Let’s just enjoy the good old One-Nil to the Arsenal

“One-Nil to the Arsenal” is nice but we want more goals! by Shenel

Well isn’t that becoming a bit of a recurring theme now.

Two weeks in a row, two 1-0 wins with consecutive clean sheets, seems reminiscent of the good old days right.

Of course winning is nice and back to back as well, but with Arsenal for me I just do not have confidence in One-Nil wins until that whistle is blown of course!

I want to see goals and plenty of them. I want to see us trample over teams the way Manchester City did to us, and the way both Chelsea and Crystal Palace have done to Tottenham in the last week as well. (Sorry I had to throw that in with the hope we do the same to them too🙏🏼)

When you look at other leagues such as the Bundesliga, teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, in three games since returning from the international break Bayern have scored 14 and Dortmund have scored 10 goals.

I envy that, I want that for our team, I want us to be comfortable and to showboat and boss the other team with goals and with performances, like we did against West Brom with the swagger.

I am not complaining about the One-Nil wins not at all, I am glad the team are getting somewhere and long may it continue. But if I was attending any of the last two games it would have nearly given me a heart attack because with the frailties we have suffered in defence and the team in general, you just never know what will happen next.

But if we continue the season with One-Nil wins I will not complain, as long as we get the three points on the board and climb up the table.

The good thing is that we know this team is capable of more goals and the more they play together the more chance we have of more goals and wins to come our way.

Hopefully we can start to say the tide is now turning and there is a lot more positivity to come after hitting rock bottom.

But for now Gooners, let’s just enjoy the good old “OneNil to the Arsenal” hey!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Glad we have gotten the 6 points from the 2 bottom teams.

    Only 3 shots on target (one being the freekick goal) and 80% pass accuracy is a concern to me against an opponent like Burnely. We by no means had a dominant performance either.

    These are the things that concern me. We still do not look convincing at all, players did not look like they were playing to a specific plan. This was not like our GG 1-0 days at all.

    1. “Gotten” is American gobbledegook. The correct word in English is “got”! If you happen to be from USA, you have my apology and my sympathy however!

  2. We’d likely score more goals next season, if we have someone capable of keeping the ball in the opposition’s penalty box or around it

    This tactic will make the opposition’s offside-traps useless and give his teammates some time to reach him

    Since Aubameyang played as the main CF, we rarely maintain the ball possession in the opponents’ penalty box and we have become highly dependent on through balls to penetrate the opposition’s defense

  3. PJ – SA, disagree with your opinion about the game.
    MA knew exactly what he would be facing physically and chose the best squad to deal with it.
    His substitutions were top notch and, as an example, when Partey departed and AMN came on, it was as if the team knew that AMN would do the same job and carried on playing to the plan.

    Of course, we all would like more goals, but it seems as if MA is addressing the defensive side of the game as his top priority.
    Wasn’t that what we all said should happen?
    The test comes this Sunday and I have no doubt he will select the same back four and keeper – midfield – but maybe bring Lacs in… if he doesn’t play against AFC Wimbledon.
    Good to have differing thoughts don’t you think?

    1. Fair enough. The defensive side of things is a bit of an odd one, some fans think we have a phenomenal defence(based on last season) and others like myself think that our defence is not that great despite the stats we saw last season.

      Conceding little doesn’t help if you still don’t outscore that stat. When our defensive stats are good our attack suffers greatly. To me that shows a huge lack of balance and understanding in terms of tactical prowess.

      His subs were partially forced more than planned to be fair.

      I actually didn’t think Burnely were that physical, much less than in the past in my opinion. I still stick to what I said about our attack vs a very poor Burnely and Norwich. Let’s see how we do against the Spuds

  4. Hi PJ-SA.


    I thought we arrived with a very clear plan.


    Keeper to dominate his 6 yards (obvious statement, but in this particular game worth stating)

    Back 4 organised and strong – shape was everything against this mob.

    Partey sitting in and shielding the back 4. When in possession dropping to pick up off Ramsdale and build quickly via ESR & Ode.

    Pace on each flank, with your “in behind” player up top.

    As the game wore on and we were still in it (leading), let Burnley chase the game hitting them on the break at pace (sadly this is where we were least effective in the final 3rd).

    But for me, the defensive third with Partey sitting in front were excellent.

    On the day performance levels where good in that substitutions made, mainly through fatigue, did not let our performance levels drop – we stayed strong and organised.

    Again, I thought we were very organised at the back and in the centre of the park (Partey pivotal in front of the back 4) resulting in Burnley having no clear cut chances to speak of over the 90 (perhaps 1 in the dying minutes when Tomi / Gabriel put in a superb block between them).

    The penalty shout was self inflicted, and not Burnley opening us up so to speak.

    Apart from that – what we expected, corners and crosses thrown into the box from all angles which were dealt with excellently by Ramsdale and his defence.

    Yes it was a nervy watch at the time, but from the viewpoint of what one EXPECTED to occur i.e. the worse.

    But analysing the game when the dust settled, we gave Burnley nothing.

    They huffed, puffed and kicked us for 90 minutes with nothing in it for them (particularly 1st half which we totally controlled).

    Up front yes disappointing, but for me a very well organise and determined rear guard action when necessary – mainly 2nd half where on the break the final score could have read 3 -0 or so.

    A very G G like performance for me, the only difference being a certain Ian Wright Wright Wright would have nicked the winner !

    Given the game to hand and the current circumstances – a good performance.

    I’ve used the words “organised” & “strong”, I think rightly so.

    How many ties have you seen us crumble under pressure of late ?

    Not on Saturday – I don’t care if it was Burnley or Liverpool away ………… we came away with 3 points !
    Good enough on another weekend ????, but at Turf Moor a very well won 3 points.

    Credit where credit is due.

    1. Ken and AJ
      Couldn’t agree with you both more on your thoughts
      we looked much more organised at the back and.party shielding was good tactics
      Lacked a bit up top for that final pass but overall from where have been to where we are now we have improved
      Not sure on pepe staying on was right as thought he offered little
      And aubes is never going to hold the ball up for you to bring other runners in to the game
      Spuds next week and now only 3 behind them
      As long as we never concede another goal from now to the end of the season we won’t lose another game 😀

  5. There are no easy games in the premier league. So any type of 3 points is extremely vital to the course.

    Looking forward more to the derby on Sunday. That is the main test. Anything but a loss will be fine with me.

    I think he should stick with the team that played against Burnley. Let us see how strong they can be against a strong team in Tottenham.

    I would have loved to replace Pepe for Lokonga, but maybe, that change can be made in the second half.

  6. V Spurs

    Tomi White Gabriel Teirney
    Partey Lokonga
    Saka Øde SmithRowe

    Laca will hold the ball up and bring the attackers into play & defend betters.

    Auba can come on to help for a goal, same goes for Pepe. Tavares, AMN & Martinelli also to select from.

  7. Agree with you Sean on the line up against the Spuds. Win against them and we are level on points with them, what a difference a few weeks can make. As for the game against Birnley, one must bear in mind that we had a very bad start to the season and the Norridge and Birnley games were more of consolidation games rather than flashy high scoring games. Added to this was the rugby style of Birnley football, for which unfortunately they still go unpunished which is really amazing. We did very well as a team, very stoic and compact in defence and tried to hit Birnley on the counter. Maybe our final third should have done better at times but overall I dont have much complains. 3 points well taken and no game is easy in the PL and specially not Birnley away. Looking forward to beat the Spuds.

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