Let’s watch that Lacazette free-kick again – Napoli v Arsenal (Video Extra)

It’s not often that Arsenal fans get treated to a stunning free kick from outside the box, especially in an away game, and also with the added frisson of practically getting us into the Europa League semi-final with one great kick.

But Alexander Lacazette stepped up at Napoli and sent Arsenal fans into raptures as he sent a laser-guided missile into the Napoli goal with the keeper left stranded. Brilliant!!

So let’s watch and enjoy, shall we…. The highlights are only 4 minutes so you can get to see Aubameyang’s incredible miss as well!

Let’s hope we are just as commanding against Valencia in the semis…



  1. Goonerwinit says:

    Laca delivered an Easter egg to Napoli from London!

  2. jon fox says:


    1. Break-on-through says:

      Jon Jon is a fan who thought he was a Gunner, but he knew it wouldn’t last. Jon Jon left his home in Highbury London, for some Emirates Grass…
      Get back, get back!
      Get back to where you once belonged!
      Get back, get back!
      Get back to where you once belonged!
      Get back Jon! Jon!

    2. Admin says:

      No Jon. It is a video extra as it says in the title.

      1. jon fox says:

        Irritated eh Pat? No you know what it feels like! I was under the impression this was suposed to be a debating site!

        1. Midkemma says:

          We talked about how awkward it can be to debate on this site due to difficulty in keeping track of what we have posted on and if there are replies or not. If this was a debating site then tools for debates would be included.

          I think Pat has done well in helping a community grow from his hard work and passion for Arsenal, I find it hard to see a reason for the snapping at Pat when we have already talked about the flaws in debating on this site… showing it is not a debate site.

  3. Ayo says:

    The Uploader has not made this Video Available in your country… Like wtf

    1. Oluwafemi says:

      Omg! Ayo, kinda tot you were just joking till i experienced it too. Gadam it!

  4. ForeverGooner says:

    Without Lacazette and Aubameyang we would be burnt toast. As much as I’m happy Wenger is gone, he gave us two great parting gifts.

    Lacazette and Aubameyang May be the only two of our players to walk into at least a couple of the Top 6 teams ie United (they are better than Lukaku and Martial), Liverpool (better than Firminho).

    1. jon fox says:

      ” Two departing gifts” eh? You must mean Mustafi and Elneny. How I wish they could depart the same way as their buyer did. Sacked! But I would settle for their transfer away. Preferably today!

      1. Midkemma says:

        Wenger wanted Xhaka, Wenger spoke to Xhaka for the CM role 6 months prior to Elneny joining, Wenger still went for Xhaka after Arsenal bought Elneny.

        Of course, it was Wenger who wanted Elneny… Not the board finding a cheap alternative to Xhaka and the ex manager being stubborn enough to go for Xhaka afterwards anyway… Same way Wenger was stubborn over Lacazette when he had Perez bought for him.

        Mustafi was a panic buy after missing out on alt targets. I think Jose Gimenez from AM was one of the targets Wenger wanted, we was linked to him.
        “Gunners chase £40m-rated Gimenez
        Arsenal in talks with Atletico Madrid for £40 million-rated Uruguay centre-back Jose Gimenez, reports The Daily Mail, although we are told his valuation could be a stumbling block.”

        I have pointed the finger at Gazidis over Wenger and this is yet another time I feel I have to educate you Jon, Wenger wanted alternative targets and Wenger didn’t get them. The board ensured he had signings to work with, even if they was far from the standard Arsenal required.

        Unlike you Jon, I do not have to lie about Wenger. I do not have to make out that Wenger is the issue behind every signing we have made to highlight something bad about him, I can be honest and point to reality. Heck, I did it with Xhaka. See, not every signing Wenger made was ideal, he made many poor ones. Every manager does. Count how many flops Jose has had in 20 years…

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