“Let’s be honest,” Ex-Gunner says their target is worth more than £50 million

Former Arsenal player, Kevin Campbell insists Arsenal would steal Raphinha if they pay only £50 million for the Brazilian.

The attacker has emerged as a stunning target for Mikel Arteta’s side in this transfer window, and they will look to add him to their squad before it closes.

The likes of Barcelona and Liverpool have followed Raphinha in the last few months, and Arsenal is getting a chance they don’t want to miss.

Campbell insists he is worth around £60 million, anything less than that is a great deal for the buying club.

He tells Football Insider: “Raphinha is a great player.

“You just have to look at the calibre of club he has been linked with, Barcelona and even Liverpool at one stage.

“If Arsenal can sign him for around £50million we are nicking him. Let’s be honest, about £60million is probably right so anything below that you are doing well.

“Raphinha is young, direct, skilful, creative, can score… He would be a really good addition to this Arsenal side.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Raphinha is one of the finest players in the Premier League now, and he will bring more threats and goals to our attack if he makes the move.

£60million is a lot of money, but you must splash the cash before you can get quality from the market nowadays.

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  1. Not sure if we really need this guy, as we have about 5 other wingers and pepe is still with us, priority should be a proper backup for partey, Tierney and a proper goalscorer.

  2. Honestly can not believe we are willing to pay this kind of money for a player when we already have 2 better ones in the same position,Leeds have said they want 65 million and we have already had one bid rejected .
    After already signing another lightweight left footed player im struggling to see how our team will look next season.
    I know some fans like the fact that we spend money for the sake of it but unless we are getting rid of either Pepe or saka this transfer makes absolutely no sense at all .
    Abit like the Vieria one IMO .
    But we should expect top 4 at a minimum this season going by the fact Arteta as spent if all transfers are true 450 million in his time here .
    What ever happened to signing youngsters in wengers era for a pittance and making them stars rather than signing youngsters who are already established and spending a fortune on them .

  3. Great signing he would be but arsenal is usually slow in making decisions.otherwise the beautiful is always dramatic.

  4. I rate Raphinha as a player but think is Raphinha a big fish in a small pond player…..? Can he do well at a so called bigger club with bigger pressures?
    Without a doubt he is a direct player with flair but his goal numbers are not amazing. He scored the same amount of goals as pukki for Norwich…
    Raphinha is a player who will get the fans off their seats in the final third of an attack for sure.
    In my honest opinion I would take a calculated risk and throw £20-£30 million on Ivan Toney. I believe he would do very well for us against the so called smaller teams. Not sure yet about the better teams but I could be surprised.
    I also see a bit of a certain former Chelsea player that would ALWAYS score against us in him.

  5. They will tell you Pepe is rubbish so we need him. The truth is this guy can’t hold a candle on him when both of them were in Ligue1 that’s why Pepe was sold 70m+ and he less than 30m. Now he is worth 60m and Pepe worth whatever we can get for him. They called it cut our lose. That is good but it plainly shows our club is poorly run and our assets are grossly mismanaged. Florentina saw what we did with Mavro and Guen and said no what they are paying 15m for LT. Not because they don’t value him, even at 15m they know he is a steal but they want to mug us like every other club. Do anybody remember Minamino, Liverpool bought him for 7m. A fine player but couldn’t play much because Robo has been in excellent form. He doesn’t do much for liverpool and he’s unwanted because liverpool just signed a younger left back. Yet that doesn’t make them give the player away or sell him at a ridiculous price. They are actually making upto €10m on him selling him for 15m+ 3m in add on. What assurance do we have that Raphinha won’t turn to another Pepe with the way we play. One needs to look at how Sambi and Tavarez started and how they ended the season. What scares me more about our club how fine and quality players have regressed playing for our club but when they are out they received good reviews. Something is wrong fundamentally with Arsenal.

    1. @ Adiva,

      What you just wrote about Pepe has been my view.

      In what way is Raphinha better than Pepe?
      I have asked this question many times but no one seems to give the answer.

      We have a bias Manager who doesn’t mind wasting a 72m pound signing.

      I would rather we bring in a manager who can get the best from all the resources at his disposal.
      Arteta is tactically naive. What is wrong in moving Pepe to the number 10 role.

      Salah was sent on loan for 2 seasons. Yet Chelsea didn’t see him as good enough to play for them. The guy went to Liverpool and we can see how that panned out.

      I don’t trust Arteta judgement. A manager who decided not to invest in January but let go of Chambers, Aubameyang and AMN, and relied only on Lacazette to get the goals.

      While some people are raving about Raphinha, do they even realize we need Ruben Neves?

  6. More than 50M to fix a “problem” on the right wing…a problem that doesn’t exist! Raphinha doesn’t make sense unless we sell Pepe, or are prepared to sell Saka. There are more pressing problems to fix…. at the striker position and the Tielemans deal needs to be done.

  7. A transfer that makes no sense.

    I would rather we buy Ruben Neves and Telesman first.

    It seems some arsenal fans don’t even know what we need.

    We have a very weak central and defensive midfield.

    Central midfielders who can’t move with the ball. Partey that can’t even stay fit all season.
    Why pay 65m pounds for Raphina when 75m pounds will get you Ruben Neves and Telesman?

    We need strong Full backs that are better than Cedric and Navares.

    Raphinha is a luxury we don’t need at the moment.

    Midfield is key. We have to get it right this summer.

  8. What absolute BS, Rafina is a very good player but he is coming from Leeds and it is all conjecture how good he may be. Leeds will struggle to get more than 50 mil and good luck to those who pay it.

  9. I’m not quite sure about Haaland and Nunez. I don’t think they will tear up the premier league as much as people think.
    But do I think Nunez score more goals and than Haaland just because I think the way Man City play won’t suit him.

    If I had to guess Haaland will get no more than 15 PL goals.. Nunez 20 PL goals
    Watch this space… 👀

  10. Raphina or not we need a winger because saka was tired tired last season this year we have WC. In November as well

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