‘Like a man possessed’ – Pundit admits he is baffled by Brazil decision

Garth Crooks has claimed that it makes no sense as to why Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus has been left out of the latest Brazil squad, whilst naming him in his Team of the Week

The former Manchester City star has been one of the best players for our side so far this term, spearheaded the attack which has seen us steal a march on our rivals in the division, but despite his astonishing form at present, he has been dropped by his country for their upcoming friendly matches.

Our summer signing doesn’t appear to have been fazed by the decision however, with Jesus once again putting in yet another consistent performance, scoring during the win over Brentford at the weekend to put us back on top of the Premier League table.

Crooks is amongst those to ne thoroughly impressed with him thus far also, and made mo secret of his surprise about Tite’s decision to overlook Jesus for his upcoming fixtures.

“From the moment Gabriel Jesus put on an Arsenal shirt he’s been playing like a man possessed,” Crooks explained when naming the Brazilian in BBC‘s Team of the Week. “His enthusiasm and appetite for the game is immense. He’s not just scoring goals for the Gunners but leading the line. His movement around the pitch is fantastic and he plays the game with an infectious arrogance that is spreading through the Arsenal team like wildfire, and the reason why they currently sit on top of the Premier League.

“The way Jesus generated enough power, on a beautifully flighted ball from Xhaka, to beat David Raya in the Brentford goal provided a glimpse of just how fit and strong Jesus actually is. Why Brazil haven’t selected him for their national team during the international break is a total mystery to me.”

Anyone who has watched Arsenal this season will have seen how instrumental he has been for our team this far, and there is no reason that we know of as to why he could possibly have gone down in the manager’s pecking order, but we welcome the extra rest for our player, and will be happy for different reasons should he be selected for the World Cup or not.


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  1. I only hope he stays I hurt free, having said that, while we Re basking in his euphoria, let’s have a plan B in place, cos players do have poor run of form, Nketia? Am not too convince of his quality, yeah he did scored some goals towards the closure of last season……but I can’t depend on Nketia fully on jesus’s absence.

    What’s ever though.

    For now we must move Tanks, open up our arsenal, lay hand on our HMGs, Nukes, grenade etc all on Tothenham, three points nothing less, they must not get better off us again

  2. Except that Arsenal could be a little bit surprised. Actually I think there is no problem to worry about for Arsenal as far as they are concerned on the Brazilian national coach Tite’s decision to snub Gabi Jesus to not call him up for the coming Brazil friendly matches. Which are geared towards preparing the team before the world cup takes place in November.
    As a matter of fact, Gabi Jesus is the second Arsenal international, who has been snubed to not call him up by national team coach for national team assignment. After Gareth Southgate the England national team manage had snubed the England international 8en White, to not call him up for the England next Nation Cup matches. A decision that has not gone down well with White’s club manager Mikel Arteta. Who has shown his resentment over Southgate ignoring White.
    However, I will implore both Ben White and Gabi Jesus the Arsenal duo players to take heart. But not feel disappointments too much but just a little over their national team managers ignoring them to not give them a call up for the next of their country’s former and friendly games.
    For, the disappointments which they could currently be experiencing over their not getting called up. May after all turnout as good appointments for them in the long run. For, who knows if they have dodge the bullet which could have hit them had they been called up and played in those games.
    Let Ben White and Gabi Jesus therefore have a good international break away from playing formal and in-formal matches for their various countries. But they should continue to train very well at Arsena’s London Colney training ground with the rest of their team mates who are not called up to play for their countries during the break.
    This is very important for them and the other senior team players in the team who are free from this current international games engagement to adhere to with every commitment in them for Arsenal. So that they alongside their international game returnees will be in top form. Ready to dissimate Tottenham Hs and Liverpool in the Arsenal consecutive two big home games after the international break.

      1. SAVAGE, rather a harsh comment about a man who does, as we can see, use rather stilted English.

        But he is not English himself and I see many , many natural English language speakers who write far less cohesively than keen, dedicated SAMUEL. And his spelling is generally good too, which is more than I can say for how you misspell the word “you” by omitting two of its three letters. Think on lad!

  3. It’s just a friendly match so the coach probably needs to use that to blood in youngsters rather than ‘bothering’ the superstars during an already congested period, for a match that is not seen as that important. I see it more as an advantage than a disadvantage, and I guess the coach thinks in the same line.

  4. Brazil has lots of players and he may not fit in the Present National couch Idea of how he wants his team to play- not to mean Gaby is not good enough.
    Some times players get injured on National duty, we need him injury free and this is a plus for us.

  5. Surely any Gooner who uses their head would wishALL our players not to have to play in the WC and thus risk injury and over fatigue. I agre that Jesus well deserves to be picked but if he is not, then hey, what great news for OUR TEAM. NOT SO?

    Crooks is, as we know, NOT an Arsenal fan, so naturally has a different take.

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