Lifelong Arsenal fan is not happy with Arteta after Tottenham draw

I’m aged 76 and been a lifelong Gunner,unfortunately I can’t make it to games anymore as I live in Sheffield and the cost is prohibitive.

That showing against Spurs was shocking, Arteta says he has 2 players for every position now, maybe he has, but the quality is awful.

Arteta is not such a good manager, he lives on his inflated ego, but he’s not Gaurdiola. A couple of injuries and he’s lost.

Picking Jesus and Nketiah as the strike force against Tottenham was terrible, he just let a proven goal-getter leave (Balogun) and has got nobody else. You cannot expect to compete in the Premier League with no striker.

Too much is put on Saka, and he gets kicked every game and cannot be able to play every game. Havertz was not good enough for Chelsea so why is he at Arsenal (Useless).

Vieira (IF Only) is lightweight and poor. Nketiah simply not good enough, and Jesus does not score enough goals but links up play well.

Defence is rock solid, but Ramsdale has not been treated well, replacing him with a loan player, albeit a good one.

Arteta is at risk of losing the dressing room with his “Ruthless” selection policy.

My prediction for the season is not in the top four if the club carry on with Arteta at the helm. I’ll still carry on watching.

Yours In Sport.

Geoff Palmer.

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  1. True arteta has too much ego and self praise , 2 players for every player? Well every team has that but doesn’t mean there any good , have they got 2 strikers no not even one ,2 goal keepers yes but not for long as ramsdale has been thrown into second best Hel be snapped up soon, the defence isn’t brilliant and midfield is better with rice coming in but arsenal are no where near catching man city up Liverpool look more of a fighting second,wake up arteta your not pep guardiola and stop thinking you can buy rubbish rejects from other teams and make them great

  2. This is great concern from a life long fan, his takes are genuine, the treatment of Ramsdale left much to be desired, why Nketiah was not taken off at halftime is beyond me, Havertz was not neccessary but the fact he’s here we have to support him.

    The gaffer rash behavior treating players and impulsive appetite for players has to be curved, it is for this reason I call for a strong female at the helm as CEO, the one and only Marina Granoskaia

      1. Jen, having watched all our games this season can’t you see the problem (apart from the manure and PSV games that is) compared to last season?

  3. Geoff, another old timer who has been through it all.
    Like you, I’m finding the cost, travelling down from Scotland, is becoming to hard to justify… but I’m lucky enough to be able to do it.

    I think Derek’s point about MA not being Pep is an excellent one, but he has also proved he knows how to read and plan games, as the nigh on perfect performance against PSV proved.

    I just wish he would stop experimenting (Partey at RB!!) and started using the talent on the bench like ESR, Kiwior, Tomiyasu.

  4. Arteta has started where he stopped last Season he made a big mistake for letting Balogun leave instead of Nketiah,the club should buy a proving striker who can score plenty of goals like Haaland of Manchester City

  5. Would you hire a demolition expert to build a new home? Certainly not! Arteta did his best work at the club when he was tasked with getting to rid of deadwood. He did this part of the job very well.

    Where he has struggled, (big-time), is identifying new talent and bringing them together to form a cohesive team. As he said, himself, last week he is just a young inexperienced manager still struggling to find his feet.

    The choice before us is simply if we afford to give him that time or do we need to look elsewhere for a better candidate. A big call.

        1. Histrionics on the touchline and arrogance in transfers and team selection add to the tension and nerves that Arsenal players seem to show when faced with adversity. It’s all good when coasting through a game 2-3-4 goals up but against difficult opponents or when things aren’t going well, the players look nervy, and Artetas lack of calmness only makes it worse..

    1. Last season we were the only team to mount any kind of challenge to Man C, Europe’s best.
      Not a bad achievement for a “non-cohesive” team….

      1. That was LAST season Anders, with Rice, Havertz and Timbers signed for over £200,000,000 where’s the improvement?

  6. We finished second last season against everyone’s expectations. We’re unbeaten this season including a hugely impressive CL performance. Is it really so bad? As you’re 76, like me you’ve seen numerous versions of Arsenal that deserved to be moaned about. This isn’t one of them.

      1. And I don’t suppose that “red and white army” was the Beverley sisters either KEN , dressed as they always were, in red and white!

  7. I feek saddened that a gent of my own generation is so very pessimistic, and IMO without due cause.

    I would have hoped a fan of my age,at least in decades, had more faith in what I see as a top class manager who has IMO amply proven his pedigree already. I would almost expect younger folk, brought up to expect far too, much far too quickly, to be impatient, but not a gent of Geoffs mature age.

  8. I’m another oldun. I’ve seen many Arsenal sides and I trust my eyes. The biggest mistake we have made, excepting the Pepe scandal, was seeing Arteta sign Havertz. The most stupid signing for £65 million. We certainly got Chelsea, like Lazarus, out of their tomb. Spurs bought James Maddison for £40 mill….you just couldn’t make it up. We played well last season and then collapsed. Can Arteta get us out of being pretty ordinary this season. Maybe. But with disastrous buys like Havertz and then constantly starting him, probably not. You are right…Arteta is no Guardiola. Imagine Guardiola starting Nketiah.

