Let’s settle this now – Wenger In or Wenger out? (Poll)

There have been a lot of abusive comments between different factions of readers on here lately, and one of them has been about how many Arsenal fans actually want Arsene Wenger to leave the club. As our very peaceful reader Jon fox put it… “In fact, and I deal in facts, fan polls tell us that 88% want Wenger out. That does not even equate to 15% let alone your 40% wanting him to stay. Just google Arsenal fan polls if you disagree.”

Well let’s NOT Google ‘Arsenal fan polls’ as opinions change over time, so let us have a reflection of what us Gooners think right now, without any games to distract us, and see if we can get a FACTUAL figure on the actual percentage of JustArsenal readers who agree or disagree with Jon. My site will only allow one vote per person…

But before that I have another issue to take up with Mr Fox, who doesn’t think I should delete comments that are personally abusive. He told me: “You are acting like a dictator trying to restrict free speech. Your own thoughts on Wenger are well known on here and in the tiny minority. I reserve the right to write freely but do not and never will abuse. You have a distinctly odd definition of abuse.”

I think Mr Fox has an odd definition of abuse, and he also thinks it is an insult for anyone to disagree with him and he thinks I am Wenger supporter, which to him is tantamount to being the devil. So even if Mr Fox thinks he knows my own thoughts, for everyone’s information I will give you my personal opinions (and remember it is an opinion, not a religion!)

Let me begin with my philosophy when I started this website many years ago. I believe that ALL Arsenal fans should be allowed to express their views and I provide this platform to allow their opinions to be discussed by Gooners all over the world. And I mean DISCUSS, not a platfom to abuse anyone who doesn’t agree with your personal opinion. I rarely delete comments and then only because I feel they are extra abusive and totally out of context to the discussion. Hell, enough of you say some very nasty things about ME just for publishing a view they disagree with!

Secondly the readers need to understand that, although I, Pat J and a few others are the regular contributors and publish the articles, I would hazard a guess that nearly half of the articles published are written and sent in to me, by YOU, the readers themselves, and I always provide the names or initials of the writer. I publish EVERY story sent to me if they have a point to make (whether I agree or not) unless they are grammatically unbearable (I am a stickler for spelling and grammar I’m afraid). There are many contributors (like Konstantin and Darren J) who are extremely anti-Wenger and I have been publishing their articles for years, just as much, if not more, than Wenger supporters like Sam P and others. So not ALL the articles are NOT written by me or anything to do with my opinion, however you perceive it.

One particlar pet hate of mine is when I write a post (i.e. Which players should leave Arsenal in the summer) and a lot of the responses say “Wenger must go first” and try and start an argument. I even put a line in the post saying this is not about wenger but the PLAYERS, but still got similar WengerOut responses. Please remember not EVERY post is for Wenger discussion and arguments about Arsene, so please respect the poster and talk about the topic..

I am NOT an AKB or an AOB, I just want whatever is best for Arsenal IN MY OPINION, and my opinion now (which may change in the future) is that it is not good for the club to sack Wenger (or any manager) in the middle of any season, and any decision should only be made when our season is well and truly over. I do believe we need change to stop the rot (and I think the club is doing that) but I don’t think that Wenger deserves a lot of the vitriol that people call him, because whether you like it or not he HAS done great things for the club and deserves respect for that at least. That doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to other peoples objections and call them idiots!

I was a regular at Highbury from the days of Frankie McLintock, Charlie George, Johnny Radford et al, so I have seen many managers come and go, but that doesn’t affect my loyalty to Arsenal. I have changed girlfriends and lovers many many times over the years, but for me it is impossible to switch allegiance to another club, no matter how badly Arsenal are performing, so we just have to deal with what we have in front of us. I truly abhor when people attack other ARSENAL SUPPORTERS for having a different opinion and say “go and support another team” or other such rubbish.

There have been various opinion polls at different times recently about Wenger, with varying results but it is a fact that a majority of my commenters (You lot!) are usually Anti-Wenger, and that is why I sometimes go out of my way to represent the silent (insert percentage here) at times. I DO NOT want JustArsenal to be off-limits to (insert percentage here) of the Arsenal fanbase just because they get subjected to abuse and driven away from expressing their opinion.

