Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal – Depressing as Arsenal suffer yet another Anfield defeat

So much anticipation and excitement and what a let down it turned out to be.

In the first half, Liverpool dominated and while we did have a gilt-edged chance through Pepe no one can argue that Arsenal deserved to be losing 1-0 at the end of the half.

Far too much space was given to the Liverpool wing-backs and that looked to be a deliberate ploy, why? I do not know.

Guendouzi had a habit of heading the ball to the opposition, Ceballos was anonymous apart from gifting the ball to Liverpool with a suicidal clearance across the penalty area, Xhaka showed zero ambition going forward, Maitland-Niles struggled to keep ahold of the ball and more than once Luis lost his position.

Aubameyang, Willock and Pepe did show some ambition when they got the ball but that was rare and they lacked support from the midfield, in fact, I nearly called the Police to report the midfield missing.

It was a depressing negative first half, Liverpool had so much freedom they must have felt like it was Christmas.

Pepe should have scored, when you play teams like Liverpool and Man City at their ground you simply must take the chances presented to you otherwise, you cannot be surprised if you get nothing from the game.

The second half was more of the same and just a few minutes in David Luiz decides to have a mental breakdown and gift Liverpool a penalty for a pull on Salah who then easily converted the penalty.

What did I say earlier about being clinical? Aubameyang got a clear chance on the 50th minute, hesitated and got tackled. You have to take these chances it is as simple as that.

On the 58th minute, Salah made it 3-0, he turned David Luiz like he was not there and just ran at the goal finishing off in fine style.

For the last 20 minutes or so Liverpool took their feet off the gas and it made no real difference, Arsenal saw more of the ball and did get a consolation through Torreira in the 85th minute to make the score more respectable.

This game was men v boys and the gulf between Liverpool and Arsenal is still as big as it was last season.

What makes this result worse than the actual scoreline was the manner of the defeat, there was no fight, no ambition, no commitment, in better words, same old Arsenal.


  1. These defenders couldn’t even defend themselves even if they were armed to the teeth let alone defending in a match.In the first half we were tactically outclassed by Liverpool.Liv’s wingers came inside when Liv were in possession meaning the full backs were forced to follow them and mark them leaving acres of space for TAA and Robertson as Pepe and Ceballos didn’t cover well.Second half further exposed the defense for how inept it is.How a team with defensive problems goes and signs David Luiz is beyond me.Our midfield was dead.Emery’s tactics and team selection were questionable as we had no true DM and Ceballos was average out wide.He also left out Laca and didnt replace him with an actual winger.Appreciate the effort but there was no effective plan and Arsenal were outclassed tactically more than on quality basis.All in all a shameful and joke of a performance.Disappointed in Emery too

    1. Emery and his advisors should be the ones to be blamed. Their tactic allowed Liverpool to penetrate our flanks and bombard us with crosses

      Emery is too pragmatic in big away games. I believe he wouldn’t be able to change his luck in those tough matches, if he is still unwilling to gamble and keeps playing too safe

        1. We have the squad to win the league. Emery is not brave enough. He tinkers with his team a lot. Guendouzi, willock should not be starting against Liverpool. I said it before this game. The midfield will win it. Emery should have a first 11. Stop changing formations every now and then. Go for a 433 formation. The best midfield combination we have is Torrera, Ceballos and Ozil. Front 3 of Lacazette Pepe and Aubameyang. Chambers and Luiz in defence. That is it. Work around this effectively. Keep Ozil in this team. You cannot start Guendouzi ahead of Torrera. Thst is very wrong. I’m worried really. Emery needs to get his formation right. He cost us this game.Lacazette had no business being on the bench.He should have started this match. Be bold Emery. We have the squad.

          1. Glad your not picking the team for us and too think we could win the league with this squad..I dont think so
            Ozil back in the team please.. think you are living in fantasy land if you thought he could make a diffrrence for this team..
            Fact is, pool are slicker. More mobile and a little away ahead of us as a team.
            Whilst I thought there were a few poor performance from some of our players over all they put a shift in unlike last year..
            We are fighting for top for 4 and will get stronger.. being no. 1 is a little way off still

          2. This emery is not a good manager at all,how on earth can he put lacazette on bench for long and play willock and guendouzi for so long. He needs 2 stop all this changing of team everytime. He made us not qualify 4 ucl.

        2. You’re Right. If emery repeat this naive approach again, he should be sacked. This setup cost the match. He should just put Pepe auba and laca up from And torreira,xhaka and ceballous/ozil in mid Field and player attacking football. Yeye coach!

      1. He must surely have realised Liv’s wingers were coming inside so the Arsenal fullbacks followed them and left acres of space for the Lib fullback since Pepe and Ceballos didn’t cover them well too.Not seen a team get dominated in the wide areas like that for such a long time.Emery had no answer for Liverpool tactically

        1. The game was lost from the start with Emery tactics… Liverpool just have to play their game. The goals were bound to come. We blamed it on Wenger’s garbage last season. Adding new (his own) players…he has no excuse this time. It is all down to his wrong team selection and tactics.

          Emery tactical ineptness is showing…he is clearly not that top coach many people thought he was. Maybe, he need another year to understand how not to play a team like Liverpool.

          It is more frustrating considering we should be improving and be a bit more competitive this season.

      2. Spot on! Emery lost this game. The squad looked so negative and Unai did little to change this at half time and we lost again. The board will be watching this tough and I think Emery will not survive this season if he doesn’t manage the top 4. The only positive thing for me is Pepe, who looks sharp.

        1. tell me.. in which way was he sharp. we all want him to succeed but just be honest. he is a ball hogger..excuse my spelling lol. think if he doesnt release the ball a bit quicker he might struggle in this league

      3. Emery has an inferior complex when it comes to big teams ( recall psg vs barca)..he went to Liverpool not to play a match, but to observe liverpool play…he will spoil this team against big 6 teams..see the time laca was brought says it all…even before the match started, auba looked intimidated..but what will a player do when his manager has no balls

        1. As what you have said, inferior complex is the most perfect term to describe a manager that has no balls

          Even a fan like me knows that Klopp always use wide players to attack from the wings, yet Arsenal coaches chose to play narrow and invited Liverpool’s wide players into Arsenal’s half

          They must change their mentality, otherwise we could get dominated again in another big team’s stadium

      4. Did UE get it so wrong? For all of Pool’s action on the flanks, were there any clear-cut chances from the crosses?

        Don’t think we lost because of our tactics. We lost because:
        – We couldn’t defend a corner
        – Luiz had a couple of crazy mistakes
        – Auba and Pepe couldn’t convert clear-cut chances

        UE’s plan of letting them have the ball could have worked without our defensive errors

        1. With so much ball into the box…corners will happen, mistakes will happen, loss of concentration will. You can’t invite so much crosses and pressure and not expect goals to happen… Liverpool only need a goal before we start panicking and be positional indiscipline.

          Today’s tactic depended on us been lucky against a team like Liverpool. This is not the ‘protagonist’ football Emery promised us.

          1. Really didn’t find their crosses threatening much.

            Corners happened, but only 6. Burnley had 10 and we didn’t concede from it.

            With the aerial ability of their front three, I would rather Sokra and Luiz be defending crosses than through balls and dribbles.

            Without the extra body in center mid, it would have suited Pool more

          2. @Lol. You don’t have to find their cross threatening…they have players to make a single lapse in concentration count. And are talking of Burnley now? I will give burnley 20 corners instead of giving Liverpool 10.

            A clearance from corner result in outside shot…they have the players. it is silly been in the back foot and giving them all the space they need on wing.

            They know they only have to deal with Auba and Pepe. From the start, we set up to lose even if those two have taken one of the chances. The coach wanted ride on luck…that gameplan is what you expect from teams like Burnley.

          3. Ayo

            Really didn’t recall Sokra and Luiz having much difficulty clearing those routine crosses. In fact, Pool were more dangerous when they came through the middle.

            If you give Burnley 20 corners and defend them like we did today, we would be screwed.

            If we had taken our chances, Pepe and Auba should have a goal each.

