Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal – Liverpool win absolutely mad game at Anfield on penalties

Liverpool emerges the winners on penalties in a ten-goal thriller at Anfield.

Well, have to be honest, I never saw that coming. Where to start?

The opening ten minutes of the first half saw some sloppy Arsenal play, especially in defence.

It only took Liverpool six minutes to get their noses in front courtesy of a Shkodran Mustafi own goal. I see no sense in blaming Mustafi solely, he was simply unlucky, he was certainly not helped out by some poor defending from Kolasinac down the left allowing Alex Oxlade Chamberlain to get his cross in.

Liverpool dominated possession for the first 20 minutes without really dominating the actual game. Arsenal stayed patient and did not let their heads drop after that opening goal.

On the 19th minute, Arsenal got their equalizer through a well-worked Lucas Torreira goal. The equaliser was a thing of beauty, to be honest, orchestrated by none other than Mesut Ozil. Torreira was beautifully placed to pick up the ball from the German and stick the ball away.

Arsenal then went on a little bit of a rampage, scoring two more goals in a ten-minute spell.

Liverpool got themselves in a right old tangle on the 26th minute and up popped Gabriel Martinelli to take advantage. Basically a bit of a scramble and the young Brazilian hammered it home from close range.

Arsenal’s third came ten minutes later and it was the sensational 18-year-old once again. Ozil started it off with a dink of a pass to Saka who squared it to Martinelli to duly slot home.

So, 36 minutes and 3-1 to Arsenal, who would have thought that at the beginning.

The two-goal lead didn’t last long though. Liverpool was awarded a dubious penalty which James Milner converted.

Now that was a first half to watch.

Second Half

Thing is, the second half was even better from an entertainment point of view.

It took Arsenal just nine minutes from kick-off to score their fourth following an error from Milner. Maitland-Niles picked up Milners poor back pass to goalkeeper Caoimhín Kelleher, however, he ran the ball wide before Ozil saved it from running out of play and we got some magic from the German. He backheeled the loose ball back to Maitland-Niles who smacked it into the back of the net.

Game over you would have thought, right?

Well, no, Liverpool still had a lot to say and within a frantic four-minute spell they were level with goals from Oxlade-Chamberlain and Divock Origi.

It has to be said that Ox’s goal was outstanding and he celebrated with class, by not celebrating.

This was now manic, 4-4 after just 62 minutes.

Forward the clock just eight minutes and we have another goal, an Arsenal goal and what a beauty it was.

Joe Willock picked up the ball a good 30 yards out and he blasted it right into the top corner. It was simply brilliant and 5-4 it was.

Things slowed down a little after that, there were numerous stoppages for subs and the game kind of closed itself down.

Liverpool stepped up their attacks without really threatening an equaliser and Arsenal still posed a threat themselves.

The game ended much quieter than it started, until deep into injury time that is.

Divock Origi was the Liverpool hero grabbing a 94th-minute equaliser. Crazy, absolutely crazy, 5-5 it ended and on to penalties we moved.


Arsenal went first and Bellerin converted his spot kick with ease. Milner then stepped up and did the same for Liverpool.

Matteo Guendouzi took Arsenal’s second penalty and duly converted, just. Lallana scored his penalty and 2-2 it was.

The third Arsenal spot-kick was taken by young Martinelli who obviously scored. Brewster also scored for Liverpool and 3-3 it was.

Ceballos was next for Arsenal and sadly, his penalty was saved. Advantage Liverpool as Origi then made it 4-3.

Maitland-Niles walked up knowing he had to score to keep Arsenal in it, which he cooly did.

So, it was now on Curtis Jones for Liverpool and the young Red scored to knock Arsenal out.


  1. Can you imagine what Brendan Rogers would do with
    Smith rowe

    Secondly why oh why take ozil off

    1. Saka was absolutely shocking today.
      Did nothing offensively and nothing defensively. He just seemed so absent minded today.
      But that Martinelli kid is going to be something amazing with his enthusiasm.

    2. Ozil showed what we have been missing and yet he decides to take him off, does anyone know why, apart from the man who thinks he can manage a football team…..amazing

        1. Yeah the world cup and champions league winner never turns up. I am no ozil fan boy but please rationally explain why ozil isn’t good enough to make a match day squad? For perspective, I wouldn’t start Ozil away at any of the big boys but if fans feel he doesn’t warrant a place in our squad/ starting line up at the Emirates then that is obviously an opinion which I respect, but it wouldn’t be one I share. We need 3 ppints at the weekend as I really don’t want a toxic club again, especially with how poor our trophyless neighbours are currently.

        2. Innit, have you seen him play against an A side top team or big matches this season then?

          You sound as if your actually disappointed that he had a good game – judge him on the 200 minutes of football he has been allowed to play this season – then pray that UE keeps him in the first team squad, or their will be an even more toxic feeling on match day – did you hear our away fans chanting his name?

          Perhaps they have seen something you have missed?

          1. Ken – Emery in post match interview said that Ozil’s substitution was planned, very happy with his performance and he thinks we have one more player for the weekend.

            I’m at least expecting him to be on the bench against Wolves. Good performance under conditions he normally struggles under imo (we only had 34% possession) – remains to be seen if the consistency is there (only playing will show that) but definitely showing everything anyone could want to see from him tonight.

          2. MadHatter, I did say in an earlier post that I thought that was probably the reason, such a positive to take away from the game…However, I seem to remember UE saying something along those lines after the Forest game, so I hope he means it this time.

