Let’s celebrate Arsenal being the only London team in the Champions League

It is almost certain now that if Arsenal are to win the Premier League, it will not be this season, but Chelsea and Tottenham won’t be either!

Brighton’s 3-0 win over the Gunners on Sunday evening finally ended our league title-winning chances this season.

Many Gooners may be disappointed, but there’s something to smile about this season.

For the first time since the 2015/16 season, Arsenal will finish above their North London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs fans must have felt they were the better North London side, but this season they have returned to the position Gooners know they belong in, while Arteta and his boys have taken Arsenal to where it should be, at the top of the league (second to Manchester City).

Other than finishing in a better position than Spurs, the Gooners should also celebrate their return to Champions League football after at least a seven-year hiatus. And it’s not just incredible that they’re back in the Champions League; what’s more incredible is that Arteta and his boys are the only London team playing in the Champions League.

Chelsea and Spurs, featured in it this season and the previous season, have had such a disastrous campaign that for their fans next season, Champions League nights will be spent watching movies, if not Arsenal.

This season, Arsenal got back to competing in the Premier League. Not winning the league hurts, but lessons have been learned.

Next season, Arteta and his boys will be ready to go and do what they failed to do this season: outsmart City to the Premier League title.

Sam P

Video – Mikel Arteta explains what went wrong against Brighton “Individually we were below par”

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  1. Sam P, your last sentence is the one that matters the most. Man City is our target because they have been setting the benchmark (for too long) !
    What Lilywhites and Pensioners do is not really of much consequence to us now because we are clearly better than them. We are going upwards and Spurs are definitely not going to be real rivals to us for a while imo. Chelsea may well improve but again comparisons wll not be necessary next season because they have a fair way to go to match us now. We won’t stand still or be complacent and the summer signings and experiences from this season will make us even better next term. Well that’s the plan.

  2. De Bruyne will be 32, Mahrez will be 33 and Gundogan will leave

    We need to prevent Man City from signing Maddison and weaken them by snatching their hot prospects. I bet Cole Palmer can be Saka’s or Odegaard’s main competitor

    1. Gai,
      That means Arsenal would have to sell some players no matter how painful. I would rather we keep ESR to deputise for Xhaka and sell Viera and Lokonga. We also need another player to replace Thieney I don’t think he will stay considering his game time this season. We need at least a quality new Midfielder because the strength of Pathey and Joginho will diminish next season they are not getting younger I suggest Canceido or Rice, etc. I am of the opinion Nkethiae and Balogun both be sold and the money be used for a towering quality CF. in the mold of Vlahovic, Watkins, Osimehim or a bully who is Lukaku. But GJesus need to improve his goal tally. And let’s hope Saliba signs. But if he doesn’t Mohamed Simakan seem good.

    2. gotanidea, I said the other day that
      ManCHEATER City are not gods and although they have been a good empire all empires eventually fall. Actually they haven’t yet won a Champions’ League. You’ve hit the nail on the head about some of their players starting to get over the hill. Those three players, who are all fabulous by the way, can not go on forever. Not sure how good Alvarez really is either. This is not just wishful thinking, it’s a reality. No doubt City will raid the market, but something tells me they will be reasonably modest in their recruitment this summer. Don’t ask me how I know, it’s just a feeling. It’s time for change. Aside from City my main concern (and people may laugh) is Man U. Yes they’ve had some disappointing games this season, but I think Ten Hag is a very good manager. Do you know they’ve only conceded 8 goals at home in the PL this season. That’s something we certainly haven’t come anywhere near achieving.
      I’m optimistic about our future.

  3. So Man City purportedly want to sign James Maddison? Who Arsenal should sign imo
    if in the actual sense of things they want to sign him next summer. Arsenal won’t be able to beat Man City to his signing. Because, 1. Maddison will prefer to go to the serial titles winner Man City club side instead of to come to Arsenal. And 2. The wage that Man City will offer him will better that which Arsenal will pay him if he comes to them.
    So therefore, let us hope Arsenal will get all their first choice senior team signings done next summer transfer window. But not suffer disappointments in signing them. As they suffered when they wanted to sign Vlahovic, Mykhailo, Zubimendi and Caicedo. Who they all missed out on to sign due to various reasons after trying so hard to sign them. .

  4. We need to do well in Summer transfer window to rekindle our belief because the additional load of playing the Champions League to Premier League, without doubt, requires additional personnel of class in football both the pitch and management.

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