Lincoln’s stunning FA cup upset fair warning to Arsenal for Sutton tie

If Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players were slipping into any kind of a complacent frame of mind ahead of the fifth round FA cup tie against the lowest ranked team still in the famous ould cup competition, then the shock result o9f Lincoln City today should knock it out of them.

It had already been an amazing run for the Imps from Lincoln who have already got past Premier League chasing Brighton and an another Championship side in Ipswich Town, but they really hit the headlines today after beating EPL club Burnley to become the first non-league club to ever reach the last eight.

It would be an even bigger upset for Sutton United if they beat the Gunners as we are higher in the league and they are only 17th in the National League while Lincoln are top. But I think the fact that Burnley were at home today where they have been very strong and successful all season is a massive wake up call and should serve to remind everyone at Arsenal that odd things can happen in the FA cup.

Will this giant killing make sure that Arsenal are ready to ensure it does not happen to us?



  1. Twig says:

    Well if you’re going to do the unthinkable Arsenal is the right team to do it to. Muller was in a poor run of form, and then came Arsenal! Heck, even a goalie should be hopeful of getting his first professional goal against Arsenal these days. I wouldn’t put it beyond Sutton to create a major upset on Monday. Arsenal is down and out and there for the taking.

  2. HA559 says:

    If you compare to the past 10 seasons or so. This ls the worst football we’ve been playing this season. Also this season, we’ve had so much luck in winning many games maybe going into double figures. Burnely alone we’ve taken 6/6 when it should’ve been 2/6. We’ve been unlucky as well, but luck in games overall has overweighed the unluckiness.

    Major change is needed in the squad with or without Wenger. Theres certain players who just can’t grasp what it is to defend for the team.

  3. El Blaze says:

    At this point losing to Sutton won’t be anything to be surprised about. We have been mediocre for more than a decade now. Personally I wouldn’t really mind if we lose to Sutton, at least it will make Wenger and the board think twice about that extension deal. We need a new start so badly and Wenger has to go by all means necessary and if losing to Sutton will add to that process, then am all for it.

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hahaha….Who still thinks Arsenal Losing to Sutton would make any of us shed a tear?……. Nope
    Cuz we used to silly, rubbish things happening in our arsenal Lives & we so good at swallowing the bitter pill …moving on
    On the other look of things, Arsenal may/will not Lose to em, then everyone would think/say they’ve bounced back!
    Who is the fool?

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger is so good at making other teams look better than they are, so Sutton do have a chance.

  6. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Immediately I saw the link, my hunches told me my dear Arsenal FC will be there even before clicking the link.

    We are usually tipped and trusted for wrong reasons. Loss:

    5-1 to Bayern (twice ).

    In fact, it would have been more were it not that Bayern were bored of us, and not motivated of playing a baby team that is not their standard.

    8-2 Manchester United
    6-0 Chelsea
    6-3 Man City
    5 -1 Liverpool
    4-4 Newcastle (from 4-0 up)
    2-1 Birmingham

    Yet, Wenger preferred Giroud to Higuain because of hold-up play.

    He couldn’t sign Draxler cos Welbeck is coming back to be sitting on the bench.

    Sent Joe Campbell, who was our saviour for 2nd part of the last season, on loan to shield his “beloved sons”.

    1. Twig says:

      And how’s Joel Campbell playing now??

  7. vinie2000 says:

    Refusal to sign draxler few years back and instead getting SANOGO..send Campbell away and keeping Theo? Ricardo rodriguesz one of the best left backs in europe ? no we got 10 years experience Gibbs and Monreal. wnayama or Kante? wee got Elenenny and LeCoq. Aubemayang, lacazzete or Hunteelar? No, we got OG scorpion man. This is hwy we are a laughing stock in EPL and Europe. NO AMBITIONS..An experience manager like ours will come and let the board what it is needed in terms of WC players ( 5 minimum ) for us to be title challengers. If we spend 150-200 millions in one season then the following one we do not have to but at least we tried once. WC players double or triple the amount spent in merchandising and rights so is the simple reason why the likes of Madrid , Bayer, Barca do. Specially when we are ” DEBT FREE” so our fan base multiply so does the income coming frm them around the world and being champions give you more TV income too. very SIMPLE BUT we lack of people who really know how to manage a club LIKE ARSENAL. CHANGES ARE NEEDED FELLOW GOONERS, LIKE IT OR NOT. As Charlie Nicholas said, Arsenal will lose games ( anyway nothing will change ) but we need an injection and fresh ideas. i want to feel proud of my team , WE NEED TO FEEL PROUD OF OUR TEAM.

  8. planner says:

    I just finished watching harther Berlin vs Bayern. Arsenal are really shit. Bayern were lucky to get a draw in today’s game.

  9. HA559 says:

    It wont matter if we sign top players the end will be the same. They will be changed to losers because of the relax attitude in the camp. You need to get a specific type of top players, battlers, winners and communicators. The attitude in the club is bad.

    In the train ahead of match pictures they seem to enjoy themselves chuckling even. But in games how many times do you even see them talk to each other? It stems down from the manager also. You can clearly see Wenger says more to 4th official than he does to players during a match especially when it’s not going well.

  10. HA559 says:

    If Wenger stays you can expect him to give the armband to Walcott to some point in the next few years permanent or not. That guy has just been strolling through his football career all just because of one clip on TV, Unbelievable.

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