Let’s look at next season’s Arsenal first team based on current rumours

Potential squad for next season based on transfer rumours. By Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people. The summer window is here and it’s probably the weirdest of them all due to the Covid situation. The season starts in September 12th and teams will be looking to do their business sooner, so the new recruits have time to prepare.

We are Arsenal though and transfers are never easy with us, but I want to look at the potential signings, outgoings and see which areas we are addressing and potentially how we will look like.

The closest thing to a signing is obviously Willian and I continue to be split over this one. I think he could be a useful player, just I don’t agree with the length of the contract at 32.

This could also spell the end for Lacazette as rumours now circle that Atletico want him for 30 million. The price seems a bit low for me, but if we can swap him for Partey that’d be an epic deal. We desperately need reinforcements in midfield and in the defensive part of it having a real powerhouse like him would be invaluable. We’ve often struggled by having our midfield overran and I really hope we can pull this one off, although it won’t be easy.

What will happen with Ceballos remains uncertain. Ideally, I’d keep him as I’d like to pair him with Partey, but we’ll need to sell some players before we can negotiate that. Whether it’d be a loan deal or signing I don’t know, and he may opt for a return to Spain, but I’d definitely keep him if possible.

Our midfield is overall shaky and Torreira is a player who’s high on the selling list. He just doesn’t offer the energy and ability to compensate his lack of presence, and if he prefers Italy which he said almost immediately after his arrival, I’d definitely move him on to raise funds. A fee of around 25 million would be good, if we can perhaps trick Ivan to take him to Milan, that’d be good business.

Speaking of midfield, today’s press entertains the idea of paying off Ozil and getting rid of him and ,if possible, we should definitely do it. There is zero reason to keep him, when multiple Arsenal managers have side-lined him. Get this monkey off our shoulders and move on. He’s not only a cash waste, but a constant problem with his off-the-field appearances in Turkey.

That leaves the door for a possible Philippe Coutinho switch. Reports said he was spotted in London with his representatives talking to Arsenal, but I didn’t find a reliable enough source to confirm this news. Nowadays if his agents were in London it’d be instantly spotted by the media. Besides, he did play for Bayern against Chelsea and I doubt he will make any decisions before the Champions league ends, but I would take him. We lack creativity and I doubt Willock and ESR will do the job. We could use a new number 10 and Coutinho on a reasonable wages bill is much better than nothing. The most we can hope on this one is a loan deal and I still think it’s an unlikely deal, but you never know. We might get a discount from Kia for working with several of his clients.

Unfortunately, Xhaka will be a rock in our midfield next season as well, unless we pull off both Partey and Ceballos, which will be costly and dependent on what we sell, but if we do I can see a midfield with all 3 featuring. If we do get Coutinho than I’d go for Partey and Ceballos with Coutinho in front of them.

Up front I suspect Pepe, Auba and Willian. It’s a bit risky to go without a second solid CF. I like Eddie, but no forward line will truly fear him, and Martinelli is out for a long time. But if we want to be brave in the window, we’ll have to sell, and Laca is a prime candidate. Ideally, I’d like a backup striker, but I don’t know who that is, and we’ve not been linked with anyone.

On the goalkeeper front we look set, but reports suggest Martinez threatens to leave if he’s not played. I can’t guarantee we’ll make him number 1 and he is a player who vastly improved his price under recent performances. Ideally, I’d like him to stay, but if we opt to cash in, we’ll need a new keeper and they don’t come cheap. But I hope Arteta convinces Emi not to leave, because this position is looking excellent right now.

And now to the obvious crater in our side, the defence. William Saliba is coming, but I’m not sure if he’ll immediately set in as a partner to Luiz in a back 2 if we move on to 4-3-3. We’re in the market for a defender and that Gabriel lad is the most mentioned name. I don’t know a lot about him, apart from the great physique he’ll bring in – and he’s young.

We’ll likely need to move at least one if not 2 CB and Mustafi, Holding and Sokratis are all up for grabs if anyone registers an interest in them. It’ll be difficult to move all 3, but 2 out of3 would be good business if we bring Gabriel in.

Then there’s the RB position and I have a funny feeling Cedric Soares could be our new RB. We do need a solid face in this position, but it appears both Bellerin and AMN will be up for sale. One of the two must be going if we want money for transfers and if I had to pick one I’d sell Bellerin, as AMN is more versatile, but in the end, it might come down to who is in demand.

