Let’s talk about the facts why about Arsenal have lots of cheap average players

Is it Wenger’s fault that Arsenal have got too many average players? by Midkemma

When Silent Stan was selling off Arsenal’s best players to help pay towards the debt, Wenger threatened to force RvP to run out his contract and then the board sold him. Nasri was promised not to be sold the same year as Cesc and Nasri himself has confirmed how the board sold him when Wenger said he didn’t want to lose him.

AFC is a squad made up from players who wasn’t good enough to be sold for CL money.

For the last few years we have been buying quality, IMO not enough quality, considering the near decade we had of keeping average players! I honestly think Silent Stan should have put his hand in his pocket and spent more than £100million in a year, Arsenal make that just from ticket sales!

If you want to talk about facts then talk about them.

Wenger was winning the EPL with Dein at Arsenal.
Henry has said that Dein was the man to get those things done when he was there.
Dein left, Gazidis arrived and we have been very poor in transfers ever since.
From that moment we have been building up the volume of players who are not good enough to win the EPL and it has got to the volume of players where the whole team is affected by it.

If you wish to talk about facts then talk about Silent Stan’s self sustaining model vs Usmanovs speculate to invest style…

Talk about how the old board fooled Arsenal fans while bumping up share prices…

How Usmanov has been frozen off the board because he is pushing for us to invest in the squad!

How a manager is hired to do a job and what Silent Stan wants and what we want are 2 different things.

Or you can ignore the facts?



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    First of all, I am getting sick and tired of the financial excuses that are meant to deflect any criticism away from Wenger. If finances are the be all, and end all, then why are we languishing in sixth place, with a net spend of almost £90 million? Spurs’ net spend was around £25 million, yet we’re currently 17pts adrift of them, and we’ve lost six more games! Bayern’s net spend was around £15 million, yet they beat us 10-2 over just two games! If finances are so important, then why have we gone backwards over the last four years? How did Leicester, and Atletico win their respective leagues?

    Another important fact that wasn’t mentioned, is player sales over the last four years. We’ve only brought in around £45 million from player sales over this four year period. That’s an incredibly low figure, and a strange one, if the board are so money hungry. Why have they not sold more, and cashed in? I am not defending the board in the slightest, but it seems strange. What’s happened is that we have been able to afford to keep a lot of these players, and Wenger has had the final say on that. For example, a ruthless manager would have sold Ramsey years ago and got a high fee, which the board would have been very happy to sanction, but Wenger decided not to sell…because he thinks Ramsey is WC!

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Sissoko and world class guarantee goals vincent janssen cost 30m and 25m

      Apart from the British core, they spend alot on bales money

      Capoue, dembele, lamela, eriksen, ventorgen, alderwield etc

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Yeah, was gonna say they put in a couple hundred million spends along with Liv not too many seasons back. Even their second striker VJ cost more than our Giroud. Before last summer we spent like an Eve, even worse when we spent nothing the season before. So we probably only got that hundred spend because it was like 50m from each season. Makes it sound like it might be true when you consider Ozil, our budget is probably fifty mil at a time when decent strikers cost around that.

        1. Midkemma says:

          £50 million may very well be the rough amount of funds Wenger gets to spend but I do not know and try to keep an open mind, something to consider in my opinion when thinking of this is the debt.

          If we think about how debt is thought off… AFC still has around £250 million of debt still. It gets reported as around £6 million due to the cash reserves AFC have built up.

          We could afford to spend £100 mil a year and the cash reserves would increase at a minimal expected level (if I read things correctly), this being a plus still. The odd year where we do not spend the full amount will add in funds towards the cash reserve.

          Having the odd year where the spending is 50% or even 25% would add a nice few million to the cash reserves and that can get spun as we are better off financially then they like to show. There is an obvious reason for this… Silent Stan likes his share prices to increase in value. Another thing that increases value is assets, we haven’t sold many players over the past few years but Silent Stans shares have nearly doubled in value which we have read about and how Silent Stan may use that to get the loan required for his other sports team to have a new stadium built.

          It is sad and painful to see passionate Arsenal supporters suffer because of a selfish owner, I suffer along with every other supporter.

    2. paul35mm says:

      Net spend is only one way of looking at finances. In order to look at how much a club had invested you have to look at the total invested in tranfer fees and wages for all the players on the senior roster. No one ever does that because the actual salaries of the players is unknown. People guess at what the numbers are, but no one outside the clubs and the players actually know for sure. So, when you talk aobut Bayern Munich’s ‘bet spend’ being £15 million last season, that’s true, but they may have huge wages, they may have tax advantages built into player salaries, on top of the enormous investment in players already on the books.

