Let’s hope if England fail at the Euros a certain Arsenal player isn’t made the scapegoat

On Saturday Bukayo Saka produced easily the best English performance of Euro 2024 with a man of the match display.

Rightly Gooners are proud that one of our own is representing his country with his infectious smile.

I love Arsenal, but for the last month I can put any tribalism to one side to support England. That’s why when Saka has been asked to play at full back, I simply see it as the 22-year helping the team out in a problem area.

A section of our fanbase though feels the definition of a supporter is to say everything about their club is rainbows and unicorns. These are the type who say our manager and players are world class no matter how many years we don’t win a trophy 

Because they are positive for the sake of positivity their point of view lacks substance.

To them (grown adults by the way) you can’t ask for Cole Palmer to start for the Three Lions because they translate that as you are disrespecting a Gunner.

In reality before this weekend not one member of Gareth Southgate’s attack could have complained if they were dropped, especially given the options off the bench.

Yet everyone is entitled to their opinion and as long it’s based on football there is no right or wrong.

Yet there has been a worrying trend at this tournament. When Saka wasn’t playing well YouTubers / bloggers, etc accused the media of targeting him. They were saying too much. Yet when he’s fantastic apparently the press are saying too little.

So, in the last few days some fans have asked why our Star Boy hasn’t been given any credit for his performance against Switzerland?

Others questioned why Harry Kane and Phil Foden have not been under the same scrutiny to stay in the first 11?

The accusations is it’s based on the colour of his skin.

 The only issue being ……..those accusations are completely made up.

When content providers wonder why they are treated like mainstream media, there it is.

This sums up society. A generation have grown up with the technology to share their thoughts around the world within a few seconds.

It doesn’t matter how factual what they are typing. They report fiction and hope their audience accept it as facts.

It’s up to the likes of me to tell the truth.

 That’s because in 2024 racism is apparent in the sport. Sick chants are still made at grounds, online abuse is still rife, and the game still lacks a zero tolerance to the issue.

It matters.

It’s such a big deal that fabrication trivialises the topic. It’s unfair on anyone who has had or is going through racial attacks.

I can’t pretend to know what that feels like, but I can imagine how offensive it must be for others to pretend racism is occurring when it’s not.

Because in reality, Saturday was a day of celebration. If your born in the UK you will understand the last few years have tested Britain, at times it’s been divisive, some days hard, months even.

For many around the world their comforts are their escape.

For 120 minutes the other day, a chance to switch off from politics, worrying about money, work, dealing with mental health. Ironically issues such as racism.

In an era where negative sells, Saka’s goal, penalty and smile was something positive.

A role model for youngsters to look up to.

A young man representing a team filled with diversity.

 Which begs the question why would some want to ruin that by forcing an agenda that doesn’t exist?

BBC, Sky Sports, ITV, Talk Sport, ESPN, the Overlap, Rio Ferdinand, Micah Richards, Gary Neville, Alan Shearer, etc, since England’s last fixture have all waxed lyrical about not just how great a footballer Saka is but what a character and person he is.  I could name more.

Anyone reporting opposite are either not looking hard enough or simply choosing not to look.

 I can also provide evidence as someone who has followed this competition for JustArsenal that Phil Foden, Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, Trippier, Arnold, Kyle Walker, Declan Rice and of course Mr Southgate have all at various times in the last month faced criticism.

Not based on appearance simply football.

Anyone saying otherwise is hearing what they want to hear.

It doesn’t matter what race, religion, culture you are the only colour that has been seen at the Euros is the colour of the shirt.

If Saka plays well on Wednesday, he will get his flowers. If he plays poorly, it’s okay to say that

We are not going to be scared to give a player a match rating under 6 out of fear of being called a racist

 The irony though ….

 People who lie to spread racial tension.

People who want players praised and dropped based on skin colour.

Trying to create divisions in a squad when everyone is equal…..  What is the word for that?



So here are some simple rules which I must insist commenters follow….