So Let’s do this poll….

Should Wenger leave Arsenal

  • Yes - he should be gone by end of this season (81%, 582 Votes)
  • No - he should be allowed to respect his contract (19%, 137 Votes)

Total Voters: 719

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  1. PIRES says:

    this poll thing is ,to say the least ,absurd.It’s not down to us,fans, to make decisions in a way or another even if we all have the same opinion

    1. Phil says:

      So what you are saying is the club have no reason to listen to the fans?Am I correct?That is what you are saying?

      1. PIRES says:

        if the club listned to the fans in 1996 they wouldn’t have give the job to arsene and we would be still fighting “drinking culture” and without a trainig center.

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah or we could be bigger than Real Madrid and Barcelona combined.Its all irrelevant and you really did ought to sing off another Hymn Sheet.

          1. RichSAAlao says:

            But in this poll survey as was with the previous one,there are other opinions not analysed. Also, the two positions on this survey might no be representative ENOUGH, though the Arsene phenomenon is being felt by everyone but not everyone frustrated reacts same way.
            Like, I would not want to see a ‘so-called’ legend, who was supposed to be eternally grateful to Arsene, and ought to for reverence be asking for permission from Arsene to speak about coaching in Arsenal, considering what Arsene had done for him far back from Monaco, be giving the job, possibly never.

          2. RichSAAlao says:

            Actually, he was the creation of Arsene. That is the way I see what Arsene had done for this guy.

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      What do you want PIRES another vote? seem to have heard that before

  2. Sue says:

    I don’t like all the arguing on here…. we’re all gooners at the end of the day! Shouldn’t be arguing amongst ourselves!!

  3. Ozziegunner says:

    Arsene, thanks for the memories from the first 10 years; however it has been time to go for some time now.

  4. Bernard says:

    he has done us a good job but the issue here now is that his time has passed he has nothing to offer anymore please professor let us be

  5. GoonAR says:

    I couldn’t vote because I don’t want either to happen.

    My answer is Yes- He should be gone AT the end of the season

    I want Wenger out but like you say and IMHO it’s not smart for any club to just sack their manager at the business end of the season unless they have nothing to play for.

  6. Durand says:

    Thanks admin for the poll, and for stating your opinion very clearly.
    I think the reason every article turns into wenger-out is because our manager is/was heavily involved in every little aspect of our club.
    How can we discuss players performance without mentioning the manager who trains, selects, and give them the game plan?

    I agree it gets old and frustrating constantly mentioning or blaming or praising of wenger for every single thing. However, its unavoidable due to his control over so much.

    It appears to be changing, so maybe Ivan, Sven, and Raul get more mentions.

    Lastly, how about the slating of Ivan? No defense of him for keeping his word to bring change? He was mocked, verbally abused as bad if not worse than wenger.

    I said harsh things about both honestly, but am trying to do better in separating facts from emotions.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Nice article Durand, but I think you’ll find it was after the slating/abuse, whatever you call it, that Ivan started to act, and not before time.

      1. jon fox says:

        That is precisely my own argument with Gazidis. Had he been a real fan of the club from the outset, rather than just a commercially hired CEO he would not have stood so many years for the continued mediocrity. This is why i believe all healthy clubs should be run by people who are true fans. Like the Dein days, sadly missed! Locking the stable door years after the horse has bolted is correctly rumbled by some as a career self saving gesture, rather than because he loves Arsenal, in his heart, not his personal deep pocket!

        1. jon fox says:

          Further to my own comments,above, the Admin did me the favour of accurately quoting me WHEN using actual quote marks. HOWEVER, when himself summarising what he said I had said he is either lying or, as I prefer to think, distorting and mis representing what I actually said. NOWHERE IN MY COMMENTS did I write that abuse was acceptable. My disagreement with the ADmin was entirely about what is fan speak between real and proper fans, or as he prefers to misrepresent me by calling it abuse. I NEVER said it was OK to abuse other fans and I questioned his definition of abuse, which is the matter in question. But he owes me an apology for slandering me about what I actually did NOT say. I won’t be holding me breath for THE DUE APOLOGY though!

