Liverpool beware! Arsenal boss takes BIG positives from pre-season

There is some concern among the Arsenal fans about the chances of the Gunners firing from the get go and starting the Premier League season well, with good reason as well after we lost Per Mertesackerand Jack Wilshere to injury problems after already having to do without Danny Welbeck, Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny.

Being Arsenal, though, and having a place in the Champions League group stage every year as well as hoping to do well in the three domestic competitions, Arsene Wenger needs a large squad with strength in depth, so the Frenchman will have been pleased that the players he does have available for the start of the EPL season have been doing so well in pre-season.

After the Gunners destroyed the Norwegian side Viking FK by eight goals without reply last night, and that was without Alexis Sanchez, Aaron Ramsey and new boy Granit Xhaka playing, Wenger played down the result but talked up the importance of the pace and physical aspects of the match against a club well into their own league season.

He told Arsenal Player, “What was very pleasing was that we played at the pace we wanted to play and we were very quick. Our collective game was very good and we were able to give confidence to all the players.

“Some of the players who needed a goal scored a goal, we didn’t have any injuries, Santi Cazorla had 90 minutes, so it was a positive night for us. The score is the score and we do not take too much from that. What is important is that we focus on the way we want to play football and we did that well.

“At this stage I’m looking at how ready we are physically, how fit we are physically, how well we play the game we want to play, our mobility, the quality of our movement and passing, and the quality of our penetrations in the final third.

“I’m also very pleased with the focus, the dedication and the unity of the group. I look at that a lot and also how good the spirit is because we know that will be vital in the Premier League and we need to be strong mentally. How united we behave, how much we take care of every detail when it comes to performing will be vital.”

Even without some of the key players, will Arsenal be too strong for Liverpool next Sunday?


  1. The timing of the Article is all but wrong. Pool just trash barca. Wenger said this things yesterday . Do we scare liverpool? Nope nope nope. A part of me says if we beat Pool and the Champions then Wenger won’t buy anyone. May be a good beating could change his mind and that could help us in the longrun.
    I know people would say how dare you wish Arsenal lost a game? Well Our squad can’t win the league. A good beating will make us make 2 or 3 more signings which in a long run will help us. Well that could be our only hope right now.

    1. It will be too late to buy quality in the late part of the transfer window, As no club will want to sell their best player’s, as they won’t have much time to find a replacement, no matter how big the offer.

      It will be the usual panic buying frenzy or a late loan move for some old injured bench warmer!

      At the moment, Wenger is waiting for a quality striker to land on his lap at a bargain price, The same scenario as Ozil and Sanchez and lets face it, that’s looking highly unlikely.

    2. Just so you know, whatever team starts tomorrow will also start against Liverpool so am very interested to see the team sheet.
      Am also caught in a dilemma because I want them to give us a football lesson to kick the transfer activities into 5th gear but I also dont want them to embarrass us and lose confidence going into the opener.

  2. Hahahaha…..what big positive is this Article tryna portray?

    Fact that we beat chivas, MLS or the vikings?

    Just so we reminded…..Liverpool pulled out a great feat tonight against Barca…..

    And i’m really really sorry to bring in the spuds into this….but solely on a sporting view….would say they destroyed Icardi’s milan yesterday as well

    There’s cause for Alarm.. brother!

    1. Enough is enough mate, ? the stressing! ?
      Whats the worse that could happen?
      If it means having to suffer an extraordinary humiliating season and finishing mid – table and Wenger gone at the end of it, then so be it!
      I’m not to fussed who replaces him, as I’m sure that any manager with desire and motivation will bag us the premier league title in his first year in charge.

  3. Hahaha ? And I know full well that if Liverpool give us a hiding next week, Wenger will call his team (who he just praised) ” Naive and weak”.. Does that sound familiar?

    And If we do lose to the Scouser’s, we will definitely hear one of the following excuses:

    1) Naive and weak.
    2) We had players missing.
    3) we had more players that were involved and who progressed further in the Euro’s, than Liverpool did.
    4 ) The players were tired ?
    5) The Ref was to blame.
    6) Has anyone seen my cheque book? ?