      Comparing the cost of players to European clubs and EPL clubs is comparing apples to oranges. Premier League teams pay a premium for talent because clubs on the continent know the EPL teams have the cash to spend compared to their European counterparts and they know that English talent is also inflated in price. This makies European players relatively cheap, even if the EPL clubs have to pay more for the same player than he is for teams in Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, or the Bundesliga.

      As far as the Spurs net spend goes; there are three thigns in play there. First; the Spurs have done a good job developing players their own players (Harry Kane) and they’ve done well buying young players and developing them (Dele Alli) an they’ve spent a lot of money to pick up one or two good players that have hleped them (Christian Erikson). What they have not done is do it for an extended period of time. There’s a lot of tal kabout Spurs overtaking Arsenal and a dramatic powershift in North London, and the talk could be true. It could also be that in the next season or two Spurs will lose Dele and Kane and Dembele and one or two other players just as Arsenal did Thierry Henri, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, etc. When you are not one of the top five or six richest clubs and oyu have players good enough to play at those clubds as Arsenal did, keeping your players can be difficult.

      All of this is not very sexy or easy for the barstool managers and club presidents to understand. Screaming Wenger Out is just so much easier and requires so much less thought.

      Claiming the board won’t spend or the owner doesn’t care is stupid. Arsenal Football club is, if nothing else, a billion pound asset that its owner values. RThe idea that he’s ignoring it and letting it devalue is assinine. What Arsenal has always been, is well run financially and financially solvent and stable. Again, this is not sexy or fun to talk about, but it just as important long-term, as buying the next player being hyped on the back pages of the tabloids.

      Arsenal sold players before the stadium was paid off because the club could not pay the wages the players were able to earn elsewhere. Even now, Arsenal cannot pay the same wages as Chelsea, Man City, Man U, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and PSG. A lot is being made of the rumored £250,000 salary offered to Alexis, but Arsene Wenger has said publicly many times he would not break the club’s wage structure for either Ozil or Sanchez, which means that salary number is a lie.

      Arsenal fans just refuse to accept one simple fact; the club is no longerthe second biggest club in terms of financial power that it was before Abramovic and Sheikh Mansoor invested in chelsea and Manchester city. Arsenal fans do not understand that clubs like Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham, because of outside investment and the increase in TV money, are now close to Arsenal in finacial power. The huge TV contract has made the Premier League a target of outside, non-football investors because that gauranteed revenue makes the clubs a good investment. This massive outside investment had made the Premier League ever more competitive, from top to bottom.

      As a supporter, I like that Arsenal is different from other clubs. I like that we have a manager we stick by, year after year. I like the stability of the club’s approach. I like that no matter how loud and how long the pundits scream for Arsenal to change managers, they do not. I like that Arsenal doesn’t change the whole danmed team every season. The reality is, Arsenal have punches at or above their weight for twenty one years and if this season they finally slip a little, that’s hardly a reason to fire the manager. I know that Arsene Wenger knows more about fotball, past, present, and future, than anyone writing in this blog, appearing on television as a pundit, or making baselss claims aobut transfer performances; myself included.

      Wenger In. COYG

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        What hogwash. Arsenal cannot pay the same wages as other top teams in the world? Did you know we are amongst the top ten spenders on wages outspending the likes of Bayern, Juventus and Atletico Madrid and closely following clubs like PSG in our wage bill? So what is the matter with our wage bill? It is that damned wage structure that sees the likes of Mertesacker and Ramsey earning big money yet the never produce big performances. Wenger spent 100M this season, we look like we will finish 6th or 7th. You talk about Wenger like he is some kind of know-it-all who is holding the club together but in reality he is the one killing it with his mediocre signings or lack there of. How many times must we humiliated by other teams before you think its okay to change the manager? Stop behaving like a desperate woman who’s unable to leave her cheating abusive husband. Finally, you say Arsenal has been punching above our weight? That’s your argument for keeping Wenger? Lol..”Hey guys, We have been overachieving so now we are finally back to our rubbish selves no need to panick everything is normal.” What a defeatist loser mentality, typical AKB!

        1. JembutArsene says:

          Mind you that Arsene had given us 3 PL titles and 6 FA Cups.

          You bloody glory hunter.

          1. Janssen says:

            Why be in it to win it right? That’s Kroenke’s moto.

            1. JembutArsene says:

              Be careful what you wish for.

