Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal – Emotions and inexperience cost us precious points

Emotion got the better of us by Konstantin Mitov
Well ladies and gentlemen, we let the occasion get to us and failed to win a game we truly should’ve. We had the perfect start, went 2:0 up and were cruising.
Than came for me a pivotal moment in the game when Xhaka wound up Trent, but it backfired as we immediately conceded afterwards. It’s just so painful that last season we did exactly the same thing when Arteta  confronted Klopp and that got them going.
The second half started like the first ended, we give away a sloppy penalty and luck was on our side as Salah put it wide, but we failed to address the fact we lost control of the game.
It’s easy in hindsight, but Arteta made some key mistakes in failing to react to where the game is going. When we subbed Odegaard for Kiwior, I was sure we weren’t going to win even though it was 2:1. The message it sends is so wrong.
What really bothers me with Arteta is that personal bias towards some players costs us on the football pitch. If we wanted to solidify our defense we should’ve brought on Tierney for Zinchenko, but Mikel doesn’t like Kieran and Zinny made a mistake which gifted them an equaliser.
We could’ve brought on Jorginho for Xhaka and Vieira for Odegaard, just to assert more control in midfield, especially after they subbed off Fabinho. I am gutted that we give away silly goals in games we really should be winning. I don’t care if it’s Anfield and they beat City and United there, we had them and we should’ve won, but our inexperience showed up.
I think this draw gifts City the title. I know 8 games for us and 9 for them are left, but I really believe our only chance was beating everyone bar City. I look at their remaining fixtures and I don’t see where they drop points.
Maybe Everton if they are still in the relegation battle is the only one, but if that’s what you’re hoping for, you’re grasping for straws. It’s what City do, they always pick it up when it matters. They can go on a 15 game winning streak if they have to. It’s happens multiple times in recent seasons.
We always hold Losses at the Etihad, and seeing how we failed to beat such a poor Liverpool team, I can’t see us going there and taking the points.
The only positive I take from that fact is that we’ll have to go to City and actually get a result. It’s no longer a “free hit”. Last season we had one against Spurs and we capitulated afterwards. Hopefully we can actually show something, but I doubt it. And I’m not trying to be negative. I just don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing.
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      1. A couple of years ago we were watching this level of games with city & Liverpool & we were nowhere near! Thank you, Mikel Arteta

        1. Well said. Our boys were bullying them for the first 40mins. Technically and tactically. After Liverpool turned into the dark arts, not much can be done at Anfield.

    1. The cost of missing Saliba and Tomiyasu was too much.
      With Holding, White had to stay low to cover, then Saka performance was limited. With Saliba, the back line can be pushed high up which release pressure from Liv as their mid-filed is weak.
      Zinchenko was in hugh pressure from Salah and Arnolds.

      1. Are you for real, try getting behind Arsenal, still eight games to go, so negative, plenty to play for

  1. Hahaha you said “I think this draw gifts City the title”. If so then wait and see. Arsenal winning the EPL is destiny. Some of you just lack patience.
    However, one thing I must tell Arteta is that he shouldn’t get carried away some players and how they’ve performed this season because if he does so next season they will be exposed beyond measure. Next they will be competing on all fronts so I know he’s smart to not continue with some players.

    1. City will win the FA Cup and Man United will win the Europa league. City will also beat Bayern in the UCL first leg. Arsenal will win the EPL.

      1. I believe u on this……… Dnt know about the rest but arsenal is winning the league even if its by 1 point. D journey is always gonna be tough but in d end victory is going to be ours

        1. Yes the rest are all accurate. It will happen and you will remember. Destiny is why Arsenal are winning. In any other season City should’ve topped us a long time ago. I’ve had several visions of the Arsenal team and players. In the end Arsenal will win the league but it will be tense for the fans.

  2. Well done to the boys! Liverpool fought for their lives at Anfield. Ramsdale what a game!

    We displayed the quality of champions!

    Liverpool gained a point, we lost two. That says it all!

    1. I guess it’s just his personality. He’ll never change. I think arteta should have pulled him after 60 min. Move zinchenko into midfield and bring on Tierney to protect the backline.

      1. Exactly right, Kori. Tierney coming on in the 78th minute was ridiculous, given the threat of Alexander Arnold.
        Xhaka should stick to playing football.
        Replacing Odegaard with a defender sent a poor message.

      1. Mike, unfortunately in all contact sport the player who retaliates is usually the one caught. Retribution needs to be served cold later and hard but fair (within the rules).

