Liverpool and Arsenal ownership dwarfed by Championship side

Queens Park Rangers owners are officially richer than both Arsenal and Liverpool combined in the latest Forbes rankings (as reported by the Star), sounding out as a warning to the futures of the big guns.

Newcastle’s latest investment has seen them sky-rocket into the top two richest in the country, and they have moved to splash the cash in order to try and draw closer to the current top six, and they are definitely a more immediate threat to our place in Europe, although at present, we look to be on the up ourselves.

Liverpool’s latest form could see them feel threatened by the prospect of further competition however, with their club really struggling so far this term, and knowing that other clubs have the potential to spend beyond their means in the coming years.

QPR have had their owner ship for a while now however, and have so far struggled to earn promotion to the top tier of England, and until they do so, you would imagine that we won’t have too much to worry about, and given their struggles to find a route into the Premier League so far, they may not be too much of an issue unless they improve their board members.


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