Let’s look at Arsenal’s defeat to Man City in a rational fashion – Fact-wise for a change…

re: Arsene bashing post City by Terry Barry

I find all this Arsene assassination stuff hard to stomach. He’s become the go-to sitting target whenever things go wrong for Arsenal. Then there’s the ‘the team wasn’t up for it’ jibe – again the blame is put on to Wenger on his supposed failure to motivate the team for a Cup Final – A Cup Final FFS and his selection of (too) nice players – as though being intelligent is somehow a negative!

I would much prefer a more dispassionate and unbiased route to assembling an explanation for the outcome of Sunday’s very disappointing game at Wembley. My plea is for some fairness and greater accuracy in carrying out such a task.

In order to do this let’s put on our scientific white coat and examine the facts. What are the explanatory variables which affect a team’s performance? I see 3 main explanatory variables.


There is a vast discrepancy between the resources of Manchester City and Arsenal. A team owned by Sheikh Mansour who bought the club in 2008 and has since accumulated annual losses of £535 millions. Since 2008 he has invested £1.21bn (2015/16) into the club. City Football group who own City own 6 clubs in 4 continents and employ 240 players.

I can’t find comparable figures for the Arsenal but it can be safely assumed that we are not in the same league when it comes to the amount of resources invested. If we look at the league table for the amount each club has spent on their current squads (as at September 2017) we see an interesting picture.

1.Manchester City £774m
2.Manchester United £712m
3.Chelsea £586m
4.Liverpool £397m
5.Arsenal £377m
6.Tottenham £328m

We can see here that this – surprise, surprise – broadly mirrors the positions of the top 6 in the league as we speak – with some anomalies around the Arsenal and Spurs positions!

It appears Marx was right with his economic determinism – money invested in players seems to be a big determinant of outcomes in terms of points accrued. In this context Man City have spent nearly twice as much as the Arsenal on their teams – is it any surprise that they have a better team. Indeed, you would expect them to whip the arse off the Arsenal before a ball is kicked – wouldn’t you? Imagine if Arsene had been able to spend an additional £400m on his team – who would you have with that – what a team we would have!

As a footnote it should be pointed out that the Arsenal did well to beat Man City and Chelsea on the way to winning the FA Cup last season and winning the champions v cup winners trophy (Community Shield or Super Cup?) at the start of the season.


Coming in to this game it was self evident that there was a huge gulf between the form of each team. Man City have lost only 1 league game and were 27 points ahead of Arsenal in the league. Arsenal have been through a traumatic season largely around the Sanchez saga which I believe had a significant negative affect on the team’s performance.

The two replacements for Sanchez have hardly had any time to adjust to the new club and one of them was cup-tied for this game. The team lined up in a barely experienced format (the first time) – with insufficient time to become prepared enough for such a test. Injuries too have not been helpful with Lacazette out and Ramsey clearly not match fit yet either. We lost Monreal early on too. It goes without saying that we also clearly miss Santi massively.

In contrast Man City had everything’s going for them.

All these factors add up to a huge gulf in form and preparation prior to kick off.


It would be fair to say that we have not had our fair share of luck when it comes to referee decisions this year. I think that is indisputable.

I am in no way defending Mustafi’s behaviour with the first goal. It was ridiculous to be standing in front of Aguero and his reaction to stand there appealing for a foul was pathetic but in my opinion it was technically a foul on him because the replay showed that Aguero looked at Mustafi before the ball reached them, and gave him a firm and sneaky shove from behind which Mustafi could not see coming. In that sense Aguero clearly fouled Mustafi and made it 1-0. A ludicrous goal to concede which would not have happened if Mustafi had been positioned properly – however on other occasions the ref would have blown for that and there would have been no soft goal conceded.

I think that put a dent in the players’ confidence and gave a lift to City – up till then it had been pretty even. The second goal was a killer and whilst I think the off side claim was rather weak I think Kompany’s goal was rather fortunate if not lucky. After that it was game over.