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      I have been off site in the last couple of days, following up on your examplle regarding Arsene Wenger telling lies.
      As you know I try to rely on facts as you say you do above.
      You mentioned the Griezmann episode,(after accusing him of not trying to sign world class players of course), so I actually went to Griezmann’s own autobiography “Behind the Smile”. to get his own true version of the incident in question.
      Imagine my surprise when he never mentioned Wenger once.
      What he said was that his agent had heard from Grimandi that Arsenal were very interested in him and to hold on to hear from them. Grimandi also told his agent that Arsene was very keen on him.
      On the last day of the transfer window, his agent was informed by the club that they would not be making an offer.
      So there we have it from the horses mouth in his autobiography. THE FACT THAT WENGER DID NOT LIE TO HIM as you accused him of doing.
      We could speculate as to who pulled the plug on Wengers target, could it have been Gazidis or Kronke himself? We may find out if and when Wenger produces his own autobiography.

      A a footnote:
      Wenger later said, after Griezmann’s outburst, that the club would have to improve it’s scouting and transfer policies as they had missed out on many targets. Could THAT have led to the appointments of Raul, Sven and Huss?
      Waiting for your response with interest.
      With regards to the vote, I think Cech gave the game away when he talked about speculation within the dressing room. If there’s no truth in the rumour there shouldn’t be any speculation.
      POLL: After this season ends, I believe Arsene will go. but total respect the man for what he has achieved at our club.

      1. Durand says:

        My own stalker?
        Where do you think scout got message from to speak to agent? Arsene told him to wait, not agent.
        Not to mention that was before ath madrid move, before sven and raul arrived, by more than a year. You forgot to mention that my friend.
        2. No comment on eifsoccer.com article? Not surprised as it’s counter to your point?
        3. No comment on Ivan himself debunking wenger lies?

        I’ll wait why you reseatch those as well; one example is not enough, hence i gave you at least 3 examples/ sources.

        I proved my point, but feel free to continue as I moved on.

        1. Phil says:

          Ken-Kudos for the research as always.

        2. Durand says:

          Also as to your question regarding if Gazidis was responsible, espn.com/soccer article dated November 29th 2017. Wenger says “Sven doesn’t speak to CEO Gazidis about players” thats a direct quote from wenger himself. Unless you think espn would intentionally slander wenger to make him look bad.

        3. Ken 1945 says:

          I am not stalking you my friend, just trying to clarify a most important subject which is “did Wenger lie”?
          You “provided proof” that I found hard to believe, however I have been proved wrong by Kenny Rolfe and Phil on here and I have apologised. That’s why I went back to see and apologise to you if I am wrong.
          Once again you question me and my findings, so let’s try again:
          Point 2.eifsoccer.com did not supply me with the facts as you related them, and dont forget they are written by people who were not involved but their opinions. So where could I go to get the ACTUAL facts? By the man involved and in his own words. Surely you must agree with that?
          Point 1.Like you, I am ASSUMING Wenger told Grimande of his interest and further told Grimandi to ask him to wait because he stated he was interested in him. That makes sense, but it is not a fact.
          So, if he WAS interested in this player, firstly, why was he NOT signed and secondly, and by far the most important of all, where in Griezmanns OWN autobiography does he mention Wenger’s name as the person who lied to him?. He actually says that THE CLUB via Grimaldi told him. No mention again of Wenger.
          I would suggest you ask Griezmann himself why he left this out of his book because I cannot see any reason why he would if it was true? Unless, of course, you believe Griezmann was lying?
          Point 3. What on earth has Sven and Raul arriving or the Atletico move have to do with your accusation that Wenger LIED to Griezmann? Smokescreens Durand smokescreens.
          Point 3. I have still not found ANY proof that Ivan has said Wenger lied to Griezmann, despite trolling through eif and I ask you to provide proof of this now on “justarsenal” for all to read.
          Point 5. Three examples? You said that Wenger lied because he said that he would sign world class players, then give me the Griezmann name as an example of lying to another person. Again, as I said in my original reply,
          Griezmann world class player, wenger lying to him? Double dutch as far as I can see.
          No more need for me to research your statements, as I have gone to the source in Griezmann himself and HIS recollections of the incident.
          I believe if you call someone a liar, you need to have irrefutable proof before besmirching someones character. Whether one believes Wenger is good or bad for the club has nothing to do with this.
          Your view that you proved your point is laughable to say the least, but suggest you have “moved on” because I have proved you completely wrong, not by my words, but by Grieamann’s own words.
          Await your reply with interest.