      2. I would think about the team and not myself by looking at the big picture, smile and walk away. Especially knowing what happened last season.

        1. Absolutely right. This remains a major issue with Xhaka. Getting overly invested in proving himself to be a hard man rather than being able to consider the bigger picture in a given moment is a major character flaw.
          The fact that he actually had to be dragged away shows that he has not learned sufficient self-control. An obvious knock-on effect is that he is then limited for the rest of the game as he is forced to avoid 50-50 challenges afterwards.

  3. Pros:
    – ponit at Anfield
    – Ramsdale saving us

    – MA returning to old way believing that his tactics/players cant be the wrong choice. Ego
    – Xhaka doing old Xhaka things, which was undeniably the turning point of the game. The worst thing you can do at Anfield is getting the crowd riled up and behind the team.
    – Xhaka sitting way to deep like old times, leaving Ode to battle vs 3 players alone
    – refusal to make subs at a reasonable time in the game
    – pathetic diving all over from many players, yes there were some fouls but there were many blatant dives
    – trying to play Zinchenko as a midfielder and a LB at the same time leaving Gabriel vs Salah all the time
    – no plan B

    At the end of the day we are the team at the top of the EPL, when you are in that position and 2-0 up you should be winning….or should we not have a winners mentality? MA gets the credit when he gets it right, so he takes the blame when he gets it wrong too.

    Would I have been happy with a point before the game? Not happy but content yes. After dominating and being 2-0 up am I content with a draw? No, it is quite disappointing!

    We still have Man City, Chelea and Newcastle to play.

  4. If we keep composure and win the next 2 matches against Hammers and Saints, we’ll be 9 points ahead of City when we face them, albeit they’ll have 2 games in hand. City game is not a must win but a must-not-lose.

    It’s still in our hands.

    1. Could be twelve if Leicester pull off a miracle, they are fighting to remain in the PL

  5. In hind sight – What if – Basically we were pretty poor tonight. Ramsdale saved us. Still confident we will win the premiership 🙂

      1. And you are simply not supporting Arsenal, if you can not see we have been top for most of the season, then I suggest this team is not for you, we have been in this fight since the beginning

  6. A Great draw because in truth we did not deserve it. Not under pressure, first 35 minutes we were imperious against a hapless Liverpool but once Xhaka produced one of his predictable brain farts, got the cowd going, Liverpool riled and turned the control in to slapdash, we floundered. Zinchenko, we cant say he struggled first 35 mins because we were leading but boy did he struggle after. Arteta failing to see it and failing to bring on Tierney until too late, was a mistake. Keeping Xhaka on for the second half was a mistake. We second half lost everything, shape, focus and the abilty to pass a ball. Substitutions were needed on 60 mins and were not forthcoming. Lucky draw from a position of strength was really really disappointing. I worry about us when we are under pressure but the bigger worry, today was it was caused by the players and the manager. I thought Partey was the best player on the pitch all game, closely followed by Ramsdale (who kept us in the game) a pity others couldn’t sort themselves out and play better second half. The second half was shocking!!!!!

    1. Fair comment Reggie and I’d make a couple of points: a) Xhaka surprised me by reacting as I thought he’d outgrown that kind of thing. It certainly didn’t help. b) I agree that changing the personnel was ill timed but the plus point was we hung on by our finger tips for the point, whereas we could very easily have lost in bygone years

      1. Agree Sue but we held on by luck not any type of skill, apart from a couple of great stops by Ramsdale. I still think we have the team to beat or draw city, i just think under pressure, we go from looking like the best in the league, to the worst. No team play as poor as us when we are holding on. I have always said, the players are there, i just dont see the way we play holding up under pressure. We bring it all on ourselves and lose our shape.

        1. God bless you Reggie. We lost those two points due to Arteta’s inability to read the match and make decisive changes. No serious team loose such match from winning point. This makes me wonder why coaches don’t see what fans always see during matches. Xhaka was a disappointment. He should have known better. I think, the need for substitutes is to replace non performing players. So if they cannot be called upon to replace the non performing teammates and timely too then, there’s no need for them. With this precious one point (thanks to Ramsdale), minimal mistakes from our coach and players and ofcourse, luck, we can still win the trophy

    2. Reggie, spot on fella.

      On way back from Liverpool now and I missed the xhaka incident. Saw it kick off but was unsure what exactly happened. But it sounds like another Xhaka moment.

      What really riled me was the midfield went to pieces when we scored the second. So I was flabbergasted that he bought on kiwior for Odegaard seeing that we were inviting more pressure instead of trying to find a win in midfield.