  9. This thing about ego is silly – which successful manager could really be said to not have an ego? He has to have complete self belief, otherwise he can’t get others to follow him, and then he truly is doomed to failure.
    Overall, I think there is at least some truth in this article, but it is exaggerated due to recent frustrations. In the two seasons prior to the last (20/21 and 21/22), we were far, far worse early in the season than what I’ve seen so far this – we looked completely soulless and inept, whereas right now we mostly look competent and like we know what we’re trying to achieve, just lacking a bit of killer instinct.
    I do agree we have to improve, but i *can* see that happening. It could of course go the other way, but as things stand, I’m not worried about top 4, just concerned we won’t wake up in time to mount a serious title challenge again.

    1. DAVI asensible , reasoned and wise post. I so much agree about that plain silly charge of MA and his so called “ego”!

      “Ego” is a much misused word and, as an English first class degree holder, I very much dislike the constant wildly incorrect use of English, esp by English as first language speakers, who have no excuse.

      A successful manager or player who has no ego does not exist at all. Such a lot of rot is written by so many, few of whom understand the REAL meaning of words they so lightly misuse!

  10. I am more than happy with Arteta as our manager and think he has done a good job since his arrival at Arsenal. I believe he has made a rod for his own back by dropping Ramsdale and insisting on flogging a dead horse fielding Harvetz. I hope whatever he is trying to do comes to fruition.

  11. My greatest grouse with Arteta right now remains the acquisition of Havertz for that ridiculous amount of money. That money could have gotten us a proper BtoB midfielder to provide an upgrade for the departed Xhaka, or a proper DM6 as alternative to the injury-prone Partey, who would have allowed Rice to play further up field.
    It’s inexplicable what role Havertz was brought to fill!
    The more I think of the Havertz deal, the angrier P am.

    1. 👍CM, £65 million would have gone a long way towards buying a quality striker. What Havertz offers Arsenal and what he has demonstrated in his seasons at Chelsea to strengthen the squad is beyond my comprehension.
      Arsenal needed its strongest midfield of Odegaard, Rice and Partey to match Spurs midfield of Maddison, Sarr and Bissouma. AP has put together a strong midfield by transfer (Maddison) and coaching (Sarr and Bissouma), which have been underrated by many and will challenge many teams this season.
      It will be interesting to see where Ivan Toney goes in January, as he suits both Arsenal and Spurs.

  12. I’m not going to call for Arteta’s head just yet, it’s early days but the worrying aspects for me regarding his management are pretty well defined above, these are poor identification of players abilities, favoritism to the extent that some players are not given a look, over management from the side lines ( please know when to let the players be), mentality; (is it his or the players nervousness that turns us into headless chickens at key moments?), and also his constant desire to be Pep and not himself. Last year’s collapse was a result of the manager not being able to deal with the pressure, this year he won’t be able to blame injuries or not having the recourses. What happens next is all down to the decisions he has been making.

  13. Geoff/Ken,

    I’m another “oldie”. 80 years old. Live in Hong Kong. Watch regularly on TV and often come back to UK to watch live at the Emirates.

    Couldn’t agree more with you re Arteta. His buying, selling and selections of are incomprehensible. Further doing what he is doing to Ramsdale is just bloody awful. No loyalty to players who have served and done little wrong will rebound in his face one day.

    Only thing I disagree with you on is that I think we will finish in the top four but having the most expensive squad in the EPL – over billion!!! – should mean we compete for the title – not just being in the top four.

    Best wishes – Peter Olsen (Gooner since 1947)!

    1. Great to see there is still a “band” of us oldies around Peter.
      Our “younger” fans haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the spuds achieving the double, or fighting relegation!!
      Happy days?!?!

  14. I have to agree. Mikel does so many things well, but cannot reign in his ego when it matters. And his big ego is not even earned yet. Havertz signing was to show off the everyone how clever he thinks he is and it’s turning into a very predictable disaster. Upsetting Ramsdale for no reason for a GK who is at his best the same level maybe? Not worth the lockerroom drama. His trust in Eddie is ridiculous when time after time he has shown his max level. I just think it’s shocking we could’ve chosen ANY midfielder on the planet besides perhaps Bellingham, to play alongside Odegaard and Arteta chooses Kai Havertz. I just cannot wrap my head around it! The ego on Arteta to do something so ludicrous and effectively throw away our season!