              This is the best time for the fans to unite.
              Top 4 is still a possibility. Please don’t you want us to win against Man United?

              1. Break-on-through says:

                What people leave out is the European teams don’t pay wages the same way we do. Their contracts can be tied up with advertising and such, it’s like how Ronaldo makes most of his money, outside of football. English clubs buy most of or the entire rights to the player, and they choose what he endorses other than boots and stuff. Beckham made allot more money when he left for Madrid than he ever made at utd.

          2. Benjas says:

            As much as I like Wenger and as much as I hate Mourinho, still a disgrace, knowing Mourinho won 3 titles in a few years stay in England and it took Wenger 21 years to win 3 EPL titles.

          3. Tony says:

            3 PL titles and 6 FA cups in how many years?….did he also add any Champions League or European trophy to that also? the League Cup also?…AKBs and their definition for success and why that potato head should continue turning the club to a laughing stock…i get so confused when some people will stay in the most competitive league in the world and still be happy to just compete for top four…even the sick manager is thinking about a “top four” like the whole years of embarrassment has not been enough especially for fans who spend their hard earned money to watch home games as well as buy club apparels…

            he can also take his “WC” players with him

        2. Janssen says:

          Well sad Quantic Dream!!!

          Also might I add that playing Giroud and Ramsey over much better options and that having your team run around totally unorganized and having to say almost evey game that we were “naive” on the goal we conceded has nothing to do with money. Many lesser spending smaller clubs are much better organized on the pitch than Wenger’s players. He is not managing what he has at all, it is because of his management that players don’t develop. Which player canwe point to that “developed” this season?

          Our two great hopes from last season Iwobi and Bellerin have been Wenger and are a shell from what they showed last season and early this season. This man get’s his hand on a talented player and it is game over for the lad. I remember some on here were so excited about Mustafi when he first came on the scene with a solid resume, a half a year under Wenger and he became a Senderos.

          How your team plays and how your players develop has nothing to do with money. But that is too hard to grasp for the Wenger knows best fans, something they can’t face. Easier to say the player is sh1t, easier to say Iwobi is a liability then to wonder if he would be an Alli under Pottochino or a Jesus under Pep. Iwobi is older than Jesus and same age as Alli and I would not be surprised if he is capable of very much the same greatness in the making these young lads are showing at Spurs and City but under Wenger his development has been derayled. Where Alli killed of Arsenal last weekend Iwobi didn’t make it onto the pitch. More convenient to say Iwobi is sh1t than to wonder how it is that Wenger has not brought one single talented youngster to the stype of status that many youngsters carry in the PL with teams like Spurs.

          Wenger out.

        3. Midkemma says:

          I agree with you on the wage issue, we could afford to pay better wages for star players and I think the biggest part holding us back here is Wengers idea of a more balanced pay between the squad, sounds nice in theory but it hinders player development.

          We have seen it countless times in recent history of players with great potential getting a new contract and then performances drop, player then fails to reach potential.

          Ramsey? Wilshere? Those 2 was going to dominate the CM when they matured… Got the wages and look at them now. Iwobi is looking like he might join that list.

          Another thing to remember about competing with for example… City, City do not pay mega bucks for their top players, I think it was something like £220k a week for Aguero and he is their top earner on the same as Yaya.

          You can tell from my general postings that I will defend Wenger on some areas and I do not think that many issues will be resolved with a new manager, we need to get the infrastructure in that will take the club into the future is my belief.

          We could either get into a loop of swapping managers and not getting at the deeper issues or we can focus on those issues for say 2 years and within that time period get someone in who knows the sport inside and out, someone who will be able to find the right manager for us and get that manager in. Work on getting a person to manage the team of people who get transfers done, get up to date with the modern world so we can compete at the highest level.

          As we both will point out, we have too many average players, we need a clear out and that will take longer with fewer people of quality on the job.

          The funds that those sales could bring in could largely be spent now, so if the estimated income from X player sales should be £100mil, spend £75 mil of that now from the cash reserves and then work hard on recouping that money from the average that needs to go… Values was an example and not what I think they are worth XD
          That area could also deal with contracts, take the pay structure away from the manager and into the club, ensure we do not have this issue again when a new manager feels it is the right direction and has no one to stop him.

          We could work on all that…
          Or we can get into a manager swap loop where we are always looking for a new manager every year or 2.

      2. JembutArsene says:

        You’re a true arsenal fan, mate.

        Don’t mind the WOBs.