      I’m absolutely gutted, 2 nil up at anfield and we absolutely blow it. When Jesus scored, I made the mistake of falling off the fence to actually believe… what a wally.

      This journey back has reminded myself of travelling back from Newcastle last year😱

      We need to get the 3 points at West ham next weekend and hope that $hity drop some before we see them.

      Ffs… there for the taking😥

      1. Yes WHAT WAS THAT??? bringing on a player who has hardly played at Anfield and someone who has only looked dodgy.

        1. Difficult to disagree, DB and Reggie. Arteta’s substitutions were totally confusing. If you want to go defensive, then the experienced Jorginho as a DM one would think be the better option.
          What has Tierney done to Arteta?

  7. I think most of us would have taken the draw before the game. So I’m not feeling too bad about it. What does concern me though is the way in which we went from dominant to dominated. It was reminiscent of the out issues a few years ago. A team that could be rattled and beat into submission by an opponent who sensed our fear. That worries a little so i’m hoping to see a much more confident Arsenal at West Ham. A good win there will hopefully see us get things back on track. I’m not going to finger point at individuals and errors. All I can say is thank god for Ramsdale and some of the squad really need to show a better performance (and level head) next week.

  8. Team lack of experience was one factor but in my opinion the substitutions should have been made earlier to bring more energy and calmness to arsenal play. We still have our destiny in our own hands so let’s push on.

  9. The moment I saw the Liverpool squad for this match, I knew we won’t win. Gabriel was very poor, just like everyone else bar martinelli and Jesus. It’s not a foregone conclusion that we will lose to city, and that city will win the next 9 epl games. Its going to the wire.

    1. Gabriel was not poor, Partey was outstanding along with Ramsdale who saved us the point, did you actually watch the game? Liverpool beat City and Utd here and conceded goals for the first time this year at Anfield. you expect Arsenal to be outstanding in every game, we are top of the PL by six points, what more could you want? did you expect this team to be where it is right now, put some perspective into this, this has been one of the best seasons for Arsenal for a ver,y long time, now enjoy it, mistakes happen all the time.

  10. Ramsdale saved us a point today, let’s mention his incredible performance today, magnificent!

    All 4 fullbacks got absolutely roasted today from both teams. White had an off day, suspect defending, poor passing, and his unusual dull day hindered Saka in the attack.

    Why oh why leave Zinchenko on that long? Such a poor defender was beaten so easily for the tying goal. Warning signs were there all day, waited too late to bring in Tierney.

    Xhaka wasn’t lively and his biggest contribution was winding up Liverpool and the crowd at Anfield.

    Was hoping to see Trossard replace Odegaard when we struggled in 2nd half, and thought Xhaka should have come off and move Zinchenko to CM or Jorginho come on.

    Thought Gabriel CB did well, Partey best midfielder, Martinelli roasted TAA, and Gabriel looked caused problems for them up top.

    A bit disappointed after going up by 2 and then falling off. I felt Arteta needed subs early in the 2nd half when Liverpool were overrunning us basically all 2nd half.

    Feels like we lost 2 points. We have to win or draw at City, and need wins the rest of the way.

    Pressure is on, let’s go fellas, heads up and let’s end this season at the top!

  11. As said before the game holding was the weak link and proved it got exposed defensively Arsenal were very poor lucky to get away withthe draw think now City favourites with the fixtures but hopefully we go again and take it to the wire!

    1. Thought there were far worse players out there than Holding, he was unfortunate with the penalty but did ok apart from that. He made one big mistake that wasn’t punished, others made far more and some were.

    2. From where I was sitting I thought Zini, Xhaka and Saka were pretty non existent. Personally I thought Holding played pretty well.

    3. Mark, I agree with Reggie and NB, that you have been very unfair on Holding. The penalty resulted from a coming together of players, which unfortunately usually results in the foul being given against the defender.

    4. Holding performed well. He couldn’t have helped that penalty. The culprit here is Arteta. The earlier he learn from his mistakes the better for the team. I want to on behalf of the team and fans plead that he forgives Tierney and play him when necessary. If Tierney had come on earlier, may be, I mean maybe, we would have won.

      1. A few things:
        Arteta probably should have replaced ZInchenko earlier than he did. He did not react effectively enough to deal with the threats Liverpool began to pose.
        Holding was OK to an extent whilst we were trying to defend. However, his weaknesses are evident when it comes to trying to control games. It is one of the reasons we were under so much pressure (although he was not the only culprit). As for the penalty to suggest it was inevitable is ridiculous.
        Xhaka’s ludicrous altercation earned a yellow which almost certainly put him on the back foot and made him less effective for the rest of the game.