            We were not setup to lose. It was a calculated risk that backfired due to bad errors. We were setup to defend more crosses from the flanks and less runs through the middle. It also limited their forte, the counterpress and attack

        2. The players made defensive errors because Liverpool dictated the tempo and pressed the Gunners hard

          Had Emery chosen to disrespect Liverpool and press them from the outset, the result could be different

          He was always talking about high pressing. But when meeting a big team in their turf, there is almost no pressing implemented

          1. Our defensive errors today were not a result of their gegenpressing. Our setup today gave them very few opportunities to gegenpress and counter.

            Yes they dictated the tempo but besides getting crosses in for their forwards who couldn’t really challenge our CBs in the air, what else did their possession result in?

            Had we disrespected Pool and went 4-3-3, it would be a game about whether we could outpress them and not get caught out by their counterpress. Could it work? Maybe, but it could be risky because so far we have not shown that we are a good pressing team

          2. That’s exactly my thoughts when the game was on. Liverpool only needed one chance to score. If u allow so much pressure on yourself you are bound to make mistakes and so arsenal did.

        3. @Lol, the constant pressure from Liverpool was what led to the errors u mentioned and the rubbish game plan of UE simply invited the said pressure. UE is tactically naive and just not good enough for arsenal. Its as simple as that.

          1. Watching the game I thought the game plan was ridiculous. Even Wenger have more balls than Emery. Arsenal is a top level side. We shouldn’t be sitting deep like a championship side. We are the arsenal. We shouldn’t let no side intimidate us. Not even Liverpool.

          2. It was down to individual errors more than pressure.

            Playing our usual game and taking it to them could have been naive too. It’s not as simple as that

      5. Gotanidea, Emery doesn’t have advisors, it’s all on him. Let’s not try to put the blame on anyone else.

        1. Why didn’t he start with his big guns? Why inviting pressure on yourself???
          I blame the over gentle British fans at the stadium for not stoning that coach so that next time he would know what is at stake. I am really gutted about the way Arsenal has gone down the drain.

        2. He has assistants and coaches that gave him inputs and advices, such as Carcedo, Villa and Ljungberg

    2. Pepe missed a chance to put us 1-0 up before Liverpool got their goal. That was the moment and we didn’t take the chance. Pepe is looking like a Gervinho 2.0… he was one on one with the keeper and shot like a 2 years old. If that was a certain Iwobi I know hell would have broken loose by now.

      Emery was wrong to pick Pepe over Laca in his 2 man attack. He got it wrong . AUBA AND LACCA, should have started

      1. Salah misses chances like that all the time. Difference if Liverpool create more than one chance for him per half.

      2. Wow, talk about reactionary comments. Although I knew this would happen after seeing the over hype in the pre-match comments. Like I said I’d have been ok with a competitive loss. And whilst I couldn’t say this was as competitive as I would have liked, it was an improvement. Pepe was great to watch, yes his shooting is rusty but I haven’t see an arsenal player skin as many people for a while.Also I think guebdouzi and willock made some nice link up play In the first half. We actually gave liverpool a few scares this time and if we had taken our chances in the first half things could have been a little different. You have to remember that this team is new and still figuring eachother out. It will take time. Cheer up arsenal fans, it wasn’t as bad as it felt.

      3. Pepe already looks 10 times the player iwobi was .
        By the way how’s he doing at goodison ?
        Heard he lit it up on his debut ?

          1. ??I’ll remind you of that comment at the end of the season .
            Remember some of your other comments about Iwobi ?should I remind you of them .

        1. DAN KIT, thats a little over the top about iwobbly. if that post was not in the way then he would have scored on his debut. have a heart, he is a good prospect, lol.

          1. lol was literally about to say this. Everton were going nowhere before him and Moise Kean came on. Don’t talk about a game you didnt even watch Dan…

          2. RSH here she is again wondering when you would pop up and start your usual crap ,for your info I actually watched it in the pub you moron.
            And please before you reply I can’t be doing with your long winded nonsensical posts that have nothing to did with anything ,so save your time don’t bother replying.

      4. dont blame the player blame the manager that insists on playing out from the back that is not arsenal and they proved it today

    3. Arsenal problem is crystal clear now! It is Emery! How can you play Ceballo out wide and substitute him out and keep Willock and Guendouzi in while they are clearly outplayed. When Ceballo is out, we have no one creating chances up front! And Laca only came in at the 80 minute!
      Emery is clearly the problem! No doubt, he won’t get us any CL football!

      1. Ceballos wasn’t played out wide. He was part of a diamond.

        Even when Ceballos was in, he wasn’t creating. He was ineffective today and it’s was either him or Willock who should be the first to be taken off

    4. I still don’t know the justification for putting Lacazzete and Torreira on the bench against a team like Liverpool.

      1. Have you forgotten Emery was the guy that played Peter Cech in a europa League final against Chelsea. Leno should have started that match. We need a brave coach. Play your best players. How could Guendouzi start ahead of Torrera? He should have brought in Lacazette and Torrera immediately the second half commenced. What is the obsession about playing out from the back? Play it long. Teach the full backs how to play balls into the box. He got his tactics wrong.

    5. You cannot keep your best players on the bench against the big team like Liverpool and expect to a miracle result, that’s being foolish to be honest.

      Emery needs to change his attitude towards big teams generally, even when you go to places like Anfield with your best team you will still struggle to get result.

      Emery is just messing up, he doesn’t have 1st eleven which should not be.
      Anyways, i wish you better result some other times boys…

      Arsenal all the way.

    6. What annoyed me more than the scoreline is the number of give away passes that we had.
      We gave away up to 5 passes. Hitherto, precise passess used to be our hallmark and trademark.

    7. Totally agree with you. First fingers are pointing at Emery! He should have known after 30mins that we were missing laca… secondly, there seems to be this dead mentality from this arsenal team… No fight no motivation.. where is the motivation? This is not even all about the coach!!

      I left the game prior to 90 mins because like you said it’s men va boys.. I am flabbergasted ?

    8. Besides the goal first half we tactically outclassed them, our defenders defended well what ruined us is team selection playing without winger resulted our defence to be exposed, letting their fullbacks free was suicidal plan

    9. I will keep saying it we are going no were with emery that’s all the gut don’t have style of playing imagine burnly can dominate Arsenal at home I don’t enjoy watching arsenal ever since emery take over please don’t give him new contract I was ashamed watching my Arsenal playing we were vulnerable..we can’t hold position at all…Spanish morinho!!!

    10. Defenders are partly to blame but a large portion of the blame lies with the midfielders and the coach too
      You can’t have a midfield where you can’t control and win possession we conceded far to much possession when shipping the ball out from the back and the ball ebbs back quicker than it should and in all fairness with all the knocks at the door from almost all angles what should we ultimately expect?
      I’m not comfortable with the midfield pairings as I feel we are too soft,Guendouzi has failed to cope with the physicality of the premier and xhaka is another liability on another dimension we sort of paying the price for our arrogance as far as ramsey’s case and now the same is about to be meted on kolasinac and who knows what follows next

  2. Emery is no different than Wenger, if he keeps using cowardice tactics at each big away game

    No team survived at Anfield by being ultra-defensive in the last two seasons. I wonder why Arsenal coaches don’t seem to know about this fact, or maybe they are too afraid to set up a gung-ho squad against Liverpool

    Had Arsenal started with a very attacking formation, the result could be a victory or another big defeat. But gambling in Anfield is better than allowing Liverpool to run rampant in our own half

    1. Klopp tactically outclassed Emery though coupled with the poor team selection.When Xhaka starts in a match like that you shpuld know youre in for trouble.This team apart from Pepe has no true wingers so “PAL” should’ve been the obvious choice today.Torreira and Willock at the base with Ceballos a bit more advanced.He should have then instructed Auba and Pepe to cover to counter Liv’s tactics.No changes to the back four as we have no choice.
      Doing all this would possibly have made the match a close contest

      1. Emery is confused. He doesn’t know his first eleven. Emery is a no top coach. Torriera and Laca on the bench! I am appalled

