Let’s talk tactics that can win Arsenal the title

Tactics to use in our remainder of the season to win games‏ by Briantole.

Here are some tactics Arsenal could use in the remainder of the season to win games. A winning formula we can use. With our rich squad full of talented players how can we alternate tactics with variance to the opponents we face?
Well here is an idea…

Against teams who hold back to defend and break on the counter.
These are very tricky games in which we need to keep our eyes open making very few mistakes at the same time.
Such teams like West Ham, Crystal Palace and more are what we need to watch out for.
We can use such a lineup

It’s an obvious choice for a goalkeeper right back and left back.

As for our two center backs I would pick Per and Koscielny as I believe they are more than capable of handling the aerial threats and complimenting each other very well in such situations.

I would choose Coquelin and Elneny to partner each other in midfield.
Coquelin is more potent in breaking opposition attacks while Elneny has great stamina and makes strong runs while also technically gifted. Both are very good passers and holders of the ball.

Mesut Ozil is another obvious choice in AM, being very important in opening spaces and providing important passes.

I would go with Joel Campbell and Alexis Sanchez, who will come in handy in providing attacks on the wings and giving us the all-important width in such games.

Finally, I will select Giroud to lead the line.
He will provide strength and prove to be a nuisance to defenders whilst providing an aerial threat too.
In short, the line-up would be
Bellerin Mertz Kosc Monreal
Coq Elneny
Campbell Ozil Sanchez

Against teams that press up the pitch, IE Everton, Tottenham and Manchester united.
I would still use Cech, Bellerin and Monreal.
Now Gabriel and Koscielny would be my Centre back pairing because I believe they can handle themselves properly under very tricky situations unlike Mertesacker.
I would use a Coq Ramsey pairing since Coq is a cog and Ramsey is an all-rounder with so much energy and always a threat moving forward.

Ozil still maintains his position as the AM because of his class and character.

The wing positions
I would pick Chamberlain and Sanchez because of the Ox’s pace, energy and power. Providing great counter attacking capabilities.

Giroud also maintains his position as the lone striker as with his abilities to bully defenders and bring others into the game.
We need to be very stubborn defensively and ensure we utilise the mistakes of our opponents very well to hurt them.
And again, the line-up in short:
Bellerin Gabriel Koss Monreal
Coq Ramsey
Ox Ozil Sanchez

Against the very top teams.
Well you need to produce your very best and a very energetic lineup while also being clever.

I would still use Cech Bellerin and Monreal as very important members of our backline.
Koscielny and Gabriel would be my Centre back choices since they handle themselves well under pressure.

Coquelin will partner with Elneny because they are good battlers of the ball and are good in possession and passing the ball.

I would then use Sanchez and Ramsey as wingers because of their precious work rate, stamina and defensive ethics.
They are also good goal scoring threats. Which makes them great contenders for the position.

Giroud takes the final position as the lone striker with his ability to act as the target man as well as being great at scoring.

Bellerin Kosc Gabriel Monreal
Coq Elneny
Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

We can alternate these lineups. When it suits the game. That may give us a winning formula till the end of the season


Do you agree with Briantole? OR do you think simplifying our team to the opponents way of playing, would simply allow us to become predictable and make our lives difficult?

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  1. Funny that after it’s dawn on us that we might throw away the titLe due to our ineptness and unseriousness going into winnable games. We are now considering adopting the right Tactics in the 11th hour

    MoraL: if u fail to prepare early, u prepare to fail

  2. I think when playing teams who defend then have a high counter attack Walcott should make the team along side Sanchez.

  3. I like his thinking.
    Its basically a core
    of 14 players 15 if
    Santi was fit.
    Bellerin Koz Mertz Gabriel Monreal
    Coquelin Elneny Ramsey (Santi)
    Campbell Ox Ozil Sanchez Giroud.
    What are the roles for Ospina Debuchy Chambers
    Gibbs Flamini Arteta Rosicky Wilshere Walcott Wellbeck Sanogo
    apart from costing the club 260 million pounds in transfers and salaries?
    Might as well have the 15 senior players and ten academy players
    Adelaide Bielik Zelalem Akpom Hayden Niles Willock Malen
    and the two Nigerians saving us mega millions and they would
    contribute as much as the 11 expensive seniors who hardly play.