    1. And don’t get me started on how he just randomly turns against certain players, and is in love with players who clearly aren’t on the level he consistently preaches about. ESR is going to leave this summer and I’m going to be devastated that its due to Mikel’s favoritism for a certifiably POOR footballer in essentially every aspect

  15. One thing I find amusing and frustrating is how people in the UK have disparaged Ange Postecoglou (over to you Alan Brazil) because he had only managed (and been a serial winner) in Australia and Japan.
    The man has been a manager for 26 years after premature retirement as his club captain and an Australian international player. He has managed against some of the best managers in the world, all of whom speak positively about him.
    Yet after obliterating a 25 point deficit the previous season to Glasgow Rangers, he took Celtic to 5 trophies out of 6 in 2 seasons on a transfer budget a fraction of what Arsenal spent on Havertz.
    Postecoglou is no mug as a coach and man manager, who will not fade into oblivion. Given that he has been a member of the City Group for some time, dont be surprised in he gets the call to ultimately replace Pep Guardiola.

    1. lol, i can see you praising the new guy to the heavens. well, let’s see what the hype is all about till Christmas at least. lol.

      1. Vamos, I wonder why you have to try and discredit others in such a childish way LOL.
        Perhaps you should understand that OG knows more about one of his fellow countrymen than you?
        He’s certainly showing MA the way to date isn’t he?

        1. Thanks Ken, unfortunately the old saying that “it is far better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and confirm the fact” is often proved true

          I will be happy to admit that my faith in Ange Postecoglou, based on his 25 years of football managerial experience is misplaced, should he not succeed in improving Spurs over the full season.

          1. Admin, please take note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Someone addressed another JA as DOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

            noun: dawg; plural noun: dawgs

            non-standard spelling of dog.

  16. At last Arsenal fans will do away with the Arteta illusion. Poor team and man management, coupled with his ego will soon undo him and Arsenal. And if he leaves Arsenal, I bet no club close to Arsenal’s status will hire him.

  17. It took roughly 4 years after City changed hands for them to register their first league win and that was after them buying virtually whoever they wanted.
    I’m aghast at the outright negativity frequently posted regarding the draw against Spurs. Any other niggles over Havertz and Ramsdale’s treatment then get further amplified until the point at which I read we should be looking elsewhere to replace Arteta
    There is no question that the disappointment of missing out on the league hurts but the sheer expectation that we should be winning it this time is unrealistic. How many games have we played? Have we lost yet?

    1. SueP, after four years, into phase four, nigh on £800,000,000 spent, having led for over 95% of the season last time out and then spending over £200,000,000 to strengthen the squad further… what is unrealistic in thinking that we could / should win it this season?
      No, we haven’t lost this season, but city are already five points ahead and we haven’t played anywhere near the kind of football that saw us so close to the “holy grail” last season… that’s why there are concerns amongst the natives… in my opinion.

      1. Ken1945 you talk of spending and make the assumption that we should be expecting to win the title. Well,Chelsea spent significantly more than Arsenal and finished 12th! That’s something for you to think about. United too have spent a lot and yet they are struggling.

        You say City are already five points ahead and that is just false;it’s four points which makes me wonder if you’re quoting the wrong figures to push a certain narrative. Being four points ahead doesn’t mean much at this stage. Remember we were ahead of City by more than 4 points at times last season-didn’t stop them from overtaking us. Similarly,there’s no reason why we can’t overtake them in the future.

        You say we haven’t played as well as we did last season. There’s an explanation for that. Last season,nobody expected us to be as good as we were last season. Because of this,they didn’t respect us and played very open football against us. As a result there was space to play the free flowing football we saw last season. This season,Epl teams respect us and are playing very aggressive low blocks against us. Remember the oposition too can come up with tactics to nullify our game. So far,only two teams have not set up a low block against us – United and PSV. It is not a surprise that we put four easily past PSV – they played an open game against us and paid the price. Towards the end of last season,Epl teams had found out ways of beating our system and there was need for change;for a plan B if you like.My opinion is that our new system is still in its infancy and the players are still adapting to it-all this has been compounded by injuries to key players. Surely you don’t expect us to play like prime Barcelona given the circumstances.

        Finally,and for what it’s worth,we had 15 points after six games last season.That is only one point more than the 14 we’ve managed this season. Looking at some of the comments,you’d think we are in a relegation battle with Luton and Sheffield.

        1. Add to that we have’nt spent the 800 mill never mind 1 billion in total he quoted. Not sure what he’s talking about.

        2. Onyango, Context, wisdom and bliss. All in one wonderful post!

          Such a pleasure to read a TRULY MATURE post and not merely in age either, as SOME mature in age folk on this thread are SHAMING that generation to which I also belong!

        3. I’m not bothered what chelsea, united, city or liverpool have spent – I’m talking about our club and the £800,000,000 is what has been, reportedly, spent since MA became manager.
          If you are comparing chelsea to us, then why are you doing that?
          What significance has it to do with anything?
          Perhaps you could compare what the spuds, liverpool and Brighton have spent, if you think that might change the way we are performing this season?

          I’ve read some interesting points of view on JA and your point that, because nobody respected us last season, they played open football.
          So, as we led the table for most of the season, right up until the last six games I believe, all the other PL clubs took no notice of us until then?
          You have a very low opinion of the PL clubs it seems.