  12. We can Win 7 games and draw at City. The title is still ours to lose, today’s win would just confirm it but all is not lost. FYI, City can’t and won’t win all their remaining fixtures. We will at least draw with them.

  13. Haha Mark so Holding played worse than White and Zinch no way. He also passed the ball superbly in the first half.

    1. City will win the prem league this game will cost us just can’t give a 2 goal lead away and City have the more favourable fixtures plus we defend like we did today and City will destroy us!

      1. Not that I am disagreeing with you Mark… but if your midfield and your left back offers no protection then your defense is usually overwhelmed.

        Point and case is today. The second half All I did was count down the minutes, because it was coming…

        I’m more gobsmacked that we didn’t lose?

  14. The boys had a good game. The managers game management wasn’t great or was even poor. MO Salah had a field day helped by Zinny. Big Gab did very well marking Salah. Never thought Zinny will last 50 minutes. Tierney ought to have come on instead of Kiwior. Gorgino needed to have come on to support midfield and defense
    I give MA 5/10

  15. We took our foot off the pedal…after an impressive 35 minutes.

    One midfielder (who shall remain nameless) lost his composure – his head – and invited Liverpool back into the game. Such a pity.

    The substitutions didn’t help either – our achilles heel for years.

    Still, happy for the one point courtesy of Ramsdale’s miracles on this easter sunday. Got to be more ruthless to win the title.

  16. Get a grip all AFC supporters. I predicted this. We played 2 poor games against Liverpool and yet walked away with 4 points.
    This could be a point gained rather than 2 lost especially when we only played well for 30 minutes out of 90 + injury time.
    The way I look at it is 6 wins + 2 draws means we would be champions by 1 point. The 2 draws are against City and Newcastle away. Of course we have the difficult task of winning those 6 games. But City need to beat us at the Ethihad.
    Chin up all Gunners.

    1. The 3-2 win against Liverpool at home was not poor, I was at the game, and along with every other Arsenal fan, this was a great win, but you are right it is still in our hands, City has four difficult games before they meet us. BM hope and way in the CL, Leicester fighting for survival at home, then Sheff Utd at Wembley, then us, we will have one more day rest than City, so it is still ours to win, always felt the game against City would be the one that decides. I have a ticket and I am hoping we will beat City

      1. The game at the Emirates could have gone either way. For large parts Liverpool were very good. Just like we were very good in the cup against City and unlucky to loose.
        What I want is a draw against City. It sets up a brilliant May. Hope you have a great day out at the Ethihad. I will be shouting at the television screen.
        I am sure our voices will be somehow be in unison supporting the AFC.

  17. A draw was one of two possible results. In the first half we were really cooking, but luck favoured Pool with a goal..
    If the football gods allow we can suffice with a draw against City at the Etihad.. the boys can do it !! Holding
    did alright apart from the penalty foul.He only needs more game time experience..

  18. Your last statement is where you made the most sense. City were favorites before we even kicked the ball in anger to begin the season. I would only be disappointed if we capitulate at this point. Tell me a team in Europe that has done better than us in their respective leagues this season, bar Napoli who plays in an inferior league.

    The problem with most supporters is lack of objectivity and brutal honesty to remember they never envisioned we would be challenging for the title the season. If we win the league, it’s because we deserved it and had all the luck to prevail over this filthy City side. I hope the day of reckoning happens soon for City where their financial dishonesty will be exposed and they pay for their sins.

    But I would warn here that negative fans will label this great season we’ve had as a failure if we fail to win the league. Every human with half a brain knows that City will continue to dominate the league with Pep and his assembled mercenaries at the reigns if something is not done quickly to stop them. It’s what he does best being the opportunist he is, give him the best side in the league and bottomless supply of cash and he win every league title that is up for grabs.

    If City wins the league, then I feel it’s high time fans and the media opens up more conversation about their financial corruption. As far as I am concerned, this is not a competition, it is a farce we see every season where one team that should be languishing in the second tier of English football is deified as the epitome of club football and other prudent clubs are made to look like fools for upholding their integrity and doing the things the right way to save the future of the game.

    I’m done commenting about City and their chances of winning the league as we all know how it will all end. Save your tears for another day Mr. Konstantin!!! It’s a waste of time hoping City drops point, instead we should be more interested in how their court case ends and hope the right judgment is made if they are found guilty.