      1. Unai Emery took Ozil off because this was all planned from day one. They are so focused on frustrating him out of Arsenal because of the big money they pay him that they would rather have the team suffer. They talk about Ozil not meriting being on the bench and yet we have shocking weekly performances from everyone else minus perhaps Aubameyang. Imagine Ozil behind Laca, Pepe and Pierre? Arsenal is a joke club. You freeze out your best creative player while the team struggles to create chances. And meanwhile you are paying him 350k a week to not even be on the bench. When was the last time we played such a fluid attacking game? When was the last time we scored five goals in a game and our best three strikers were not even involved? What a joke of a club.

    3. Arsenal problem now is Emery. We have every talents and skills to take the game to any teams. The early will get emery out, the better arsenal team recover. Let’s see what weekend has in store for us. Özil is needed in our team…

  2. Saka Was really poor … I had a feeling the equalizer was going to come from his end. He was being very lazy from the start of the 1st half…. cant wrap my head around it.

    1. I thought it was only me who noticed. He looked sk uninterested all game. Looked lazy and lethargic all game. No self awareness etc.
      But he is still young lettcut him some slack.

  3. Unai Emery the specialist of throwing away two goal leads. So pathetic. We should have just lost the match from the beginning instead of giving us hope. I’m so tired of supporting this team.

    1. How much more does anyone need to see from Emery. He actually finds ways to lose games.

      Again and again can’t hold 2 goal lead.

      Some say Emery needs time. For what? To completely destroy any semblance of what Arsenal used to be?

      Wow, even a blind man can see Emery can’t help Arsenal move forward.

    2. well go and support te spuds –haha–i would keep the same side for saturday games -young and moght not finish 4th but what a side to develop—they WORK,WORK WORK WHICH IS SOMETHNG WE DO MOT GET ON SATURDAYS !!–OZIL worked very hard today which is what he has been asked to do !!–a non panalty and very lucky own goal plus i think Leno could probably have stopped one of pools goals—very pleasing game !!!

    1. Apart from not attacking the ball before the penalty, Ozil was excellent tonight and can only wish his early substitution was to save him for the weekend (as if…). Good performance s need to be rewarded.

      Very disappointed in Holding tonight. On this performance he should be no where near the starting XI. I guess we wait for Saliba.

      It was strange watching the game. Couldn’t get too excited, even after a few lovely goals. It just had penalties written all over it. Not much fun being an Arsenal fan these days.

      1. Holding was never good before. He is merely average but cos he is English, fans love to think that he is good

        1. I truly think he over extended to cover Mustafi’s nervousness after the own goal. He closes down Origi for his goal when he should leave Mustafi to do it first.

          I still think Holding can step up as long as we solidify that defence. Kola was out of position loads and let Chamberlin run riot down that left hand side.

          Bellerin is still slightly off the pace still also. Some of his turning is laboured.

          Our second string couldn’t affectively beat pools under 23s

    1. Fake fans,could you please stop putting a disclaimer before you speak well of Ozil ‘im not an Ozil fan,but’
      Bla bla bla.No one asked you to be Ozils fans,he plays for the Arsenal,the team you claim to support.
      Support spurs maybe there you will start sentences with ‘i really love Delle’

  4. Fantastic game, well done to the Arsenal!! 👏👏👏 Nobody expected them to turn up like that. Midfield and forwards cannot be criticised, if anything, defence was out of sorts. Holding is not up to it yet, would have liked to see Chambers there, NOT Luiz.p

  5. Today his substitutions was absolutely useless. I just hate myself for supporting this club. Still a gunner though

  6. Well that was disastrous😂😂😂… Forget it guys, anytime we’re 2 goals ahead, we’ll always draw or lose it as long as Emery’s coach.
    Can we sack the man already?
    Ozil will resume fortnite now, and life goes on😄😛

    1. Same as PSG against Barcelona, only this time only one dodgy penalty instead of two.
      When is Arsenal going to get an even break from officials?

      1. We scored an offside goal too right?….. so, we shouldn’t be complaining about the officials, but about the one who couldn’t organize his team to hold on to a lead with two minutes to go

  7. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. What was that? We lost to kids😂😂 Laughable. Can we sack Emery now? We can’t defend yo save our lives. If we score ten, we concede 9/10/11, of we score 1, we concede 1/2/0
    Actually our margin is always a 0/1/-1.
    . Ozil had a great game

      1. Exactly ozziegunner, why do our fans always want to put our players down?

        Liverpools B, C, D even Z team…well this wasn’t our first team by any means, they showed character, guts, togetherness and scored five goals at Anfield, so we KNOW that’s it definitely not our A squad!!!

        Mind you, we did have Ozil pulling the strings again and it all changed when he went off.

      2. @ ozziegunner,i can see you are emery fan,no wonder the club is going backward with fan like you happy with this kind of traffic warden that calls himself manager

  8. There is nothing ‘mad’ about this game. We just know how to make ANY team look like Barcelona: Watford, Sheffield Utd, Liverpool U-21, etc.

    1. Unai should resign honourably. Klop shows how good he is tactically and also motivating his players. Unai has completely lost the plot. The substitutions were off the mark. I expected him to replace Saka with Pepe but that never happened.

  9. Really I don’t know what Emery’s plan is concerning this shambolic defending. Again and again and again.! Good night.

    1. Better to take a hit now then suffer for years so with heavy heart I want us to loose next 2-3 consecutively so board can see the problem which they have turned blind eye towards n fan can also put pressure on them to get rid of UE. Our next manager should be someone one who can hold that football playing culture which Wenger installed…Rogers or that Aijax dude will do for me.

