Let’s compare Liverpool and Arsenal’s record in the last three years

Arsenal are miles off Europe’s elite. by Konstantin Mitov

Well, well, everyone was questioning if one of the Champions League ties could have a comeback from 3:0 down, when in fact the other one did! But compare the atmospheres at the Etihad and the Olympico.

Both City and Roma opened with an early goal and while one stadium was buzzing, the other lacked passion. City can buy all the players and get the best of managers, but a football club starts with it’s fans and you cannot take a lesser team and just transform them into world beaters.

Look at Liverpool and where they are now and remember where they were when Klopp took them 3 years ago. Then look at where we were and where we are now with Wenger! It’s incredible what a proper manager can do for you hey?

They may have won no trophy yet, but they will play in the Champions League semis and their style of football is miles better than ours, despite the fact that individually our squad is not that much worse than theirs.

The idea gives hope at Anfield and the atmosphere is amazing there. Go back to the Emirates and see the half empty stadium. This is all down to the manager and we’ll be still stuck with Arsene next season.

But anyway, the comeback of Roma which was in every way incredible, highlights that even if you are Barcelona, you cannot let your guard down, because you’ve won one leg of the tie and with our defending, it’s not beyond us to mess up the game against CSKA.

We rested key players and it makes no sense for us not to try and put a few goals past their aging defense. Let’s just get the job done and then whoever we get, it’ll be a tougher one, but Europa is the thing we can get right now.

In other news, we might get a deal with Addidas which would be great as it’ll be a bigger deal and puma really failed with our kit designs in my opinion. I’m all up for that change, although it will not happen for another year I can bear it, but I cannot bear another year of Wenger, so hopefully some news of change on that front will follow soon!


  1. John0711 says:

    Regardless of the last 3 years achievements

    Klopp talks with passion and common sense, he often mentions the fans stating it will be another occasion for the fans

    Wenger repeats the same lies and is so distant from the fans

    1. Ingleby says:


  2. GunnerMann says:

    LOVE the black and pink kit! don’t know why, I just do. same as with the blue and neon yellow of the previous season. I really hope addidas brings the same type of look if and when they take over.

    1. tas says:

      Regarding the kit i thought PUMA is world’s ahead or rivals in design and hope they continue to be our sponsor for the next few years, reports suggest Puma to match Adidas offer

  3. Jeremy says:

    For a start, please change the badge.

    Our old logo is so majestic as compared to the current. Even the canon is pointing in the wrong direction.

    It looks overall like some animation.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Money was the reason they changed it Jeremy, there’s no way they would go back to the old badge. I agree with you but sadly one of the big changes with this new board is money comes before tradition.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    without sallah…..liverfool will out of top5

    same can be said for spud with kane

    1. gotanidea says:

      Without Klopp’s attacking strategy, Salah would not score for fun like that, as what we saw in AS Roma and Chelsea

      Without Tottenham coaches, Kane would not thrive. Arsenal staffs rejected him once and it shows their judgement quality

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Kane was indeed pretty fat in his younger days based on the photo

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Liam Brady admits that not perervering with Harry Kane was one of his bigger mistakes.

    2. Guneal says:

      Admin can’t stand an akb getting a low rating and his stupid comment hidden, that’s why he removed the thumb buttons.

    3. AndersS says:

      You always come of with bad excuses.
      Only a few weeks ago, your explanation to our humiliation by City was the money available to them. Now Liverpool has proven that explanation to be utter nonsense. Then you come up with Salah as explanation. Maybe you should try looking at the realities, or are you actually a spurs fan?

