Liverpool aiming to overtake Arsenal and Man City – The race is on!

The intriguing battle for the Champions League places has suddenly come back to life, after Liverpool won yet again last night to move to within three points of Arsenal, and just two points behind Manchester United. Arsene Wenger has all but conceded the title to Chelsea, but there are now four teams in conflict for the three remaining spots in the Top Four.

Wenger said yesterday: “We are still too far from Chelsea, but will give everything to win our Premier League games and come back as close as possible.” But the Gunners cannot yet be certain of the Wenger Trophy yet, as with just nine games to go there are just four points separating Man City, Arsenal, Man United and Liverpool in the race for second.

The Scousers are now unbeaten in 13 games in the League and their boss Brendan Rodgers laid down the gauntlet last night when he said: “We’ve put ourselves in a great position,”

“We want to finish as high as we can and everyone talks about fourth, but it’s the same every year.

“We’ll do the best we can and Manchester City’s result at the weekend gives us an opportunity to finish second.

“We’ve got to use the mentality, run and confidence we’ve got, take that into every game and see where it takes us.”

Everyone is predicting Man City’s downfall after their shock defeat to Burnley, but they are still holding on to second. They have two relatively easy games ahead against West Brom at the Etihad and then Crystal Palace away, while Arsenal have to go away to Newcastle next before hosting Liverpool at the Emirates.

Man United comprehensively dumped the Spuds this weekend, but now have the daunting task of going to Anfield next, then taking on Aston Villa at home after the dreaded interlull. At least one (or both) of our rivals will be dropping points next weekend so Arsenal MUST beat Newcastle to keep the pressure on the others.

There are some fascinating matches coming up and this race could go right down to the wire with every game a potential banana skin right now. Arsenal just need to keep their heads down an keep racking up the points, and if Chelsea fail to win at Hull next week, well you never know!

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  1. I don’t know why people are writing off City so quickly. But then again the 2-5 spots are now only separated by a mere 4 points, which is insane.

    I agree though. Man U and Liver are playing each other this weekend which means they’ll drop points no matter what. Therefore it’s absolutely crucial we get the 3 points against Newcastle and keep our momentum going.

  2. Within the top 5 teams, I would say at present, Liverpool and Arsenal are the only in-form teams (maybe Man Utd, but can’t judge “form” on one game)… Lets assume Chelsea have won the league, so take them out of the equation…

    With that said, I think we are safely in the top 4, just depends where about in the top 4 we will finish! We just need to keep calm and win… Even a one or two draws won’t hurt… If we play like we did against West Ham, we shouldn’t have a problem winning the remainder of our games and finish strong like last season.

  3. The team that aren’t even in the top 4 claiming 2nd already. Welcome to Merseyside, the home of the dole and crack.

  4. I think our games against Liverpool and United are crucial and will decide where we place. If we can beat both of them, and City drop points, we are guaranteed top 4 and most likely second place.

    1. By the time we will play Manure we should be already in a comfortable position to AT LEAST secure the 4th spot. Last game will be at home against WBA. As of last weekend when I said any result will be good between manure and the spuds I will say the same this weekend, any result will be good against manure and the scousers because it will hold at least one of the team.
      If we manage to get some points from Newcastle then I see us in a very good position before the break.

  5. Brenda talking sithe again.State’s his halftime tactical switch helped the scousers beat Swansea. He must be a genius if he can coach a deflected shot in his tactics.

    1. Don’t be ridiculous, Liverpool went from lucky to still be tied in the first half to actually dominating the second half. That has a little to do with tactical changes.

  6. Hoping fan man united win or a draw because if liverpool lose and we win thats six points off clear we will be then they hace to come to emirates and attack us which will play into our hands. We win that game and suddenly pool are 9 points behind.

    1. I really want see Manure melting down, its really pleasure to watch them fall, I say liverpool should win and we win against them.

  7. Morning Admini, How is work? First of all, I want you people in admini to start believing if you have not have the belief already as I do that Arsenal will win the quadruple titles this season. For the avoidance of any doubt, that quadruple titles are, The Charity Shield, (won already) The Barclays Premier League, The FA Cup and The UEFA Champions League. And here are the advance weekend results for the 2 teams that are above and bellow Arsenal in the table, which will ease off some presure that are in the front and behind the Gunners. Man City 2-2 WBA (Idiye&Berahino to score.) Liverpool 2-2 Manchester United. Till then. We will discuss about that Brendan Rodgers boastfulness at the due time.

    1. Morning Samuel, How are you!
      I certainly believe that a very good season will consist of a Charity Shield, Another FA Cup win, and a close second in the Premier League. I will make no prediction on the Champions League until tomorrow morning!
      Until then……

    2. I like your boldness. I read your post and then suddenly realized that we actually have the opportunity to win the quadruple. It is a welcome ambition and I will personally hope for that. But meantime, a Community Shield, an FA cup and a top three finish will be a massive season for us.

  8. If the scousers have the same luck as they did last night then they will come 2nd!!!. best result for us now is a win at newcastle and a draw liverpool v mancs that way we have a little cushion on both then beat liverpool at home then there is no way they can catch us and them and mancs fighting it out for 4th!!

  9. I don’t care about liverpool or man utd. As long as we keep our good form of winning our remaining matches, their results mean nothing to us. Chelsea and city on the other hand, are the teams we should worry about. If they keep keep having such blips like last weekend, then I see no reason why we can’t catch up and finish at least, in the top 2.

  10. To finish in the top 4 we need to win our next game and beat the loser of Pool vs United. Personally I would aim higher. If we can beat Chelsea and City does the same then the race is really on!

    We must not look behind us but at the clubs ahead of us.


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