    1. Not sure what game you were watching, but Gabriel in defence was brilliant, we are still six points clear, possible to be twelve points clear when we meet City, City does not have an easy run in, two CL games against BM, one away facing Leicester who are playing for survival, and a hard game at Wembley against Sheff Utd who will be right up for it, then they play us, anything is possible, this will go to the wire and I am loving it

      1. They are playing Leicester City at home, Etihad stadium. But Dean Smith as new manager of Leicester can do a Everton-alike wonder victory

    2. Wenger called it financial doping and he was right, Chelsea, PSG, and City, RM and Barcelona are spent beyond their means, now Newcastle will try to do the same, the PL, UEFA and FIFA are corrupt

  19. Gutted for the 2 points dropped. We go again . Spot surely Tierney should have come on in earlier to double up the left wing.

  20. Hopefully this is the point we win the league by. Remember City lost here. A shame Xhaka woke a subdued Anfield up- hopefully he makes amends at the Etihad. Still believing. Arsenal always do it the hard way but we will still do this. COYG. Thank you Mikel for making us compete again

  21. So to surmise…
    2 two nil up and we somehow cock it up.

    Pretty simple, really.

    Hey ho, London Stadium… here we come.

    1. We will not beat City on the performance today our defending was shocking they will tear us apart if we repeat that!

      1. Awww Mark… leave it.

        City are overwhelming favourites and we are punching way above our weight…

        So sit back and enjoy it… because I am and if it isn’t this season it may be next.

        When was it the last time we said that we took 4 points off the scousers… because it was a long time since I last said it. 😉

  22. It’s quite depressing reading some comments
    We’ve blown the league
    Players not good enough
    We’re not good enough
    MA not good enough
    6 points clear
    Just gone to anfield and got a hard earned point
    And regardless what pool have done this season they have been decent at home
    The crowd are pretty special and our boys held on either by good fortune or bad finishing but we got the point
    We still hold the points and not city so let them catch us
    Some really fickle comments on here
    8 to go and still up for grabs
    Who would have taken that at the start of the season 🤔
    Let’s not fall apart now…
    Onwards and upwards

  23. Massive point at Anfield, a place where the Citizens lost and where Man United was hammered and sent back to Old Trafford with tail firmly between legs.

    It is for games like this I said Ilkay Gundogan should be brought in to tighten our grip on that big jug if we ever laid hands on it at the end of this campaign.

    This game tells me Tierney will be sold at the end of this campaign also.

    Now fans will understand my history of watching this fixture from behind my big chair.

  24. I’m pretty disgusted by today’s performance. Xhaka lost us this match. The score line will say it was a draw but the manner of it may as well have been a defeat. It demonstrates the same old metal fragility but even worse this time because we are top of the league and 2-0 up! Aaron Ramsdale, Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus are the only players who come out of the game with any credit. Saka had one his poorest performances that I have seen and Zinchenko was hopeless defensively. Xhaka lost his head over nothing and fired up the Anfield crowd and the team just lost their bottle. Pathetic.

    1. Liverpool antagonising Arsenal was always their plan. If not Xhaka, someone else. That’s how they play at Anfield. Loud microphone, rowdy fans and overhype physical team. Arsenal held to a point and came away with respect and without injuries. I’m happy considering the circumstances.

      1. The Coach and the players should have the confidence and determination of winning their remaining games. Teams in the lower half of the table are winning and having a draw with teams in the upper half when they are determine to do so. Why is arsenal not having that confidence and determination when meeting some teams in the league. Arsenal coach and players change that mentality, please

    2. Not Xhaka but Arteta cost us the game….Bad team selection. Zinchenko for Tierney, thats poor. Saka was not supposed to start as well.

    3. Not sure what game you were watching, but Gabriel in defence was brilliant, we are still six points clear, possible to be twelve points clear when we meet City, City does not have an easy run in, two CL games against BM, one away facing Leicester who are playing for survival, and a hard game at Wembley against Sheff Utd who will be right up for it, then they play us, anything is possible, this will go to the wire and I am loving it

      1. I was watching a game we dominated for 30 minutes before one idiot woke the crowd up and we just fell apart like a bunch of nervous schoolboys. I am not blaming Gabriel for us not winning. That honour goes to Arteta and Xhaka. Tierney should’ve come on instead of Kiwior who may as well have not been on the pitch for all the good he did.