I note that Jack believed Fernandinho should have been Red carded — maybe a fair point there – he’s a sneaky f**ker (Fernandinho) and gave Jack a hard (dirty) time!

Against City to stand half a chance you need everything you have to be in place and ready to go and you also need some luck with referee decisions (and ricochets) to go your way.


Although describing the contest in David and Goliath terms would be going too far – clearly there were a number of a priori good reasons to think that Man City were the hot favourites to win the game on Sunday even before a ball was kicked. The extra £400m invested in players, the lack of form of Arsenal versus the City flying high, the undercooked with little time for preparation for Arsenal, combined with injuries to several key players, added to the unevenness of the contest. The bookies had Man City at 2/5 and Arsenal at 40/17 – which says it all.

I think we all feared the worst before kick off but being such optimists and believers that Arsene and the lads could once more conjure up a little Wembley miracle for us – we travelled readily in hope and perhaps with unrealistic expectations.

Up ’til the first goal it was a fairly even game – the goal was a result of a foul – after that and the second rather lucky goal we just crumbled whilst Man City grew in confidence. We’ve all been there in whatever sport we’ve played or watched. 2 nil becomes 3 nil as the final nails are hammered in. Against a very good City team – in all reality and putting aside our hopes and dreams of pulling one out of the bag again – this result should not have been such a great surprise – for all the above reasons!

There’s the explanation for the result and I haven’t mentioned either manager’s names once! So – given the explanation why Man City won and Arsenal lost – why on earth do all the journos jump on Arsene’s back and stick the knife in! Why do they accuse the players of not being up for it, a quite ridiculous view. There’s not one mention of the 3 key explanatory variables I’ve set out above – it’s all ‘Arsene out’ and ‘the players weren’t up for it’!

It’s just not a rational or fair explanation as to why we lost but rather it fits a certain narrative and the demand for the sensational very conveniently. Life was never meant to be fair and since when should facts get in the way of a good headline or quote from ex-players demanding Arsene’s head!

The band wagon rolls on – we need time to get this new forward line working properly and we need more investment in the team in midfield and defence but please above all – can we interpret games and results more fairly and realistically and not always through ‘Arsene out’ glasses – put another £400m into the team first and if it then doesn’t work against City then maybe – just maybe – you can begin to start to criticise the manager – until then – come on you Gunners!



  1. Nayr says:

    Don’t base you arguement on only one game vs mancity..

    look at versus notthingham forest,swansea,ostersunds..then weigh in your facts.

    and you will how crap we are.

      1. Thomas says:

        Were bad in pissing rain swansea city even lost to wigan so there is forest otstersunds we played backups that erases those games we failed to kill off stoke, west brom , bournemouth and watford two of which late referee decisions played there part but we need to be stronger than referee decisions because epl this year officiating aross whole league has been poor but were not far off from success i see is having a strong show next year and a strong finish

    1. Thomo says:

      How much money does Wigan have

      1. jon fox says:

        £7.. 43 pence! Ask a silly question!

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          Get a silly answer!!!

  2. barryglik says:

    I agree Arsenal was destined to be beaten
    on Sunday by the mighty City
    and 0-3 is about right.
    However to be fair the criticism is not
    confined to the Carabao cup final.
    The team has been under going major fundamental changes.
    Loads of player sold Chamberlain Walcott Coquelin Gabriel Gibbs Giroud.
    The unavailability or the failure to replace Cazorla.
    The poor form of strikers Lacazette and Wellbeck.
    The ongoing below par Xhaka Mustafi Koscielney Kolasinac and Bellerin.
    The 8 month uncertainty about Sanchez and Ozil
    and the swap no money deal for Man United reject Mkhitaryan
    have only compounded endemic issues like injuries,
    and the feeling that Arsenal abides overpaid under performing players
    with no real demands to win the big trophies.
    Yet the team remarkably remains in the hunt for top 4
    from the league and top 4 from the Europa league.
    As long as top 4 remains possible perhaps we should
    as Arsene says ” judge him in May? “

    1. AndersS says:

      Remain in the hunt for top 4? We are 12 points + goal difference behind. We are on course to finish 15-18 points from top 4 with Wenger still in the seat.

