Let’s revisit what Sterling thinks about Arteta now that he is linked with Arsenal

Arsenal has been linked with a surprising move for Raheem Sterling with Manchester City now open to selling their top players.

The Gunners remain in the hunt for a return to the top four and will have another chance to achieve that next season.

They will not play in Europe next season and that means they will have their weekdays off for proper rest.

They can still underachieve unless they have the right players and the links with Sterling is one to be excited about.

If it is true that City will cash in on Sterling when the right offer arrives, then Arsenal will struggle to win the race for his signature.

This is because several top European teams will want to make a move for him as well.

However, looking back at what Sterling thinks about Arteta, we can have some hope that perhaps he would join Arsenal out of respect for his former assistant boss.

After Arteta left for Arsenal, the Englishman said via Mirror Football: “(Arteta is) a person that had a lot of say here (at Man City). The manager trusted him here and he had a lot of influence on the players here and the team as well.

“So I knew once he went into Arsenal that it would be a great opportunity for him but also he would definitely implement what he wanted to bring in.

“And he’s a person that will put his foot down and not let things slide as you can see with the boys at Arsenal. They know if they don’t run they are most likely not going to play.”

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  1. DaJuhi says:

    Tuchel won CL less than 5 months in charge with a team who was 8th.

    Meanwhile we will spend another season as Mikel Artetas learning curve.

    How fookin depressing.

  2. MartinelliTheBench says:

    Tonight was a perfect example of how limited Sterling is as a player. If he can’t outrun you, he has little else to offer. Completely dominated by James.

    On another note….Tuchel has just won the UCL, a coach we could’ve made a genuine attempt at getting. No I don’t think we would’ve won anything this season but he is a quality coach with aplan

    1. Skills1000 says:

      Hi Marti, I agree with you. It is not an easy thing to win a champions league. Arsenal should learn from this. Arsenal fan’s should demand for a top manager. Such a shame that the season we could not qualify for champions league, and the europa league our rivals Chelsea won the champions league. Truth be told, we need a change. Arteta has to go. Zidane, Conte and the Atalanta coach. Arteta still has a lot to learn. The arsenal job is bigger than him. I’m an Arteta fan. But he has to go.

      1. Adajim says:

        Arsenal problems is way bigger than just sacking a coach, believe me or not, give this same squad to Tuchel or Pep they will barely make top 4 that’s the best any world class coach will achieve with this squad, no matter how a coach tactic is , it’s still the players that will execute it, and the execution will only base of their ability, no more

        1. Moriarty17 says:

          Couldn’t agree more, the problem at Arsenal is the owner is not willing to invest, in the right players. He should sell the club to some one that really cares. Take for instance Chelsea and Man City, before they where owned by billionaires, that wanted to make there clubs the best. Chelsea hadn’t won league in 50yrs and City hadn’t won it in 44 yrs. Now look at Chelseas won 5 league titles 2 uefa cup and 2 champions leagues. Man City more or less the same 5 league titles in the space of 10 years . It’s all about the owners when it comes to the elite clubs and what there willing to spend.

          1. Firelinxs says:

            Fantastic statement Moriarty17, this is the real reason Arsenal, aren’t up there challenging, for titles anymore, we’ve got an owner unwilling to invest in the squad. Sell the club to someone that will Kroenke.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Adajim and Moriarty, the owner KS&E provides the money; however neither Stan or Josh Kroenke have the ability to know a good footballer if they tripped over him. That is why they leave the scouting and contracting of prospective players to others. These Kroenke appointees are the one’s responsible for the mismanagement of the funds provided by KS&E.
            You only have to check the funds provided relative to other clubs to see where the problem lies.

        2. PJ-SA says:

          Adajim funny you mention squads….how was the exact same squad doing under Lampard? I think you greatly underestimate the affect a good coach has.

          1. zackson88 says:

            a competent coach matters a lot much as quality of players

          2. ELLIOT says:

            Kroenke doesn’t have football at heart. What he needs is lining up his pocket. He is not competitive. He is a miser together with his son Josh.

