UCL experience, even could handle cr7 in the last match. But it could be better again if we sign both.

  11. Arsenal fans 4get easily..hw r we improving? Jst after winnin two games nw we think we r gud bt to be fair no one enjoys our games,u always hv ur heart in ur hands evrytym we play cz we dnt win big n comfortably…i wont be surprised if we beat Stoke n Wenger say ‘we can catch Chelsea’…and we wil start having those silly articles ‘how arsenal can win the league’

  12. If we compare recent performance from the beginning of the year till now, than Yes, we have improved. But if we compare the season with previous seasons, No, there is no improvement. It’s the same script, just at different times in the season. Same old story year after year. So I’m not particularly excited on challenging for fourth, and last 16 in CL. We need to raise our standard.

  13. Fully agreed. The only and i say only reason why che are so far ahead of us on points is that they field the same starting eleven every week and its the first eleven. If that was the case with us id have no doubt whatsoever that wed be in a similar position to them and to where we were last season. Take six or seven players out of that che eleven and it would be a different ball game.

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