          1. Durand says:

            Never said Ivan debunked wenger on Greizman; there you go again. Said Ivan debunked wenger which i found on eifsoccer.com in which Ivan explained how there was money after the move, and where money came from.
            I’ll paraphrase article because i can find it AGAIN but somehow you still can’t; ( weird right?)
            Ivan said there was money from marketing deals with club, but less compared to other clubs. So they issued bonds to offset debt, which brought in money, restructured other deals, hence club had cash.
            That example deals with finances, players i answered above, and wenger was quoted saying sven works with me. CEO Gazidis doesn’t buy players.
            You may think otherwise regarding wenger, and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I have different opinion i have seen reinforced from different sources.

            Lastly, espn article should set you straight about players. Gazidis isn’t involved with player sales, buys, contracts, who stays or goes etc.
            Wenger himself clarified that one, which i didn’t know AS FACT until i read from wenger quote himself.

            Hopefully lets move on to other topics now, i look forward to future debates, cheers!

          2. Ken 1945 says:

            But that is what you are implying (ivan debunked Wenger) by stating that there was money after the incident isn’t it? If not, what are you implying? Otherwise why bring it into the discussion regarding Griezmann. It doesn’t prove that Wenger lied does it?
            I did ask you if you could quote the references but you seem reluctant to do this. I am sure it is there,( just like the Griezmann autobiography is) you just have to give the reference as you have found it again. I apologise for not being able to.
            With reference to Gazidis and players, what has that got to do with your accusation that Wenger lied?
            In fact, let’s cut out all the bull and concentrate on this one question?
            Did Griezmann say that Wenger lied to him over his transfer talks?
            No he did not say that as per his own autobiography.
            Anyone on this site can look it up in his book and verify it.
            On that simple question and with the absolute knowledge that the FACTS (as they stand) proved he did not, I rest my case.
            Future debates? Of course. I am sure we will

          3. Ken 1945 says:

            Just read you rsecond reply timed at 7.56.
            What I ACTUALLY SAID was “could it have been Gazidis or Kronke who was responsible”? I was asking a question, not stating that it was Gazidis.
            Do you see the difference?
            Then you give a direct quote from Wenger as reported by espn “Sven doesnt speak to CEO Gazidis about players”. O.K.
            So what’s your point? How does that help your statement that Wenger lied about Griezmann?
            Just as a little observation: ESPN have been known to get a lot of transfer news exclusives wrong as have many other media outlets, just ask the Sun readers!!

          4. Durand says:

            What news organizations do you accept as credible? You dismiss our CEO when he contradicts wenger, question ESPN reliability, and claim unable to find an article I’ve easily found several times. Type in a topic, people involved, and an organization or question and it will list several sites!
            The ivan thing deals with Arsene claiming funds aren’t there to buy players! Article explained how ivan worked to increase funds through long term bonds offsetting short term debt. Hence his statement in 2013 about financial firepower which was mocked; i was one who did.
            Financial records prove this; bonds issued, lower debt payments, restructure debt, stock price increase, yet not much funds available?
            Economics 101 understanding, hopefully i don’t have to explain that one.

            Lastly Greizman also quoted in book ( you left out) when he heard from agent Arsenal interested again, he said, ” forget it, after the blow they dealt us.”
            Arsene himself said he is responsible for buying players, not Ivan.

            I haven’t cited resources so much since my masters thesis on revitalizing inner harbor in baltimore!

