Lichtsteiner leaves Arsenal “very disappointed”

The ex-Juventus right-back Stephan Lichtsteiner joined Arsenal as a backup to Hector Bellerin, but after a promising start he seemed to be unable to keep up with the pace of the Premier League, and even when Bellerin got a long-term injury the Swiss could not hold down a place in Arsenal first team.

Although he came on a free transfer with a year contract, there was also an option for the Gunners to extend the deal for another year. It now seems clear that he will not be with us next season, and he has announced on Instagram that he was very disappointed with our end to the season…..


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Dear Gunners We were close to add an important chapter to this amazing club’s history. But to be close … is unfortunately not good enough. This is hard to accept. I’m very disappointed. It was our objective to bring Arsenal back on the highest international level and to win trophies. Both belong to this great club. I wish my teammates, my coach and his staff, all hard-working employees and all Gunner fans simply the best! I’m confident our team can complete our mission next season! I loved to be a part of this club. It was a great challenge and experience without a happy end, unfortunately. Thank you very much for your overwhelming support! It was much appreciated! See you Stephan #COYG #WeAreTheArsenal #YaGunnersYa #ThankYou

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He came, he tried, he leaves disappointed, and he leaves disappointed Arsenal fans behind.

Good luck in the future Stephan

Darren N.


  1. Thank God that he is leaving Arsenal for good. I was not comfortable each time l see him playing for us, so no more fear of heart attack from you again, waiting only to see the back of Ozil away from the club. Only a fool will still want him at Arsenal.

    1. I want Ozil to remain at the club and I am no fool. For Ozil to say the things he said tell us he want to be in a good Arsenal team. Not one were the no 10 have to man mark another player.

  2. Lost interest in any news related to us that’s why I ain’t posting much since the UEL.
    It seems no matter what news or article it is, somehow someway it’s always bound to give you the depressive feeling, sad or anger.
    Stephan leaving doesn’t even excite or piss me off BECAUSE EVERY SEASON NO MATTER WHO LEAVES AND WHO COMES, THE PLAYERS, THE COACH, THE CLUB ALWAYS SEEM READY TO SCREW US. who’s to say even without Stephan that we won’t go through the same bullshit we’ve been going through for the past years?

  3. thanks for your time at the club juventus legend and for the goals we conceded through you,we have forgiven you.. wish you the best sir..

  4. If we compare our fullbacks/ wingbacks such as Bellerin, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Jenkinson and Lichtsteiner to Liverpool’s such as Robertson and Alexander-Arnold, it is obvious that we need tireless, courageous, skilled and speedy attacking fullbacks next season. Liverpool’s fullbacks created 23 assists in EPL and I’m not sure whether we could catch those numbers even if Bellerin was fit throughout the season

    I watched several highlights of Ricardo Pereira at Nice and Leicester City. He might be able to produce more assists than Bellerin and Maitland-Niles combined, but unfortunately he is tied till 2023

    We missed the chance of signing him and we have to look for fullbacks with similar attacking skillsets, not the defensive ones

  5. First of all nice new improvement on this site admin. I have been following this site for over 6 years now and I must this is a good new look.

    Hopefully the deadwood clear out starts taking place already. Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck now Lichtsteiner gone, now Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Ospina, Monreal, Mustafi, Jenkinson should follow, out of the club. Emery should be ruthless with the clear out first because that starts the revolution.

    I see us just going through diminishing return and soon we shall be on the rise again every club in history has gone through it from time to time.

  6. Good.
    Hopefully Mustafi and Jenkinson will follow.
    Also would like to say goodbye to:

    1. Iwobi signed a new 5 years contract at the start of last season. What does it mean for the Nigerian? I’ll tell you… it means that he’s part of the clubs plans and that he has a future at the Emirates.

      Iwobi has been assured he will be part of the Spanish coach’s new regime in Arsenal.

      Just a reminder Incase you missed it.

  7. Why we signed him in the first place is beyond my knowledge all the best to you and thanks for the disappointements

  8. Hey admin it’s about time we had a kroenke topic need a break from the who will be leaving/signing

    1. I love a Kroenke topic, especially one where we put forward a 1001 ideas how to dispose of his body !…………….not sure who I hate more……Kroenke or Spuds……….I lied, it`s the Spuds, but they do afford a form of amusement most times whereas Kroenke doesn`t……………….does he need to die of a sexual desease transmitted by one of his many wigs…………toupe or not toupe, that is the question .

  9. All the very best dude. You did what you could possibly do. I can’t solely blame you or any other player, but the whole team played like they had nothing to live for!This isn’t the competitive Arsenal team that we grew to love!!
    Where did the winning mentality go?

  10. Ramsey, Cech, Welbeck and Lichtsteiner have departed. Jenkinson and Monreal to go ?……………..That would be about £450kpw freed up in wages, add Ozilla and a few more and we could save £1m per week ………..or keep Ozilla and give him a raise ! hahaha

    Like the new format, well done Admin Pat and Admin Martin.

  11. Hi this is my first comment on this site and I’ve been reading topics and discussions since late 2013, I’m glad I’m finally being able to post comments

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