  10. How can you lose a game at anfield when you score 5 goals, get mourinho, if mourinho was there, i know it would have been 5-0 for the gunners.

    1. Sorry but with the experienced side that arsenal put out tonite they should have easily closed down the game at 4 – 2.
      I am not a great fan of ozil but he was one of our best players on the nite so why sub him??
      Mustafi is a total bomb scare and Holding was poor as well.
      Time running out for Emery now.

    2. Emery should step down immediately. We can bring in Mou as a temporary solution. I use to suggest Luis Enrique. He has a personality. Win at all cost. But the problem with Arsenal is the team defending and mentality. I would suggest we look at the serie A for a coach. We need to get someone who will drill the team defensively. A good defence wins you titles. Not only has Emery weakened our defence, he has also taken our midfield to mediocrity.

  11. Well. I were not to be Arsenal fan I would not complain. Neutrals enjoyed it. Am not happy that hard work for a long while was thrown away. All the same, it was a good game.
    Eh. Did you look at Emery’s face just before the penalties? He wasn’t cheerful. Too bad. No believe? We are yet to get a keeper that can stop penalties.

  12. Jesus christ, not like we played against their first team is it??? FFS we can’t even beat a load of kids…time to rage!! Emery out…

        1. Both teams changed their entire 11 and yes they had some youngsters but we did also. Experience wise we probably had more, but they did have milner, lallana, ox and Origi. The biggest issue I have is whatever team we turn out we look like we could concede everytime the opposition attacks and it seems systematic of the structure/ the way we play under Emery.

          1. You are right Paul. Those four were it. Our kids outclassed their kids but our men did not measure up to their men.

  13. Saka cost us the equalizer.
    Failed to mark the cross from coming in. Already thinks big of himself.
    He should be benched. So poor.

    1. Yeah man, after the decent performance earlier this season he’s already thinks he is in the level of messi or ronaldo.lazy bodyshape and not defending, at the same time look at martinelli he continously hard working when it is attacking or defending that is what we called talent

    2. @PEtit So saka had an assist and didnt mark for the equalizer and he is sudddenly a villian at 18 MArtenelli missed a clear cut chance and gave away a penalty why does he get a pass . Not saying Saka had a great game but with comments i have read here think Arsenal fans have issues . We saw this treatment given to Iwobi thankGod he is gone , Chamberlain thank God he went now Saka .

  14. If that don’t tell you that clueless clown Emery has got to go then nothing will. Against a weak Liverpool side and make no bones about it we had a far better side on the pitch than they did, the defence was pathetic, far worse than when the clown arrived, and to top it all he takes our best player, Ozil, off the pitch at a cricial time. Just like to say to all the anti Ozil fans, “look what we’ve been missing”

    1. Mate, timeout, breath In and Out.
      You need to get out and catch some fresh air.
      You sound out of sorts.

    2. 👍👍 Exactly, Kenny! Our only chance of winning at Anfield against their Z team.. and we couldn’t even do that! Absolute crap, so angry right now… Emery out! 💩🤬🤬
      And thank you, Mesut.. so nice to see you out there again.

      1. Seems like that shirt slling genius has put your back out of joint Goonster..”.Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble” comes to mind.

        Sue, at least our brilliant away fans saw the return of our most gifted player tonight, wonder when UE will select him next?

        Probably when he’s dug himself into another deep hole and can’t get himself out of it!!!!

        1. Probably in a year’s time, Ken 🙄 I just wish they had something to cheer about on the journey home… but it’s never meant to be against them, is it? Christ we could play all their players from yesteryear… Fowler, Mcmanaman, Owen, even Razor Ruddock and we’d still bloody lose ☹😭

          1. But Sue, ask them when they first won the premier league, ask them how long they have been in the top flight, ask them how many times they have been relegated and refuse to answer ANY QUESTIONS on the champions league…unless it’s twenty years in a row qualification stats!!!

            We will beat them at The Emirates, when Ozil once again turns on the magic, under the watchful coaching of anyone but UE…hold firm and don’t despair, we scored five at their place!!!!!

          2. Sorry Ken, I’m just in a bad mood… you know my feelings towards Liverpool!! You’re always right, so I look forward to that, Ken!! 🙂

    3. Kenny there was pathetic cans the defence and that is our defending tactics. No defender will function well in it. We don’t do contract marking. We don’t tackle but just run along with their with ball and shadow marks our opponent players. It is no coincidence theses happened in every match. They are coached to defend this way

      1. Exactly Mobella, this loss was completely down to the coach no one else, Klopp fielded a weaker side than Emery and they were there for the taking.

        1. Mobella, don’t you mean “man to man marking” (“player to player marking” to not be accused of being sexist) as compared to “zonal marking”? 🤔
          Zonal marking takes away personal accountability and should be disgarded.

    4. No factor considering liverpool lads played at anfield?

      for any home team playing in front of your own fans makes you feel a few inches taller then normal!

      Dont discredit liverpool. A CL winning goalscorer leading the line, league winner in Milner and well…we all know Ox is a top talent. Kieta is a 65m purchase…


      1. 👍 Sorry Tom, perspective was lost by many on here some time ago.
        Negativity reigns. Supporters of clubs below Arsenal must have periodic wrist slashing.

      2. Ox a top talent. LOL

        Although, he did score 3 excellent goals this year already which he normally needs 1 – 1 and a half years for. If Klopp can make him world class he truly is a genius. Imagine then what he would do with Iwobi who has more talent than Chamberlain.