    2. Thomo says:

      How much money does Wigan have

    3. Thomo says:

      How much money did Leicester have and Wigan who beat city. Not everything boils down to money

  3. barryglik says:

    “He’s a sneaky f**ker (Firminho)
    and gave Jack a hard (dirty) time!”
    Sneaky alright.
    I admit I did not recognize Firminho
    playing for Man City on Sunday 🙂
    Sneaky alright 🙂

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:


      Don’t read an article while knottin your ties in the morning. You will lose concentration.

      The writer never mentioned Firminho. Rather, he wrote Fernandinho.

      check again

      1. Admin says:

        Haha. Apologies to Barry, I was asked to fix it last night but I was already asleep so didn’t fix it until this morning. Barry was right and I was wrong …

  4. Kedar Damle says:

    Exactly money is most important factor…. And people think Pep is great Manager..
    One of the most overrated Manager who always managed teams having ample money, Barcelona, Bayern And City…

    1. Nothing changed says:

      then you should add Mourinho the same list of overrated managers.

      1. Thomas says:

        Mourinho is on that list he leaves with clubs despising him all the way through a whole quality chelsea team went botrom of table to fet him fired

      2. Kedar Damle says:

        But he has proved that he has one of the best managerial qualities when he won CL with Porto..

    2. Thomo says:

      Your talking crap

  5. AndersS says:

    Load of b…
    We in 6’th place in the PL. 12 points behind Spurs and 13 behind Liverpool. We are being totally outclassed by clubs who not only have spent far less on new players than us the last few years, but also are paying their players (and managers) less , than we are.
    In a cup final we put out a team, that has lost all belief in themselves and in their manager, and it performs worse than a league one time did against Man City a few days before.
    Add to this:
    Regular humiliations in matches against top 6 clubs for 8-10 years now
    Crap results in Champions League for years
    A tactical “system”, which year after year leak goals
    Farcical contractual situations
    No player development whatsoever
    And you can go on and on.

    1. Steven says:

      1)The article shows quite clearly that all the clubs except Spurs have spent more on their current teams than we have.
      2) Contracts need the two parties to agree. If for example Wilshere is unwilling to accept the contract he has been offered, is that Wenger’s fault? Or are you saying that clubs should pay players whatever they want.
      3) How can there be ‘no player development whatsoever’ when Bellerin, Iwobi, Maitland Niles, Nketiah and Willock have all played for the first team?

      1. Lugdush says:

        Men….has spent more than us but they had better imput from players too…make the balance, so dont be so blind. Maybe with chelsea we could see something similar. And when anderss talk about developing players he is talking seriously…hope u are not insinuating than all the players u just mention are player who can play for our rivals…(or maybe yes, but under proper managers who can play for theit strenghts, not out of position).

        Did u see the match vs city? Can u really say that there were a plan? Hunger? Strategy, a 1% possbility we could win that game? Give arsene 400mm and nothing will change

  6. bran911 says:

    Another AKB trying to pamper the specialist.. you talked of city’s squad amount and compare it to Arsenal’s. When Leicester city won the league, did you write an article to explain the magic?

    Wenger have been poor together with his average team and people have been crying for a change, not just after the Carabao final, but long ago when we knew at his age there’s nothing new he can offer than collecting his fat pension

    1. Terry Barry says:

      I did actually and Just Arsenal published it.

      1. bran911 says:

        Ok, What did you write back then, elaborating the excuses as to why LC won it and we didn’t? How did you explain that? I know you must have written all the excuses to show how hard it was for Arsenal, and how lucky it was for LC, and how wenger tried all his best but the referees, the pitch, and the fans let him down, he’s perfect but the people and things around him always let him down, right?