  25. Though he gives his all, am not sure Jorginho will be here in the next campaign.

    There is no midfielder that knows the final third like the one Ilkay Gundogan,

  26. Very poor performance from Arteta. Maybe his inexperience in big games resulted in the draw or a loss considering we were 2 nil up

    1. There we go again. It was all Holdings fault. Some one eyed wonders focusing on one incident and missing all his interceptions and clearances. Meanwhile, Xhaka who was nowhere will probably be given an 8, for simply being on the pitch. We played the last 15 minutes with nine men. Xhaka and Kiwor were not in the game.

    2. The Coach and the players should not have the belief that it is so difficult for them to win a game in a particular field. If they have that belief, they will be making mistakes. They should always go to the field with the determination of going to win the match

  27. Arteta has been going with his horses all season and it may prove costly.
    we needed Tierney in by 50 min as Zinchenko was
    poor on the bal in the second half and definetely had gaps defending. Both Liverpool goals came from his side. We also needed Jorginho next to Partey to close up middle of the park. Too late and too poor with substitutions and trying to get too clever bringing in Kiwior. No way he should come in a game like this. I hope he learns . Akso he should have moved Martinelli to the middle to have a longer threat and Trossard wide.
    I thought at 30 min we were too good for Liverpool but the mental side let us down today.
    It will be a monstrous task to rebuilt our mental side this close to the end. Hopefuly we can rebound fast. COYG

    1. CF, I agree with your comment. Substition, timing and player selection, is the area of Arteta’s management that concerns me.

  28. Got a point at a tough place that AFC have not done well lately.

    According the the tele today, no club in the entire EPL have scored more than 1 goal at Anfield this year, this team could have easily scored 3.

    Get Saliba back and I feel the club has the strength to win important games!

    Get them read this week Mikel and let’s smash West Ham.


  29. It’s disgusting how people are blaming Xhaka for our loss. If the entire team can’t handle Anfield against them then we are not worthy to be Champions. Where is our mental fortitude to withstand these situations? We will have this kind of atmosphere against big sides in Europe and must be ready for it. The team need to be brave and work their socks off 💯 on enemy grounds. It is true that we have overachieved from our objectives before the season began but if you are going to be champions then you have to make these moments count. When you take a two goal lead even by luck, you got to defend it all your life. The Leicester team that won the title not long ago had that. The likes of Vardy and Kante were running non-stop whiles Huth,Morgan and others defended with their lives. Credit to the team, but we have to do better to be champions.

    1. I don’t think Xhaka is to blame for us not winning but the incident certainly fired up the situation around the ground and it was the start of a Liverpool revival when prior to that Arsenal had the upper hand. What was a shame is that he couldn’t keep a lid on his reaction especially after such a successful season for him.
      I don’t think it’s wrong to be disappointed that Liverpool fought back and nearly won

      1. It wasn’t Xhaka’s ” little moment”, that cost us the points but his overall performance which underwhelmed. Given his limitations there are games when the manager needs to take him off or even drop him and put more faith in players such as Emile Smith Rowe.

        1. There were other players who performed worse than Xhaka, ( Ben White/ Zinny). People are easy to pick Xhaka out because he is the easier target. The overall performance was not good enough. Arteta’s substitutions were poor. Our invincibles team had all these dirty games up their sleeves and still grounded out victories on enemy grounds. The Anfield crown will always turn on us with or without any incident. We should focus on our performance and seeing games out rather than pointing people out for riling the crowd.

  30. Bro i feel ur pain, everything u said is on point; but Epl has a scary part i don’t like. Just becos City and Man u lost at Anfield does not justify a draw.

    MA should know games to start Z and games to play Tieny.

    It could have been worse…..Rams got us a point.

    We move…….

  31. I will saw, we lost because of Saka. He was quite the whole game. He didn’t create chances that he used too, dribble pass defend, score a goal that we need from him. Let alone level of defend he display yesterday. Trossard should have replaced Saka and Tierney for Zinchenko in 60mins.

  32. Points on the board are critical to Arsenal; however if Arsenal goes to Etihad and gives Manchester City 59% possession and 21 shots on goal compared to Arsenal 41% possession and 9 shots on goal, the result can only go one way unfortunately.
    One game at a time, with no room for error.
    Very proud of Manager, staff and players for putting Arsenal in this position. Hopefully the Club can see it through to the end and Manchester City drop points.