I like Ainsley, but if we can get 30 million that can be invested into areas of need, I’ll do it. He’s not a regular starter and his best quality is the versatility to put him either LB or RB and he can do a job. Ideally, it’d be great to keep him and I’d be disappointed to see him go to Tottenham, but rebuilding the team should come first.

From the other players, Kolasinac should be finished at Arsenal, Mikhi as well and with that I’d like to conclude my incoming and outgoing list.

– Partey
– Willian
– Gabriel
– Ceballos
– Coutinho
– potential back up striker

– Kolasinac
– Ozil
– Mikhi
– Lacazette
– Bellerin
– Sokratis
– Mustafi
– Holding (If we need the money)
– Torreira

For our starting 11 if the aforementioned list happens will look something like this:

—————- Martinez —————–
AMN — Saliba/Luiz — Gabriel — Tierney
———– Partey ———— Ceballos ——-
———————– Coutinho ——————-
Willian ——— Aubameyang ——- Pepe

I suspect we’ll try to move to a back 3 with some sort of a 4-3-2-1 or a 4-3-3 with Partey, Xhaka and Ceballos in midfield.

That’s a mighty rebuild, and it’s a very wishful squad that depends on a lot of signings, and we all know Arsenal when it comes to transfers. In no way do I assume we would do all or even of half of this business, but based on the current rumours, this is the ideal squad I’d have for the new season.

Jump in the comments with your thoughts on it.



  1. I think Cedric Soares would start as the right back.. I can’t actually see us selling Bellerin though. And I feel pretty sure that we can forget about coutinho. If we can sign Partey, Willian and Gabriel Maghaeles that will be a very good window that actually addresses what we need. Smith-Rowe and Willock will most likely get that No.10 position at least until January I’d say. But i heard that Juventus are keen on Guendouzi. I would love to see a swap deal that see’s Ramsey come home. Emery never should have pulled the plug on his new contract; he should have been captain!

    1. They give us Ramsey and £15m, Guendouzi has massive potential and will become a world beater. Aaron hasnt really been a hit in Turin and value has decreased but we would welcome him back home.

      1. Guendouzi will become a world beater? lol.
        The guy is not good enough.

        A transfer that makes no sense is selling Lacazette. Aubameyang was in superb form scoring goals because of Lacazette occupying central backs.
        Lacazette draws defenders out of position. He scores goals as well. We should rather keep Lacazette and loan out Nketiah.

      2. I guess there’s another Guendouzi you’re talking about? If it’s the one currently at arsenal, his attitude won’t allow him become a world beater

    2. I don’t know why you guys think Smith Rowe and Willock would solve our creativity issues. I don’t see it, you guys expect too much from these kids, Smith Rowe has the potential to be a creative outlet, bit Willock is the opposite, he’s just an engine, ball carrier like Ramsey, there’s nothing special about him.
      We’ll be delusional if we think we can challenge top four with too many young kids the line up.. We need Ceballos and Coutinho/Aouar

      1. I agree, ESR looks like something special in the making but ive never got they hype surrounding Willock

    3. No to Ramsey, for me, I have seen enough in his 10yrs with us, do you guys know his current wage package? We can do better than an inconsistent Aaron. Countinho isn’t the messiah but I prefer him

    4. James, on what basis do you claim that Emery pulled the plug on Aaron Ramsey’s “new contract”? He had a contract renewal offer on the table for over 12 months, from well before Arsene Wenger left. Just face facts that Ramsey ran his contract down to leave on a free and get a good pay day to sit on the bench at Juventus. Ramsey moved on, so should Arsenal.

    5. Good article.
      I feel the same passion to feel we should have a squad like that mentioned because we are arsenal. Unfortunately we dont know what arsenal will do, as mentioned.

      It would be ruthless but equally not upset the cultural cart.
      In that also, the youngsters at arsenal are something special but not all of them will make it. But if the club is patient then it could work. Nelson is a great example. Pepe is 5 years older then him. In 4 years can nelson with 4 years behind him be a sancho assists.
      Equally, Martial was up for young player of the year Yet Saka is 6 years younger and didnt make it. In 6 years will Saka (24yrs old) be a world beater if not before? Possibly

      So our youngsters are assured back up so buying the likes of William is good business.
      Partey would be the signing but not just our signing but the signing of the season kind. Il take him over any signings we make.

      Saying that, adding gabriel would be too much for us arsenal fans. Though I feel this feels more likely of the 2.
      Il hate it if he goes united and links it up with McGuire.
      Coutinho would just seem silly if this happens, because then arsenal really are reshaping the loan market into their own.