          On to the point about points this year versus last year – it’s not the amount, it’s how we are playing to achieve those points.
          It’s also about the money we spent to counter opponents who play defensively – the reported £200,000,000 plus was intended to improve the quality of the squad – if you are seeing that so far this season, then good for you.
          My opinion is that there has only been one game, PSV, where we dominated out opponents… care to name any other?
          Play like prime Barcelona?
          No, simply because we’re not Barcelona are we?
          We are The Arsenal and we are, quite simply, not playing as well as we were last season, despite the fact that we have spent to improve.

          1. I brought up Chelsea and United as examples,for perspective. To prove to you that money spent doesn’t necessarily equate to success on the pitch. Is it a problem to use comparisons to bring out a point in a discussion?

            I think it is you who has a low opinion of other PL teams Ken. Because somehow you expect us to beat them by lots of goals;that somehow we have a divine right to play beautifully every time and win by many goals given the money spent you say. What I know for sure is that we are facing a lot more low blocks than we did last season. Even last season when we were playing breathtaking football,we struggled against low blocks. Two games come to mind: Newcastle at home and Everton away. Both games were played before the last six games you mention.

            I tried to explain why we dominated PSV. It’s simply because they played an open game,unlike PL sides that set up low blocks.About the money spent,one player has hit the ground running(Rice),one suffered an injury in his first game, and the other,Havertz,has struggled a bit(this is not unique to us by the way; virtually all the clubs have atleast one new signing still adjusting). The Barcelone comment was meant to be tongue in cheek.

            For what it’s worth Ken,I agree with you that the football hasn’t been as good as it was last season. All I’m saying is that there are legitimate mitigating factors such as :
            1.Injuries(Jesus,Timber,Partey,Martinelli,Trossard). Timber was arguably the most ready of all our signings and it is a massive loss. I don’t think Partey plays as inverted RB if Timber was available.
            2. Having to integrate two new players into the midfield(Rice and Havertz). Believe it or not,players need time to adjust to new environment,tactics and teammates.
            3. A lot more teams playing low blocks against us. Arteta is yet to find a way to counter the low blocks successfully in my opinion-I question his tactics to that extent.
            4. Players still adjusting to each other,new roles and new formations.

            I imagine that our football would be a lot better if the new signings were all available and all four hit the ground running. I’d say 3 out 4(Rice,Timber and Raya) have shown their worth and hopefully Havertz will come good too.Last season we were so fortunate because Jesus and Zinchenko fit in so seamlessly,they didn’t need time to acclimatize. It was almost like they had been with the team for years. I don’t remember injuries to key players either,beginning of last season.

            1. You also have to consider the fact that Arsenal had a midweek game whereas Tottenham(a very good Tottenham side) had an entire week of preparation.

              1. Oh dear Onyango, the reasons (excuses?) are coming thick and fast.
                I don’t need to have comparisons with what other clubs have or haven’t spent – I’m interested in what The Arsenal have spent and if it’s improved us.. simple really.

                Take our injuries – we were not outplaying clubs like Fulham, Forest, Palace and Everton before Partey, Rice, Trossard, Martinelli were all injured at the same time.
                Last season we had Saliba, ESR, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Zinchenko all out injured, so what’s your point?

                Last season, we were playing two games a week (until we got knocked out) and still beat the spuds home and away, let alone every other London club bar Brentford, who we drew with at home.

                Remenber Newcastle at our home game for example? Many other clubs played that way, so what’s new there as well?

                Every example you listed, happened last season, except for the Timber injury.

                Nowhere have I said that I expect to win by “loads of goals” nor have I said we have a “divine right” to win every game – what I do “expect” is that we improve season after season and game after game – to date that hasn’t happened and your comparisons do not address that fundamental fact, as my examples of injuries last season to this surely proves?

                I hope it does, otherwise we will be in trouble and not accepting that fact is like wearing blinkers.

          2. As always, some fans are complacent if they like the managers.

            They have different set of standards for different managers. For managers who they dislike, they are very demanding For managers who they are obsessed, their eyes are blind.

              1. SUE of course it does , as we are all hypocrites, it being a perfectly normal and natural part of our shared human condition, which NONE of us can escape .

                What I never understand is WHY this plain to see stateof being, that is in all humankind, is staggeringly, UNOBSERVED AND UNREMARKED UPON BY SO MANY BLINKERED HUMANS.

                  1. Simply by observing how we humans are with each other. I recommend its use to you. As you dispute this widely held view by wiser people watchers all across our world, I do think you need to keep your eyes and ears open and see HOW we hunans REALLY are and how we behave.

                    I also think you make the common mistake of equating hypocrisy with being somehow bad.

                    It is not bad, but simply normal, natural and part of our common shared human condition, whether or not YOU are able to see that very obvious fact!