      2. My instinct before the game was not to play Xhaka, but his performance today was actually quite decent. Perhaps better than Ceballos and Willock

    2. Evening, I was always a fan of Wenger and my opinion was he earned the right to go when he wished. However comparing today’s performance to the maulings we have had at Anfield recently is unfair. I thought the game plan was correct, would have liked to see Torreira start probably at the expense of Ceballos (I know he was amazing last week and expect good things from him, before I get slated!). Luiz has always had a mistake in him, but I like him as a footballer and the better the team Emery assembles the more comfortable he will be. Pepe looked good and I hope PAL will start in the North London Derby next week. Don’t be to despondent fellow gooners and have a good evening. Paul

      1. Nah bruh terrible game plan when you look at the tactics.Arsenal was simply outclassed tactically.In that first half I was in awe as to how Liverpool had so mumucspace on the flanks.Emery did nothing to change that too.Midfield should have been Ceballos-Torreira-Willock Funny how some said Torreira wasn’t match fit yet even Emery conceded defeat to his theories by later bringing him on

        1. I agree Lucas should have started. By no means I am suggesting the performance was brilliant, bit from my perspective it didn’t feel like last season or when sturridge, suarez and Sterling tore us to shreds and the players strolled around heads down. I feel there were some positives to take from today, that’s just my view bud. Have a good evening

          1. I said it that based on our first two matches of the season the only thing reason why we have improved is because we have brought in some players who are better than those they replaced.From Emery’s side there’s been no improvement.Tactically this match was like last season’ and what is disturbing is that Liverpool are still not at their best yet.Taking into consideration everything it’s only the new players that have given a marginal improvement to the team

    3. Pls stop abusing our greatest ever manager, emry is never Wenger and can never be,arsenal under Wenger had a better head to head count against every team in English football bar united, its obvious we have very short memory and we only remember the last result, buh bear it in mind that the abuse Wenger and his boys endured from guys like u made it difficult in his last 2 years, apart from that arsenal under Wenger brought more fame, more fans, more finances to AFC than at any other time in their history, saying emry is no different than Wenger is a straight abuse @ our greatest ever manager!

    1. What’s even more annoying is Liverpool are 3-0 up and they are making substitutions before us. Ridiculous.

      I’m losing faith in Emery – I thought he was a master tactician, but it seems he’s clueless.

  3. This is on Emery
    This playing keep the ball from goal kicks WTF
    Happy to keep possession but there should be a target
    And playing Xhaka wow what a FU
    Until he benches xhaka #emeryout

    1. £200 million on a front 3 second only to Liverpool, but Emery sets up defensively.

      Ceballos bosses middle of pitch, but shifted out left for Xhaka in middle.

      Torreria excels at defending and interceptions, yet benched for out of form Xhaka.

      Liverpool given possession, their FB’s freely roam, and let them pass freely just outside 18 yd box.

      Sets up team and tactics playing right into Liverpool’s hands.

      What has Emery brought besides tinkering? Exciting football? Nope. Improved defense? Nope. Squad competition? Nope.

      Arsenal and PL too big for Emery. He’s digging his own grave with every game, player selection, and impotent tactics.

      Freddie improved youth at least, give him a shot.

      Highlight of year not renewing Emery’s contract. Get him out before we become expensive version of West Brom.


        1. Just shows we have common sense. Wouldnt2you rather go down fighting than curled up in a corner?

          We all would except Emery. Rope a dope tactics, Ali versus Frasier, minus Frasier’s punching power.

    1. I think Wenger, Emery and Xhaka’s ex-manager at Mönchengladbach like Xhaka’s obedience, discipline, physicality and willingness to do fouls

      In my opinion, the coaches should have used him in a more attacking role. Because he can run very fast and good in the air duels, despite lacking the mobility and skills

      1. I remember AW played Xhaka has a CM a few times and he didn’t look as terrible. I have never bought into Xhaka being a pure DM yet he has been played like that by two managers now. Even for Switzerland he has played more advanced.

      2. RUN VERY FAST-are you F***ing mad or what?He is the slowest player we have ever had at the Club.And YOU art defending this useless piece of S**t?
        Once again I have had to put up with Scousers laughing their F***ing heads off at us as we come out the ground.Year after Year.Even the Scouse Twat in the car park was offering refunds on our parking ticket.If YOU had to put up with that every season you might THINK before you continue writing such crap PAL

        1. You must have never seen him chasing an opponent

          I did and he was blazing fast like the prime Khedira in Madrid

        2. totally agree PHIL, the scousers rabble certainally know how to rub our noses in it , dont they .today, cygan and senderos would have been far better that the twats playing for us .enough is enough, they would have looked world class in comparasin to our two centre halfs.they reminded me of two morris dancers stripped of their straw and bells.get mesu ozil back in this team of fairies immediately.

  4. Blame the manager. If Lacca or Auba refuses to sign a new contract it will be down to the Manager’s attitude. Why not start PAL and Lucas in a game like this?

    1. if it was me and im no manager and people will say no your not but i would of had chambers in with soc and luis in midfield to keep is tight but with the passing still her to put one over the top o our forwards and both good in defence but with an eye to pass all that shit about playing out from the back in this league is crap

  5. We need to do more but it is obvious Liverpool has the better players for now…next Tottenham… COYG

    1. Our squad are worth more than 400 M in total

      We have similar quality players, but Liverpool have more courageous manager

      I have never seen Klopp set up his team defensively. Not even when he managed Dortmund to play against Bayern in Munich

    2. It is shame on the manager if with Pepe, Lacazette, Aubameyang is defending. I am sure this kind of tactics bring down players’ confidence.

  6. Its all down on Emery , Poor team selection and cowardly tactics , there is no excuse now , we have good players but Emery is not good enough to use them properly , time to change managers.

    1. I bet Arsenal would wait until Emery’s contract expires

      That is if Emery can’t bring Arsenal into the top four at the end of this season or if Raul still supports him

  7. Bad team selection as we all feared. I thought Emery’s game plan was going okay at first, but we were clearly getting destroyed on the flanks and he did nothing to correct this. You have Pepe and Auba, but only one of them were really effective. Pepe had a bad miss, but I would say he still wasn’t used to his strengths anyways. Sokratis and Luiz don’t work. I believe we can find a solution this season within our squad, but it is not those two playing together. The lineup mistakes were obvious, subs were too late. I have to agree w/ a lot of people here, very Wenger-esque today. That said, only 3 games into the season and no reason to despair so quickly. Top 4 is our target and we are still in a fine position. Emery will have to do much better though and needs to start showing why we should keep him another season.

    1. Honestly a lot of people on here think fourth place is a trophy. If we wanted 4th place every year why did we let Wenger go?. I want to win the league and if it’s only fourth I want arsenal to finish I would never support arsenal. I am an optimist and i think this side can challenge for the title with a more forward thinking manager

  8. We played like a team in the 3rd division. Honestly, no team in the premier League would have played like we did. Defended in our own half for majority of the game. In sorry but I don’t think Emery is the coach we need. Might as well have hired big Sam.

    1. After the win against Burnley, a pundit said Ceballos’ performance in that game has made Arsenal look like a top four team again

      For me, it has described the ineptitude of Arsenal’s midfield in dictating the tempo in the last three seasons

      Should have hired a manager with big guts next time. No guts, no glory

      1. I completely agree. A big team is not supposed to play like this. It wasn’t counterattack, it was cowardice. Our players couldn’t even hold on to the ball for more than a second.

        The Burnley game I could tell this team wasn’t as good as made out to be.