      If all this occurs it’s an outlet of around 65m with player exchange used once.

      Then we have upto 3 defenders any club would die for and we would be happy to sell.

      If we sell 2 and gain 40m and release ozil then that’s 3 off our books with 4 of the named coming in. Deceit of £15m which at its least we know can be achieved with european receipts.

      Can it really be done?

      If we have this squad then I would go as far as saying why can it not be we compete for the league in 1 year?!!!

      (And maybe for this reason I only see 3 coming and that would include Cellabos as one so only 2 coming in)
      Gabriel and Partey would be ideal!

      In truth, it depends what arsenal want next year.
      I feel we should go and do what Wenger unai couldnt and win the UEFA Cup and defend our FA Cup. With the league I expect top 4 and if 4th, then not a shaky distance from 5th or 6th.

      PS I liked Martinez saying he wants to be Arsenal no.1 and Argentina no.1
      Why not boy

  2. That team will be very possesion based i would love the technical element in the midfield and wingers..

  3. Players we need to get rid ASAP:

    Özil, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi. Unfortunately Özil is going nowhere so we might as well freeze him out of the 1st team. Mustafi is injured so I don’t think he’s moving either.

    Looks like nobody wants to buy the other 2 , so most likely they will go out on loan. Mkhi likely back to Roma.

    Either one of Holding/Chambers is a goner. Loan for Holding would be a decent option.

    Kolasinac must go, otherwise he will stay here until his contract finishes. With his current 120k wage demands, I highly doubt we can move him. Same goes with Sokratis.

    So we are down to sell players who we can afford to lose but who wouldn’t be the first ones we need to offload. Torreira, Lacazette, AMN, Guendouzi.

    1. Torreira £30m
      Lacazette £35m
      AMN £25m
      Guendouzi £30m

      If we can get anywhere near those quoted fees, it would be great. Torreira/Laca swap with Partey + cash would be even better.

      As for INs, looks like we’re getting Willian for certain. Think he will replace Özil in the middle.

      Gabriel £25m, doesn’t seem the worst deal. Malang Sarr is free. Coutinho would be great (for loan), Bayern paid around £7-8m for him last season.

      1. To be honest, except for AMN, Torreira and Guendouzi, I don’t think we should sell any player. We shouldn’t sell Laca unless someone actually wants to pay through the nose. Coutinho has flopped for two years and Barca need money. You don’t see them selling for 20 million. Do you? Morata cost chealsea 50m after being mediocre all his life. Why should we be linient? It’s not like he’ll be cheap to replace anyway

  4. If Arsenal wants to fight for Premiership title they should kee Bellerin and Lacasstte in case of injuries. Winners have players who can stand in when there are injuries. One does not see any difference when there are injuries in Liverpool of Manchester CIty

    1. Frederick, AMN is the player Arsen should keep because of his flexibility to cover 4 positions.

  5. That’s a good line up if we can make the moves in the market to make this possible and all the names are not over the top they are realistic targets than can be bought. Selling the list above is the tricky part… going to have to take a loss for what we payed for some of them as they are not good enough.

    Only changes there is maybe AMN & Hevtor or the keepers, the rest is a solid team to get back into top4 and win Europa League.

    1. It will be better if we can sell those young boys(willock, Nelson,)with buy back clause if they improve and also sell the dead Woods like ozil,kolasinac, holding,Eleny and sign party,willian,coutinho

  6. Nice write-up..

    Zaha is begging to come in, as i read some where..

    Sell willock, Nelson, Esr, Nketia and get zaha.. (he becomes a super sub) or if he can force his way to starting 11 as well. Pepe doesn’t last 90 minutes, they could alternate..

    Martinelli, academy striker or buy a new upcoming player to serve as back up striker.. Even convert zaha, willian to back up strikers in laca is to move..

    Personally I think with increased crosses from willian, pepe, soares, with laca in the box, will give defenders problems.. Because hes tough to handle

    1. Your comment is comical, you want us sell our prospects for a 28yr overrated player? What was his contribution last season? Compare to Nketia, you can say he plays for CP but in this case where the team is built around him, he still perform that low, I can’t see him doing miracle here, so I rate Nketia who only play half season with us and already showing good things to come, if we sell lacca, we are making room for the guy

      1. Correct, time and tide has passed for the Zaha to Arsenal saga, we got a better package in Pepe who will be a force to recon with this season. I’m doubtful about Coutinho, we should look elsewhere, rest of the line up seems good enough for a title challenge.

