Listen to Josh Kroenke, not the media about Arsenal January transfer window plans

The media got is as wrong as they could in the summer transfer window when it came to Arsenal, they mislead us all over the transfer budget and I reckon over 95% of the transfer gossip being spouted was just bull.

On the other hand, we had Josh Kroenke making promises, asking for patience and assuring the fans that big new names would be signing for the club.

Well, out of the media and Josh Kroenke only one of them came out of the summer transfer window with their integrity and credibility both intact and enhanced and we all know who that was. Mr Josh Kroenke.

Now, Josh has given a wide-ranging interview and we will be analysing and covering what he had to say and the first point I want to cover is the January transfer window.

You may ask why cover that now, well, because the media will be throwing out rubbish over the next few months and I want to get ahead of them.

For the record, when I say media I am referring to the tabloids like the Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail Football.London and all those that earn their living on the back of lies.

OK, back to Josh. He has addressed the January transfer window and this is exactly what he said.

“As for January, I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We’ve got to evaluate some things in the short term and figure out where we might need to address going forward, so when January does roll around we’re going to be proactive again.”

And for some more context, he also said

“The transfer market is an evolving, living, breathing thing. We identified key targets, worked on those deals and over time we were able to execute them.

“That’s hopefully a sign of encouragement for Arsenal fans that, when we’re out in the market place, you might never know what we’re thinking and you could be surprised by some of the names that come up.

So, Arsenal will, if necessary, be proactive in the January transfer window but it will be done quietly.

That to me means that there may be some new business but that is not guaranteed and whatever happens, the media will not know about it.

But that, of course, will not stop them making outlandish claims despite what Josh has said.


  1. I like his style and am warming to him, the only problem I can see is that we are also kept in the dark and make as many assumptions as the media in OUR own heads,however I can see the reasoning behind this and hats off to them for getting one over the tabloids.Crack on Josh.looking forward to January already.

    1. absolutely!!!
      If everyone was tarred with the same brush as their father/mother, it would be a sorry world.

      Since Josh arrived, he has kept his word, brought in the “new broom” syndrome and has been seen at the club more times than his father ever has.

      Let’s give him the chance he deserves, he’s certainly not “silent”, that’s for sure!!!

  2. i think finaly the coin has dropped they are realising that Arsenal was on a free fall on the pitch and on world value ranking,

    once the window will close our total spending if I’m not wrong it will be around 60M with the players bought and loaned we should get in to the top four and if we do, the club will be valued seling price at least 100M more and not forgetting the more we climb the table the more our players are worth so you can add another 100M on top ,

    so if we seam to be failing top four spot in January for shore he must spend more, it only makes more business sense

    1. the whole world is talking about our signings and exiting football to come from Arsenal, all positive advertising for future sponsership deals

      Let’s hope we can keep up the good work on the pitch

  3. I don’t think there would be new players in January

    Maybe one new CM in the summer, to replace Ceballos

    1. On Saturday Gotanidea you laughed at me saying ceballos was a number 10 and he will replace Ozil now your saying we need a CM next summer to replace Cebellos .

  4. I caution against taking Josh K at his word. Yes, we did achieve more than most thought probable this summer but much was on instalments, so we are told. I would first like to find out( say to the nearest million approx) HOW MUCH of Arsenal money left the Kroenke bank account(technically AFC’s, though in reality the Kroenkes money) before going overboard on Josh as a new devoted fan and “saviour”, as this article has, IMO, foolishly chosen to do.

    I say this because it it evident to a blind person that our decade long weakness at CB has been only very partially upgraded and we still lack EVEN ONE UNIVERSALLY AGREED TOP CLASS OUTFIELD DEFENDER at the club. I have hopes of Tierney ,as do others, but right now, he is definitely NOT a Prem standard proven TOP CLASS defender and none of our CB’s, the main club weakness, can be called so either. Holding is promising only. So Josh, I am NOT going to think of you as our white knight in shining armour until, which I much doubt, you have shown uneqivocally a far greater monetary commitment to our team building. All I WILL say is that you seem less despicable than your father. That is not saying much though. Is it,fellow realists!

    I also do not so lightly accuse a wide ranging number of respected journos -a nd even the red tips have many such types – of lying and printing tosh as this article has, again foolishly IMO, done!

    1. You need to breath in and out and relax dude! Kroenke’s mistake has been lack of involvement. Nowander Wenger could do what he wanted. Atleast there’s more involvement from the family. Yes, they haven’t pumped in their own money but neither have they sucked the clubs accounts. Give them time, Josh may suprise us all

      1. Yes, he MAY but on existing evidence it is more likely that he will NOT. This post is written with the 61 years worldly wise experience of being an Arsenal regular attendee and regular watcher, and not a “dude” at all, in fact. It is because I DO “breathe in and out” that I am still alive and wiser than some, even you perhaps, on here.

      2. I agree, the owners may have have trusted the management in the past, but no longer and they are getting involved.Good sign that Josh is in the news. We can see proactive changes in the club. Ether the player is signed on installments or upfront, that is not question, we have the player.We have a fairly decent squad. And if we can transfer Ozil, Mkhi, Kolas and sign Wilf. we can definitely challenge for the little. Chambers has proved that Mustafi is not needed, Willock has proved that Elneny is not required, Guendozi is proving that Xhaka is not required, Cabellos is proving Ozil/Mkhi are not required. Let Nelson get some game time for the cup competition and he will be ready is 6 months time. The future which looked bleak 3 months back seems promising. Let us cheer the team to success and for let the negativity step aside for some time IMO.