  15. Who thinks the result would be the same had Liverpool’s senior players played tonight? Nobody who’s thinking right…Pathetic from Emery, Klopp had a nice laugh over us, resting almost his entire squad and winning nevertheless. The line-ups clearly showed the difference on ambition between us and Liverpool. Liverpool is on the title race and we are looking for a cup to please the fans and keep being mediocre as always. Pathetic!

    1. Exactly!! Absolutely pile of 💩 and once again those poor sods that travelled up there, come away with nothing… I’m absolutely gutted for them!

  16. Emery must go! No organisation in defense whatsoever, and Holding was really bad today and caught out of position too many time! Yet, Emery didn’t make any adjustment! The worst three players in the field today were Saka, AMN, + Holding, but they played 90+minutes. Then he sub Ozil, Torreira and Kos!
    Threw a two-goal margin out again! The freaking guy doesn’t have a clue! OUT EMERY!

  17. We lost once again to Emery cowardice approach and senseless running around. This Liverpool kids for god sake. We conceded every possession of the ball to them and back out from every marking by give a yard space to make a pass or run.

  18. Well, perhaps this will put an end to whether the fans want Ozil to stay or not…our fans made it perfectly clear who they think should be playing on a regular basis, despite his salary, despite his body language, despite not running around like a demented frog, because the man is pure class.
    Surely the minority have to now admit what everyone who REALLY went and listened to the fans demands, that the “vast majority” claim that he wasnt wanted are as as false as it’s always been.
    He was superb tonight and it will be interesting to see what marks he is given – MOM 8 out of ten and so glad he proved the knockers wrong on here.
    This time, although I was furious he was, yet again, substituted, I think UE was right when one considers how long he has been ignored and not played.

    Martinelli, Saka, Willock, AMN and Torerria all had excellent games, in fact, the whole team deserved great credit for thei performance tonight – such a shame about the final outcome.

    At least we now have the consolation of knowing that Ozil is back with a vengeance – ironically he might just save the job of the coach who disrespected him so much.

    1. I must say Ken, I did not expect a performance from Ozil tonight considering zero game time for nearly 5 weeks. We both know how good he is but you’re wasting your time if you think the diehards will change their minds and that probably includes the manager.

      It’s a total waste to expect a player like him to run around, as you say,like a demented frog. Today he proved his class and intelligence, especially with his back flick for AMN to score.

      The ball is in your court now, Unai!!!! But I don’t believe you have a Plan B, that’s if you’ve ever had a credible Plan A.

      1. Andrew, we can only try my friend, we can only try!!!

        Your so right regarding his performance…it makes me wonder how a player who, we were told by the coach and those from above, wasn’t putting in the effort at training and his mind wasn’t where it should have been, hence the disappearance from the squad.
        Just three days after drawing with palace and nine days after losing to Sheffield, there he was at his best and creating chances we have so sorely missed!!!

        All I can say is, we must have the most talented medical and coaching staff going…and we know that isn’t true don’t we?

        1. Ken, on a different topic, did you notice the body language of the two managers.

          Klopp, even when they were down, looked like a winner, Emery looked anxious throughout the match but when they equalised at 5-5 he looked a sorry sight. Not a good example for the youngsters before a penalty shootout. Nothing personal against him, I just think he is out of him depth. Reminds me of Bruce Rioch who I believe admitted the job was too big for him. If UE stays and we don’t make the top 4 I fear we may lose some of our top players.

          1. I saw Klopp with his usual smile when Martinelli scored. A small that was saying “it’s okay guys even if we lose you gave them a good run for their money, but come on guys there is still plenty of time and we are still in it”. I wish we had a coach of his calibre. He knows how to motivate his players.

          2. Andrew, yes I did notice, but while UE has the weight of the world on his shoulders at the moment, klopp has no worries whatsoever and it showed big time.

            Something else that occured as well, was the positive handshake when Ozil was substituted, it looked genuine this time…not sure if there was any eye contact…still “one short step for mankind” as they say!!!

            Your thoughts regarding Bruce Rioch is so true and I think Sue pointed out previously the comparison between him and Wrighty akin to UE and Ozil – look where the club went once Rioch left.

  19. I know Saka is just a kid, but he was so poor today. Did almost nothing offensively & defensively, kid just ball watching as Williams turned to provide the assist for the final equalizer. I was so pissed off.
    I’ve been tolerant with Emery, but my patience just ran out, I don’t think he knows what he’s doing.
    Martinelli is gona be a star, that kid is brilliant, I love everything about him.

    1. Agree with your comments about Martinelli and I just hope we can keep him. The vultures must be circling already.

      Seriously, we need to replace UE now the job’s too big for him. There are top managers available now but will AFC act? I’m not hopeful.

  20. I could be wrong and right now cannot be asked to look it up but I think we’ve had one clean sheet all season

  21. Let’s be honest here ,that is a proper embarrassing result ,that wasn’t even Liverpool’s second string ,not one big player on
    their bench .
    Klopp actually looked like he was enjoying himself when they were having to claw their way back into the match .
    Surely the board must do something about this ,it’s getting serious now the longer we leave this bloke as coach the more damage he will inflict to this club ,I mean his subs , once again were baffling .
    I’m honestly lost for words he as taking all the enjoyment of watching this club Away from a lot of supporters .
    Taxi for Emery (and maybe take XhAka and Ceballos with him )

    1. What do you mean it wasnt their second string
      Thats over 300million worth of talent.stop putting our players down

  22. Wake me up when we have a new manager.
    I’m taking an early sabbatical from Arsenal this season. Make no mistake about it, this clown cannot lace Wenger’s shoes. Big mistake swapping the former gaffer for this fool.