      1. Lexynal says:

        No need to respond to useless article. With the way the opinions bounces back and forth with each match…you can tell that most fans and supposed analysts are worst than AW. If they were managing our team we would be in championship by now. He failed to explain why the same Liverpool has won zero trophies and hasnt played in any final game in the last several years with the likes of Suarez, Countiho, Sturridge (in those days) etc. The articles did not explain why with so much spendings, good players (Luca Modric, Bale, Kane, Son, Alli,Ericson etc) and top coaches as H.Redknapp and Poch….Spurs yet to play in any final in the last several years and of course zero trophies. AW is already in Semis at Europe level after several domestic trophies in the last few years and yet with the supposed “average” players. Be real guys…

    4. John0711 says:

      What a stupid comment

      Xhaka elneny Iwobi mustafi welbeck

      Arsenal would be in the top 4

  5. Darthballz says:

    Liverpool 0 arsenal 2 fa cups 2 shields what was the point in this question

    1. tas says:

      the point of this post is that Liverpool which were in our shadow are now almost the favorites to win the CL and god knows what else next season and all because of a passionate honest manager not only inspires his team but also his supporters

    2. AndersS says:

      Look at the PL table – there is the current status of the strength of Arsenal v Liverpool.
      Not a pretty sight. But hey, let’s stick with Wenger…

    3. John0711 says:

      Liverpool have won the European cup doh

  6. Gelz says:

    @ John, did Liverpool have Salah last year, no, did they make the Champions league, yes, so in getting salah they have become better, they lost Continho and no one has even noticed. Kane always get injured for Spurs and they still seem to find away to win, what I’m saying is there not both in the top 4 because of 1 player, there Managers are adaptable and get the best out of there team’s. We are going backwards and have been for a lot longer than 3 years, say Liverpool win the CL this year, wouldn’t you change our 2 FA cups and 2 meaningless friendly shields for that. You could say take Rambo away from us and we’d have no FA cups and be Languishing in 10th place

  7. gotanidea says:

    Klopp might not have an illustrious career in the Premier League yet (like what Wenger has), but I like to watch how his team plays. They are very entertaining and they are not afraid to use an unorthodox tactic, the false nine

    Klopp has referred to Firmino, his main false nine, as the “engine” that propels the team’s relentless counter-attacking system; “If he loses the ball, he fights for it back. If he loses it again, he fights for it. He looks like the engine of the team.”

    I can’t remember any Arsenal player in the last three years that has such work ethic, except the younger and peak Sanchez. If Liverpool win any major trophy in this season or in the next season, Arsenal would have a hard time catching up with Liverpool’s growing popularity, since most of our players are not determined enough

  8. pires says:

    We have actually won titles since Klopp is there which he didn’ t.Even though i agree we are left behind right now wich is not defensible….

    1. Dennis Moriarty says:

      What titles? We have won the FA cup, not a title!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Pires thinks the Community Shields a title.

  9. Babasola says:

    We will qualify tonight, CSKA are not a match
    We seem to be improving also, but Wenger is not disciplined enough to keep them performing consistently, we’ll always regress at certain points in the future – that has been constant under Wenger
    We hit good form the season Leicester won it, few points to win and the Manager couldn’t be steel enough to not allow slip-ups.
    At least shouldn’t it be upwards after such season of good form, but with Wenger – NO – we’re here again

  10. jon fox says:

    Konstantins article SENSIBLY argues how vital the manager is at all clubs and to me , this is currently the only topic in town, guessing who will be Wengers replacement. I have no idea at all who, though would like Allegri, Ancelloti or Simeone (in that choice order). As for kit design , as an older fan , provided we stick to red shirts, white sleeves and white shorts I could not care less; apart from the commercial value being the best we can get, of course. Constant articles about tonights game are now so boring. Not saying the game doesn’t matter, but to be honest, one poor side has a three goal lead against an even poorer side, so I am not concerned in any way about losing, since we won’t. I see XHAKA IS ILL AND LEFT BEHIND, WHICH TO ME, ALWAYS IMPROVES OUR TEAM. He is Wengers worst ever expensive purchase , narrowly ahead of Mustafi and both are by a huge distance, a long way the worst of all the £20mill plus buys.

  11. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I don’t know how many of you have been to Liverpool but it’s the most intimidating place in the country to go to. In the old days of hooliganism believe me, your life was in danger every time you spoke with a cockney accent. What they done to the Man City coach tells me not a lot has changed. Sling ’em out of Europe, teach ’em a lesson

  12. Gily says:

    Liverpuddle made a minced puddle meat of Manshitty. They can mince anyone right now ‘cos they are so hot.
    Does anyone know the fastest way to cool a hot puddle?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Gily, I think Liverpool had the “rub of the green” with the refereeing decisions as well.

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