        1. Janssen says:

          Wish we could say the same about you. But I can say “You are a true Wenger fan, mate” Don’t mind the Arsenal fans.

          1. JembutArsene says:

            Yeah, right. How can an arsenal supporter wishes his team to lose?

            True fan my arse.

            1. Janssen says:

              How can an Arsenal fan wish for another year of Wenger?

              True fan my arse.

              1. JembutArsene says:

                The question you, sir, should all ask yourself if you are truthful, do you actually believe Stan K will sack Arsene based on fans protests? I still state that the “Wenger Out Brigade” don’t have the numbers willing to stand up for another big protest this season and the best one can hope for.

                So if Arsene will stay for another 2 years, it means all the blame on Kroenke.
                Therefore we better move on and stay behind the team.

                I said stay behind the team, not only Arsene.

      3. Splendid says:

        No need wasting words. Fans like you are the reason Arsenal is an embarrassment right now. Mark my words, your relationship with Wenger won’t end well.

      4. Uk says:

        Even leipzig wont lose 10-2 to bayern. What’s their wage bill again? Even Leicester made it to the CL QF at the first time of asking, whats their wage bill again? Arsenal cannot afford big wages, so who earns all that money that puts oir wage bill in the same bracket as the Manchester boys?

    3. Midkemma says:

      While I think getting a bargain is something to boast about, can we expect every signing to be a bargain buy?

      I would be one of the first to be bragging if we got Kante before he shown the EPL what he could do but I do think one thing Arsenal have been lacking in signings is getting the right quality, players with promise but also realizing it.

      I would like to point out though that a proven CF does not come cheap unless you develop them, AFC fans are not wanting potential but someone who can do the job now, this will either require a lot of luck or a lot of cash.

      You did rightly mention player sales, this is more than just Wenger though, he can not expected to do everything.
      Where do we as supporters turn round and say “You know what, the impossible has been asked from you and you have failed, why haven’t the board got people in to share the burden?”

      It is not Wengers choice if Silent Stan hires people to specialize in set roles, if Silent Stan is giving into Wenger too easily then he should be strong, he is the owner and he is the one who has the final say.

      How much money could have been raised if we had sold players?

      If we could have sold a few before we bought Perez then would we have bid more for Lacazette? Was the rumor of around £30 million bid all that Wenger had left to spend?

      As a Arsenal supporter I am upset that the board hasn’t done more, Wenger speaks about players he has missed out on and I think that is a failing off the board, I do not believe Silent Stan would sanction a £100 million plus transfer for MBappe but in a few years time will I be reading about how Wenger failed?

      As for sanctioning the sale of Ramsey, do you know how much the bids was and why they was turned down? Could you please show me a valid rejection? All I can remember is paper rumors which nothing materialized from, this to me is not proof that Wenger has been blocking sales but just media rumors to get clicks or sell papers.

      I will like to remind you though that the board may be doing something about realizing more of the potential profit at Arsenal, the talk of a sporting director? Someone to work on selling the players Wenger doesn’t want to raise more capital?

      I would like to finish off by highlighting how not all purchases are made by Wenger and some of those purchases are on the books now and without the manpower to get them sold, they are deadweights.
      Welbeck I recall was not wanted as a buy but as a loan, Wenger said as much from his own mouth in an interview so why did Arsenal FC buy him?
      Vardy was suppose to be our main CF target but Wenger never spoke to Vardy and it was a bit of a joke about how little Wenger appeared to care about that transfer, Perez confirmed that Arsenal looked at him at the beginning of the transfer window and we waited till the end to panic buy a striker, was this a Wenger signing? Wenger hasn’t appeared to trust Perez. It feels like a club signing in a poor attempt to please the fans which obviously failed.

      1. Janssen says:

        You raise some fair points but Wenger did say in a recent interview that Ramsey was the future of the club which would be a statement consistent with not wanting to sell him and he does continue to play Ramsey despite the fact that Ramsey is barely average.

        1. geegunner says:

          must sell players..
          these guys need to go..that gives us close to £100mllion to reinvest..plus a descent handout from stan should secure some replacements better than whats been sold.
          DIEGO SIMIONE. well.i can dream

        2. Midkemma says:

          I take those statements 1 of 2 ways, not saying what you said is wrong 🙂

          1 way is Wenger supporting his player, trying to give him confidence and to try and get him performing.

          The 2nd way is to ensure any negotiations that may happen will ensure as much money as possible.

          I do think Wenger would be willing to sell him, he doesn’t trust him in the middle as much as one would think if they just read what the Arsenal supporters say, he is made to play out wide a lot and we all know Wenger does this to help push a players development.