        Where has my arsenal gone

  9. Some noddy called nonny accused me of being wrongheaded for complaining about emery’s utterly Stupid team selection .. which is now a pattern … would love to know noddy’s View now … think I was right in every point

  10. Let me put this clear. We simply lost it from the first minute when Emery tried his stupid experiments which he does from match 1 to 38. It’s time we stopped tolerating this man. He is messing up and becoming a liability. You can give him all the best players in the world , you can spend as much as you can on players but he will still continue experimenting and being stubborn. Why play Willock for 80mins while Lacazette and Toroira sits on the bench? So he doesn’t trust Lacazette in big games? Why play caballos out of position? This is unacceptable. We can’t go on like this. When will we ever field our best available team? And by the, what format do we play? What kind of football do we play? Today Emery has lost my respect. Am sorry to say that I miss Wenger. He has a philosophy, he would loose attacking rather than loose sitting back for 90mins

    1. After a year…no one knows our first eleven except Leno, Auba and sadly Xhaka been our sure starter.

  11. Another typically arsenal performance.. go 1 zero down and they wilt under pressure! Absolute terrible management from Emery! I backed him from day one but my patience is wearing thin with him! Lacazette and Torreira benched, Ceballos playing as a winger ? I don’t know anymore, I don’t know what system we play it’s all very confusing! Expected to lose but half expected a bit of a fight! Go get Allegri before someone snaps him up!

    1. Right from the 4th game of last season I felt that Emery is a trainwreck, with his fixation for tinkering. I got abused in other forums for saying what I did and end of season it all came true. It took him 13 games last season to play Auba & Laca together and stats prove that we won all the games that these two lads played with Ozil and Ramsey. But then, for most gooners, Ozil is the villain – he wasn’t even in the bench today. I urge all of you to check the team that held ‘pool 1-1 at The Emirates last season.

      I always held the view that even with this team Emery will screw up, and he sure did, right from his presser to his team selection – I won’t talk about tactics because there was none. I believed that a 4-2-1-3 will peg ‘pool back and to an extent I was proved right when Laca can on, we played mostly in ‘pool’s half.

      Why do we tolerate this man, when we had numpties amongst us who held “Wenger Out” banner at the drop of a hat? AW gave us pride and joy but yet was disrespected, so I don’t know if the powers that be are even aware of public sentiment.

      I’m so dismayed…this was a match we could have won and stamped ourselves in EPL this season.

    2. Allegri is another pragmatic manager like Mourinho and Emery

      I still remember how he chose to use a very defensive formation to play againts Tottenham in Wembley

      Juventus got battered by Tottenham’s repeated attacks and were dominated by Tottenham throughout the game, but they got lucky with two shots

  12. What an absolute pisser… I’m so sick of Liverpool & their big headed fans…so angry right now.. thanks Unai, thanks a lot

      1. Sigh, Kev, sigh… I wonder if we’ll ever beat those bell ends again in my lifetime…ffs…oh great all I’m gonna hear about for the next however long.. is how wonderful Mo bloody Salah is, how brilliant VVD is..oh i can’t wait

        1. We will definitely get them when they least expect it Sue these things go round in cycles! Let them have their glory and bragging rights! Let’s not forget we’re without Bellerin and Tierney which will make a difference! AMN is no right back and Monreal is finished! How would they get on without Robertson and Arnold ? It’s easy to brag when you have a settled fully fit squad.. we have a manager who constantly changes things up and we never go to anfield with a fully fit squad! Still need a RB, CB and a power house in midfield someone like doucoure..

          1. I know how you feel Sue I despise Liverpool but we have to take it on the chin and hope those Liverpool players burn out! Klopp never rests his first 11 so eventually something will give and we’ll be there to laugh when it happens they have no squad depth origi and shaqiri are as average as they come! If Robertson gets injured who comes in ? Milner ? A right footed aging midfielder ? they lose fabinho in midfield if TAA gets injured! 2nd of May Sue we might just kill they’re PL dream! Hope Burnley rough them up ?

          2. Ijust don’t care, Kev… I’m done…. no MOTD tonight.. will binge 13 Reasons Why instead.. not sure if that’s a good thing or not ?

          3. Cancel the villa game then ?? your not done your just upset like we all are ? saw those backward Liverpool fans gesturing 5-1 did I miss something? They must of scored 2 more goals after full time ? I’d be arrested if I was in Liverpool tonight ? I used to just wind them up by saying stop talking to me I don’t understand you I don’t speak Scouse ?

          4. Well if it’s the same next week, I bloody will…just imagine it, losing to 2 teams I absolutely loathe!!
            They need to be taken down a peg or 2 Kev….I’m so glad I wasn’t up there – fireworks!! Anger isn’t a good thing! ?

          5. Haha get yourself arrested as well Sue ? ? You just say the Beatles are sh*t when your getting harassed by a Scouser ? if we lose to spurs Emery better take him and Juan Carlos carcedo on a long long holiday ?

          6. More than likely ?? as if i wasn’t angry enough.. there’s a load of people in their garden in the next street, thinking they can sing.. ffs it’s doing my head in.. might have to politely tell them to shut up in a minute…
            I’m with you on that Kev, if we lose I’ll be baying for blood

          7. Having a party Sue ? Tbh I’m glad this summer is coming to end it’s been sh*t! You’d have every right Sue we don’t deserve this!

          8. They’ve shut up now, thank christ!
            Well, have to cheer on City & Newcastle tomorrow!! ? and if they both lose, I’m done… no more ??

          9. Did you set Coco on them ?? haha yeah but don’t expect any favours from brucey ? I really hate seeing klopp smiling he’s becoming so arrogant! And what man in his 50s has a baseball cap glued to his head ?

          10. Haha she’d have licked them to death ?
            I’m surprised you saw anything after seeing him smiling ? I’m surprised he didn’t run om the pitch and high 5 Adrian… tool!!

          11. No there’s a trick you say sic em girl ??? have you ever watched Oliver the beagle on YouTube he’s an internet star ? haha yeah blinded by the light ? yeah lol fist bumping Salah ?

        2. and to think that our club had the chance to bring mr.klopp to the emirates. thats whats even more depressing for me.instead we languished under the spell of mr. wenger for far too, today , we are reaping what we have sown, absolutely no return.

  13. Nah…look on the bright side. We were 1 goal better than our last visit.

    If not for Luiz’s 2nd half disasters, Pool would have to work a lot harder

    1. That always seems to be the case though. If it’s not Luiz having a meltdown, it’s Xhaka, or Sokratis, or AMN. Somebody always has a disaster performance in their pocket and at a point you have to start to question why this is.

      1. If I had the right answer for that, I should be managing.

        As a fan, I think the club can either help those players improve their concentration and decision-making or replace them

    2. But I thought many here said Luiz was a temporal answer??Not implying you did though.How Arsenal went and bought another error prone CB to temporarily solve their issues is beyond me.Sometimes I wish actual defending as regarded rather than ability on the ball for a CB.
      I think we are becoming allergic to good CB’s

      1. I was one of those rooting for someone like Lewis Dunk, but who knows, we could be worse off with him.

        Let’s hope Luiz can steer clear of errors for sometime after today’s catastrophe

  14. Arsenal are short of a manager before they break through. This guy Emery can’t figure out a starting eleven for the second season running. He is threatening to ruin our season.I am so afraid.

    1. That’s why I gave up predicting probable line ups! If there is a full squad available rest assured Emery will choose the most ridiculous line up possible. A joke of a manger, an absolute idiot no better than Wenger.

  15. Different thoughts on the game: Liverpool were awesome, are a great team and well deserved the win. Pepe is a real talent. We kept fighting well until the end; Luiz alone directly responsible for their last two goals, silly pen and STUPIDLY fooled by Sala on the half wayline; we COULD have actually won had we taken our chances. Leno did not have many actual shots to save; intense early pressure handled well. Overall a massive improvement on last season and good reason to be optimistic for this season. Top four now looks a greater possibility than I THOUGHT BEFORE THE GAME. Despite the result, I feel proud of what Emery is clearly achieving. Well done lads.

    1. I feel some of the criticism doesn’t make sense as well.

      I mean in the first half we had an equal number of chances. When was the last time that happened at Anfield?

      The problem was again that we have stupid or rash defenders and that Pepe is still lacking a bit of confidence in front of goal. This was the same level of performance by Liverpool that beat Barcelona 4- 0.

      Next week we win agains spurs, you’ll see.