          3. Ken you mention last season, as if we played all 38 games equally well. That was not so.
            In the first half season, 19 matches , we gained 51 points. In the second 19 matches we gained 33 points. This season in six matches, we have fourteen points, far better than last years second half and therefore the most recent comparison.
            Not as good as the first half last season, but closer in points average to that first half, than to the second half. MATHEMATICAL FACTS KEN, not opinion.

            1. Again 😇Jon, you are putting words into my mouth.
              How can you judge last seasons performances, when we have, supposedly, signed four players to improve the stats you mention – sorry MATHEMATICAL FACTS.

              So what you want the fanbase to do, is compare the second half of the season, WHERE WE COLLAPSED AND LOST A NINE POINT ADVANTAGE, to the start of this season?

              Well, as everyone and his dog agrees we threw the PL title away due to bad play, so your example of where we are this season versus the latter part of last season is laughable.

              Here’s another MATHEMATICAL FACT – Over £200,000,000 has been spent in the summer, where’s the progress versus last season, either the first 19 games or the second 19 on the pitch?

              1. Ken again your usual pessimistic hot air and not comparing like with like And your incredible comment that I am putting words in YOUR mouth , rings extremely hollow, considering the myriad times you have done that to my posts! In fact their can be NO like for like comparison to anything at all last season, as we now have a different squad, different opponentsplayed at the same stage last season and those opponenys have differen strengths and weaknesses fromlast season.
                ANY comparison, to have ANY VALUE AND TRUTH, must be like for like. And it plainly is NOT! So wise folk do not make false comparispons and try to make the comparisons fit. They DO NOT!

                YOU ASK ABOUT “WHERE IS THE PROGRESS”. Well you choose not to see it, I DO so choose.


                We started like a runaway train last season and only a naive , unrealistic fan could possible expect to do thesame this season, when all opponents have worked out our strengths and weaknesses and many of our chief rivals have vastly improved, Spuds Liverpool, especially . Also Brighton.
                You are expecting far too much,far too soon, in the way that very young naive fans do. We had no key injuries early last season ; this season we have several key players either out or not fully fit.

                So DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES,characteristically unmentioned by you.

                But you are old, as am I, though it seems you have not learned realism, whereas I HAVE.
                I recommend its use to you!

                1. Seriously 😇Jon?!?!

                  It was you who came up with the “mathematical facts” comparing last season to this I do believe… am I correct?

                  You make me smile with your continued digs about age and experience old friend, it’s water of a ducks back to me and it’s very amateurish – try harder!!

                  I’m discussing our performances this season, with (I assume?) a squad of players that are completely void of any so called deadwood and “boasting” new players that cost over £200,000,000.

                  Of course injuries have occurred and Timbers was such a cruel one with regards to MA’s plans, much like the one Pep faced when De Bruyne was ruled out for such a long time as well.

                  Apart from a masterclass display against PSV, our squad has failed to impress or improve… the second most valuable squad in europe we are told.

                  Injuries? You use this as an explanation for our struggles as “key” players have been sidelined.
                  Timber is our only long term injury – every club has “injuries” to key players, what makes our club unique, remembering we have the second most valuable squad in europe?

                  Could it POSSIBLY be that mistakes have been made?
                  For example, playing a world class midfielder at right back, when it obviously wasn’t working?
                  Or could it be that Havertz was consistently selected, when he was obviously struggling to integrate into the style of play?
                  Maybe the fact that a player like ESR was ignored, while Havertz and Viera were selected?

                  I have to remind you how you slated previous players who, in your words 😇Jon, were too small and too weedy to play in the PL… could it be that this was the case with Viera, or have you changed your views on that?

                  Finally, you mention that liverpool, spuds and Brighton have “vastly improved” and our opponents have worked out our strengths and weaknesses – no disagreement there, so why haven’t we done the same?

                  Let’s just remember who we have played in the PL:
                  Forest, Palace, Fulham, Everton, Man Utd and the spuds.
                  Four of those games have been at home.
                  Five of those teams are currently out of the top six and all finished way below us, regarding points, last season.

                  The only single player to have missed all of those games has been Timber, injured in our first game. (I haven’t included Elneny, because you have stated he is not good enough anyway)

                  We have yet to play liverpool and brighton (two of the clubs you mentioned) and we all witnessed how the spuds outplayed us after the first 25 minutes at the Emirates.

                  Only a nieve and unrealistic fan would not have, at the very least, questioned and raised the above FACTS and not hide behind injuries and other clubs in order to not question obvious failings.

                  Just to ensure you don’t accuse me of this and that, I have seen great strides at the club in the last eighteen months and expect to see even more, but unlike you, refuse to bury my head in the sand, when the problems are as clear as the nose on your face – that’s MY realism 😇Jon, perhaps, while your learning the different usage of the words corrupt and boast, you could also learn about realism… I recommend all three to you.
                  Even at your age, you can still learn and / or be taught..I also recommend you do just that and I will GLADLY teach you, if you so desire 👍

                  1. Whenever I read a post from you KEN , I have to remember you are even older than I am, as you persist -for whatever odd reason – in attempting to be “down with the kids” by using emojis!
                    Why is that ? It is not as if they have any meaning after all.