      1. Abel, so much for supporting Arsenal through thick and thin. A good thing you probably were not around during the mid to late fifties and sixties.

  23. What a disappointing night for us Gooners at Anfield after Arsenal coming so close to knock out Liverpool but lacked the nerves to hold on to their lead with only a minutes of the added time left on the clock. Ash! A farmiliar Arsenal story, isn’t it? At the International Championship Tournament in USA, Arsenal lost to Real Madrid in their final match on penalty shoot out with Monreal and Burton missing their spot kicks for Arsenal. And today at Anfield in the League Cup penalty shoot out, again Arsenal lost to Liverpool in the shoot out with Ceballos of all Gunners on loan to Arsenal from Real Madrid been the culprit to miss his own spot kick for Arsenal. This is not the player that Arsenal should seek to make his loan deal to the club permanent at all. He is not a winner but a looser. In fact, Arsenal during the January transfer window should send him to Real Madrid where they borrowed him from. For, he looks to be another Dennis Suarez of Barcelona in disguise at Arsenal.

  24. Really, some of you, it was arsenal b v liverpool b and we went to Anfield and drew in a great game. Ozil started and did really well, he was replaced contensiously but Emery was trying to shore it up a bit. I had no problem with subs, in the end ot just didn’t work out. Stop slagging our youngsters off, this was a great game our youngsters did well and we lost. I don’t like losing but sometimes you have to say we were unfortunate. Its the caribou cup and we are out. If you keep slagging our youngsters off, they eill never produce and fans will be to blame. Older pros thats a bit different but let the kids make mistakes and develop, really!

  25. Well that was some game.

    I thought Ozil put in exactly the type of performance I want to see from him and the only reason I can think to take him off when he did is to keep him fresh to play at the weekend – if that doesn’t turn out to be the reason why then I don’t have any reason for it 🤷‍♂️

    Same goes for Torreira – time will tell if that’s why they were taken off or not.

    Laca was due to come on shortly after those two substitutions, probably for Saka or Willock and may have been intended to replace Ozil’s link up play but Kolasinac signalled to be subbed and KT was brought on instead.

    Overall I thought we played well but at the end of the night too many mistakes cost us the win 🤷‍♂️

  26. I felt that Saka was getting too ahead of himself with all the good press he got, and today he played like Pepe, being selfish and going for glory shots. All our youngsters should screw their head in tight and be humble…Willock had the goal but he wasn’t good for the rest of the time. Ceballos was awful the few minutes he played, but Martinelli proved himself to be the one with the chops. AMN redeemed himself to a large extent, but I thought ESR deserved to play in that position.
    I couldn’t help thinking as to how uncluttered the Liverpool lads’ minds were. They understood the system, the style of play and the formation that even if Klopp played Under-16 he would win against most teams, much like Barcelona and their tiki-taka.
    Emery’s substitutions were befuddling, to say the least & where was Freddie? This was meant to be Freddie’s game.

  27. I blame Ozil for the sheer audacity of being substituted.

    I`ll also blame Ozil for the sheer audacity of not being picked when we play Wolves on Saturday.

    1. Novel way of making your point Le Coq. He also had the audacity to assist AMN, what was he thinking of?

  28. OT quick question if anyone cares to attempt to answer: How are fans supposed to reasonably show their displeasure at a player’s performance or attitude on the pitch?

  29. This is the type of Match loves
    A Liverpool B side or worse

    Ozil never shows up against Top sides or big matches

    Now because he had a good game tonight, it means he’s World Class

    1. Innit to be fair I’m not Ozil’s biggest fan but he played well tonight. It remains to be seen if the consistency is there but he put in a good shift tonight when he was given the chance which is all you can ask imo 🤷‍♂️

    2. Didn’t you say the same rubbish earlier in this same string and I thought Ken answered very well, to which obviously you didn’t reply, get a grip and post with intelligence if possible.

    3. Ozil has won it all. he does not need to prove anything. your opinion will never change history. top four what? he played for the biggest club in the world!let the guy enjoy his football. he sees football as an art, an entertainment.

  30. And the moaning begins. If we won we would probably still find something else to moan about. Oh wait I have one, I didnt like the way unai worn the jacket. What a disgrace, either wear the hood or dont!!!!! 🤣 sack him!!

    I think if anyone would of told you that arsenal would go to Anfield and play and be deadly like this, you would say you are delusional.

    ● Our forward line hunted which is key to the way unai wants to operate – and something he needs to work out the balance as you wont see that from Pepe and Auba (and therefore doesnt give Ozil a clearance to play with them).

    ● Willock and MNiles did well to come back after disastrous performances last time out for us. That shows top temperament.

    ● Martinelli is a classy player but it was a shame he didnt score 2 more As he had 2 clear chances, but it’s hard to be critical of the boy.

    ● Like unai did with Banegra at Seville, Unai wants Torreria to be hunting on the front foot in a more advanced area in the middle of the park. We forget hes only 23 and one for a long successful future at arsenal if given the chance to settle. (Let’s not forget his goal was offside, we got lucky)

    I know there will be criticism of conceding 5 goals, but equally liverpool conceded 5.

    Whilst Mustafi scored an OG and we gave away a penalty – with Ox’s goal in the build up Holding should of cleared that ball then head it back into a ‘red zone’, and on the last goal Saka was very poor in closing down and allowing that cross in.

