Let’s be positive Arsenal fans and get the team back on track

Go! Go!! Arsenal!!! Let us beat Sheffield Utd and get our groove on by Lagos Gooner

Tomorrow is Saturday and it is a day when we play our next game against Sheffield United in the English Premier league. With Arsenal rising and falling in recent games I have decided to rally my fellow Gooners.

‘We are Arsenal and we are proud”. I love that slogan a lot! Over the years, I have learnt that we become what we wish to become and not what people want us to become. In life, I have learnt to always make myself happy and not leave that for others to do. Let us face it, in this world, we all struggle to make an impact and leave lasting legacies; but then things don’t always turn out how we want, does it? In a situation whereby we have tried something and we don’t get results, what do we do? We keep our heads up high, motivate ourselves and try again. At Arsenal, we have been faced with many trying times but we are still standing tall. Others have labeled us as team that is dead and buried; yet I see us as a team in transition.

There is nothing we are facing at the moment that qualifies us as failures. Other clubs have been through this rough patch and come out strong. Some are still battling to remain relevant, after losing their position at the top table. We are Arsenal and we are a great team. When we rise, people will be shocked but then, who cares?

Against Sheffield United tomorrow, we will be low on confidence. A draw against Crystal Palace was all that was needed to burst our bubbles. After winning against Manchester United and Leeds United, our confidence was starting to be on the rise until we drew against Palace. We didn’t just draw the game, we also lost our talisman to a red card in that game. It can’t get worse than that but it can get better.

Tomorrow against Sheffield, our players will try to redeem their images. The attackers that will play in that game will score goals and not make us miss our Auba. Our world class goalkeeper, Bernd Leno, will be aiming to keep a clean sheet again. Our midfielders will make things happen from the middle of the field. Our defenders will continue with their new found rugged way of defending. The coach will try and get his tactics spot on; while also knowing when and how to make a good substitution to turn a losing team to a winning team. Come on Gooners, the team needs our support against Sheffield; let us give them an overdose of our support. We are Arsenal and we are proud.



  1. gotanidea says:

    I think most Gooners have become more positive at the outset of the games after Arteta came, but a draw or a defeat could change that mindset tomorrow

  2. Sue says:

    What a long week it’s been, without any decent football on 😉
    Can’t wait for tomorrow! Saturday @3pm – my favourite time to watch the Arsenal. It’ll be my last game until the West Ham game in March, so I hope it’s a cracker!! COYG

    Michael Owen thinks we’ll win (*Bang, hit the deck)…. Lawrenson thinks we’ll lose.

  3. Laca, Martinelli and Pepe must fire. Ozil should work his socks off for creativity. The midfield must be good in transition and defence. The defenders must stand tall and the goalkeeper is always reliable. I am going for a 2-0 win for Arsenal! Cmon Gunners take on the world! On a given day, Arsenal can beat any team and I am serious! The only thing is that our players must play to their potential and Arteta’s tactics should be spot on!

  4. Tobiano D'Greatman says:

    Once a Gunner always a gunner. Our present situation is not the end of life but the start. It should always be like this after a single person at the helm of affairs for 22great years…
    We loose together, we win together, we fall together and we rise together…
    We are Arsenal and we are proud…
    #SHFARS #COYG #D’Greatman #🔥🔥🔥

  5. jon fox says:

    Always a good idea to look for the positives. Whether,in our hearts, we really BELIEVE there are many positives,OTHER THAN OUR MANAGER,is up for debate. For certain, the single most positive thing about AFC right now is the fact that MA is our manager. That gives us REAL hope!

  6. Stewart Macintosh says:

    I certainly have more optimism than I have had for some time. I know everything isn’t going to be sunshine and lollipops – we have real weaknesses that need to be addressed. It remains to be seen if management is up to this task but here is hoping.

    But, regardless of the negatives, I finally feel like we have a manager who will figure out how best to use our assets and limit our liabilities. He has the players playing with more heart and working as a team.

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