          He gets little game time if Theo is performing and CM has no injury issues.

          I honestly think that Wenger isn’t going to give up on any of the players he thinks has potential but I do not think he will put his trust in Ramsey when other options are available and we need the right signings to make Ramsey obsolete. Ramsey does offer us an attacking threat which ElNny, Coquelin and Xhaka does not offer… It isn’t like Wenger is not making CM signings either.

          We could have said the same thing about Wilshere 12 months ago but look how he got sent out on loan to prove himself again which kinda failed… Giving him a new contract could just be a way to ensure as much money from his sale and there has been rumors of him being sold.

          I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same with Ramsey if we get enough quality in CM, Wenger does give up on players eventually otherwise we would still have Diaby and Wilshere would be in the treatment room all season XD

          His loyalty to players is a double edged sword, I think we could forgive the odd player here and there if the rest of the team was above average, we have so much average now though that someone like Ramsey who had so much potential… He takes the brunt as he represented a lot of hope for us, that hope has been crushed recently and there is a bitterness in the air around the players who represented that.

      2. Uk says:

        What a load of crap excuses, no point bothering to pick dem out. All I’ll say is, before asking someone else for evidence, try producing same for your bs

    4. AY75 says:

      Water Closet??

      1. AY75 says:

        That’s was a reply to “because he thinks ramsey is WC”

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Word going around that loser wenger never trust gazidis especially the transfers…he was never a smooth operator like Dein that can convince the board…..

    And since heaps of transfers secrets get sold to rivals….hence u get players like mata, silva and etc joining rivals at the last min..
    Failure specialist wenger never trust anyone

    1. Allegri Arsenal says:

      We need someone who deals with transfers and gets the job done. We also need new top manager and Assistant Manager.

  3. RAZ says:


    1. Janssen says:

      Can you stop posting in all CAPS? I find it hard to read and a bit annoying to be honest.

  4. Mr_Clear says:

    I like the title of this article because it hits on the main reason why we are so bad and that’s OUR PLAYERS ARE AVERAGE! Yes of course Wenger’s tactics are awful, he makes horrible selections, plays guys out of position, can’t substitute correctly, etc etc but it’s my opinion and some may disagree but no matter what manager you bring in, they’re not gonna get that much better results with the current lot of crap players we have. Article mentions how few players we have sold over the years and without a doubt I think that’s possibly AW’s biggest mistake, his loyalty and refusal to move on from players not doing the job. Ramsey gone. Gibbs gone. Giroud gone. Coquelin gone. And I’m close to saying Ozil gone. And many more. I’d rather we play our U-23s and U-21s over some of our current players, at least they would fight and get experience. Current team is way too comfortable and many need to go. We won’t improve until we cut dead weight which seems like it don’t ever happen.

    1. paul35mm says:

      If Arsenal had a bunch of Average players playing for a poor manager, Arsenal would have been tenth or so in the tablle for the last two decades, not fourth or higher every year. If, as seems likely at the moment, Arsenal should fall one or two spots outside the top four this season, does that really mean Arsenal is full of average players led by a poor manager? No. It does not.

      It is so much easier to moan about crap players and bad tactics and poor substitutions and poor player assignments but no one is offering you a job managing their club. I wonder why that is? Maybe because you do not know your ass from a hole in the gorund.

      Watching Arsenal to lose to Tottenham in a must-win game was difficult but the game was not nearly as one-sided as the idiots writing in blogs claim.

      Arsenal set up to counter attack, just like these same idiots have been demanding. What these idiots do not understand is, counter attacking football is a risky strategy if you fail to score first. If the other team scores, you have a team set up to defend that now needs to chase the ball and the game. And when a team cedes possession, there is a big risk that the opponnent will score first.

      Tottehand’s second goal was on a dive by Harry Kane and if that penalty is not given, the game is a very different proposition. Football is a game of minute margins and that penalty, as poorly given as the Rashford dive against Swansea, might be the difference between top four and fifth or sixth for the Gunners just as the penalty Man U got might be the difference between relegation and styaing up for Swansea.

      The integrity of the league is in serious jeopardy due to these kinds of decisions and video review is absolutely essential if the league is going to remain a credible institution. If I owned Swansea city, I would have the EPL in court for fraud is my club went down. These poor refereeing decisions are not just about wins and losses, it is about billion of dollars and club owners need to demand a system to prevent the kind of garbage officiating we’ve seen all season.