    But consider these goals conceded against liverpool and our goals scored and we will see ours were due to hunting from the front foot, only Willocks goal was one from a midfield run and shot – something I have been crying about in my posts this last week – about the midfield runners!!! Well this goal is exactly what I was asking for…well not exactly but midfielders to get on the scoresheet by getting into goalscoring zones. All of Torriera M.Niles and Willock did that.

    What can we learn from all of this? Consider the Europea team currently as well as the league cup and we have scored 19 goals and conceded 7 in 5 games (or 13points)
    In the EPL 10 games we have scored 15 goals and conceded 14. (16 points).

    You can argue our opponents outside EPL are of poorer standard but equally we have youngest out trying to develop their trade. Unai historically has done well with unknown, no ego players.

    His struggles will be combining our young talent pushing for starts with keeping high profile footballers happy. You cant have one without the other if you want to be successful. And if unai is gona be successful, he will need the patience to blend it all together by all concerned by arsenal.

    1. Nicely put Tom 👏👏

      I’d also like to add we did it all with just 34% possession 😱

      If only the defense had been on better form today 🤷‍♂️

      1. Go and support some bottom league club then if you are happy with us having 34% possession as k said before I think u r one of those fans who just check the score line on mobile n don’t bother with watching the match other wise you will understand the pain we fans are being put through watching this disjointed team play or may be you are very intelligent and have lowered ur expectations to that of Sheffield or Newcastle.

        1. Mohsan I saw your comment before about me not watching games – on a post where I was making personal observations about the game 🤦‍♂️

          I am not happy we only had 34% possession, I mention it because normally we are a club that struggles in those types of games and players like Ozil are normally really out of sorts in those games too 🤷‍♂️

          As for lowered expectations – not really I still expect us to be challenging for the title every season and suffer the same heartbreak as every other fan when we play shite and fail – difference between you and me is I understand that replacing the manager, back room management and rebuilding the squad is a process and I’m willing to give it time to blossom.

          So I think I will carry on supporting our fine club through the good, bad and the ugly, just like I have for the last 30+ years, if that’s quite all right with you.

    2. Good post Tom, sometimes, instead of all the hysteria a bit of common sense is a nice change. Im devastated we got beat but we were unlucky 2 mins to go and origi get a shin roller. Mad game mad result but everyone is fighting. I dont think these backups shall we call them, have actually lost a game have they, its all good for those coming through.

    3. you are insane!!!!
      If you could not tell the difference in class of coaching today then you need to buy some real strong lenses.
      Klop produced a side with more untested players and still managed to get the result.
      you could feel the difference in the sideline with the confidence and belief on the ‘Pool side vs the division/confusion on our side.
      Anyone including fans/players and most importantly club should act NOW.
      Waiting till the end of the year will be catastrophic.

      1. Do you not think if we scored the 94th minute equaliser we would be full of confidence and belief?

        It’s difficult when some fans have just made their mind up as this distorts their observation.

        Klopp played players who played the last round so they are not really that ‘untested’.

        Liverpool are not an open team, yet we made them open and created chances.

        I have posted comments questioning unai tactics and entertained the question of what is expected with his approach. His passing grade will only be if he can get us into the top 4 bare minimal with this squad that is newly formed tbh. Il support arsenal like this, let the off season be when we decide if we reach our goals. Chelsea and Leicester are playing to their potential yet are only 4 points ahead.

        I just find it crazy how fans just don’t give the modern day game time.
        It might be all the constant 24/7 football media world that makes us consume football football football and so, to settle our nerves we want it all now and give no time to grow ideas. The vast money in the game contributes to this, creates a culture of buy it now. Spend spend spend, fantasy football… maybe put some strong lenses on this and consider how/why you feel the way you do. 🧐

        1. Problem is not only about getting into top 4 (trust me we won’t be in top 4 this season anyways) …it’s to do with how we are trying to get there. With negative bottom club tactical approach…awful n boring football. With such a big club like Arsenal its not only the results but how we achieve them should matter as well. We have a fan base around world because of the way we played football under Wenger if we keep this clown pathetic UE we will loose a lot of fan base. How is coming in top 4 a success with the such a pool of talented players. Some arsenal fans are such hypocrites …with financial restrains n squad worse then this Wenger kept us in top 4 for ages but ppl like you were moaning n complaint we are not moving forward, now all of sudden you want same result with better sets of players n investment by club n call it a success by UE…. pathetic!

          1. Mohsan, I will excuse the fact you probably don’t know me too well.

            ‘ppl like you were moaning n complaint we are not moving forward’.
            I was a huge huge fan of Wenger, not just for footballing reasons.

            If one thing you take from my comments, it tends to be good perspective of our situation, whether now or under AW.
            I saw AW building something over and over again. And he was building again when he sold Walcott, Ox, Sanchez, Giroud Yet it came to an end. The issue other people had with AW was that he was not moving in the direction we all wanted fast enough.

            Now I do not sit and say I told you so even if I wanted to see AW get, atleast the chance to make us a top 4 team again (and win a few cups along the way) – for some fans this wasn’t enough even though this was were we where.

            But life moves on, and it doesn’t always move in one pace in one direction.

            Under UE the Cups and European youthful teams have performance exceptional – a rating of 9/10. Our EPL team have performance on par 6/10.

            Somewhere in there is a UE masterclass. Granted the style is more tactical then AW’s approach and the learning curb of UE needs to be Not at the expense of our goals.

            The truth is, when AW was our manager City was the only real top performing team. Now you have Liverpool and City, along with Leicester starting to deliver on their potential for the last few years…

            Why can’t we have a new process that is given time – meaning stages to earmark if we are seeing progress or not. Why do we have to just assume its all bad?!!