        1. Terry Barry says:

          Scroll down and go to search on the just Arsenal web site and type in ‘Great Expectations’ by Terry Barry. It’s an in depth analysis of the season that Leicester won the league and we came second. The focus is on why many Arsenal fans were so disappointed but it includes a view on how Leicester managed to pull off the most unlikely of achievements.

      2. Lugdush says:

        If we have to accept we can compete and be happy with an enbarrasing lose just because of money, so stop prettending we are a big club, and sell tickets in consecuence

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      Good example Leicester no problems there.
      Can you give me another example or were they actually a real one off?
      By the way, who finished third, fourth, fifth and sixth that season?
      Please fill in the names and tell me what their supporters must have thought.
      Not good enough for some Arsenal supporters though, even if we did finish above them eh!

  7. Grandad says:

    An interesting take on David and Goliath with the wrong ending. In the Bible David won.In terms of facts not one Arsenal player performed consistently well ,and while Man City won with comfort,they were not at their best.What does that tell us about the current state of our team?And please no more excuses for Mustafi.He and his friend Xhaka should not be playing for Arsenal.They are simply not good enough.Along with Kolasinac they are examples of incompetence in the transfer market.Leicester have shown us that it’s not all about money and in the case of Maguire ,Kante and Mendez you have examples of excellent buys at little cost.Am I correct?

  8. Gelz says:

    Have you not seen what the majority of of Arsenal fans have seen these last 10 years, to be honest I didn’t read all of your post as it seemed a bit long winded to justify our current demise, but judge Wenger against City after he spends 400 mill, our so called 377mill team struggles against the likes of stoke, Watford, Swansea, koln, ostersund, Not Forest to name a few and consistently struggles against the other top 6 teams as statistics show. Maybe the next time I need a sh!t I might read the whole article but I also believe this post belongs down the pan.

  9. Phil says:

    That is the most ridiculous Headline Topic I have read on Just Arsenal.Who is this Terry Barry?And WHO does he think he is kidding?Sundays Final was NO SUPRISE to anyone except him it seems.And to offer an ananylis for reasons we lost?Seriously?
    How about offering him the opportunity to explain how
    •Our Defence yet again produced a Keystone Kop performance.Why do you think this happened?
    •Our team once again seemed to have no leaders on the pitch.What is your explanation for this?
    •We continue to play without a specialist CDM in our side.This seems not the correct tactic bearing in mind we have a back3?4?5? that is probably up there with the worst set of defenders this club has ever had.What is your theory for this issue?

    I could be here all day and still not come up with everything that is wrong with Arsenal Football Club.The writer could spend the next week compiling his theories (excuses ) to any question raised.However the answer to ALL the problems at Arsenal Football Club have been caused by a simple 2 word answer. ARSÈNE WENGER
    The remedy will never be in a position to begin until the removal of a simple 2 word answer.ARSENE WENGER

    1. Thomas says:

      Phil he gave rational reasons and was specific about how actually under such circumstances like the success of the modern era growth he brought the club and reasons for how the season has gone is not down to wenger failing but a list of legitimate reasons and if your auntie would gotten bollocks we would have won ( lol last time i use it most likely no offense) but he is being rational

  10. Thomas says:

    Good article states many reasonable conclusions and facts about the season and how amongst all the turmoil we have a manger who does well but one thing in purchases over the last five years we are 6th in the epl were at 366m tottenham in 5th with 397m and he made a mistake there we are 6thin money spent on players but we have had the sanchez saga and new players adjusting to epl and the team and injuries and it definitely hasnt been our year in ref decisions which have played a factor in games though we still should have won aside from ref but watford and westbrom many other games are included at city free offside goal weak penalty and at spurs we were robbed of going one nil up auba onside bu honestly the officiating across the whole league this year has been an embarrassment to professional officials of all sports its been bad game after game they need to get some rigorous training this offseason for improvement