                    I would seriously urge you to ditch them when replying to me another time, as I find them superfluous, puzzling and wonder WHY any intelligent person would even WANT to use them.
                    Esp one born in1945, who can hardly pose as a millennial.

                    As for the meat of your post ,it simply comes across as a slightly older but less educated person trying , erroneously, to teach me my own language and is evidence of your superior attitude when it comes to matters of Arsenal.

                    And would be “English language professors” are not known for using emojis KEN.
                    ARE THEY!!

                    1. @Jon
                      Sorry I can’t hear you clearly.
                      Maybe if you got off that mile-high pedastal you have created for yourself maybe us mere mortals could hear your wonderful wise words…..

    2. I am not surprised really. There are a number of fans who claim that they support the manager etc but have just been waiting for an opportunity to stick the knives in.
      The complaints around replacing Ramsdale are overblown. It is unfortunate for him at this point but he will still have opportunities.
      Havertz has yet to perform at the highest levels. He didn’t start the game against Spurs but IMO he played well when he came on even if it was not a spectacular performance. His price tag and the demands for a trophy mean expectations are huge.
      Injuries have clearly been an issue for the team this season; more so than at the beginning of last season. Last season we had a very good preseason with most of our key players being fit going into the season. It has not been as straightforward this season .
      Talk of “awful”, “pathetic”, “shocking” coming from fans who say they have been around for several decades is quite something.

  18. I have also been a gunner since the time prior to the invincibles. The display of our team on Sunday was pathetic. It is not a matter of winning or losing, it is the unintelligent way of play the team, the coach included, showed, and I am not talking about the Jorghino blunder. I think there is something wrong, some systemic problem with the organisation.

    1. Such a truly mature and wise post – saying it as it is, just by using your eyes and brains, rather than trying to justify what is patently sub standard football versus last season.
      I APPLAUD AND APPRECIATE YOUR WISDOM, unlike some of those on this thread who’s age bracket should see them admit to the obvious,we are not playing as well as last season.

      1. It’s all about perspective Ken1945
        We aren’t playing as well but is that relevant? Lots of teams are not playing well – yet.
        It’s impossible to compare because this year and last, or next year are not identical. We play different teams at different times. Some will start well and fade. Others are slow burners and get their skates on and finish strongly
        I agree that there were some odd ideas trotted out but the injuries that were sustained I believe have been crucial so far. Timber- who looked so settled and then Partey, Trossard and Rice are key players. Whilst injuries occur in every team, these important ones have hit us right now.
        In essence, I think too much emphasis has been placed on the here and now. There is a large chunk of the season to go and many matches yet to be played. If it’s not looking too good come February then I’d be worried and will voice my concerns. It’s just too soon for so many posters to be so gloomy in my opinion

        1. Well it’s relevant when we look at the PL and see we are in 5th place.
          As I detailed out earlier above, injuries happen all the time, as it did to us last year.
          I agree the Timber injury was an enormous blow and one that no one could have anticipated.
          Just as Salibas injury happened at such a crucial time, or even going further back to Eduardo… but it happens.

          Yes, we have a great chunk of matches yet to play, but we are discussing the here and now and, to date in my opinion, we are not playing anywhere near the level of last season at the same period.
          That’s what I’m concerned about anyway and it’s worth talking about, rather than burying our heads in the sand.

        2. There are issues with some perspectives which seek only to cast aspersions. It is not credible to describe the performance as “pathetic” simply because we have not matched some of last season’s performances.
          The “unintelligent” way of play was very similar to last season’s although there have been some tweaks and, of course, change in personnel, in part, due to injuries.
          I note that there has been no attempt to provide any kind of analysis as to the problems with the setup. Spurs did not actually fashion great chances except for the second goal which came directly from an error by Jorginho. Even the first goal came from a series of defensive errors – Saka getting turned, Son nipping between 3 defenders. Yet we are told that we were “dominated” in order to hype up negative perceptions of the performance.

          1. David, please explain how a goal can be scored without a defensive error eg ball is turned over, tackle is missed, player isn’t tracked or loses their marker, space is made available by not filling zone, defender deflects goal away from goalkeeper, defender is out jumped by attacker, goalkeeper error etc?

            1. Why do I need to explain anything? Jorginho had three possible passing options when in possession of the ball but chose to try and dribble out of defence. This had nothing to do with the setup.

              1. David, my point is that Jorginho made a mistake and a goal resulted. If everyone plays a perfect game in defence with no mistakes, a score of 0-0 results.

    2. We can score with headers. Our crosses are to nowhere. Look at how Atheletic Madrid won against Real Madrid with 3 headers.

      Even 5′ 9″ Antoine Griezmann scored with a header. It means our crosses are of low quality regardless of corners or whatever.