            Agreed the style is not at the moment easy on the eye, but I supported AFC way before AW and so I have seen arsenal go through stages of styles. Each time the decade of Football changes, and so the type of football the game needs changes. We will be stylish I am sure, but the gritty side we are getting it wrong and this will need to be addressed first. THIS is why we moved on from AW.

            I just hope when our proper first time is playing together, and the new guys start to settle we see the type of Football being played that we are all proud of. Swift in attack, deadly and destructive and strong at the back.

            Regardless, right now the objective hasn’t changed – whether under AW or UE we need to get back in the top 4 – ideally for me the target is 3rd.

    4. It’s because of fans like this that we can’t move forward. How could u support Unai after throwing away a two goal lead 3 times in one season. It’s sickening and unacceptable of a manager of a club like Arsenal. Take a look at his subs, what did they add? Absolutely nothing. Why in the world did he bring in Ceballos even when it was so obvious Saka was tired. Emery always looks confused in matches and that demoralizes his players. Even when we were ahead he never look confident. The man clearly doesn’t have what it takes to shoulder a club as big as this. I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose to Wolves even after scoring 3. Emery has done nothing to improve this shity defense. I am never confident wen Arsenal play because Emery always looks for ways to lose matches.

      1. Its hard to response when you write
        ‘I am never confident wen Arsenal play because Emery always looks for ways to lose matches’

        what can I say to this?!! I think you have made your mind up and find silly ways to explain it. Maybe go hibernate until Unai is no longer our manager. Might be better for your

  31. Can you guys believe some fans really wanted AFC to lose! Well their wants came to pass; all because they want Emery shown the door.
    Right now am like Wtf! Why wanting to lose just to get rid of a Clown who almost or rather pissed his pants during late minutes of the game.
    Emery is dead scared! To coach Arsenal..
    But what baffles me most is that he ain’t scared to make some miserable changes.
    Time and patience isn’t required for Emery anymore.
    This is serious!.
    Weekend game awaits.

  32. Tonight the performance was great but not the result! I feel it was bad luck, Liverpool equalizing in the 94th minute. I didn’t understand why so much injury time was added. Anyway, we gave them a good fight and made them 💩 their pants. Well done young gunz.

  33. well now , i am absolutely delighted for ozil, his performance tonight was silky and graceful. shows how professional the man is that he could come out and play like thAt. i know it was not the best team in the world we were up against, but he made the difference tonight. when he was subbed everything began to go pear shaped for us . my only hope now is that he will be in the premier team and play the entire game . but knowing emery , i think ozil might not even in the matchday squad.

    1. Ozil did ok but making out everything was going hunky dory before my seeet little ozil went off is ridiculous. What ever went on before and after had no bearing on ozil going off. We lost two two goal leads while he was on and went 5-4 up after. Dont make this an ozil love fest, when it aint. Be real.

      1. Reggie, you sound disappointed with the fact thatOzil played well and of course his performance is the major talking point – recovering from inept training fatigue, burdened with that salary and suddenly, hey presto, the man you never wanted to see in an Arsenal shirt again showed EXACTLY what we were missing…CREATIVITY.

        That is what we need, along with some defenscoaching, to finish in the top four and help your coach, UE, keep his job (god forbid).

        1. No i am not disappointed at all just pointing out the crap statements about how ozil was so invaluable and the peoples little hero being taken off was the reason we lost. It wasn’t. Ozil did ok while he was on, nobody is disputng that Ken. But like a lot of things, keep it all real. If Ozil decides to come out of his mardy and start earning his corn (which we have yet to see) i will be more than happy, i am an arsenal fan and want my players to perform.

  34. As much as I am not Ozil fan, his creativity in the final third is far beyond anyone else in the squad. I would love to get a glimpse of him in the same starting line up as pepe, auba and laca. Surely we can get some defensive structure behind him to make up for his short comings.

    1. “As much as I am not Ozil fan, his creativity in the final third is far beyond anyone else in the squad. I would love to get a glimpse of him in the same starting line up as pepe, auba and laca. Surely we can get some defensive structure behind him to make up for his short comings.”


  35. so it seems like its all a bout Ozil tonight. Yes he had a good game but sooooo many times when you expect him to show against bigger teams [and more frequently smaller teams] he ghosts it. A man of his ability should boss games but he does not. Im not talking this season as he hasn’t had a look in, but I doubt very much he has suddenly changed overnight and will show up when needed to perform at the highest level against the best players and teams. AS for him being a world cup winner so was closed!;)

    I’d rather rave about Martinelli myself as Im excited about what he can achieve. Boy is gold dust; talent, heart and effort in abundance and effecting/turning games at such an early age..

    1. Why do haters always find a reason to complain when ozil actually did well on high press and high intensity game which your lot are of the opinion that he never turns up for such games.Learn to appreciate and support players that’s what supporters are suppose to do.

  36. Five goals scored at anfiield we deserved more but the boys went for it and showed fighting spirit, Emery needs to play Ozil and Martinelli in the league!

  37. Mustafi oh Mustafii…
    Already had 3-1 & 4-2, also 5-4 but could not maintain the winning score.. bad or tragic or unlucky? Just poor Emery, maybe he is just a coach but not manager. Maybe Ljungberg is better.