    2. Adajim, you are right with the attack and Arsenal has some good young prospects from the Academy in Balogun, Jules and Greenwood.
      The worry still is a designated DM, which Arsenal has lacked since Gilberto Silva left. I would like Arsenal to get Marc Roca from relegated Espanyol. This would allow Partey as the box to box midfielder and the CAM Ceballos/Coutinho to play further forward with cover at the back, particularly when the fullbacks bomb forward.

        1. Yes, Sam Greenwood is an 18 yo centre forward, who came to Arsenal from Sunderland at 16. He currently plays for Arsenal U18 and U21 teams.
          At the time he came to Arsenal he was highly sought after by top clubs and is supposedly still on the radar of Juventus, AC Milan and German clubs. You can watch him play for Arsenal U18 and U21’s on YouTube.
          His youth record is:
          England U18 3 games 1 goal
          England U17 14 games 12 goals

  7. Your team lack back up for RB and LB, I dont know why people want Bellerin and Kola sold, it’s clear they have been getting less playing time since MA arrived, kola isn’t a bad back up for KT, and the RB has been keenly contested between Soars and Bellerin, how you think we should sell both without replacement is beyond me, and AMN? I’ll sell him instead of Bellerin his indecision about his position is causing distraction just like the ox, I hope he get a club to play his preferred midfield

  8. Like I’ve said before, if the club can get rid of Ozil, they’ll get Coutinho. Without that, personally I doubt we’ll bring in Coutinho.
    Also anyone seen the video of Zaha flirting with Arsenal alongside his friend ??
    He’s available for 30 million pounds now.
    Crystal palace pulled an Arsenal, teams were willing to pay 60 million last season, they rejected it now they’ll accept half the price for him.
    Should we go for him?
    If well sell Lacazette, yes go for Zaha too.
    PEA and Martinelli for number 9.
    Willian can sit on the bench and rotate with Pepe..
    Zaha on the left wing rotate with Saka.
    Saka gets to play wide midfield like Coutinho once in a while.
    The prospect of adding Zaha seems too appealing, but I doubt we’ll get him. Personally I think Arteta’s ambitions can make him consider it, we’ll be shipping players out anyway.
    Loan out Willock, Nelson to EPL teams.
    If wishes were horses though.

    1. First I don’t think Zaha is our priority, it’s either him or Pepe, we went for the latter and for me, the better one,
      Am sorry I don’t really rate his style of play, we are almost getting Williams on board and with Nketia, Saka, Martinelli to compete with, I think we are good to go, at least for a top 4 agenda, zaha to arsenal is an unnecessary distraction, I dont really rate him, I dont watch CP games but am sure majority of arsenal fans who wants him only based their judgement on his performance against our woeful defence. If truly he performed like he use to do against us, in at least 50% of Cp games, am sure the team would not be struggling /battling relegation. If you think we should get him, well, not until we have settled our mf which is our priority for this season

  9. Am In East Africa, Uganda how can I buy the Arsenal new season Jerseys
    Any advise bse am pretty sure they aren’t here yet

  10. I like your team but I do not think we will sell 5 defenders and buy only 1. Xhaka will always be on our starting 11. I would start with Partey-Xhaka-Coutinho in the middle of the park. Ceballos would be my game changer.

  11. Tbh i can see mari playing alot more next season, think he would have finished this season in the team if it wasn’t for his injury, centre mid is gonna be very interesting if we keep dani and get partay

  12. Arsenal could complete and announce William’s signing on Wednesday. Very likely, forget where I got the info from, but it could