            I can lead a horse to water, but i can’t make him drink. I’ve cited, quoted, and referenced myself to death. You have read several pages of 1 book. Believe what you llike, it’s fine. Think of me what you like, i can’t satisfy you if you refuse to be satisfied.

          5. Ken 1945 says:

            For your information I wentonto the site and typed in Griezmann to Arsenal transfer saga, Griezmann Wenger fallout etc etc. No luck,please try it yourself to prove I’M not lying. Then went to the man himself and read his account of the story in his own words, which I might add seems perfectly reasonable, don’t you? No lies from Wenger there.
            Every news media has its own agenda..daily mirror versus the sun as a red top example. I don’t believe any of them to be honest, otherwise my disappointment over the “cert transfers” we have misseed out on would see us top club in the world. No lies from Wenger there.
            If you have two people arguing, with no proof available as to who is telling the truth, surely you take neither side? If you had stated Gazidis had lied to the fans I would be just as sceptical as I am with Wenger. It doesn’t matter who said what here, Wenger did not lie to Griezmann via Gazidis did he? No lies from Wenger there.
            Thank you for the economics update, nothing in there proves that Wenger lied to Griezmann does it though?
            You do make it easy for me with your next insinuation that I left out on purpose “forget it, after the blow THEY dealt us”.
            Firstly the emphasis is on THEY, no names no packdrill.
            Why do you (not Griezmann) insist it is Wenger? There is no proof. No lies from Wenger there.
            Secondly, I did leave it out because it has NOTHING to do with your accusation does it? No lies from Wenger there.
            It’s from a player who feels he has been let down by a club.
            If Arsene is responsible for buying players, I ask you (yet again) why didn’t he buy him? If you believe one part of the story, why not question the outcome to make sense of it? No lies from Wenger there.
            Congratulations on your masters thesis for revitalising inner harbour in Baltimore. No lies from Wenger there (In fact the man is such a gentleman he would congratulate you in my opinion).
            Finally, you say I have read one book. But that’s the whole point’ it is the definitive account by the man in question. Griezmann is so pi**ed of with Arsenal football club he has said he will never sign for us. It is Griezmanns account of what happened, not any media site, Arsenal board member, owner, player or fan. He slags off the club, as you quoted from his book yourself. But,and this is the point you seem so reluctant to agree with, he NEVER MENTIONS WENGER.
            Now it might be that your assumptions are correct, who knows?
            Certainly not the media who can and do interpret whatever they want. Only our club, Griezmann and his agent know what happened. Therefore, in my bid to get satisfaction regarding the slur about Wengers honesty, I believe you have not proved he has lied, Griezmann has not named him once (to date), so what gives you the authority to proclaim it?
            My opinion of you and visa versa, doesn’t matter in the least does it? It is how people,s opinion of Wenger (or anyone else)are swayed when they are accused of something the other party involved has never said. That is where you are wrong and no amount of blustering about side issues changes that fact. Innocent until proven guilty. Fact before fiction.

          6. Durand says:

            Why you make Greizman topic when i only mention him one example of 3? The ivan comments self explanatory regarding money available.
            Lastly my quote regarding wenger saying Gazidis doesn’t buy players. Sure seemed like Gazidis played big part in Aubamayang doesn’t it? Why else was he there?

            Does that qualify regarding wenger? I’ll give you espn site if you can’t find, nov 29th 2017. Let me know if you need link attached.