      My only complaint is that Xhaka played instead of Torreira. How can Lucas not be fully fit when he’s been in full training for 3 and half weeks now (and after a short break, too)??

    2. @Jon
      Emery gave away the game in playing a diamond midfield and letting their wing backs free to do whatever they wanted…Agree on the progress though and Liverpool are that far from us quality-wise

    3. Yes I agree Jon, a well phrased comment on this evenings efforts. It’s a massive North London Derby next week, hope Pepe, Auba and Laca start. Enjoy your evening

    4. jon they dominated and outplayed us for 80 minutes .. is top 4 a possibility yes is 7th a possibility yes … that not progress on any definition of the term? nope its a coin toss with this guy as manager but agree with you on pepe but hes going to need the right players behind him to make a difference

      1. rkw, I said they were awesome and they were . But perspective please! We still have a lot of poor defenders and I have been saying that louder and more often than any other GOONER FOR YEARS NOW. But that is NOT EMERYS FAULT; IT IS Wengers, Gazidis’s and Kroenkes. Keep faith in this manager . He is a top one and to me at least, that is obvious.

        1. Not true. Emery had a transfer budget. He chose to spend 72M on pepe and 32M on a defender who is playing in France. This is Emery’s team and decisions.
          Team selection today was very poor. Most fans know that Lacazette is our best player and Xhaka one of the worst.

    5. leeemmmmaaaaaoooooo
      when a fan decides to close his eyes to the truth staring down his face. it’s okay to the truth as it is. Our coach is a disaster, with this continued experimentation, we wouldn’t better our last season haul

      1. If we beat Spurs next weekend just dont sing another tune. It’s completely fair to stick with emery and think he can still get top 4. We are three matchdays in and are ahead of united and Chelsea on points. There’s no reason to throw a fit yet.

    6. Did you watch the same game as me Jon ?you are applauding Emery for that game ?
      I see a manager that constantly tinkers and not for the good ,80
      Odd comments on here before the game and there was 1 positive post out of all of them .
      I don’t see what positives you can take away from that game .

    7. If Wenger had played like that with the same result you would have slated him Jon

      Boring tactics boring manager

    8. Thank you Jon. Took scrolling through 30 or so negative Nellie responses before finally reading a realistic comment. I saw enough to think (a) the title is a two horse race and (b) this is going to be fun watching Arsenal this season.

    9. Jon, I feel like Emery will do the same thing if we were to make UCL had to face big teams. But thing with Arsenal is we always put so much pressure on our defense and we always have a meltdown from one of our defenders. I don’t think Emery is the man to make Arsenal one of the best in Europe again. I really only see him as somebody that can crack top 4 once again. Which is a good accomplishment, but I don’t think he’s any better than that personally.

    10. Am with you. Our team is a work in progress, a realist would understand why we cant go to Anfield and expect to beat the current UCL champion at there game.
      We could have done better though, lots of talking points. Fullbacks, mieldfieders/young guns not coming to party/ late Lacca subt.
      However, there is hope in what we are trying to achieve, am optimistic

    11. You have obviously been on the sauce all afternoon-how can you possibly defend a Manager who sends out THAT line-up against THAT team?When you finally sober up you might wish to go back over some of those comments you wrote.Take a bit of advice PAL-STOP DRINKING.Its obviously not helping

        1. What an ignorant comment and silly insult for someone who never touches spirits. Showing your ignorance ONCE AGAIN PHIL. I do not know what you were expecting before the game- clearly not the same as I was. I predicted the precise score and made money by doing so.

          1. I take my “Ignorant comment” over the utter rubbish you posted PAL.How on this gods earth con you excuse Emery for putting out that line-up?All week the posts were all about stopping their full backs getting width and putting in crosses and this CLOWN of a manager sets us up narrow with no defensive width.
            As I said PAL-lay off the source.Even YOU cannot forgive total incompetence as Emery showed today……..but then again it’s You I suppose

    12. Jon Fox funny enough I quite agree with some of your analysis, but I thought it would have been impossible to defend against Liverpool in their home, we could have played our game without giving so much respect to Liverpool and Emery keeps doing that. But am hopeful for the rest of the season. He should have started Laca and Abu

    13. Let him keep playing Ceballos as a winger bench Lacca & Torreira then tell me at the end of the season how proud you will be with this nonsense.

    14. At last someone who talks some sense.Yes mistakes were made but we at least shown some determination and lets face it we were always going to loose to Liverpool today but definitely an improvement

        1. “Talks sense “
          Did you not see that Liverpool tore us a new one ,just because it was 3-1 it didn’t tell the whole story .
          Emery is way out of his league here .

          1. Where did I say I thought we would get a result ?
            With 2 of our best players fit and sitting on the bench ,maybe we would have had more of a chance of getting something .
            But no here we are all moaning about emery and his weird tinkering .
            Maybe it’s you that needs to get real mate and stop sucking up to Jon ?

  16. Emery made a poor starting lineup & implemented poor tactics. The last thing you want to do against Liverpool is play a diamond midfield. We gave so much space for Liverpool fullbacks. We were so much under pressure, it was depressing to watch. I didn’t expect us to win but that was daft from Emery. This match was calling out for Lacazette & Torreira to start. I just hope we can win next week against the spuds.

    1. If we can’t use Tierney and Bellerin as how Liverpool use Robertson and Arnold to attack, it will be a huge waste of Tierney’s and Bellerin’s talents

      We have so much potential on the wings, but the coaches are too afraid to take high risks

    1. Wenger is far better than emery why resting laca at half time introduce him torerra withdraw to 433 I didn’t blame pepe he is our best player today

  17. we lost to a better team. we could have done better but we are still work in progress. lest not get carried away. Pepe showed some glimmers of brilliance, Cabellos and Willock will come good, and we still have 3 starting defenders out injured. this team is no worse than Chelsea or Unt.
    Emry might get his tactics wrong but at least he tried to adjust to the opposition, unlike Wenger, and for now, there is no reason why we shouldn’t get behind him and let him do his job. it’s not like we have Klopp or Guardiola coming instead.

    1. Emery did not adjust though. He kept the same formation after HT when it would’ve been a great time to make a sub. If David Luiz didn’t make a mistake, then it was only a matter of time before Robertson crossed a ball into one of their strikers. Also, the passing out the back in against Liverpool was like a gift to them. Perhaps keep practicing that during a game that is not at Anfield.

  18. shameful tactics, absolutely shameful, you have used 4231 formation and grind out results, Just when your players are adapting to it you change the whole set up like how stupid is that. why give liverpool fullbacks that much joy. Play your strength from the get-go. Emery cost us this game, cost us any chance of even fighting. Nonsense and characteristics….pffffffff

  19. Why you go with a diamond tactic against a team known for it’s flying wingers
    !!!!UE is ,to say the least ,surprising…In the first half we had chances and we didn’t go for it.You have to be reckless…I dont think that we are that far from Liverpool….

  20. Guendouzi was too poor today
    Ceballos saw another side of the Premier League today

    For Luiz it 2 Games, 2 Errors already, to those saying he’s better than Koscielny
    Willock was OK

    It has to be Willock or Guendouzi not both

    These don’t mark from the front, off ball work rate is annoyingly zero, if Unai can’t instill that then there’s no Serious opponent we can play without Toreirra starting

    I hope Unai has learnt that you start with your best

    Pepe coming in as substitute today may have been better

    Now I don’t think Ceballos can meet up with the intensity to come next week in the NLD

  21. I have never seen a worse “playing from the back” tactics. The mildfilders and defenders are slow on the ball and off it, we pass to the ball to our CBs out in the corner area and get choked to our our own final third everytime.

    The choice of players is so frustrating to even start talking about. One thing is almost certain, this coach is not tactical Messiah we have been hoping for.

  22. I hope the coach plays 433 formation against Tottenham. Xhaka just not contributing and must be benched against the better teams. Emery seemed
    eager not to lose rather than have a serious go and attack Liverpool; which by the way is our strength. We are still some way off the top two sides but with a different formation and more attacking ambition I believe Arsenal can improve.

