Let’s look at the positives from Arsenal’s second half at Anfield

Liverpool second half shows potential! by Shenel

Can we take the second half against Liverpool and turn it into a positive for the rest of the season?

Although we lost 3-1 to the Champions at Anfield on Monday night, there were a number of positives that we can take away from the game. Of course, straight after the game and even a day after, seeing these positives were hard, but when you think about it, in hindsight we didn’t have such a bad second half performance.

As Adrian Clarke has digested the game for us, his breakdown on Arsenal.com shows the below positives in his latest episode of The Breakdown, analysing the match in more detail:

How playing out from the back had mixed results
Where and how we improved after half time
The key moment that swung the match
Dani Ceballos’ outstanding display off the bench

My previous article talks about the performance Ceballos produced off the bench, we know the talent he has and what he is capable of but he is too inconsistent. However if he can have some more of those performances week in week out then he may not be starting the game on the bench, but the competition he has -with Elneny- seems to be making him work harder and he showed that when he came on.

We all know the key moments that swung the game, the two misses from Lacazette not finding the back of the net to get us back into the tie was one of those moments, but unfortunately, that is the way of the game, no matter the performance, if at the end of the game you haven’t won, nobody looks at anything else you did.

Despite us having a poor first half, we turned it around in the second and although we came out as losers on the day, we can surely take away the positive performance and moments in the game, work on them and introduce them for 90 minutes during games rather than just one half.

I don’t know how long that will take to do but I have no doubt with Arteta as manager, it won’t take long to implement into the team to make us winners again! Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. If you continue to think that Lacazette missed chance(s) would have given us anything from the game, I might have to remind of the half a dozen near misses Liverpool had that should already have put them far ahead.

    The second half was surely much better. But thst first half is one of the most timid display I’ve seen in a while. Liverpool won’t even dominate West Brom or Brighton (let alone Everton) the way they battered us in that first 45.

    1. Spot on Dude, people keep dwelling on Laca’s missed chances forgetting Liverpool players had missed chances too.Laca has 3 goals in 3 epl matches and no other player in Arsenal has more but who gets the stick ? Laca,as always.

  2. I think we gave them too much respect.Look at what leeds did and i think we have better players and structure than leeds.

    And its useless to talk about missed chances because i think liverpool could have scored atleast 2 more goals.

    And i have always said this laca is a more complete striker than auba.Its just his finishing thats currently out of form

  3. Honestly.
    A strong Midfielder is needed to balance things up urgently and we all know who fits the deal perfectly.

    Now am like how sure Auba isn’t Useless both in CF role and LWF role. Some say he’s utterly useless playing CF that he wouldn’t convert allota chances so, LWF is ideal for him. But even as LWF he’s actually still useless yeah, atimes.
    Auba in an Arsenal Shirt I haven’t seen him perform in CF role playing nice.
    I hope the Article of “Hope AFC didn’t make a blunder tying him to a new deal pop out ye know cuz it will.

  4. It’s good people are starting to be objective and looking at things the way they are.

    The one positive is Lacazette’s positioning has improved. All the great players miss chances but the most important thing is putting yourself in good positions to actually have those chances.

    I have always said he had to play in such a way that he’s most of time facing the goal not his back to goal. He’s improved that at least in that one game.

  5. The only problem we have in Arsenal is in the midfield TBH,as long as we sort it out with Aouar I’m okay,I can’t really say about TP coz he isn’t a good distributor though good at tackles but very slow I’ve watched him play countless of times, the only thing we need is just a key dictator in the middle and we are good to go,elneny or xhaka can handle the tackles,Aouar is a must,try to watch what he did to juventus midfield in the champions league then you’ll understand what I’m talking about,thank you.

  6. Hi i think David and Leno didnt communicate well at the back because that was soft goals we gave away specially the goal from mane and the third goal

    1. The primary culprit for the first goal was Tierney (for allowing Salah turn him so easily to take the shot). The primary culprit for the second goal was Willian (for not tracking down Robertson).

      But I’ve noticed that certain fans have players they like (which they like to shield from blame) and those they don’t like (which they like to blame for every misfortune). As I’ve said before, the whole team needs to play better than its currently doing. That’s the only way to create chances for our forwards and reduce pressure on our backline.

  7. We looked poor. Nothing to take away. Plain and simple. We need a totally new midfield. Aouar, Partey and Jorginho would do me. But the shyster Krankie would rather we get 8th place again than spend money.

    1. Can’t stop laughing already,what do you need joginho for when you have xhaka and elneny? Kinda funny thank God you’re not our coach.

        1. @Sean what are you driving at? we haven’t gotten our primary targets yet and you’re bringing in jorginho,now tell me are you the one to fund his move? Please cut it short don’t wanna hear jorginho or see him near the team,that guy is a floop for crying out loud i just wonder if you watch Chelsea at all,we don’t need jorginho in arsenal okay…

  8. Partey and Aouar, yes please, but Jorginho, no thanks.The guy is as one paced as Xhaka , and very poor defensively.

  9. First and foremost, I think after seeing all that MA has achieved over his relatively short stint in charge, fans seem to be still underestimating his intelligence and tactical astuteness(is that a word? Lol).Yes I personally think that he showed too much respect for ‘Pool, but I also think it was a tactical strategy related to that excessive respect. the Plan was obviously to manage the game and stay within touching distance for 60 t0 65 minutes, then insert Ceballos and Pepe with fresh legs to add some impetus and creativity to the attack, instruct Bellerin and AMN to up their attacking momentum and take the game to ‘Pool in the final quarter of the game, and it was actually working, but alas, as so often in the past, our defense failed us.

  10. We were dominated in the midfield.As long as we don’t have a proper defense we will still palay three at the back wich allow the oppenents to have numerical supperiority in the middle of the park….

  11. Win 5-4 Penalties the formation change worked would have been better if lacazzette was put on earlier though he may have scored.

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