  4. Good assessment of how to utilize our team and picking the squad depending on the opposition. We are already very predictable so if this was actually used it would be interesting to see how it worked out. I especially liked the squad Briantole chose to play against the top teams. Some may complain about Ramsey on the wing but he always did bring a degree of defensive stability and offensive threat playing there.
    Against Barca i hope to see Ramsey or Campbell playing on the right flank as the either of these pairs would pose problems to Neymar. Great article all in all.

  5. Please Per is a girl when it comes to defending set pieces and if you see the replays in the previous seasons merts would crouch behind the opponents instead of putting his head where it hurts and John terry is still better at defending then him.

  6. I think it is only worth looking at tactics for the next game. Its a must win game for us. Leicester I suspect would be happy with a draw.

    Current form is that leicester are scoring freely against teams like man city and liverpool whilst conceedind very few goals. Away form is excellent. Arsenal, on the other hand are going through a lean patch with few goals.

    Chances are that leicester will sit back and concede possession then hit us on the counter. So we need our best defence and include le coq. The whole team must be motivated from start to end of game, total commitment and desire with no lapses of concentration.

    In fact we need to play like we should of played in all those missed opportunities, then we would be comfortably ahead with it being a must win game for leicester and the others would have been trailing far behind.

  7. The thing is, we are already too predictable in the way we play, Which explains why we have come unstuck against the average teams.

    Maybe changing formation during these type of games, if and when we are struggling and also maybe switching Winger’s… This is what I call tactics during matches, but unfortunately it’s non- existent with Wenger,
    He is content with sitting with his face buried in his hands,
    When his one dimensional way of playing is failing.

    So don’t be surprised if Flamini and Ramsey start against Leicester.

  8. Arsene and Arsenal will never will BPL title, that’s for sure now. We might finish second end of the season.
    I might be annoying but looking at the fixtures it’s impossible to win the title.

  9. I got to disagree with the tactics against big teams, having Giroud upfront for when we play against other top teams and potentially being pressed back in our own half?

    Against top teams I would use a mobile team and work their defenders hard, have Theo upfront who will be happy to drop onto the wings to allow the wingers to step into the CF role for short periods so the opposition defenders can’t get used to a style to defend against, switch it up.

    We all know Theo can do the right, he has done it before and scored/assisted from the wing so we should be able to trust him to do that role for 5 mins or so at a time while Campbell cuts in and drives forward…
    He isn’t as good on the left which I blame for his current form but he has shown he can handle it for short periods, with Alexis then it means we have a front 3 who could rotate and cause havoc for defenders.

    If Ramsey is in the mood/form to get back and defend with as much passion as he has at going forward then I would choose him to partner Coquelin(Once before he had this for a consistent period and we all got wow’d by him then), Ramsey has played a lot of AM roles after the injury and Cazorla being used there but his last game shown a good willingness to get back and defend, maybe it can come back in a few more games playing in the middle.

    When Wilshere is fit then I think he could make a great deep lying playmaker, someone to sit alongside Coquelin and good enough to make a long pass to link the def to attack or step past a player and then pass the ball, Wilshere has done fantastic for England when playing a deep lying playmaker and he has been able to rely on his CM partners to get the ball back. Coquelin is twice the man other English CM are so we only need him 😛

    My example of what Arsenal should do against big teams is kinda what we did against Chelsea in the Charity Shield, Pace upfront with Theo and The Ox and Assist King to unlock them and looking to win the CM battle by isolating the oppositions CM when they advance forward. We was unlucky to lose to them 2-0 at their ground and we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for that cheat Costa.

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