    1. What did Xhaka do wrong today? Its easier to crucify the usual scape goats but did you access Ceballos and Willock contribution?, how did both performed? Better than Xhaka?

  23. Well that was a disappointing result but not as bad as I feared even with Emery’s bizarre team selection.
    The first goal shouldn’t have stood… VVD practically lifted Guendouzi out of Matips way, the second was a stupid foul by Luiz but was brought about by a brilliant bit of play and that last one was just quality work by Salah ?
    On the positives…. For most of the game we looked strong, Torreira got his 1st away goal and Pepe became the first to dribble past VVD since he went to Liverpool.
    Still think we should have started with the 4-3-3 but there we go, onwards and upwards….. Spuds next week and that one we better be winning. COYG.

    Oh just a note as I’m not shy about giving him a hard time ….. Fair crack to Xhaka today, he was nowhere near as bad as I feared, still poor and shouldn’t be on the team imo but better than I expected

  24. I just don’t get it.
    How team like Southampton could made Liverpool hard to win, when team like Arsenal looked too easy too loose. It’s happening every time we met them. Gosh I would to like somebody’s ass, right now.???

  25. I think Emery being inept in his Arsenal starting XI for this big game away to Liverpool today in the PL and couple with the fact that Arsenal miserably failed to sign a top quality left winger like Everton Soares during the last summer players transfer window seriously must have led to the Gunners woeful performance against the Reds this evening culminating to Arsenal losing to Liverpool to as a result absurdly failed to mount the table. I can no longer trus Emery’s sense of Arsenal starts making in big games in the PL. More so, if the big game is at away.

  26. Right from the 4th game of last season I felt that Emery is a trainwreck, with his fixation for tinkering. I got abused in other forums for saying what I did and end of season it all came true. It took him 13 games last season to play Auba & Laca together and stats prove that we won all the games that these two lads played with Ozil and Ramsey. But then, for most gooners, Ozil is the villain – he wasn’t even in the bench today. I urge all of you to check the team that held ‘pool 1-1 at The Emirates last season.

    I always held the view that even with this team Emery will screw up, and he sure did, right from his presser to his team selection – I won’t talk about tactics because there was none. I believed that a 4-2-1-3 will peg ‘pool back and to an extent I was proved right when Laca can on, we played mostly in ‘pool’s half.

    Why do we tolerate this man, when we had numpties amongst us who held “Wenger Out” banner at the drop of a hat? AW gave us pride and joy but yet was disrespected, so I don’t know if the powers that be are even aware of public sentiment.

    I’m so dismayed…this was a match we could have won and stamped ourselves in EPL this season.

  27. I do like Emery, but I have to say that he got a lot wrong today. Poor team selection, and tactics cost us. In Emery’s defence, he was missing 3 first choice defenders though, so we have to cut him a little slack. I am sure if Liverpool were missing the equivalent in Trent, Robertson, and VVD, then they wouldn’t perform as well either.

    Was that Mustafi 2.0 I saw today? I said Luiz was a poor signing, and we’re all seeing why now. We were very shaky at home against a bang average team in Burnley, as he didn’t bring anything new to our defence, and he had a shocker today. He was our worst player, and directly at fault for two goals. Chambers HAS to come into the team for the Spurs game, and a partnership with Holding would definitely be our best CB pairing.

    Terrible finish from Pepe, but I really like what I saw though. His build up play was excellent, and loved seeing an Arsenal player willing to take players on for once. Torreira looked decent as well, and fit, so hopefully he starts against Spurs.

    Overall, I am not annoyed. I went into this game with a realistic mindset. We were away against one the best teams around, who are very settled. We had a much weaker team, that is still going through the rebuilding process. If we beat Spurs, then it’s still a very good start to the season.

    1. And here comes the excuses from you once again,I was scrolling waiting to find your post and I knew exactly what would be written by you.
      The only surprising thing is that you didn’t bring Ozil into it or blame him for the defeat .
      Serious question ,Emery’s been here over 12 months now what does you bring to this club ?

      1. Dan kit

        What excuses? If you even bothered to actually read my comment, I had a pop at Emery for his decisions, as I did pre-match. I will however defend him on the injuries though. Do you think having 75% of your back-line missing isn’t a valid excuse? Clearly from what you’re saying, missing first team players doesn’t affect the team at all, and cannot be used as an excuse then. So by your own admission, Laca being on the bench didn’t affect the team at all.

        I didn’t even want Emery at Arsenal, I badly wanted Simeone, as he was the perfect man to sort out our defence which had been completely neglected by Wenger. Emery’s first season was without judgement, but he did overachieve, especially when you consider the crippling injuries he had to contend with. If it wasn’t for Ramsey’s injury right at the end, we would have made the top 4 easily, and no doubt, would have performed better in the EL final. We had to rely on your beloved Ozil when Ramsey got injured, and guess what…he did nothing…as all ways.

        If you’re not aware of the facts (I know you’re not a fan of those pesky facts), Emery improved Arsenal last season, and got us to our first European final in a whopping 13 years. I am only judging Emery as of this season, and so far, so good. 2 wins, from 3 games, we haven’t played our strongest team yet, and our one defeat came in arguably the toughest game that we, or anyone else will play all season. As I said, if we beat Spurs, then that’s the best possible start we could have hoped for…unless you think it was a realistic proposition, beating Liverpool away from home, with a massively under strengthened team, and no where near as much quality?

        I look forward to your snide remark, or probably no comment whatsoever, as you run for cover, after being vexed again with those facts!

        1. “ what excuses”
          Well you already used one with injuries .
          Fact .yes Emery got us to a European final ,but it was a competition that No wants to be in or cares for and what happened when we faced the 1st big team ,oh yea we got hammered 4-1 .
          You say we haven’t played our strongest team yet ,why did he not play the strongest team today when they were available?how can you go to liverpool and play Matteo ,willock,Xhaka in midfield ?he lost us that game before the ball was kicked ,if you had sen the comment section before kick off about 99% of the posts said exactly the same thing .
          Oh and for someone mentioning snide comments ,do you mean the one early on my post about ozil,by the way talking about Ozil do you think he would have done any worse than Cabellos ?or because he does not earn as much as Ozil is he aloud to play badly ?

          1. Dan, am not sure what is wrong with you, but clearly you’re either delusional or you just cannot read. You’re attacking me for not blaming Emery, even though I did. What’s wrong with you?

            Pre match I basically said that Emery had screwed us over, and I said the same post match. I wasn’t using the injuries as an excuse for his decision making. I was merely pointing out that even if he had picked the best team available on the day, we were still massive underdogs because of the injuries and it was Liverpool away, so it wouldn’t have made a huge difference.

            Emery had a very poor day, but I cannot wait to see what he can do when he has his best plsyers available.

            See, this why you are a troll. Because you’re lying to get an argument going. I have a go at Emery, you say I’m i didn’t, even though it’s there for all to see. You really need to start reading the comments before responding as yet again, you’ve come across foolish and lacking a of any intelligent thought. I honestly don’t think this format is for you.

          2. Great comeback mate losing an argument so you resort to being personal once again ,I thought I answered what you wanted me to but you still call me a troll ,you obviously are so obsessed with Ozil and Wenger that your judgement is clouded when it comes to supporting Arsenal now .
            The thing is I wanted Wenger gone more than most but I don’t let that effect my take on Emery which it clearly does for you .
            Maybe it’s best if you stay away from my posts and me vice verse which I thought you said you was going to do anyway ,but you had the little dig at me yesterday once again looking for an Argument.
            So I would keep your views for you and your posse to discuss and leave me out if it from now on .

        2. If you think you are high on facts check again. When we lost 1-5 last season, guess who was #10? Ramsey. Guess again as to who was #10 when we held them 1-1? It was Ozil. I rest my case.

          1. He won’t listen to you mate or face facts ,he’s stuck in his ways ,he as a bee in his bonnet about Ozil and I think he’s Abit jealous of his wages so you have to be careful what you say to him .

          2. @Viju Jacob

            So you judge a player on just one game then? I guess you must think Ceballos is better than Santi after his Burnley display.