  13. No to Ramsey return, if MG goes to Juve we take Rabiot in return or no deal, give us ££££!
    Why? well he guy spends more time in the physio room than he does on the pitch.
    AMN wants to go, he IS NOT A RB, so why do people keep putting teams together with him in that position??
    Cedric is much better defensively than Bellerin and will probably start there to give Pepe more freedom going forward.
    We need the squad to be balanced right, which is one of MA main goals, so Selling Kola and Bellerin this window may not make total sense unless we have replacements coming in.
    Like Merson said, football is about how good you are now and right now Mustafi is arguably our best defender, his stats regardless of his mistakes have always been extremely high so now that he is actually being coached, like all of our defenders i can’t see us selling him, if he does go then fair play but i can’t see it.
    I think Holding’s time is up, he doesn’t really fit with the play out from the back philosophy MA wants, he just isn’t comfortable on the ball under pressure, so i can see him leaving, plus out of all the defenders we could ship out, he has a sale value. I would keep CC as he can do what i said above, plus he is more versatile and can play in multiple positions.
    Sokratis can go, he is totally passed it, has no legs whatsoever.
    We need to have a solid foundation at the back, no team wins titles conceding the amount of goals we did this season.
    As for the young English guys. Nelson i think should be moved out on loan with Willock and ESR to stay, the former 2 need game time and if we do bring in PC and Willian along with Partey, i doubt all of them would get much game time but it may come down to how many homegrown players we have in the squad as to how many or if any move out on loan.
    Same as above really regarding Lacazette, i do like him but he is bankable and if it was a choice of productivity between any of these, PC, Pepe, Auba and Willian, i believe Laca would be on the bench, it doesn’t make sense to keep him there and for is sale value to diminish further through playing time and age, i think its the right time to move him on.
    We have the outstanding Martinelli who can become understudy to Auba with Nketiah also in and around the first team for rotation between competitions.
    Lastly, Saka! He boy has so much potential its really great to see. I predict he will get more playtime this season in all comps, even with PC and Willian in the squad, with the duration of Willian’s and Auba’s contract i can really see him and Martinelli maturing enough to be direct replacements in that time, both will gain much needed experience and maturity and will be natural successors to them both

  14. I sincerely hope we aren’t buying willian to man the rw. That is a very bad look, taking in a Chelsea reject to come take Ozil’s number and our record signing’s spot. No he should be on the left and even then I think our new number 7 will surpass him in the next year. We’ll be begging him to leave by the end of the second year of that 3 year contract mark my words

    1. Willan is not a Chelsea “reject”; they changed their policy to offer him a two year contract.
      If Arteta wants Willan, it’s his call.

      1. I’m going by the author’s team selection, and to me it does look like William is on the right wing and Pepe on the left. But then again I’m a simple numpty. I agree Ozil has regressed very badly but I’d never call him or any other player such. I believe he’s finished at club and should be bought out but that number ten is special and shouldn’t just be handed to anybody much less a 32 year old Chelsea player in the twilight of his career.

    2. Willian as a free agent will be receive with open arms at Arsenal! He is a very good player who can integrate with
      Aubameyang! If the Frenchman’s contract will be extended for three years, then the Brazilian contract also for three years makes sense! The same goes for Coutinho! This is what Arteta wants: for 2-3 years, a team set around Aubameyang, which will have immediate results!
      A starting team I’m thinking of: Martinez- Ainsley Maitland-Niles – David Luiz (Saliba) – Gabriel Magalhães – Bukayo Saka (Tierney) Ceballos – Partey – Coutinho – Pepe – Aubameyang – Willian

  15. Not sure how Gabriel will perform but getting him and sarr will open doors to mustafi, sokratis, chambers/holding, kolacinac leaving. Torreira or guendouzi for partey or ndidi will be good business.

    Get us 2 strong defenders, a DM, 2 AM and getting mustafi, kolacinac, sokratis, chambers/MN, holding, guendouzi/torreira, ozil, elneny, Lacazette off the books. We will reclaim our glory days.

  16. Anyone that thinks it makes sense to buy Willian and sell Lacazette needs a rethink. We should realize that Aubameyang was in superb form due to Lacazette holdup play. Lacazette can play with his back to goal (something Aubameyang is not good at). Aubameyang will struggle against teams who defend deep. he relies on pace, not good playing with his back to goal. Lacazette and Aubameyang should stuill be in this team next season.

    We need 3 strikers if we are to compete for Europa league, Premier league and FA cup.


    Also Bellerin, he is very experienced. It makes no sense selling him. Cedric and Bellerin for the right back and Wing back position is ok.

    Signings we need this window:

    Thomas Partey, Ceballos (permanent move) and Willian.


    Guendouzi, Socratis, Kolasinac, Elneny, Mhykitaryan, Torrera (I will surely miss him. we need the cash)

    Loan Out:

    Ozil(to any turkish club), Willock, Nketiah


    GK: Leno, Martinez

    Right Back: Bellerin, Cedric
    Left Back: AMN, Tierney
    Central Defence: Holding, Mustafi, Saliba, Mari, Chambers
    Defensive Midfield: Partey, Luiz (Should only play in a back 3 or as a defensive midfielder)

    Central Midfield: Xhaka, Ceballos

    Attacking midfield/Wing: Willian, Pepe, Saka, Reis Nelson, Smith Rowe

    Strikers: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Martinelli

    My preferred formations next season.