    And according to Wenger, the reason for a defeat against Liverpool, would have nothing to do with their active transfer business and the lack of ours!

  4. it will be a crying shame to be beating the likes of chivas, vikings 8:0 then get spanked hard by stoke, swansea and southampton in the real world!!!

  5. After beating Barcelona convincingly, I doubt Lierpool are shaking in their boots at the prospect of beating us



    Citeh and the Liverpool spanks us real hard & wenger still insist there’s enough quality in the Team so are good to go!

  7. Heres More evidence suggesting that Wenger is not looking for a top striker!

    Arsene Wenger says he will use Theo Walcott as a striker again this season

    Arsene Wenger insists he still views Theo Walcott as a central striker and that his poor defensive qualities make him less effective as a winger.

    Walcott said during the Gunners’ recent tour of the United States that he wants to go back to playing on the right wing this season after struggling to get playing time up front and being left out of England’s squad for the European Championship.

    But Wenger, who started last season with Walcott up front before going back to Olivier Giroud in that role, said Saturday that he still intends to play the pacey forward as a striker.

    “I believe he has all the ingredients to be a great striker. He has the quality of his runs, he’s a very intelligent players, he’s a good finisher,” Wenger said ahead of Sunday’s preseason game against Manchester City in southern Sweden. “He’s not a great defender so to use his runs in the final third for us could be very efficient.

    “On the flank today so much defensive work is asked of the players. You lose a lot of his qualities when you put him there. I don’t really doubt that for me, in my head I will use him more up front.”

    1. Scared? ? Hahaha you obviously don’t know the difference between disappointment and fear! ?
      It’s not as if we fan’s are not used to humiliating defeats from the not too long ago past!…. is it? ?
      Most of us are not Content with the same old Groundhog day event’s with Wenger, as you are! ??

      A ?? is the one who fears changes! ?

      1. @FbG
        Trust me Fatboy, I do…
        And just because I don’t whine and moan, doesn’t mean I’m content or afraid of change. I’m a realist, who knows constant moaning about something out of my control is futile and left to the impotent and weak minded, which I am neither. I also found out, long ago, that change is the only constant in this world.
        To me, this team, just like sport in general, is merely entertainment. And as such has no central influence on my life to the point where I would lose sleep, stress out or prioritize it before any pertinent part of my life. Hence the laid back attitude about certain goings on in and with the club.
        And by the way. Disappointment just like change, is constant…Get used to it…

    2. Hahaha……if there are actually a bunch of scared p__ys around ere…. Shawty u make up the number

      in the real world, Change is constant
      but at Arsenal, change is something u are so scared of

      Too bad….i hate being stagnant!

    3. Why has Liverpool had a better preseason than us. One game they got lucky… but it wasn’t a serious game. Wait til next weekend is over before predicting our downfall please….

      1. Fatboy, SoOpa, JAmerican and Buttflaps…..y’all need to go over to Le Groan. You’ll be welcomed, and fit right in.

        Then all of you can go and “Love Yourselves” because you certainly don’t show any love to The Arsenal.

        Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Instead of explaining how did liverpool win the barca game and what went on so we can figure a way of beating liverpool but no you try to scare us from liverpool really where is your pride today gooners ?????Please I dont need this we dont need it when it comes next weekend and Arsenal are out all i want to hear is your loudest support

    1. 12yrs of the Loudest support we had to give for nothing…..yet u would deny us a day to moan our hearts out? L()L

      we just wanna get out of this $h!+hoL€ unto the promised Land!

    2. You can scream and shout as much as you want, in support of our club but that won’t make any difference to Wenger’s stubborn and predictable way’s! ?

      I’m Expecting the same old ? from him, when the season kicks off! Simply because he does the same old ? year in, year out!.. Until I see some real intent made in the remainder of this transfer window, I won’t be changing my mind, either.