          3. @Viju Jacob

            Iwobi and Willock outperformed Ozil in the EL final, and both had far less time on the pitch, are both far less experienced, and earn nothing what Ozil does. Nice little fact there!

  28. I think it’s high time I just sit out game after seeing emery’s line up… Am sick and tired of the negative tactics away from home… We’ve got a quality squad up front and the midfield…but the way he find that space for players that are not good enough and playing of player out of position is beyond me… It the same thing with the Europa final…

    Xhaka should never have started the match yet he find a position for him keeping out people who are best suited for the match TORIERRA on bench.

    My point is we already lost this match before the game started with the lineup… I just hope Emery contract is not renewed.

    Why the hell do you have a luxury of such attacking player and you tend to sit one on the bench… For f**king sake…why were they bought…?

    No wonder he didn’t succeed with PSG… I’m beginning to dislike him more than I did for Wenger…

    Wiyh Arsenal quality, a non coaching staff could handle this Squad and get something from the game, or play according to your strength…

    What a bad way to loose a game…
    Sooooo f**king gutted with Emery, same thing over and over again. Nobody else but Emery is to be blame. Same as the Europa Final

    1. I totally agree with you. UE is a wimp. He has no guts and him alone was responsible for this loss. He should be held accountable.
      The match was lost before it even began. Xhaka should be no where near a starting line up for Arsenal. He is too slow, he plays sideways and backwards. A 4-3-3 formation with Torierra, Guendouzi and Ceballos in the miedfield with Auba, Laca and Pepe up front would have given Liverpool a good run for their money. What is the point of playing cautious but still lost 3-1? I would rather we play an attacking formation, which is our strength, and lose 3-1 than play defensive and still lose. At least then you can hold your head up and say you gave it your best shot. Why lie down and roll over when you can stand up and fight? How can you expect to win by being a wimp?
      UE is a coward and a gutless wimp. “A coward dies a thousand times before his death…”

    1. MISS SUE, many of us will indeed burst many blood vessels if a similar teams begins against spurs.we can only hope that emery was woken from his slumbers after this game today.

  29. Now I know UE is an average coach and completely clueless. All top 6 managers play to the strengths of their teams but ours decides to bench Laca and Toreirra.

  30. Oh well , back to reality.

    Didn’t see the game but no shame in loosing to the European champions. We just aren’t at their level.

  31. What staff some of fans smoke? Xhaka was one of our best performer today, this is down to wretch so cold coach how the hell not only benching your big match player but setting team to play without winger against team which rely on their fullbacks to attack?

    Again this is a lesson to Emery and some of among us fans, it takes big boys to win against big club like Liverpool, better ozil or mikhi at their worst than willock and guendouz at their best, this game obviously was ours.. Blood hell

    1. I bet you smoke worse than we do… For mentioning those names… Xhaka being your best man?… Pal you need to see the clinic very urget

      1. try to read and understand pal, I never said best man but one of our best performers I meant plus entire back four

        1. Being one of the best means the best… Be precise with your choice of word… Xhaka was no where near average

  32. How stupid can a coach get.. Playing xhaka that is not mobile .. Leaving lacazete on the bench… Not having a first eleven.. Playing narrow while liverpool strength is on the wing.. Playing ceballos out of position.. Benching your only reliable DM in torreira.. I’m so angry right now because my Liverpool friend told me they where going to score at least 3goals and guess what.. They actually did..

  33. This defeat is completely on the coach. You cannot keep your player of the season on bench for 80 min.

  34. Laca and Torriera on the bench and then expecting miracles to get a point. Ceballos was excellent during Burnley game and Unai did wrong decision to play him out wide….THE BEST ELEVEN INDEED WAS THE DECISIVE FACTOR……..

  35. Luiz should’ve just taken Salah down, it was a stupid goal to give away esp when you knew Liv were going to tire after the effort they put in. I still think we were unlucky in that first half, people are right you have to take those chances, same with Auba’s one. But Luiz made it extremely difficult for us to come back, don’t like singling out players but come on, he just stepped out of his way. After all that effort we put in defensively I can’t believe how the second half started, I was in here writing a comment I didn’t even see the second goal, I hear people saying Luiz also at fault he was stupid again. Gutted, I hate playing at this ground, we had the chances but lacked the composure and belief, that’s Emery’s job because Arsenal fans aren’t going to be heard at that place. Pepe showed some good qualities but he is very very raw, again I agree with fans I don’t know why Laca didn’t start, I’m guessing he wanted some late options because Liv players give a lot and if you’re still in the game you can get at them in that last quarter. Tott next, hopefully we can put this behind us and start gaining some points.

  36. right now listening to Song by L.A. Guns

    You got a lot of nerve talking that way
    And you brought a knife to a gun-gunfight
    And there ain’t no playing safe

  37. Gutted by these guy ue what formation do we play? Why can’t you play the best team? These lose is absolutely on him no clue when playing away.Poor tactics in every aspect.

  38. Unfortunately I don’t think Emery has a future at Arsenal. I understand our weaknesses in defence but I quite don’t understand what his style of play is. He doesn’t even have a consistent lineup, every weekend it’s a different team with a different shape. I hope he can prove me wrong but if this is how he intends to win against the big six, he’s in for a rude shock.
    I wanted Wenger to go because I felt he had nothing new to offer & his time was up but I feel like Emery is not such a great improvement afterall.
    I always try to be optimistic & realistic at the same time, therefore I hope Emery can succeed here despite my growing disappointments.

  39. I am sorry Emery is not the man.
    I feared he would make a wrong selection and he did.

    Aubameyang and Pepe on the wings would have reduced Liverpool’s threat.
    Emery should see out his contract and leave.

    I lost faith in him when I saw the line up.

    Call me whatever you want but I want to see Xhaka injured and out of the season

  40. Seeing the line up make me sick
    for the very first time I have to make money from arsenal. betting Liverpool win which was an easy banker for me upon seeing the line up.
    Negative set up today.
    Our away woes continue.
    But hope am wrong.

  41. This is for those asking that we sell Ozil after last Ceballos performance or those saying Ozil goes hiding in big games, I guess it’s now obvious Emery’s tactics in big games does not help our creative players. Norwich where more expressive against Liverpool than we were today. We couldn’t take advantage of there shaky keeper or the fact Pepe was putting confusion in liverpool’s Defense

  42. I thought if your best players were fit, then you played them! Today of all bloody days!!
    Bearing in mind I’m still angry, I’ve read some really stupid comments on here, saying we had chances.. we played better than last season. Oh ffs do me a favour.. no one remembers bloody chances.. do you think on sky sports tomorrow they’ll say Arsenal lost 3-1 but it was ok as they had chances! And try telling that to the poor sods who went up there! We lost because 2 of our best players were benched… yet amazingly enough Xhaka walks straight in…3 points dropped and 3 goals conceded to those tw*ts… I’m sick of it, sick to bloody death of all of them and i know this is sad but i can’t wait till they lose a game as I’m sick to death of all the gloating from their fans.. just go & do one…. really pi**ed off now…..

    1. @Sue Exactly my sentiments too. What’s the point of turning up for a match like this if you can’t bring on your A-game. Nobody cares whether we created chances if we don’t win. I’m tired of always being turned over by Liverpool. What was the point of changing managers & getting new players if we can’t improve our results? I was so pissed when I saw the lineup, my hope was lost immediately.