    2. Sue says:

      👍 thank you, along with he’s greedy, dives a lot and misses so many easy chances!!!

      Yep, all those people who ripped it out of him for losing the FA cup and now he’s won the CL!!! Fair play (even though it breaks my heart)

      1. Skills1000 says:

        Yes Sue. I may be wrong in criticising Arteta in recent times. I have been an Arteta fan since his playing days at Everton. When we signed him on the last day of the transfer window from Everton, I was so happy. I never criticized him at all. But that europa league semi final exit was hard to take. It really broke me. Cos we had no business losing to Villarreal. The day Chelsea sacked Lampard, we were on the same points in the league. See the gap. Tuchel deserves all the credit.

        1. Sue says:

          Hi Skills.. I agree, it was really hard to take. We couldn’t even make the Conference League!! What an embarrassment.. but hey it’s ok, we’re 2nd in the league since December 🤬
          Tuchel has worked wonders. I thought Christensen was finished at Chelsea, look at him tonight!! Well he was brought in to succeed and he’s done just that!! These last few days have done me right in – Villarreal >Chelsea…
          I’m wondering if we’ll ever make the Champions League again…..

          1. Goonerboy says:


            Tuchel has worked “DEFENSIVE” wonders, like Arteta did when we won the FA cup and WE all moaned and said it was boring playing with 5 defenders, remember? What do WE really want Sue? Imo, that is exactly what Tuchel is doing right now, but with better players!

            You are spot on! I am trying to make this as short as possible.

            Inter Milan after winning the title told Conte they would have to sell some of their assets as they are struggling financially. Conte wanted non of that and chose to walk away. why? He knows he can’t win without QUALITY!

            My short story goes to those who think sacking the manager will quickly end our struggles as a club, NEWS FLASH! You are WRONG!

            Abramovich’s continuous investment in the team makes the job of any half decent manager very easy, add to that his winning mentality, we have NONE at Arsenal.

            This is even beyond Arteta now. Wenger leaving has exposed the club more, they want a magician not a coach/manager.

            If you still don’t understand, sack Arteta now and try to hire any elite coach with the same “trust the process” project without at least 200m war chest and see if they would be interested.

            Only the Ancelottis of this world would take that, they have won it all and they won’t mind any job right now. We have a long way to go family!

            That said, I am super happy for my man Olivier Giroud, he is the only reason I am not too sad Chelsea won. Fa Cups, Europa league, French league, world cup and now the UCL, congratulations Ollie G!

          2. Sue says:

            Goonerboy.. I was on cloud 9 after winning the cup, soon came back down with a thud though. We appear to have gone backwards (no pun) since then.
            With regards to TT, I’m just giving credit where it’s due, that’s all…

  3. Skills1000 says:

    Chelsea just won the champions league. It shows one thing: A top manager is key. Lampard would never have achieved this success this season. Chelsea made the right decision by sacking him. We should stop kidding ourselves by thinking that Arteta would do better than what he did last season. Arteta should be sacked. Conte is available. Zidane is available. Two top managers who have achieved great successes. We should get either of them. Arteta is not the man to take us forward.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Yeah Chelsea made the right decision of course and I also agree a top manager is key and yes Conte is available but would you give him the funds to buy Lukaku, Lauturo Martinez, Hakimi, Sanchez etc to build a winning team?

      Or you think a coach like that would wanna “develop” and “work with what we have”?
      How did they achieve the great success they have achieved?

      Even Sir Alex would struggle in this current climate IF he does not follow the trend.
      Imo, if we genuinely have a top team and Arteta or any coach does not do well, they have to be sacked? But do we have that team right now? it is a resounding NO for me.

      1. Munster says:

        Its a resounding yes for me.. YES YES we have a decent team.. Stop saying we don’t, we don’t even need a new owner, we just need a better coach..

  4. Wyoming says:

    Chelsea are world Champions.
    London is Blue.
    2nd Champions League for the Russian gas fired outfit.
    Amazing what a change of manager can achieve.
    Big congrats to our all conquering Chelsea superiors
    Plus a decent squad.
    Lampard prolly feels ashamed.
    Mind you if Chelsea fail to win the league next season Tuchel will be sacked.
    What now for Pep?
    Sacked on Monday?
    Will he leave for a new challenge?

