Liam Gallagher tries to mock Arsenal after game postponed

Silly Liam Gallagher takes to Twitter to try and banter with Arsenal fans.

The Man City v Arsenal game has been postponed because the owner of Olympiacos has tested positive for coronavirus after attending his club’s game against the Gunners in the Europa League.

He was said to have been in contact with some Arsenal players as well as the club’s non-playing staff.

This is the second time that the Arsenal and Manchester City game would be postponed, the first postponement came due to Manchester City’s participation in the Carabao Cup final.

Gallagher Tweeted about the cancelled game and made a lame attempt to bait Arsenal.

He claimed that the Gunners were lucky that the game was called off because they would have been beaten by the League’s defending champions.

He must have been well drunk when tweeting if this is the best he can come up with. It may have worked better if his beloved City had not had their butts handed to them on a plate by Man Utd at the weekend.

Or he may just be venting knowing that the next two seasons will be very boring for the former Oasis frontman in the middle of each week.

The Arsenal game is set to be the only game to be postponed this week and the Premier League has explained that it was directly linked to the owner of Olympiacos Coronavirus infection.

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  1. Arsenal should reply to this dude by beating City at their own ground just like Man Utd. and Wolves did. Up the Gunners!

  2. dont worry, they can enjoy their 2 year euro ban potential points deduction and being stripped of yhey past titles

  3. I’d say after last night there is a god – and his name is Diego Simeone!!
    I was beginning to think Liverpool would win the CL as well as the PL…so at least that won’t happen now, and they won’t be invincible – I’m ok with that!!
    (Just a shame we’re not in Europe…..)

  4. It’s just banter, we all do it, so let’s just ignore him and not get all hissy fit about it🤫.

  5. Sour grapes from Gallagher. He knows City are no longer at the top of the game!

    City have no class. They have been found out for cheating and are out of CL for 2 years. It’s a club that ignored the rules and gained on the teams who respected FFP!

    Gallagher has about as much class. Now go cry it out, man but “Don’t look back in anger”! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. OT: recently playing from the back has been costly to teams and their GK,s ,United, City,liverpool……

  7. LIAM GALLAGHER IS ONE OF THE MOST IMMATURE AND UNPLEASANT ROCK STARS OUT THERE. And to be one of the most unplesant in THAT profession is quite some feat!. WE CAN DISCOUNT ANYTHING HE EVER SAYS AS NONSENSE, JUST LIKE HIS SO CALLED “MUSIC”. He even fell out with his own brother Noel,who is hardly a saint himself but who is halfway decent when compared to Liam.

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