  9. Most of you know that I am disappointed that MR wenger didn’t sign a striker but I will screen the house down in support for the Arsenal and we need all of us to do it and do it loud and scare liverpool and their supporters off we tell them that because we mean business and that will charge our players The Arsenal up are we scared young boys or are we men come on now

    1. @summerbreez….. U know..u really are a funny being

      just who do u expect to do all the loud shouting in support?

      The gentle, comfortable British Tea sippers in the Library? L()L

  10. Good new is Wenger confirmed Walcott is a central striker (with lots of skills) and will not be played out wide since his defending is not good enough.

    We found our second striker! He will start against Liverpool, better than Giroud.

  11. Are we allowed drums and trumpets into the ground if so why dont you organize such >>>particularly when you will jump into the idea of bringing anti wenger banners come on Please

  12. I learn new words today: ironics …nobody scare to us. This article nonsense, they beat the Barcelone make us look silly

    1. So Barcelona lose a meaningless pre-season game, and it makes us look silly. Please explain……………………..

      The only Barcelona player that seemed disappointed was Mascherano….

  13. Pre Season Games mean nothing. Wenger said he will not panic buy this should have read
    Weanger will not Buy.

  14. sorry to sai but this article is pointless and more importantly, came and the wrong time…did u watch the liverpool vs barca match…I’ll pretty sure we’ll b dismantled like that….I’m not being negative but Walcott as 9???? chambers and Gabriel against Liverpool????? saido mane against Monreal?????? we never cope against teams who press relentlessly and counter with extreme pace…the day that idiot wenger leaves, we’ll move forward….practically being stagnant, competitive wise for the past 7 years…

    1. preseason friendles mean nothing but are helpful for getting fitness levels up-
      Be positive. We scored 8 goals yeaterday things are looking good without our best players back….

  15. Don’t care that LFC beat barca. We’ve had positive preseason results before and then have choked on so many opening games…

    1. Liverpool is not arsenal…its not d drubbing but the style of football on display… barca played like arsenal; trying to work it inside the net with messi and Suarez neutralized with minimum fuss… now, we plan on using Walcott as 9 against them???? only 1 winner there and its sure as fuq not that fraud….

      1. We’ve outplayed city in pre season games and then have lost to Aston villa… And yes we’re Arsenal, but they’re Liverpool and they screw up just as much as us. Usually we end up drawing lately anyways. I see no reason to freak out. Walcott naturally is a concern since he stinks.

  16. @admin, here’s a good topic for an article: WHO’S THE BIGGER FRAUD????? WENGER OR WALCOTT????

  17. I am numb with the amount of excuses I hear coming from arsene and our board …

    ” the money is not a problem , it’s finding the right players !” ….

    Walcott looked terrible against a side we put 8 into ! … Akpom hardly pulled up trees in the championship last year , but we’re struggling to find strikers to improve our side ???

    Seriously , bloody bendtner would improve this front line at present !

  18. Effect of negative thinking – Less happiness and enjoyment instead of more happiness and enjoyment.

  19. I prefer realistic thinking.

    I judge football on what I see , I see a side not capable of winning the league again !

    Which is all I care about … As putting so much importance on top 4 , to enter a European competition we REALISTICALLY can’t win is ridiculous IMO.

    I’m a fan , I enjoy cup final day outs ,trophies and bragging rights in the pub !

    Our bank balance is of no interest to me whatsoever.

  20. Reaing the comments of Fatboy, JAmerican, SoOpa and Buttflaps, you would think that Arsenal were beaten by Liverpool. We weren’t , Barcelona were.

    You “hair on fire”, Doom and gloomers are wetting your beds over the result of a meaningless pre-season game.

    Liverpool have always been difficult to beat. Only now, they press high up the pitch, and feed on scraps. In other words, they’ve become a typical Klopp team.

    I expect a low scoring, damn good game next week, and may the best team win (Arsenal).

    Up the Gunners!!!!!!

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