    1. Phil says:

      Thomas-you can spout out as many excuses as you like and offer as many stats as you feel necessary.But FACTS ATE FACTS.We are where we are because we are a FOOTBALL CLUB IN DECLINE.The reason we are in this position is down to one person.ARSENE WENGER

      1. Thomas says:

        I think were in the darkest season we have already taken steps to remedy and i think next year we will rise ahead of now as of now we have new players and are in rebuild and regelling but you have the right to your view

        1. Mobella says:

          Does that team look like in rebuilding to you. A team that can’t defend and attack properly. A team whose players walk on the field of play and have no fight in it. If that is rebuilding i don’t know what to say.

    2. Footballistrivial says:

      Human error is a part of referring. Have you done a statistical analysis to demonstrate that arsenal have suffered significantly as a result of these decisions, in comparison to the other teams, over the course of a few years? If not then you shouldn’t think you’re as smart as you think you are.

      1. Thomas says:

        I am speaking of this year only and peticular games ex. Watford, westbrom, but to be honest i dont blame losses on officials we get 90mins to win games bit i think across the league its been poorer this year more than previous esp.linesman decisions i end up watching more than just the arsenal games but arsenal is where my heart and loyalty lies and its been week in and week across the league this year on officials i understand close offsides and fouls here and there cause football has a tremendous gray area in terms of constant action but linesman have missed multiple offsides by 5 yards and more and the consistency hasnt been there one week a call is this way next week the call is the other way but i am going to stop going on about officials as of now as you said and i agree its down human error an apart of the game

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    Very interesting article. Now explain the differences between Arsenal and Ostersunds, Swansea, Bournemouth, Stoke, Liverpool, Tottenham, Forest, etc.

    1. Thomas says:

      Third man jw we are 6th in purchases of players over last 5 years and we beat spurs on aggregate this season and they have been on the beneficiary side of officiating decisions this year but that changes season to season and have an in form striker where are achilles heel this year has been the strike force laca new to epl shows talebt but has failed to finish chances auba is brand new and can feel now in big games here in england it takes alot of effort and strength our strikers failed to kill off games against watford, bournemouth, stoke, and westbrom, swansea was in the pissing rain as was at tottenham and over the years when i see the rain pissing at the game im nervous because quality football is removed from the game and sit back sides in a relegation battle at home can win as they beat us and liverpoll back to bakc but another lost lead and liverpool can soend more on one defender than we have on our record signing

      1. ed says:

        yeh no we best spuds on aggregate of one goal that makes us better than them, and something about referees…deluded

        1. Thomas says:

          Your lack of content and reading is deluded read the whole thing and actually respond with more than your deluded delusion to short like your name

    2. Phil says:

      Ahh but TMJW have you not listened to a single word Thomas has given for the Swansea defeat?It was raining quite hard.I know because I was there.I got a little bit wet as I walked back to my car after the game and recall thinking I’m so glad I’m not a professional footballer that earns millions of pounds a year as it would mean I would get a bit wet and cold every now and then when it rained.
      Thomas is not offering this as an excuse.It is a fact.It must be because he has told us all so many times these last few weeks.☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️
      What is wrong with Wenger.How did he not prepare his players for playing in the rain.All it needed was 11 umbrellas and we would have won the game.

      1. Thomas says:

        Lol good one phil i dont think 11 umbrellas would of helped we suck in the pooring rain we play passing football attacking with movement and need quality touches on the ground one two touch football as you well know and were built for it but the pooring or pissing rain more so takes quality out of the game it gets ugly mistakes happen and over the years time and time again most of the time esp away when its pissing rain we draw or lose were not set up well for it but i do agree with you phil they make millions they should get ugly and dirty to grind out a win but again were set up for plausible weather and standard rain and im still nervous when i see its pissing rain out i dont know if 11 umbrellas would of helped maybe cech on his fumble but the others we just suck in the pissing rain