    2. dude! gosh get a grip!you need to relax more and sweeten your fan experience. you come across as someone with a high level of bitterness.chill and enjoy the club coz you have nearly absolutely no control over the running of the club.

    3. You’re welcome to your cynicism jon, I hope you’re very happy together. Meanwhile the rest of can carry on enjoying what has so far been a thoroughly enjoyable transfer window and the start of the EPL season.

      So far as the lying journo’s and bloggers you are eager to protect are concerned, you should reflect a little more clearly on the ludicrous number of Arsenal “targets” identified by that august body during the window. That number was kindly held up for examination by the admirable Untold Arsenal as being 84 in the later stages of the EPL window at least 80% of which would have been complete fabrications. Fair cop I would suggest.

  5. Josh had been slammed,called names, received personnel attacks that had nothing to do with sport, character assassination and much more and know the time had come for him to receive credits where it is due but I also hope that he continues in the same fashion,I also would like to apologise to him for slamming him a couple of times,like many but after a decade but was reasonable to doubt his speeches but Josh I beg you this is not the right time now to slow down!COYG!!

  6. But the media were right about how much we had yo spend. About £50 million cash is what we spent while the rest were instalment.

    What was the net spend?

    The only difference is that the media did not envisage the instalment master-class the Raul and Josh were planning on.

    1. Exactly.

      Since we will still be paying instalments, a sober verdict on this season’s transfer policy will have to wait at least until the end of August 2020.

      If we continue like this year, great. But if instalments prevent us from buying required talent next year (Ceballos or his replacement, for example), the praise for Kroenkes would have been premature.

      1. The praise for Kroenkes IS way too premature. Sober minded fans can see that what has been hyped and spun is nowhere near the actual truth. The ACTUAL TRUTH is that for over a full decade already our defence has been either below, way below or shockingly below par in quality,in numbers and in coaching( when under Wenger). As a sober minded realist I do not remotely kid myself, as so many foolishly choose to do, that our defence is any better than rank bad right now. It should improve somewhat once Holding and Tierney are fit but we still have not one CB remotely of proven top quality. This is therefore not a reason to self fool and I will never do so. NB: I do not rate Bellerin as a defender and so not think he will much improve us either.

    2. Very many purchases are made in installments. It’s the norm. Remember that Torreira too was purchased in installments. So was his payment also part of the current 50M?

      1. No it wasn’t this how I work it out

        ncoming players
        Saliba £0m fee next season
        Pepe £20m rest installments
        David luiz £8m
        Kieran Tierney £23 +£2m add ons
        Martinelli £6m
        Cellabos £5m loan fee
        Total £62m

        Out going
        Iwobi £28m
        Bielik £8m
        Koscielny £4.5m
        Ospina £3.5m
        Jenkinson £2m
        Asano £1m
        Total £47m

        Net spend £15m

  7. the only department we are short of is the forward line….. Pepe auba laca….. Thats all. We dont have anyone that can come from the bench and change a game so thats where we need to strengthen with two quality players. Some dificult games will need to be won with a deadly double sub. Other than that we are kool. Then offcourse pray that madrid sign ericksen so that we can sign ceballos permanently.

  8. Off the topic. As fans we are always complaining about the lack of intent from the owners, the board and even from players. But, the attitude of our fans baffles me in every game. Each game people leave their seats to go to stalls 5 mins before the half time and wont return to their seats 5 to 10 mins after half time. It was very embarrassing in the Burnley game. More that 70 percent of the stadium was empty for the first 5 mins of the second half. Fans are supposed to be the 12th man for the team and our 12th man is absent for 15 min in 90 min game which I find hypocritical.
    I hardly see this at other stadiums.

    1. There were a couple of guys sat in the row in front of me. Got to their seats about 10 mins in… then got up before half time, then came back about 10 mins after.. then with 20 (!!) minutes left to play, they got up & said see you in a couple of weeks to the bloke next to them!! Unbelievable!!

      1. Sue………..Maybe they have a prostate problem, a weak bladder !………….either that or they`re taking the piss ! 😆

  9. i would prefer we sign two old fashion wingers on both wings that can pull in quity crosses. Also a striker that is good in the air like giroud. So that when games a tight we can sub pepe and one of the midfied 3 for the two wingers. Change the formation to a 4-4-2 with auba and laca upfront. If no result with ten mnutes to go sub one of laca and auba depeneding on who is more in the game for the giroud type stirker.

  10. I have never doubted the commitment of the Kroenkes! Josh has done a good job and I hope he continues! I remember admin slaming him for wearing a Rams tshirt at Arsenal training in the USA lol.

  11. I think it is about time fans listen to the owners then media or other fans opinions.

    Still a lot of work to do, its over to the coaching and playing staff now, and although we still also need to give the squad time to gel, I believe the squad have a greater belief in themselves – which was the missing ingredients last season.

    In some sense, losing in Baku might have been exactly what we needed. A win might well have meant we go and purchase, but the intensity required was there this summer because we wanted to forget the lose in Baku – and test whether Arsenal was still such an attraction for players.

    I guess we learnt it still is…and now we have learnt the owners want what we want – to be successful

    “I would say that if you’re reacting and doing club record signings based on public opinion, you’re not going to go very far as a club,” Josh said. “We weren’t reactive this summer, we were actually proactive.

    nothing to do with fan revolt or protest, just dedication as per how fans are on supporting this wonderful club.

  12. I am warming to young Josh compared to his dad, who I`d rather warm to by him being BBQ fuel !

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