    1. siamois says:

      Wyoming Chelsea are not world champions well not yet anyway!

    2. Argooner says:

      The same chelsea we did the double over this season and finished fourth because Leicester bottled it?
      If you love them so much go and support them, noone will miss you.

      1. jon fox says:

        Argooner, If you follow Wyoming Kroenkes regular anti Arsenal but pro Kroenke posts, you must surely realise , as I do , that he is ALREADY a Chelsea fan.
        He is NO GOONER, that’s for certain. He has been pretending for ages to be a Gooner but never acts like one. That tells me he is not one!

  5. Val says:

    Chelsea played well and congratulations to them for winning.

    What i will say about tonight’s game is that Referee was absolutely brilliant, that is the way to ref games
    Wish we had ref’s like that in the premier league

    1. Sue says:

      Hear hear, Val!!!

  6. Adajim says:

    Chelsea winning was not as a result of coach tactics but players abilities and determination every knows city will like to have possession and the best way to nullify city threat is closing the space quickly and realeasing quick counter when you get the ball, it’s a simple tactic Ferguson used against Wenger.
    Kanye is pure class the motm by far

    1. Skills1000 says:

      I disagree with you Adajim. It is all down to the tactics of the manager. Tuchel deserve all the credit for taking chelsea to this level of success. And that should be a wake up call for us. Football should be about what you can achieve now. There are no long term projects in football. It is about the here and now. If you cant perform as a manager, you get the sack.

      1. Adajim says:

        Tuchel contribution can not be overlooked in the context, he deserves the praise, however, my point is, the players executed the plan to perfection, if the players character is lacking, every coach tactics will just be a mess no more. Don’t forget same Tuchel was in ucl final last season with a better PSG squad but his tactics were useless because his players character were lacking but today Chelsea players showed commitment and character from first minute, city had no complaints. This is the type of determination I expected of our players who earn big but only knows how to jog round the pitch for 90min

        1. Skills1000 says:

          I get you clearly now. I agree with you. My wish is this, we need to get Kroenke out of this club. That should be the priority. KROENKE OUT! KROENKE OUT!! KROENKE OUT!!!

          1. Munster says:

            You clearly dont know priority, I bet you wont do better than Kroenke is you were to own Arsenal. Give the guy a break he hes not kill anyone.

  7. mohamed says:

    you are correct

  8. Jimmy Bauer says:

    This season has really put things in perspective for all Arsenal fans to see…
    As much as I detest RVP he saw the lack of ambition from.this club and he ran away for good..
    Ex players and managers winning trophies we covet..
    We were in the CL before Chelsea and have been a more regular fixture up until 3 seasons ago..
    Our last and only final was 15years ago..in that time we’ve never made the semis…
    Chelsea made it to their 1st CL final in 2008..
    Since then they’ve been to 2 other finals winning 2 CL..We however are celebrating not making the European conference league…

    1. Sue says:

      What a sorry state of affairs 🥺

    2. Stephen Reimer says:

      2008-9 knocked out by United. Do your history.

      1. Khadii says:

        So is he wrong?
        He said “made it” not “won it”

  9. siamois says:

    I doubt that Chelsea would have won the CL with Lampard still in charge they were leaking goals as for Pep once again he messed up with his selection no Fernandinho Rodri against Chelsea midfield wt..? starting Sterling who’s been missing for the last few months he played the wrong LB no proper CF(who might have scored one of those 2 chances)…

    1. Adajim says:

      That’s why I said Arteta really learnt from him because that’s the same way he has been surprising us with some tactical changes we couldn’t fathom

      1. Skills1000 says:

        Yes. Especially his strange formation in the first leg against Villareal. We played without a striker.

        We need to strengthen this squad in the summer. A top left back, and 2 attacking midfielders (Odegaard and Buendia) are a must.
        KROENKE, if you are not willing to invest, please leave our club.