        1. ed says:

          no hes right, we are ten points off top 4 because of light rain on one half of the pitch

      2. Ken 1945 says:

        Can I join in this debate?
        Thomas, IMHO you have some good examples of what Wenger has achieved, but you must be careful of what you say regarding why we lose games.
        If we have players who don’t like playing in the rain, then they should be in one of the arab states. When you discuss with Phil, beware!
        Phil, IMHO a silly statement from Thomas, but is it any more stupid than this? It came from someone who wants Wenger out and he said on this site “We only beat Chelsea last year because they were out partying the night before celebrating winning the premiership?
        This just shows the diversity of opinions across the spectrum.
        But they are opinions and should be discussed and bisected as you have done with Thomas.
        I have read the article three times now and I think the author has some valid points. I thought he was discussing the cup final in isolation and, if we do that, then he makes sense.
        HOWEVER, it has been argued on here that winning the cup three times in the last four seasons is not a success. I disagree with that completely.
        The reason we can throw out the accusation to the Spuds about not winning anything in the last god knows how many years is because we have won the cup so many times.
        In fact, our club beats all the five above us at the moment in trophies won over the last five years.
        Last night I watched the dvd “89” and listening to Adams sent chills up my back. This man was Arsenal through and through and the spirit in that team was why we were able to go to Anfield and truimph in such a way.
        This squad of today just does not have that inspirational figure and team spirit.
        Even when they lost their enormous points lead, they stayed together and SO DID THE FANS.
        If we are true gooners, we want just one thing. That is for the club to be, simply, a club and for the fans to be part of it.
        There are three divisions within our fan base, i believe, One, I have found out, is the AKB’s. The second is the opposite (i guess they have abbreviations as well) and the third is where I find myself amongst.
        No supporter in their right mind could justify this club carrying on as it is at present. There is no way our support should be split like this. We have fans coming out against one another in the most degrading way and this is not what our club is about.
        Let that kind of support go to Leeds or Millwall etc. We are too big a club for that.
        I first started posting on here when I read the articles being written about Arsene Wenger. What was being said about this man from our own supporters was as bad, if not worsre, as that of the scum of Manure etc were chanting when he first came to the club. So I have defended him in my own way and persisted in trying to highlight what this man has done for the club.
        This is still going on and I find it unnaceptable that so called fans want him dead or riddled with cancer.
        Is that what this club has become?
        So I have persisted in highlighting the acievements he has performed and it’s no good saying that his successes stopped in 2007 because they haven’t. No one will ever take that away from the man and his DNA is as powerful as that of Chapman within the clubs story.
        This stance has seen me labelled with so many names and accusations of being a nobody that I wonder if, after over 60 years of supporting this wonderful club its time for me to hand in my prized season ticket and go watch the television.
        I have nothing but respect for you Phil. You have continued to support the club with your time and money, whilst grwing ever frustrated and annoyed at the one individual who you see as the only problem within the club.
        I have always believed that Arsene should have gone after we beat Hull in the cup final, it was the time and place for the great man to step down. I don’t know why he stayed on, but we have won two more cups and seen the club split in two. Not worth the sacrifice in my opinion.
        So, Thomas, watch out for Phil when you post anything! He will crucify you with facts and opinions that do change your mind! I can vouch for that.
        Phil, you are an example for all younger gooners to follow. I would have loved to sit down with you one day over a cup of coffee and discuss our club. With Sue in the middle to make sure we keep it as it should be.
        I just hope that whoever takes over from Arsene will be what ever you want him to be.
        I hope he will be as successful as Wnger and have the same Arsenal DNA in him that Arsene has.

        1. Ken 1945 says:

          By the way Phil, the author is a Gooner just like you and me.
          I am suprised that you dismissed him in such a way.