  19. Some of Arteta’s decisions have been surprising to say the least. With Rice now injured, I think we have to switch to a back 3 considering the number of goals we keep conceding. Raya is undoubtedly a good GK but Ramsdale has been excellent since last season and considering the number of games we are playing this season, Raya would have certainly got enough game time even if Ramsdale continued to be no.1. Hopefully, Arteta realises some of the mistakes he has been making in selection and tactics and arsenal succeed this season. We have to remember that a good attack can win you games but a good and solid defence wins titles.

  20. Ken I specifically mentioned the beginning of the season;injuries at the beginning of the season. We simply didn’t have the magnitude of injuries we’ve had at the start of this season at beginning of last. Our first major injury was the Jesus injury which happened during the world cup. It’s actually laughable you bring up Saliba who was injured towards the end. Two players you mention in Tierney and ESR weren’t even key players last season in the way Martinelli and Partey are. I’m not trying to make excuses.I’m merely trying to make sense of why the football this season isn’t as good as last.

    The injuries you mention actually prove my point. We were not as fluid towards the end of last season-and this has partly been attributed to injuries to Saliba and Zinchenko,partly to loss of form and mistakes by players like Partey,Saka and Ramsdale,and partly mistakes by the coach. Isn’t that situation almost similar to the one we currently find ourselves in: we have injuries to key players,we have a new player out of form and there are instances where Arteta could/should have done better. The only difference is that that unlike the end of last season,we are actually picking up points even if the football is not great and that is a positive for me. We are also better defensively. Look Ken,you have your opinions and I have mine.I don’t think we can agree so lets just agree to disagree.The only fact is in the numbers. We have 14 points compared to 15 after six games last season. You say you expect improvement game after game and season after season. That is my expectation too but it’s not something you can tell after six games in my opinion. Our position and performances by December will give me a clearer picture. Sometimes improvement isn’t linear. It can get worse before it gets better.That was the case for City last season.

    1. You make good points and I’m sure many sensible fans agree. We have not been at our best but there are mitigating factors.

  21. I sometimes get amused by the armchair experts who pretend to know better than the manager. What we experienced on Sunday was just disappointment with our failure to win the NLD amid our high expectations. It was in line with what Bernard Shaw’s words that the one who has never hoped will never despair. Our hopes were very high and thus when we failed to win the game we became despondent!
    Any analytical mind needs to put the game in a context. First and foremost derbies are highly unpredictable encounters. Secondly, we went into the game with some players like Partey, Martinelli and Timber out injured. As if that was not bad enough we lost Declan Rice and Jesus midway through the game and they had to be sustituted with players of less quality. Thirdly, our team had a midweek CL game while Spurs was resting. No sensible person can deny that all these factors had an impact on the game. Thus instead of castigating the team we should be grateful that we never lost. I agree that some of Arteta’s decisions such as removing Jesus instead of Nketiah was not a wise move. Also the failure to bring on ESR early enough was an unwise decision. We need to put this game behind us and move on.

  22. lol easy man, i guess you are too old to know dawg is a modern day slang that means man,pal,mate or homie NOT dog although has similar pronounciations.

    1. Vamos, As you seem intent on using modern slang, for reasons of your own, it is not a surprise that properly educated older fans who use CORRECT English, cannot understand your made up words
      Why not just use ordinary English? I assume you do know how to use English words correctly?

      Perhaps I OUGHT NOT to assume that.

      1. Jon,
        you (of all people) should know that the English language is ALWAYS evolving with every generation. Just because your well-boasted English degree was actually passed back in the 18th century, you should know that words change over time. And I thinks it’s wicked.

        1. Just to point out that slang is NOT the same as language,in the accepted sense of that word l. I would have hoped even you Pat would have known that fact!

          That is a SEPARATE point from your correct assertion that language evolves.

        2. Admin Pat, Kenny gave a definition of the meaning of the word “dawg”. If people do not understand the full inferences of a word they should not use it. It’s what we used to call “good manners” and being respectful to others.

  23. Wow since this has opened up a lot of debate, I would like to jump in and throw in my two cents in this topic.

    First I would like to congratulate some posters above who have given learned opinions on what they think has happened regarding our season so far. Really enjoyed the perspectives.

    Now the good and the bad which I think (completely my unlearned opinion based on only watching very little football) : –