      1. John0711 says:

        Another dilusional fool

        1. Splendid says:

          Simply put. Kudos!

        2. JembutArsene says:

          So you’re only entitled to your opinion, heh?

          So rude you glory hunter.

          True fans stick through thick and thin.

          Learn that fact or bugger off.

          1. lord wafflebury says:

            True fans demand more from their players and managers..witness recent events with man u moyes and van gal…chelsea with mourinho …and forced change worked.
            I and a lot of fans are fed up with mediocrity…are you jembut ?
            Because if you are and are happy with wenger and our performances then you cannot call yourself a true fan.
            By the way, where have you been hiding all this time…first time i see your name on here defending wenger perhaps you are usually trolling other sites..if so you bugger off back there !

            1. JembutArsene says:

              I am not saying I am all but happy.
              But Goodness, so I am not allowed to hope that we can still beat man utd on Sunday and will make the Top 4?

            2. Admin says:

              Are you saying that only people who agree with you can post here?
              If so then you can “bugger off” too…..

              1. JembutArsene says:

                My first reply of “bugger off” to the poster that saying “another delusional fool” to paul35, like he was only entitled to his opinion.

                Don’t twist it.

      2. Nebsy says:

        Wow, how deluded can one get.
        Did you actually watch the game at WHL? What chances did our attacking team provide? Next to nothing, toothless and pathetic. There was ONE shot on goal that had value, and that was that one Ramsey’s shot.
        To say that Kane dived for penalty shows the length of your delusion, you poor thing. That will always be a penalty.
        Why can’t you come to terms that Wenger is no longer fit to be a manager of any club, let alone Arsenal?
        He was fit until, maybe, 2011. After that, sorry, but no. Don’t forget that he is the sole reason we didn’t win the title last season!

      3. Janssen says:

        Paul, no need to insult people if they don’t see things the way you do.

        Personally, I find your argument that no one is calling the guy you are replying to, to manage their team a bit weak. No one is asking me to be prime minister but they still want my vote.

        Are you saying football fans should not express their opinions? Football clubs ask for our money (directly or indirectly). Football clubs want us as fans. Yet we can not be moved by our clubs? Have we to be passionless observers? Cheering when we are told to sheer?

        Are you saying football is rocket science that can only be managed and understood by people with years of managerial experience? How does that explain managers with hardly any experience winning the world cup? Klinsmann comes to mind, Low as well. Or are they expert on account of haveing been in the game for years as players? If that is the case how do you explain the comments from the Henry’s and Keown’s and other ex-players from both Arsenal and other clubs?

        If no one is allowed to think that Wenger is doing a poor job should we just wait for him to leave when he feels like it? Or are you willing to make an exception for our “highly” knowledgeable board and owner? Are they allowed to evaluate Wenger despite the fact that no one is calling them either to manage a PL team?

        And where does your opinion fit in? Have you been called by any clubs to manage for them? If so what are you doing on here? Or are you Wnger in disguise trying to find another way put fans down?

    2. Midkemma says:

      ” I’d rather we play our U-23s and U-21s over some of our current players”

      I have been impressed with some of our kids, do you watch the ones out on loan?
      Our new young Nwakali has had some good moments and worth keeping an eye on and Mavididi started brightly before injury, we do have some kids who might show some hunger if given a chance.

      1. Quantic Dream says:

        I have also been very impressed by Maitland
        -Niles when he has played…certainly a better DM than Elneny and Coquelin

  5. Allegri Arsenal says:

    The problem is our manager and his outdated philosophy.

    1. Allegri Arsenal says:

      We need change from top to bottom.

  6. Roger Dreher says:

    Proper change will not take place until the fans hold back enough of their financial support!!!
    This approach is sometimes referred to as “tough love.”

  7. Tim Johnson says:

    Stan Kroenke and Wenger have ruined Arsenal.

  8. n1gooner says:

    If anyone has been watching the youths there is a player head and shoulders above the rest and that is the kid Reiss Nelson. Off all the youths i have watched, he has impressed me the most. I would give him ago over some of these so called first team players.

    1. Tony says:

      The guy has produced performances worthy of him to be called to the first team bench…that’s gives you another reason why that deluded and arrogant man of a coach should live cos he is just making life hard for every true fan as well as top class players

  9. Highbury Spy says:

    It doesn’t matter who Wenger signs he never plays them anyway. Chambers, Elneny, Holding, Perez, Mertesacker, he treats them all with contempt. No player in his right mind would ever sign for the deluded old fool managing our team. Wenger Out, Out, Out!

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