          1. jon fox says:

            You are clearly wasted on football Ken; you should have been a diplomat! Trying to bring together the two totally opposite sides on Wengers abilities is a hopeless task. Esp since in reality about 90% actively want him gone, though many of these still think fondly of him, and prefer to think of his now distant glory days. But that proportion still have the sense to see they are gone, never to return , while he stays. Then there are the likes of Thomas who are clearly very young and inexperienced in Arsenal watching years and have not the experience of the REAL men who played before Wenger (and in his first decade). They have no way of realising the mental weakness of most of todays squad by comparison to the tough men who went before. I believe that in your heart you know these Wenger out ASAP fans, as I am, are vastly in the majority and the few “Remainers” are out of touch, naive (OR in your case , still clinging to the old days which are, sadly, long gone) and can NEVER be reconciled to the plain truth about Wengers incompetance. Life today is completely different from the 1950/60s and fans today are not so patient, not so willing to accept long term mediocrity at a top level club. That is the reality of football fan life today. I accept it; you choose not to and that ,in essence, is the differen ce between us.

          2. Phil says:

            Ken-let’s set this up.It would be a privilege to sit down and discuss our thoughts and emotions.There are a few MY SIDE OF THE FENCE(The GOOD SIDE)who should be there as well as a number on your side(BOOO THE DARK SIDE).We should make this happen.
            Admin to Chair (and pick up the bill)
            Then again you and me would be just as pleasurable

  12. Footballistrivial says:

    This is not rational as the title claims it to be. The author has cherry picked data to support his conclusions which is not something smart, and educated people do. The author has clearly chosen to not consider the many problems that have been attributed to that old guy Arsene over the years.
    Also, how do you explain that horrible midfield setup and player choices by Wenger(which has been a recurring problem for almost a decade? Did you even notice how our midfielders were bullied once we regained possession and hence were unable to get out of their own half. How do you explain not even one proper shot was taken on goal in the whole match which was a cup final? It’s not just down to the players, but it’s clearly the system employed that was responsible for this disgrace. Who will you blame for that? Stan Kroenke?

    It’s beyond stupid to start these “soft” players in midfield and on the wings against such a hard working team.
    The point is Wenger has nothing extra to offer that any other manager couldn’t and in fact it should be apparent to anyone who is rational that Wenger’s action are more detrimental to the progress of this club as compared to the things he’s good at, ergo he has to leave the club.

    You AKBs are not rational, please wake up.

  13. My take in all this is that people see only one side of the coin. Why not you proffer solution rather thank call for Wenger’s head.Up Gunners.

    1. Phil says:

      So it’s NOT Wengers fault then?All sounds a bit MAD to me MAD.Its enough to send us all MAD.

  14. Break-on-through says:

    The more I think about Neville’s comments the more I can’t stand the man. When he played there were many commentators, good commentators. Did any of them ever talk the way Neville seems to think is ok. We all know Xhaka is slow and not a very good player. Neville didn’t say Xhaka and Ramsey are a disgrace and are cowards, gutless and what not. Neville labelled the entire team, I thought it was drama queen mode in full swing. The team was poor, but come on now, hows about a bit of common sense. City are a handful at the best of times and our teams confidence was very low, Neville to go on like he did is what was the real disgrace. I see many finals when teams don’t show up, in fact I seen more like that than seeing two team putting on the best of the best of displays. Neville I used to think was an intelligent dude, but him caving to Sky so he can stay on the telly is a disgrace, gutless, it’s disgraceful behavior for anyone with a bit of pride and honesty about them. For shame you failed managerial mouthpiece.