    The good is that atleast, after about 2 seasons of only one dimensional play, MA has again somehow tried to experiment progressively based on the opposition. This is a trait in a manager which I really like if they are not evolutionary. This is also a trait which needs to be kept carefully in moderation. Just like evolutionary ideas. For example- for every Pep and Arsene, we will get Wilder at Sheffield and Potter at Brighton, who were really good with their ideas but which lacked scalability and sustainability. In the same vein, for every Jose masterclass in countering (i.e. playing according to opposition) we will get Unai Emery’s unsuccessful adaptation according to opposition (some matches during his first season, like the 22 shots faced against Watford). During MA’s tenure, when he initially joined, he was successful playing counter against top sides and also showed some mean game management tactics which drew me in. As the seasons progressed (and yes I also count last season) the hunger to develop his style somewhat in the mould of his mentor meant he did not maybe put as much emphasis to adaptation as he should have. But I feel like that has somewhat changed this season. Case in point the Everton game which successfully showed a somewhat understated dominance we had over them. The Spurs game, in contrast seemed more like our last season’s naivete in display (btw Big Ange is someone who I count as someone having great balance between adaptation and innovation and who looks set to do big things with Spurs). But, as we have seen time and again with MA, he does learn from minor to major mistakes and his speed of rectifying it has increased over the seasons. The supposed defensive solidity, while dithering somewhat will hopefully return as we see our first choice back four and a settled gk play throughout the season.
    Also, throughout his tenure, due to either minor tweaks or major changes in player positions or habits we see a lot of improvements from our first teamers as well as squad players which is majorly down to him. Also the mentality change which is great. So in that sense, I am not too worried about having a somewhat successful season this time around.

    That leads me to the bad. The problem seems to be that it is his first managerial job. And even if you are an exceptional genius, a first job makes you cautious as hell, especially in today’s world of football management. You need to be absolutely sure of what you are putting out there, so even if you have the next best revolutionary idea, rather than putting it in its entirety, it seems better to put it phase wise in the template of an already successful blueprint. The problem with such an approach is if we are not able to take advantage of it quickly enough, others will catch up and the original propagators will reinvent themselves. This is what happened last season in my opinion. While we played scintillating football adapting a similar model to City, they reinvented themselves and conquered Europe. While we were so into our model others figured out weaknesses. In conclusion we lost the title. This is where my biggest gripes with MA come from, loss of his earlier adaptive capabilities (which seem to return this season) and somewhat inefficient rotation policy due to trust issues. We have been playing with MA since 2019 Dec. The current solidified philosophy (again its an assumption) has been in place since the 2021 22 season. So atleast 2 years in motion. While MA seems eager to add on to his squad to expand this philosophy, he hasnt had the desired results with ingraining it properly to our squad players. Now you dont need to be an exceptional player with ability to walk in every other XI or bench to become good in a philosophy you have witnessed since 2 years. You become good if you practice it, both in training and in real time. What happens to ESR, Tomi, Nelson, Nketiah, Kiwior, etc. In my opinion is lack of game practice. This hurts us more in terms of injuries as we dont have capable backups. This issue is something I believe is made by MA’s inability for true efficient squad management (which is hopefully his next point of focus). One area experienced managers have an edge over him is this one in my opinion. As because of the pressure to achieve results, and a conviction of a strong philosophy, he doesnt trust all his squad members and only trusts a few players. That is why, inspite of a good window in terms of increasing our depth, we are still faced with the task of mitigating our injury problems from turning into crisis.

    And yeah offcourse his seemingly whimsical transfer picks such as Havertz, Willian, the two gks before Raya etc. But here its a joint effort with Edu so not completely his fault.

    So, in conclusion, I understand the sides both the “positive” and the “negative” fans on this site. And while in an ideal scenario, a wait and watch policy is better, based on our stature in world football, the investments that we have made, as well as our great performance last season raising expectations so much, we do have to wonder, what amount of time should we as fans wait for improvements to be visible (meaning old issues like individual errors and lack of central penetration to reduce drastically). These are, in my opinion valid questions to ask and I applaud the author to bring this viewpoint. Although, as said by others, I would also plead with the author to consider the improvements made by Arsenal as a whole since 2019 and give MA a chance this season.

    1. Sid, I applaud your serious minded and fully detailed post. It is such a joy to read a proper post that actually SAYS much of substance which,in mature style, does not insult any of our fans, whatever side of the debate we come from.

      I certainly take a lot of your points, disagree, though mainly in degree, with some of them but the overall post was one of the finest I can ever hope to read on JA.

      I only wish many more would choose to write as fully and in such detail as you have done.

  24. 👍Sid, thank you for an excellent post. The things that have concerned me have been:
    1. The failure to buy a goal scoring CF. Jesus is a superb footballer, but fails to show composure in front of goal. Nketiah fails to read the game and his runs into the box are poor in timing and direction; he fails to get on the end of many good crosses. The £65 million spent on Havertz would have gone a long way to address this;
    2. When Timber was injured (long term) Arteta played a world class midfielder at RB, when he had Tierney, a class intetnational RB available, in my opinion weakening both positions. Tierney subsequently left on loan;
    3. The squad was calling out for a back up midfielder for Rice and Partey. Havertz does not currently fit the profile of what was required;
    4. Saka continues to be played into the ground, notwithstanding he suffers a lot of physical attention. The number of games he has played at a young age is ridiculous. Nelson and ESR could be used to give Saka a break, yet are given little opportunity; and
    5. Rotation as a wholevontinues to be an issue. How can players like Nelson, ESR and even Jorginho settle into games if given limited opportunities and a brought on often with limited game time left..

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