  43. The players lost the Match not the manager. Why should Pepe and aubameyang miss those chances against a big 6away from home. Was it the manager that told Luiz to lose concentration conceding a cheap penalty and Yellow card that made him unable to correctly tackle or foul Salah for his second goal. He maybe made a mistake by not starting laca or torreira buh the players let him down. Simple

    1. Meemee, you are wrong. The manager lost the match before he even started. His tactics and selection were wrong and costs us the match.
      You cannot concede the wings to a team like Liverpool and expect not to concede. Can’t you see how they were just putting in crosses after crosses into our box and the manager did absolutely nothing to address it? How long do you think our defenders would be able to maintain their concentrations before making a mistake when were been relentlesly bombarded with crosses? The manager is clueless. Absolutely clueless.
      You should have your starting eleven and bar any injuries you should always start with your strongest eleven. Changing and messing up with your team says you are scared of the opposition and already surrendered before you even started. UE lost the match for us and that is just the plain fact. I don’t think he is good enough for Arsenal

  44. Emery is to blame for this match….. why must you bench Torreira and lacazete in the first place…..he dosen’t learn from his mistakes….he did this over and over again last season

  45. Tactically UE was spot on,The only problem with arsenal is the midfield department,for a team of arsenals standard it is hard to digest that our midfielders can’t keep possession and crave a way out of skirmishes in the middle of the park
    In such a scenario everything will seem disjointed and falls apart cause of one very important department which knits every segment of the team
    All sorts of problems will arise in each and every position
    Playing the ball from the back is an evolution of modern football and it’s only feasible if we had midfielders who can hold possession and move with the ball not mere passing coz when you merely pass you are in fact passing the burden else where ,so you need to move with the ball to create space for other recipients of the ball
    In so doing an identity and a solid structure of the team is created and imposed

    1. You are absolutely right.

      A strong midfield is the key to a stronger defence if you could stroll across Liverpool’s midfield at will, then all the VVD’s in the world would make no difference

  46. Attention!

    We lost to a superior team in the most intimidating stadium.

    How Superior?

    Barcelona Came to Anfield 3-0 up on aggregate, all guns blazing and lost 0-4

    Man City came with their perfect passing game and lost 3-4 in fact City lost 2 more times to Liverpool home and Away that season.

    Next time City and Liverpool meet guess who will be having PTSD?

    Exactly which formation and /or tactics would have worked for us today and what is the evidence?

    Liverpool have been through many disjointed campaigns and several managers to get where they are today.

    Arsenal are by no means a stable team. We are in a rebuilding phase so lets support and encourage them. Boisterous support isn’t that what makes Anfield intimidating?

    Remember we lost out on top four by just 2 pts. not because we lost to Liverpool but because we threw away several winnable games in the run-in.

    Our objective should be to win where we are expected to win and grind out results from the marginal games and if we get something from the giants that’s a bonus otherwise losing such games should not evoke unbridled condemnation.

  47. BRENDAN RODGERS was the right coach for the Arsenal…

    And people slated me for saying it.

    This coach is timid from word go. He even has the guts to come out before the game and says; “I don’t like to play Liverpool ever”.

  48. Do not forget that Iwobi was equally in that team that drew with liverpool at the Emirate and he gave the pass for the equalizer

  49. Very well said Cheadle.We were beaten by a very good, settled ,injury free team who will no doubt push Man City all the way again this season.With a back four of Bellerin, Chambers,Holding and Tierney we will not be a soft touch defensively.The likes of Sokratis, Luiz and Monreal are simply past it and as for xhaka , yet again he failed to make a meaningful impression.

  50. Not even sure where to start from.
    We are just as bad as we were last season, koscielny to luiz isnt an upgrade .
    The entire defense was shit , the midfield looked all confused and disorganized.
    The attack was just toothless.
    Southampton performed way better than we did.
    As for the man of the moment Mr Unai Emery , I don’t know how things work over in Spain but repeating the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is called stupidity. We can’t play out of the back it’s as simple as that .we also cant defend resolutely, play to your strengths which lies in our attack
    I have a bad feeling about facing spurs might be another harry kane show.

  51. UE made a wrong team selection. His tactics was sick.

    Why play Ceballos out of position?

    Why not start Laca and Toreire?

    Why out Xhaka who isn’t mobile?

    I have never liked Luiz, and I felt SOkratis ad Chambers pair is more solid than using Luiz

    You all spoke about Luiz experience, but you forgot that the guy is prone to error and messes up when under pressure.

    I thought the coach will use the back four of Maintland-SOkratis-Chambers and Monreal

    Mid field of Toreira and Guendouzi and play Ceballos in front of both (These three players mark so well in the middle of the field)

    Then Feature PAL at least for the first time. With Laca playing 9, and Auba and Pepe at the wings.

    This Coach lacks Tactics and Team selection. UE seemed clueless and he doesnt know that certain games requires great tactics.

    I guess the Coach was just scared of facing Liverpool squarely and afraid of huge defeat.

  52. Highly depressing to watch. Here are my sincere observations and thoughts on the match:
    (1). Emery is a coward; Look at the team and tell me what they played for today? Nothing and its because of the timidity in the coach. Even Lampard with the poor results Chelsea is having you could still see the desire of the players to fight for every ball but for us we are too scared to take risks.

    (2). This coach cannot motivate this team for any great thing; I watched an arsenal team that isn’t motivated for anything at all. We were set up to avoid heavy defeat and we got it and maybe UE will be satisfied with the result but that shouldn’t be the mentality of a top coach. Liverpool under Rogers haven’t changed much but what did Klopp do, he gave the players the right motivation and the Henderson’s, Milners, Matips, are still performing well.

    (3). Our midfield is poor; Why are we giving Guendouzi a new contract please tell me. He’s a mediocre player. Willock has more balls in him than Xhaka and Douzi but together. We packed the bus today but it failed because the midfield allowed out defence to face pressure. They must be taught to mark with the mentality to win the ball other than marking to let the opponent pass the ball. When Liverpool press us, it is done calculatively to win the ball back and they press as a team not individually.

    (4). Aubameyang needs to step up and take responsibility; How can he miss that chance? Pepe could be accused of the same for missing that one on one. And if he doesn’t sign a new contract send him to China and invest the money on a poacher. I cannot explain why UE didn’t start Laca in the second half. Pepe IMOwill be a hit with time.

    Conclusively, the board should start looking for a replacement for Emery cos he cannot win us the title, he’s not the kinda coach that will challenge players to do the extra to get a result. one positive in this match (and it should be counted as a win) is that we came out without any injuries and I believe that was what the coach avoided. Now it’s a must to win Spuds next week.

  53. I do read from here but rarely comment, I think this will be my 2nd time. I can’t read all the comments here because of my tight schedule. Sue, Gotanidea, Kev, Ayo, Babasola, Cliff and others we need to question the coaching certificate of some coaches such as UE, no one ever select a team here since last week till an hour to the match when the team list was released without starting Laca,Pepe and Auba but just a pity that Emery is still experimenting at d second season,to b candid majority of us here can select team for him to play his matches. Today ,I conclude that Arsenal is in for good business by going for players and getting rid of d dead woods but we lack COACH.

    1. Yeah mate and thanks for pointing out the weakness on the coaching. If we must get it right the board must start thinking Emery’s replacement. How can you respect your opponent to that extent. First I thought Emery saying “we don’t want to play Liverpool” was a mind game but he meant it. He literarily said we are afraid of Liverpool. Why should he be? Mourinho wouldn’t have done that. When Morongo parks the bus in many occasions he comes out with results but we did and still lost 3:1.

  54. I don’t get why some people are so upset. We played the European champions who beat Barcelona 4-0 on the ground. They’re haven’t lost there for the best part of two years now. In the past few years we’ve been to a field, this was the best performance. I’m gutted we didn’t win but for me emery used the right tactic. They had two shots on target in the whole first half despite all the crosses they put in. He wanted them to cross it and for the most part it worked. If pepe had finished his chance we would have been gushing. Let me let you know if we went there and tried to play expansive football we would have been whipped harder than this. Emery should have made the torrira sub at the beginning of second half and brought laca on in the 60th minute. That being said I never saw us beating Liverpool at least not now. It’s still early in the season, the players are still jelling, some are recovering from injury. We’ll definitely get better.
    Ps:Pepe will annihilate defences this season. He just needs a goal

  55. Honestly a lot of people on here think fourth place is a trophy. If we wanted 4th place every year why did we let Wenger go?. I want to win the league and if it’s only fourth I want arsenal to finish I would never support arsenal. I am an optimist and i think this side can challenge for the title with a more forward thinking manager

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