    1. Thomas says:

      Well said about neville well said he was out of place vying for a headline

  15. Jimmy Jazz says:

    I think the money spent on players or the lack of money is a good reason for our failings. Also when we have spent money over the past 5 years or so, we have spent it badly. Leicester proved that its not essential to spend large sums, but when thats the only example anyone can give for the past 15 years and probably throughout the 25 year history of the premier league it shows how important money is. The Spuds are much better than us without spending big, but they struck gold with Kane. Replace Kane with a good, but not great striker who nets 5 to 10 goals fewer each season and they lose a few points and would be closer to our level. Great players make a difference. Whoever takes over as manager in may this year or next will need significant financial backing. We have made a profit on players in the past year. Are the board hoarding money for the new boss or isnt it available? Just because its there doesnt mean its available. Many fans seem to think the 5 managers above us are among the top managers in the game and with the possible exception of Mourinho would love them at Arsenal. Their teams are better than ours. At least 4 are likely to spend more money on players this summer. At least 4 will offer champions league football to potential recruits. We probably wont be able to offer this. Just based on that it will be a huge task for a new manager to get us back in the top 4. I think its going to be a long haul.

    1. Thomas says:

      Also jimmy jazz again great name by the way i think the fact were 6th in ayer purchases and i agree without kane spurs would be below without kaneuckeu them for now but i see laca will be better next year and auba will have had a taste of the rigorous epl and because its a world cup year we need stability with wenger for atleast another year i think were vying for that spot and wi th cazorla coming back and hopfully Jack signs with a couple good signings if we splash some cash and ozil already signed we could surprise the league next year with a very strong season and Leicester surprised apparently everybody but us cause we handled them well that year but no one else dod and we finished second but i think its not so good for a big club like us with internationals in a world cup year to change managers do it in a non world cup year cause you only have a couple weeks with your players maybe less with some before season starts

      1. Jimmy Jazz says:

        I hope im wrong but i think it will be a minimum of 3 to 5 years before we are challenging again. Hopefully a few of our youngsters will also kick on next year. That will be a huge help.

        1. Thomas says:

          I hope so too i think we were two to years but will have a strong show next year but honestly i think as well we need a differance maker between tne pipes

  16. David Rusa says:

    I will not dwell on the pro and anti Arsene Wenger camps because they serve no useful purpose. What we Gooners desire is a strong Arsenal team capable of competing with any top team. We don’t care whether or not Wenger is at the helm; we only care for good results. Has there been a decline at Arsenal this season? The answer is a qualified yes but this should be looked at in a context. It is no exaggeration to say that most of our fringe players have left plus many of the first team players including Giroud, Sanchez, Gabriel, Walcott, Oxlade, ,Coquelin, Debuchy, Jenkinson, etc. A few top quality players namely Kolasinac, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette and Aubameyang have come in. Obviously new players need time to adapt and gel with their colleagues. What is happening at Arsenal is simply rebuilding a team. I am convinced next season will be better. We only need to fill a few positions at the back and midfield and our team will be raring to go. Nobody can ever produce without going through birth pains and Arsenal is undergoing the same. Remember we had a lot of dead wood who had to be cleared out. A rebuilding process is painful but it is a necessary process which will lead to a better Arsenal. There is no gain without pain so we need to be patient and hope the process will be successful.

  17. maxi pimpi says:

    You are just cerebrating mediocrity.. Players are no longer performing or developing under Wenger. That’s one of the main reasons. I have seen quite a number of smaller teams with much less assembly cost give man city a run for their money. Didn’t Wigan just knock man city out of the fa cup? How much is the assembly cost of Wigan’s entire team?
    These players currently have no fire in their bellies, no desire or determination to win or beat the odds.

    Isn’t it the job of a manager to motivate his team? Please let’s stop encouraging the enemy called mediocrity!! We are the Arsenal!!! Not some mediocre club with no class.

  18. AJ GUN says:

    The admin looks like he’s bn paid off to this article.Question is by WHO?????

  19. Joseph says:

    Better give a laugh. The article is clean and I like it, the fact is that many will not accept it since they love dwell in Wenger out triumphant song. Any different idea inowadays is stupid, absurd and cowardice if it doesn’t insult Wenger.

  20. John says:

    We don’t need any new players till we get rid of this delusional man…….Wenger out……….every new player seems to get worse under him now……….Wenger out………the answer is obvious…..

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