  38. I didn’t think the performance was as good as some people are praising it to be. The football in the middle of the pitch was pretty low quality. Defending from both teams was also pretty pedestrian. Some great goals though, and Niles, Martinelli were great offensively. Emery, makes bad subs yet again and kind of blows it for us. Why does Ozil need to be taken off, even if he is starting over the weekend? He’s been training the entire season and has been fit the entire season. Saka was clearly having an off day and needed subbing. Tierney was also strange unless Kolasinac got an injury and I missed that. I wasnt too bothered about this game anywys, but Emery is fighting for his job right now and showed how terrible his game management skills are. Positives is that Ozil, Martinelli, Willock and Niles had good games.

    1. I think the plan was to try two different ‘centres’ in the 4411:
      Ozil with Willock and Torreira
      Laca with Guendouzi and Ceballos
      (both of which are good combinations imo)
      Laca was down waiting to come on according to the commentators but then Kola signalled to be subbed, Emi signalled for it too and almost got booked for time wasting at goal kick in the process so KT had to be brought on which stopped the final piece of the puzzle – hope it was nothing serious with Kola.

    2. “Emery made some bad subs” are you real, or is the Emery record stuck. We was 4-4 when ozil went of, we was 5-4 up in added on time, what a fool. I suppose you blame Emery for origis shin roller or martinellis miss from 7 yards 30 seconds before their goal. I dont mind proper opinion but ludicrous Emery bashing just for the sake of it, is laborious. We drew at Anfield and i suppose it was Emerys fault that he let ceballos take the penalty and miss. BORING!

  39. This is UE 2nd season and yet Rodgers and Lampard already instill their styling play to their team. I know it takes time to progress, but it’s crystal clear we are not progressing at all. Our play is so predictable and no creative movement at all. It’s not about modern game or not, it’s about how you play football the way Arsenal should be. How do you see Arsenal 2003 or Arsenal 2008 play? even the player is different but the DNA is there.

  40. *Bonanza , Bonanza, Bonanza*
    Allow Arsenal take a two goal lead in any match against them and they will gift you a win.

    Is your team struggling or lacking in inspiration?
    Do you want to ignite the figing spirit in your team?
    Give Unai Emery’s Arsenal a try and we will rejuvenate your teams fortunes. Our list of satisfied customers include; Watford, Manchester United, Sherfield United, Crystal Palace, Liverpool C team.
    # a trial will convince you.

    1. Sincerely speaking, officiating has not being favourable to us, the against palace, Liverpool’s penalty as well, am hopeful, we’ll get it right, the season still far

  41. Beautiful game, beautiful goals, never knew Liverpool could concede 5 goals.

    I wish fans would understand that what goes up must surely come down.

    We had our up season with the invincibles, Chelsea did, Madrid ??, Juventus did, Roma did, Man U did, Barca ??, Liverpool ??, Man City ??.

    Life is like a pot of beans, sometimes you’re up enjoying the scenery, sometimes you’re down facing the heat.

    As far as we keep working on it, we’ll get back to the top.

    That’s not accepting mediocrity, it’s just knowing that even though you are currently at the bottom there’s a way up, and you can get there.

    With or without the present coach Arsenal will be great again.

    Hope that made sense.

  42. BTW, I’ve seen some fan say they’ll stop watching/following Arsenal matches until **insert clause here**

    So much for being there through thick and thin, but that’s life.

    No wonder so many people take opioids to stay ‘high’ all the time, cause they can’t stand the low.

    Success has many fathers. When you’re struggling few people want to be associated with you. When the success comes, everybody wants to claim relationship.

    Arsenal till my lungs deflate.

  43. I wonder what will happen if as mooted by Klopp, Liverpool May be unable to play their quarter final due to involvement in the World Club finals in December? I’m not suggesting we go through in their place but it’s an interesting situation. Man U ducked out of the FA Cup years ago for same reason.

  44. Strange game, get a two goal lead twice,I am gutted that we came away losing this game,after Ozil’s and Matinelli’s efforts,Emery has to keep Ozil in and include Martinelli this weekend i am still totally confused regards his tactics in this game i really do not think he knows whats going on either, he has to go, this was a frantic farce of a performance. we need a manager that can put out an organised and well balanced team that can get in front and stay in front instead of throwing games away like this. sorry for the rant, so annoyed with Emery.

  45. A few observations:

    Klopp has drilled the system into the entire club’s psyche so that even when a 16yr old comes in, he knows what to do in the system, as there is absolutely no confusion or doubt in their minds. Calling their team a B team isn’t true because it’s the system that was at play on the pitch last night. It was still a 4-3-3 and their players fight for Klopp. It’s a small matter that Klopp was chomping at the bit, all excited, in the prematch soundbytes.

    There were no hold up in play in the second half for the ref to give 5mins stoppage time, which was ridiculous. It would have been 3mins under normal circumstances.

    Saka needs to be worked upon as he may become another selfish player that we do not need. He is only 18 and he needs to do a lot more on the pitch, as he isn’t a diva yet. Why he wouldn’t pass to a better placed teammate is a mystery, instead of going for glory shots.

    Emery isn’t the manager we need and that much is very very clear now and I can’t see him taking us forward. The substitutions were bizare to say the least and this was a match where ESR could have shone.

    Our midfield is still all over the place once Ozil was taken off, because all of them want to do everything except anything specific. A case was made for creativity and calmness yesterday with Ozil being on the pitch. Now Ozil needs to step up and be a leader amongst the youngsters and pass on his knowledge and vision. Here is a snippet from what was written in BBC during the match👇

    BBC Sports:
    The movement from Saka was brilliant. Once he knew Mesut Ozil was getting the ball, he was on his way because he knew that Ozil would find him.

    Those who want to watch any of the matches live can download the App GHD SPORTS. I find them good.

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