You agree not to give any personal abuse to other Arsenal fans. Everyone is allowed to hold their own opinions even if you disagree with them. It COSTS NOTHING TO BE POLITE TO OTHER ARSENAL FANS.

CALLING ALL ARSENAL FANS!please contact us through this link
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  1. I know. Saka was criticised too much for that missed penalty. In a high pressure situation it’s easy to miss a penalty especially someone who was quite young and inexperienced at that time.

    Saka has had a few years of experience now. Hopefully that will help

    1. I agree, but the problem is that if the situation should arise again tonight for example and Saka misses a crucial penalty then all the “well, he did it back then” comments will come out again. The only way around that – and to put it to bed once and for all really – would be for him to score the winning goal or the winning penalty.

  2. That’s rather a lot to digest
    I’m sad to say that racism is still part of society and the only positive that I can draw on is that by and large, the UK has learned much over the last 60 or so years.

    Growing up in a largely white country during the 1960’s it was a bit of a shock when Idi Amin threw out Asian Ugandans and many alighted in London to rebuild their lives. Like it was for the Caribbean communities, it wasn’t plain sailing to begin with, but over time so much has changed for the better because of their arrival and I hope that those who have bad thoughts on their minds learn of the benefit of diversity

    Dan, you talk of tribalism and that takes many forms, whether it’s through colour, religion, sex or sport to name a few. The thought that Ian Wright fears the worst if any of England’s black players have a poor showing either tonight or if we reach the final, shows that more needs to be done to overcome racism or unconscious bias.

    Referencing Saka, who is a great example of a young, talented and perfectly grounded player, deserves the credit he receives. His colour should be an irrelevance. He is English, wears the England shirt with pride – as all England players do. If he has a stinker then it has to be alright to say so as well as giving praise when he’s MOTM

  3. In football, tribalism is the soul of the game and has nothing to do with race, religion, culture or the colour of one’s skin.
    The shirt and who wears it is THE most symbolic and important thing and that’s why I’m so proud to be a Arsenal supporter.
    I haven’t heard ANY racist chants or songs at the Emirates ever since it opened up and neither have I heard any racist chants by our fans when attending away games or listening on the television.

    I am absolutely certain that it will never happen either.

            1. I’m glad your with me on this HD – I know I’ve never heard ANY racist chants at the Emirates or even from our away fans.
              I’ve probably been to 90% of home games since we moved to the Emirates and I haven’t heard a single one… NOT A SINGLE ONE!!

                  1. Well there was a well known chant about Adebayoure which he has referenced
                    ‘Your mother is a wh*re and your father washes elephants’.

                    I was at games where there was a song wishing he got shot in reference to a shooting the Togo national team faced

                    Koualibaly had a banana thrown at him during the Arsenal Napoli game

                    I have heard the world’s Yid and Yiddos chanted in the NLD and know Arsenal fans who legally have complained against the club

                    In 2017 three were arrested over racial chanting and then fighting with stewards when asked to leave

                    A Sikh fan in 2022 went to the police saying he is often targeted at the Emirates with chants and spoke up when his Turban was knocked off

                    Arsenal and the police had to warn Ashburton Army fan group about messages targets Jews and mocking the Holocaust

                    Not nice chanting includes …

                    Tragedy chanting at the Emirates which Arsenal have confirmed banning orders for
                    This was apparent in January

                    She said no Robin she said no ……accusing Robin of ….a young girl which he was accused of but not charged for

                    A chant about Nasri where he’s called the C world over and over again

                    Harry Kane chant … essentially mocking people with speech delays / impediments

                    Ashley Cole chant – essentially homophobic

                    Another song regarding Cheryl Tweedy which I won’t repeat but isn’t nice

                    Your defend this because it’s Arsenal but for any young peeps it’s important to read that this is wrong
                    Goes on at all clubs