          7. Ken 1945 says:

            I thought we had covered your other points!
            Wenger promised world class players…identified Griezmann as a potential signing…signing didn’t happen despite Wenger wanting him.
            Now I’m confused as to if you are saying Wenger was in complete control of transfers or not.
            If he was, I ask(for the 4th time) why didn’t he get his man?
            Answer: Someone at the club over rode his decision, meaning he wasn’t in complete control as you allege doesn’t it? Gazidis says there was money in the coffers that’s fine no problem with that. SO,who pulled the plug on
            the transfer of a man wenger identified as a target? The money was there,but that doesn’t prove Wenger lied in any shape or form does it????
            Gazidis does NOW, we are told, have some say in transfers (Abe & Mky) no problem with that statement at all. Are you saying he was involved in the Griezmann incident? If so, then again I suggest could it be him that pulled the plug?
            Why don’t you accept Griezmann’s version that the club let him down? If it had been Wenger, don’t you think he woulld have said so in capital letters? That would have made headlines over the world and sold him so many more books wouldn’t it?
            You have read his own autobiography, does he mention Wenger once in his tirade against the club????????
            The answer is NO. No matter how many times you try to smokescreen with different issues, you have not once shown any factual evidence where you can say to me “here it is in black and white that Wenger lied”. Tired of waiting for you to apologise for not having the deceny to admit your mistake, so I’ll let you think long and hard about relying on media reports rather than the actual facts.
            Finished with this, I’ll let the others decide if you have proved your point.

          8. Durand says:

            Wenger lied about money available, gazidis involved in players CLEARLY even tho wenger said 2 months previously he wasn’t. You admitted ivan’s involvement, despite being direct contrast to wenger’s statement!
            If someone killed greizman transfer, who has that power?
            Can’t be ivan, as wenger stated ivan is not involved in player purchases.
            I’m convinced of my statmemt as well as facts that back ot up.

            Perhaps its best you leave it be, you are blind because you refuse to see.

  7. gotanidea says:

    Can’t believe there are 22% of the voters voted for allowing Wenger to finish his contract (by the time I voted)

    Arsenal should get new people with new ideas and we should not be afraid of any changes, whether it is good or bad

    1. RSH says:

      yeah i have no idea what people are afraid of anymore. Wenger has already done worse than probably any new manager would do for us.

  8. Durand says:

    Thumbs would also be a good gauge of sentiment regarding peoples views or opinions.
    Just saying is all……

  9. lola says:

    this poll is corrupted. the choice should be a. wenger gone at the end of the season. or b. wenger gone NOW!!!

  10. jon fox says:

    Star billing in your article . Well thank you Mr. Admin , I should feel honoured I suppose. Anyway, as I am, apparently, a peacful man, peace to you all, brethren. Unlike some people, I have never set out to garner”likes” which til recently were on this site. I see this site as a proper fan discussion site, not too sanitised from assertive and actual fan speak language , which as the Admin well knows, though will not publicly admit, is how fans speak when attending matches. In other words the real fans. I KNOW THIS AFTER 60 YEARS ATTENDING HOME AND MANY AWAY YEARS TOO. A problem arises when some people on here who never actually attend Arsenal games – I realise many are abroad and so can’t easily come over – are out of tune with how real fans talk to each other, usually without falling out in the slightest. As an example of this I offer you Claude and Ty, good mates but verbal sparring partners and a sort of double act on Arsenal Fan TV. That being said, there is a line I will never cross as the Admin is well aware; gratuitous filth, swearing at people and the like. But if people wish a site where everyone speaks to other debaters (as debating it what we do , isn’t it?) as though we were having tea and cucumber sandwiches at the Vicars, then I suggest this site is not a true fan site or worth having. PERHAPS WE COULD HAVE A POLL ON THIS PRECISE SUBJECT, MR ADMIN? Meanwhile I see the Wenger in or out poll is overwhelmingly out , already, as I write. Well, well , well! Whever would have thought it!

  11. Break-on-through says:

    I think Lola’s right, you can’t ask to respect contract when it would mean another season and another chance to get another contract. He’s had a more than fair shot, the cups did buy him more time but a league challenge should have been seen by Arsenal. We got no challenge so he has to give someone else a crack at it. I’d vote wait til end of this season but announce it so he has some better memories walking away and fans can prove him right at when he said they don’t hate me they hate the manager that doesn’t deliver.

    I’m reading Tuchel is supposed to be the knew guy, I don’t see that and I don’t see Bayern and PSG chasing him neither. More likely Eve post.