  33. I agree with you Kos. Just to add that we lost the two important points due to Arteta’s favouritism on some players and naivety. Why would Arteta allow Xhaka, Zinny and Odegaard remain on the pitch for too long? Why would he replaced Jesus the only player challenging pool’s physicality ? Can someone tell me what the likes Tierney and Nelson did to Arteta that warrants such neglects even when it’s obvious the will change the game if given the chance? Why does Arteta keep failing in his decisions in big matches? Why is he afraid of removing some players before the damage is done? And why does he always wait until the team is in deficit before he takes actions? See, it’s painful for us to gift the title to manc due to some avoidable mistakes. Don’t get me wrong. So far so good. He has done well. But he is not learning fast. The biggest mistake of the night was removing Jesus, & refusing to replace Xhaka and Zinny. The argument of trying to protect Jesus is absolute nonsense as even the player wasn’t happy. Unless Arteta push aside his personal interest and focus on the collective interest of the club, he will continue to repeat the mistake in big matches and loose the trophy.
    Please do we coaches whose duty is to psyche up players? If we do then, his work starts NOW!

  34. I can see a lot of player are immune to criticism. The biggest flop was Saka. Ben white had no help, the commentators kept mentioning it time and time again. That was his poorest game for Arsenal. Did shit all game. Was useless in defense and was useless in attack. Arteta should have subbed him off at 50mins. Gabriel was the only player in that back line to keep his head held high. He was covering for everyone. Zinchenko man, wtf was he doing? Can never be a good defender. Martinelli should know better. The defending for their equalizer was avoidable.if martinelli had ran back to help zinny. I thought the substitute was abysmal, this is a game made for jorginho. He knows how to win, he can delay, hold and stay in position. The substitute should have been, trossard for Saka, jorginho for xhaka, tierny for zinchenko, kiwior for odegaard because as soon as firmino and Nunez was on, Liverpool was only gonna play one way and that is too many whipped balls in the box. Well, I would have taken draw any day. A lot of people saying mancity has the league already lol.have you seen their fixtures? They have 5 teams battling for their premier league life. Add the champions league and fa cup. I will like to see how they survive that. This city team is beatable.

  35. Why is nobody talking about the 95th minute 3 on 1 counter attack that Martinelli flopped for us, man I wished it were Trossard having to lay the pass to Saka… We might all be talking about a lucky win now which I’ll take all day long

  36. In a normal competition the result at Anfield would have been considered a well earned point in the process of winning a league title. However, with the juggernaut that is Manchester City breathing down our necks we are more concerned about the two dropped points. This is because the competition is rigged in the Mancs, favour what with their massive recourses and unfair practices. In spite of this the final outcome still remains in Arsenal’s hands. It will be a case of winners or bottlers.

    1. Zichenko!
      First goal no way you are leaving Salah in such moments. Second goal goes without saying. Let’s just celebrate getting back to champions league for now.

  37. Good job boys, we were close…..we forced Liverpool to fight for a draw…….first goals conceded by Liverpool this year……..remember they beat Citeh by a lone goal and ManU by 7goals. We have to beat Citeh to win this title and we will……we will bounce back and beat West Ham in the next game. Hard luck but good job team Arsenal ..,…,

  38. Man, damn the ref to hell and back! All first 35mins when we were on top, he watched lackadaisically as our players get booted off the field with the likes of Saka, Jesus and even the much much maligned Xhaka getting the brunts of it all! And he entertained Liverpool cries all day long, while dishing out cards to Arsenal players for the faaacking same things that pools get away with again and again!!!! Damn that ref!! Were it not for the honest linesmen, the game would have long gone away from us bythe 60mins mark!! Henderson with the dark arts and getting in the ref’s face all day while the ref continues to entertain him. The much maligned Xhaka would have seen red if he got in the refs face half as much as Henderson did! What an absolute farce!! And Zinny?!!! Even my 8 years old son was tearing out his hairs at his obvious deficiencies all game long which MA who is sat by the sidelines somehow couldnt faaaaacking see!!!?? I would walk away right now if I were Tierny!!! Sorry for the exclamations, my BP hasnt come down since last night! Sorry!

  39. Great game for the neutral, for us changes should have been made earlier, Klopp recognised this and did it, but Arteta left it too late to make the changes. Zinchenko getting nutmegged by Trent, very poor. Xhaka getting involved was the Xhaka of old and should have walked away. Both Man City and Man Utd lost here, but truthfully we should have got the three points. The anti-Arsenal media are in full swing spewing their bile how we have messed it up. Now, will fans on this site finally admit Ramsdale is first class, without him we would have lost by three or four. beat West Ham and Southampton and City have Leicester in between BM in the CL, we could potentially be twelve points clear, I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but Pep may do his usual tinkering and give Leicester a chance who are battling to remain in the PL.