                    1. Dan let’s take you examples one by one as far as I am aware.
                      Adebayour :
                      I’ve never been at a game at the Emirates, where I heard either chant… I have, of course, heard GG’s wife being accused of the same thing.
                      Koualibaly: Unaware of this, but I’m certain the club will gave taken action abd has it happened since?
                      Yids : Spurs fans refer to themselves in this way, much like we do when chanting “boring, boring Arsenal”.
                      It’s called banter, are you offended by the chants of “library”? Isn’t that using your thinking, an insult to the thousand of fans who have been backing our players?
                      The turban incident : Didn’t know about this, but I’m certain the club took action and any more incidents like this since then?
                      Ashburton army : Was this why this set of fans were dealt with by the club and drastically reduced in size at the clock end? The club taking action again I suggest?
                      Tragedy chanting : Abhorrent behaviour by a minority.. so small that I didn’t hear it from the clock end!! Can you supply the link that tells us the action the club took?
                      RVP : I’m sorry once again Dan, but I have not heard this chant at the Emirates, or Highbury come to that. Could it have been the away fans?
                      Nasri : This one I can identify with (not joining in of course!!) as it rang out loud and clear. I don’t see this as racism though, I see it as fans venting their anger at a mercenary player, who let the club down… no racism whatsoever, as everyone around me were chanting it.
                      Cole : The only chant I have heard involving AC was the Cashley Cole chant.. I can’t remember the lyrics, but, once again, no racism involved, just the same views some fans had regarding Nasri.
                      I have no idea whatsoever where your coming from with Cheryl Tweedy, so I can’t comment on that.

                      I’m no “defending” anything, but I’m questioning your assertion that racist chanting can be heard at the Emirates.
                      Of course, like every other club, there are neanderthal morons who go to games.
                      Our club is made up of many different people and the overwhelming percentage of these unite as one to support, what I consider, the most multi diverse set of fans anywhere.
                      For you to try and lump us all together, while trying to prove a point, is disrespectfull.
                      I’m not unique in my views, rather I believe, I’m the complete opposite.
                      The clock and is full of young boys and girls from all parts of the world and are in a safe and friendly environment, because of the adults around them.
                      Perhaps that’s why I haven’t heard some of the chants you refer too, because, believe me, the parents wouldn’t stand for it!!

                    2. Admin, I’ve tried to answer Dan on two separate occasions, but my post is not available – any reason why?

                    3. Hi Ken. Your comment was modersted because of certain words are on my banned list. Just as Dans comment was modeated for the same reason.
                      Petsonally i am nervous of discussing such subjects on JA.
                      I have released both comments because it is you and Dan talking. Im not sure i would do that for random commenters.

                    4. Thanks for the reply Pat and I appreciate the message therein.
                      No negativity on my part, just curiosity and, of course, I respect Dan’s views.

                    5. Yeah as I pre warned mate you would defend it
                      I would look up the word Yid because no it’s not the same as a library
                      I can only tell you what I heard and it’s up to you what’s banter
                      I know some fans took legal action
                      Respect your opinion though
                      But to be fair you asked me for examples not what you agree with or not

                    6. Ken, I remember the fans sing that song to RVP, it was his first season at Utd when they last won the PL. When they sang it at the Emirates it caused words to be had with the people around me in the East Stand, because I got up and sung ‘You were right Robin’, regarding to the clubs lack of ambition at the time.

                    7. Not going ti get into your “lack of ambition, as we both know we have differing views on that subject.
                      However, the fact that you say it caused fans around you having words with you, strengthens my point that the clock end polices itself.
                      I really cannot recall that chant regarding RVP, but if you say our fans sang it, then I take it as a given… I applaud those who challenged you!! 😂
                      However, it wasn’t racist and that was the point you and I were asking Dan about.

  4. See them using Saka’s pictures in reports of the team’s failures. But when Saka, through his brilliance dragged England out from the jaw of defeat and pushed the team to semi final no British tabloid use his picture (even in a group) on their reports. Karma will get back at you people. RACISTS.

  5. After encounters at the Women’s world cup and U21 Euros, The Anglo-Spanish face-off continues, but this time at the very top level of football. Let’s see who takes it home. Congrats to David,Bukayo,Decs and Aaron, wishing all four all the best of luck at the final.

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