        1. Davi says:

          For that game, it was either Eddie, who hasn’t really worked, an unfit Auba, or play Martinelli up front – this was a viable option but he hadn’t played as a centre forward in this team (and didn’t look all that great when he was tried after).
          In short, Arteta was forced to gamble on something in that game and I don’t see any of the other options being particularly better than trying a false 9. ESR looks like the type of player who would be capable of doing it, actually, so I don’t think it was as crazy as people are making out

      2. siamois says:

        You’re actually right on that point ,i had that exact thought watching the game!

  10. Jimmy Bauer says:

    This whole thing got me thinking…
    We are a club in decline..it’s only a matter of time before we go the way of Everton…A true mid table team..
    Except of course, something drastic happens and Kroenke leaves this club..
    We the fans however have to atleast help push this man out..

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    Arsenal fall even further behind Chelsea! Will we EVER win in Europe again? Even if we qualified for the Europa Conference I wouldn’t feel confident about winning it as an Arsenal fan.

    1. siamois says:

      Some of us might not live long enough to see it happen!

  12. Tactical Gunner says:

    Everybody is now praising Tuchel, but he didn’t have players like Ozil, Mustafi and Sead to deal with coupled with an in-house snitch.. At least he’s made up for last year’s loss..
    Plus his team finished 4th and invested 200m, last year

    1. ozziegunner says:

      👍 And invested in class players.

  13. Junior says:

    Goodnews to Kroenke: ZIDANE, CONTE both are free, so SACK MIKEL & SPEND BIG IF NOT PACK & GO OUT OF ENGLAND. We love AFC

    1. Goonerboy says:

      Your statement is complete Junior, sack Mikel and SPEND BIG!

      But I don’t want Mikel sacked yet, with more support (financial) he’ll do well.

      1. Skills1000 says:

        You either invest or get out of our club.

        1. PJ-SA says:

          You do know we’ve spent a small fortune in the last few years right? Or do you think we haven’t spent a lot of players?

          It’s poor buying and none existent selling that’s our issue!

          1. Davi says:

            Exactly – we’ve been spending, just not efficiently, to say the least

          2. ozziegunner says:


          3. Skills1000 says:

            U are right PJ. I just wish we can close the gap to Man city and Liverpool next season. Our target next season should be to win the league. What can we do in the summer to achieve that?

  14. Maxpendragon says:

    Arsenal football club can never get to where Chelsea fc is right now because one owner (Stan) is greedy and ambitionless while the other owner ( Roman) is a good investor and a football enthusiast.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      And Maxpendragon, Abranovich selects, employs and retains competent people to meet his high ambitions for Chelsea FC. If you don’t match his ambition you are sacked.
      Have you ever heard Abramovich state that he did not own Chelsea to win trophies?

  15. ozziegunner says:

    Why are we even discussing Sterling? Unlike Arsenal, Manchester City are not a benevolent society and will not sell Sterling for a price Arsenal would be able to afford.

  16. JW says:

    Why would we want Sterling? Or Mahrez for that matter.
    Arsenal are not a strong enough team to carry these two.
    We couldn’t carry Ozil, remember!

    Lets be creative in this upcoming window!!!

    Lets forget about those two over the hill city players and concentrate on buying two or three $40m players, who are still young (NOT ODEGAARD please).

    If Brighton want Eddie N, lets swap him plus say $20m and get Bissouma.
    Norwich might want Joe Willock or one of our other youngsters and maybe we could swap him plus $20m for Buendia.
    I believe there is a young defender (Edmond Tapsoba), playing in Germany, who is a friend of Pepe and Gabrielle. Could we offer them say Xhaka or our out of favor Uruguayan midfielder or someone else we are looking to move on); plus say $20m.
    Now, for the dream move. Lets think about getting Jan Oblak from Atletico Madrid to replace Leno. They might take Leno + say $30m for a swap.
    With these updates to our team we might just sneak into the Europa League next season.

    But, If we keep trying to get players on the cheap, I fear we may not even make it into the top ten next season!

    Come on Mr EDU OUTDU yourself (and stop shouting Wilbur).

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