  40. wow
    I never knew in my life as Arsenal fan hoping to beat Liverpool home and away. what a revolution.
    I won’t call it inexperience or pressure. football is never easy to predict,, if not y gambling is so hard to win.

    this is EPL culture,, City will fight to overtake us the way Liverpool usually fought to overtake them in previous seasons


  41. Saka shouldn’t have played. Zinchencko should’ve been subbed way early in the game. Trossard should’ve played. Tierney should’ve come in earlier. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve are the words that should be bashing through from Arteta’s toe nail to skull.. lessons to be learnt and titles to be won, COYG.

  42. Xhaka was clearly provoked and he fell to it. That was their game plan. Throughout the game, they kept on fouling and kicking and were not cautioned. TAA should have been sent off. Its a point gained but we could have had all 3 points. If we win all our remaining games and draw with City we can still win the title.

  43. Well, that was about as deflating as you can get. For the first third of the game arsenal did what many knew they had to, took the game to a poor liverpool side by their recent standards, and deservedly went two up. Then it all went horribly wrong, in all too familiar fashion. First xhaka, who in his defence has been playing far above his usual standard, reverted to type and earned a silly booking, upset the flow of the game, and handed the initiative to liverpool. Then, instead of rallying and keeping their heads, the team, as they did against city earlier in the season, turned into headless chickens. Forget the twaddle about the Anfield effect (that many here argued wouldn’t effect the game) arsenal, not liverpool, turned the game on its head. Whatever arteta said at half time didnt work, and liverpool pressed home their advantage. Yes Tierney gave a classic ‘Anfield’ penalty, but luckily for us Salah missed it. Had he scored, based on the rest of the half, we’d have lost. As it was, the equaliser looked inevitable, and only ramsdale stood between liverpool and a win that would have sent the press into an even bigger meltdown. It’s hard to take any positives from a game we needed to win, and the excuses being rolled out smack of self delusion. We had a chance to put down a marker to city, to get three valuable points, to lay the Anfield jinx, and they blew it. It’s as simple, and as complicated as that. Yes, they might still win the league, but that’s the problem, it’s gone from favourites before the Everton game, to pole position, to ‘might’. Playing as they did from half an hour onwards at city will result in another thumping at their hands. Playing like that will see us beaten at newcastle. The team showed that huge question marks still hang over it, and arteta is running out of games to sort them out…

  44. So Xhaka is getting pelters again 🙄. One wonders if the people moaning about him also moaned at Patrick Vieira when he was getting sent off for being petulant ? Has the law on retaliation changed, as Arnold struck Xhaka on the back and in my day that was a sending off offence.

    Before the game I would have gladly taken a draw considering our record there, and Liverpool’s home record this season. Yes we could have lost, but Ramsdale had blinding 2nd half and pulled off some amazing saves.

    We go again next Sunday and hopefully get the 3 points.

    1. There is an agenda from the media against Xhaka and people easily fall for it. Like I stated earlier the players in the invincibles squad did worse and are hailed as heroes. Instead of Arnold being berated and we questioning how our performance dropped so low because of nerves we take the easier route of scapegoating Xhaka. I repeat again. If we can’t withstand the crowd at Anfield, then we are not worthy to be champions or even go into the champions league because there are more hostile grounds on that competition and we will chicken out like we did yesterday.

      1. You dont need a media agenda to tell you xhaka has cost arsenal dear too many times in the past, and his stupid actions yesterday cost us dear again. It’s happened so many times now it just isn’t funny any more. No, he didn’t ‘lose’ the game, the teams collective collapse after that incident was not his fault, but everyone knows that refs look for any excuse to punish liverpools opponents, and thus retaliation would lead to a yellow card. He knew it, Arnold knew it, the fans knew it, yet he still did it. It was a piece of stupidity that helped turn the game, and he knows it too. Since 1970, liverpool have fouled, dived, surrounded the ref long before it became the norm, been awarded joke penalties and joke goals. The offside flag only goes up against opponents and refs love to give out yellow cards. Again, xhaka knows all this, all players do. Yet he fell for it.

  45. I remember when City beat us at the Emirates,and where ahead on goal difference, every body said City enjoy is yours now….fast forward to Easter Sunday night,we are 6points ahead…and people are saying is all City’s now, how? Who said City can’t drop points… football is not played on paper…. Arsenal can and will win the league…

  46. I don’t think Man City are going to have a free ride to the title. They still have to play both Brighton and Brentford away. We know how difficult those teams can be. Add to that the fact that Man City will also play Arsenal and Chelsea; though at the Etihad, both teams aren’t just going to roll over. Arsenal are still in this race.

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