  12. PIRES says:

    Just a word for our W,O,B friends:don’t be over the moon with this meaningless poll.A sample of few hundreds of voters don’t represents millions and millions of fans over the world and even the opinion of these millions are pointless since ,as it’s the case in any club of the world,the BOARD members are here to take decisions,not the fans.In our club ,as we all know ,no one will DARE to say a word to wenger let alone sack him….So let’s not delude yourselves

    1. Phil says:

      Oh dear.You just won’t let it go and accept it will you Pires.The Poll run here on this site by Admin is what counts today.If the numbers had been reversed you would be claiming outright victory.
      So let’s agree that THIS POLL proves on THIS SITE that approximately 4 out of every 5 who entered the vote want Wenger OUT.
      Please -no more Adam and Eve
      no more Atomic Bombs
      no moreJesus parting the Sea of Galilee
      no more Who Killed Kennedy
      And definitely no more Outrageous and Slanderous tirades at @Jon Fox.Im not sure his heart can stand it
      The result is there.

      I totally blame Jon Fox?

  13. AB says:

    Admin, I wish you had put an option to oust him immediately. I am sure many would have selected that.

    1. jon fox says:

      AB, a far more truthful poll would offer four options: Wenger out this week; Wenger out at end of this season(May); Wenger to complete his contract and then go(so one more season); and finally, Wenger to have his contract renewed and extended. If as he claims, the ADMIN really wants to get at the whole truth, let him run this poll I have outlined. I still maintain more than 90 % want Wenger out at latest by end of THIS SEASON. A POLL LIKE THIS WOULD PROVE IT!

      1. Admin says:

        I thought about many options but chose a two choice poll without specifications. One or the other…

        1. jon fox says:

          But why, when a more full choice comprising all possibilities is on offer? Surely if you want the real truth in any thing you have to account for all possible opinions. Otherwise it is not a real poll. Like saying who do you want politically, but, Labour or Conservative are the ONLY choices. Surely you must see this truth?

  14. qone says:

    the majority of those who love the club, i am sure wants aw to leave as soon as possible. we thank him for his services but his methods are outdated = gooner = forever

  15. Innit says:

    Im surprised that over 20% want him to continue for another year

    5 years ago i would understand
    But How much punishment do you want to endure?
    Why have another year of damage?
    We are 6th place and unlikely to get a trophy and probably another season out of CL.
    There are several managers who we could get ie. Allegri, Ancelloti, Low, Jardim, Simeone, Enrique
    We lost out in the first wave of managers ie Klopp, Maureen, Guardiola, Conte.

    Let’s get a new manager with a winning vision and someone who knows what hes doing and knows how to build a top team

    1. AB says:

      I think people who want wenger to continue are satisfied with winning the fa cup and reaching the finals of the league cup. They count community shield as a trophy. For them success is not measured by the premier league and the champions league. They highlight examples of Liverpool and spurs that the have not won anything major in the recent past rather than using the likes of city and Chelsea to compare.They will blame everything on the owner and the board. The owner and the board have responsibility as well and I think most wenger our fans want them out as well. But the kind of team performances we have seen recently are down to the manager to a large extent. I am always ears for the point of view from the other side but I am looking for AKBs to support their based on ambition and performance on top tournaments or agree on this forum that their expectations from the club are limited to smaller cups.

      1. RSH says:

        board should only be blamed for not kicking out Wenger soon. Theyve been providing the funds the last few seasons and we have only gotten worse. They are responsible for the acceptance of mediocrity at Arsenal, but Wenger is responsible for poor management, poor recruitment, and partly responsible for this chaos amongst the fanbase. Oh how I wish he left on a high, because his accomplishments for Arsenal are massive yet now they only stand to be tainted.

  16. ks-gunner says:

    The world is jk about us fans and i completely get them now. Why we have created labels like AOB i dont understand? People dont have agendas like AKB who want Wenger to continue his work no matter what.

    The main point of matter is the club not the manager. He is an employee and should be judged according to his work, just like every other human being doing his work.

    Everything revolves around the success of the club not around Wenger.