    352 and 4141.

  17. That is an interesting line up. What amazes me is the debate on AMN. i really do not see the need for people to throw the heat on the young lad for simply pointing out that he prefers playing in the midfield. But when it comes to defensive duties, he is now ahead of both cedric and bellerin. Cedric only surpasses him with his technical ability, he is very good going forward and his crosses are usually delicious. But when it comes to delivering the kind of play that MA wants at arsenal, AMN is just good, all he needs is coaching and mentoring so that he understands that playing RB doesnt make him less of player. I think we need to cash in on Laca, Kolasinac, pay out Ozil, get rid of Holding and Socratis. Mustafi has always been a scapegoat but clearly Arteta has redisgned a defender in that guy. Mari will fit well in the back 3 system should some games demand so, and then Tierney will push ahead. Coutinho may thrive under Arteta but my fear is that it will block the progress of Willock. People feel like the yound lad is overrated but he is a great prospect, the future Ramsey. I have been criticised for saying i dont prefer Ceballos in the Arsenal system. He is exciting but he dribles too much and delays play. His positioning is also bad as he is all over which makes the gap between the the defensive midfielders and the fowards very wide. Maybe style would suit Barca just like what Iniesta used to do. Arsenal should keep chambers and monitor Movrapanos development. My concern is also the impact of bringing in willian as he does very well in the right wing, will that also kill the confidence of the exciting and unlocked Pepe. Nelson , ESR, needs to be loaned out to continue with their development but they are great prospects

  18. Amn is now gud in d 3-4-3 formation, Willian Borges Da Silva is currently gud now, Let’s get Partey and sell Guendouzi and Torreira, What the hell is nelson stil doing in our team, he loose ball too often so i tin it is end of d road for him, i don’t think we need willock for God sake he isn’t gud and sharp in front of goals, i could remember against chelsea, he lost a gud goal dere and against Man City and Liverpool respectively, coming to Ozil, I think ozil should b pay off, Ceballos And Xhaka Are Good Together, Pls dey should let Sokratis go, Holding should b loaned, Mustaphy is gud and he has improved since the return of covid so i think we need him as back up together with Chambers. Please, I am begging d club to allow Emiliano Martinez b d 1st choice, martinez goal Keeper handling is 84.5 comparing to B. Leno that has 75.6 handling, d different is just clear, matinez is cool and he is good in critical conditions and 1 on 1 and can goes down easily and his jump is superb, d guy is loved 100%. Thanks.

    you also cant see the bigger picture for a club that is strapped for cash and needs new players to freshen things up.
    I’m so glad none of you are the Arsenal manager, its no FM21 Fifa or LMA, this is real life!

    1. if he is not a reject then why did Chelsea refuse to give him 3 year deal. When last did he manage 3 consecutive starting places at Chelsea this season. We only need his experience but our boys Saka, Martinelli, Pepe, Nelson can can do all the job because they work harder even off the ball.

        1. Val arsenal signs rejects its nothing new Luiz, Cedric, Leistener, Mkhi, Dennis Suarez the lists goes on, not

          1. Every time a club buys a player you could say that he is a reject, would you say that Auba is a reject because his club sold him ? Very short sighted reasoning to say we always sign rejects.

      1. Please check the facts! Chelsea only offers one year contracts to players over 30 AS A MATTER OF POLICY. They made an exception to this policy by offering Willan a two year contract. He wants three years. Chelsea wanted to keep him for 2 years, so how is he a reject?

  20. If we can get all of those deals over the line, what a very juicy line up we’ll have on our hands! 👍

  21. Personally wouldn’t sell AMN but he is not a full back of any quality … Would sell bellerin play soared and look for a potential younger player who can come in full time next season … Would love to see Arsenal line up with rest though

  22. Mentioning Zaha now makes no sense to me. He would be a bench warmer playing the nonsense he played last season. Whoever is talking of selling Laca should go watch highlights of arsenals attacking moves and see what the guy brings to the table. We need most of our current crop, just get Ozil, Geun, Sokratis, AMN & Holding(Strictly to cash-in) & Miki out and sign Willian & a good CM. Saliba & Mari will bring in the required competition.
    The current 2nd team carries lots of prospect :- Nketiah, Nelson, Martinelli, Willock, Smith-Rowe, Saka, Saliba

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