    AKB: Do you like cats like us?
    Me: Actually i prefer dogs to cats.
    AKB: Dont you know that they eat mouse?
    Me: Yes but i truly believe that dogs make better pets.
    AKB: Are you a cat Hater?
    Me: No, i don’t hate them, i just consider dogs to be better pets.
    Me: What? NO. I am just telling you that dogs make better pets bec of this and that reason.
    AKB: You hater! Eat dog poo!
    Me: Dude wtf calm your ( . y . ). What is wrong with you?
    AKB: Cats for life madaafaka!

    Soon after: We hello kitty group fan club stand united against the hateful anti-hello kitty fan club. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ, dont bo hating, be supporting.

    1. jon fox says:

      An amusing analogy, if somewhat hard to accept. I love cats and dogs passionately but do firmly take your RELEVANT point about any player or manager being an employee and as such dispensible. In Arsenals entire pre Wenger history, this situation with a manager never previously occurred. Bad ones were sacked or forced to resign. Our best ever, Chapman, died unexpectedly while in the middle of three straight consecutive titles , finished by George Allison. But the club and powers that be should act like decent humans – difficult for some , I realise – and put the health of the club above all else, That means sacking Wenger now.

  17. Gunner22 says:

    Arsene gave us the double, took us to the UCL finals, several FA cups, twice to the league cup finals, asking him to be sacked! Thanks ungrateful and disrespectful. Luckily we have Stan as our owner, he sees Arsene differently. Yes someday Arsene will leave, the WOB has to understand that and honor him in his last years with us.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      He has lost his honor with his greed for power and money. 22 years with no cl and just 3 epl titles is nothing to be proud of.

      He did nothing for free and became very rich while under performing. So why should he be free from a sack? Stan is in for the money, and you are happy to have him around? Jesus have mercy. Who needs enemy’s when we have cuks as fans.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Well put ks-gunner!

    2. PIRES says:

      spot on

      1. PIRES says:

        and i am not against a new manager if he can do better than AW

        1. Gunner22 says:

          And I’m not against Jardim, Simeone or Alegiri taking over. I’m against some dude who has achieved nothing much.I’m against sacking Wenger.I’m against all the vile language and nonsense written in the name of free speech. In recent posts, someone mentioned the holocaust, have some decency and show respect, some wish death, etc. I’m pained at how low and inhuman some individuals are. Debate and ridicule opinions, not the individual. If difference s cannot be accommodated, lets rename this site to justarseneout till he’s hounded out.

  18. AJ GUN says:

    since i can’t vote over there (don’t know why tho’)……yes id like him to finish this season and be gone not in abad way he’ll always have my respect i still can’t figure out how it has come to this i must say, always wanted him to get a kings farewell but it is what it is hey! obviously its hard/impossible to know what is really going on with him still at our dugout but i have had this feeling of sm fishy stuff going on upstairs, almost to a point where i felt sympathetic towards le prof.i couldn’t take it anymore,seeing my club detriment this low was unbearable,geting humiliated not once,not twice, not thrice i couldn’t help but say enough is enough,this heart ache is way too much, we need fresh ideas fresh evrything.my Question is why would le prof put himself through all this,getting his face tarnished taking the punches for upstairs bosses for adecade or more? the open letter arteta wrote confirmed it for me but then WHY? 10 plus years aint ajoke!…as a man you always have to stand up for yourself say NO MORE…….SO WHOSE THE PROBLEM NOW???

  19. Kumagaya says:

    @ADMIN. We are performing badly. True. But anysase person. Or any person who has run a big business enterprise must first do research in the background to know not only the positive but also the negative side to a potential change in the syste. I’m sure so many fans here just call for Our ancestors exit without such. I also call foe it. But if anyone takes time. They should see that changes are working in the back ground. I always detect some changes at the background and it’s a sign of smooth transition. I think they the board are doing it with two options. If such can improve Mr. Wenger job then he will remain. If such doesn’t improve then he will go. Let’s focus on Europ a.

  20. John Legend says:

    He should be gone already.
    e should have left on a slight high before now, I pity him

  21. Tim says:

    It would be a right laugh if Wenger got sacked and Arsenal plummeted to being a team vying for 10-15th position because of ongoing decisions by Kronke etc.

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