Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp on what Arsenal need to make the ‘next step’

In an exclusive chat with former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger for beIN Sports, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has expressed what the Gunners need to sort out in order to ‘make the next step’.

The Champions League winning boss expressed that Arsenal are a ‘really good side’ offensively, but hinted that that the Gunners need to improve their ‘defensive organisation’.

Our lacklustre defence has arguably been the damning thorn in the team’s side over the last couple of years, until we shore things up at the back, we’ll struggle to re-establish ourselves as a Champions League level side.

Here’s what the Liverpool boss had to say on our side, quotes obtained from MailOnline:

‘Arsenal, for example, offensively are still a really good side but defensive organisation doesn’t work out yet.’

‘The moment they sort that, they make the next step. So that is the league we are facing. We have to develop, it is not if we want to. We have to to be as successful as possible.’

Initial signs under Mikel Arteta have been encouraging though, we are slowly beginning to get more control in games.

Ideally, we should work on being more clinical in the final third when we’re already ahead, this would extinguish our opponents’ chances of getting back into games.

Regardless of what we think of Liverpool or Klopp for that matter, his assessment of the side here seems to be spot on.

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  1. We all know where our problem is,was.
    And MA has organized it in a good way that i think we look good defensively now.Now our attacking players need to step up and show that we are a good “balanced” side

  2. There is absolutely nothing in what Klopp says that every Gooner does not already know. So we need a better defence; wow, whoever would have guessed! So this “fascinating and sit up and take notice article” amounts to nothing at all. So why is it a story then? I’ll tell you. Because it is now a full an hour since the previous article on here! I am seriously considering whether or not I want to continue wasting time on this fast regressing and mostly boring site, full of non articles. Yawn! I may be banned for this comment and, do you know what, I don’t care!

    1. Watch your comment gets deleted.. Even I do find it hard coming on here now, cuz it’s always boring and too many articles to even bother discussing about.
      You ain’t done talking about the situations in previous article, BOOM! you get two new boring articles within 2 hours

      1. You know it Eddie, I know it and goodness knows how many others know it too, but still it keeps happening. I will give this site just a little longer(unless I am banned first,for giving feedback which is routinely ignored by the Admins) and unless things improve I am leaving. I like proper discussions on things that actually nmatter to us fans, not nonsense rehashes to fill space to get money for the site. I will not be alone either as you too and surely many others are finding it boring. Entertain your customers or go out of business SHOULD be their watchword, but it seems not to have dawned on them!

        1. Sue I couldn’t find my comment or Jon’s in that previous article. I suppose it was deleted .
          We are users of this sites, first and foremost we became fans of this site because of what Pat,Konstantin Mitrov, and a few other official writers used to give us.
          Apparently now that we see things ain’t the way they were and when we try to all about it just so something gets done.
          AdMartin deletes each comments.
          I don’t know if he actually expects us to never voice our own concern about this site.
          I mean look at the way things are now, Even Pat would testify this site wasn’t empty while he was in charge.
          Now everyday we don’t get articles, we get comments from pundits, coaches, and ex players, they bring it on here on and dish it out to us.
          I expect this comment to get deleted soon, but even AdMartin knows it and that’s why he keeps deleting it when we bring it up.
          Ain’t nobody abusing anybody, we just want the quality stuffs we were getting years ago back.
          Sadly this site took the path Arsenal took during the last decade

          1. Hi Eddie, yes things are changing and there are more articles going up but that is how a website progresses. I am still very aware about some of the quality but you will still find many excellent posts up for discussion. I am thinking that we should have two threads, one for “News articles” and one for “Opinion/discussion”.

            I will get to work on that, then the quality will be on one thread…

          2. The other thing to ponder Pat, is the “regulars” who have now gone…the likes of Dan kit and Midkemma.

            They used to be regular and consistently good posters, who when I asked why they had been banned / not posting anymore, my comments/questions were deleted.

            Some great new names appearing of course, but being ignored is very frustrating.

            Looking forward to seeing more individuals sending in posts for debating purposes and then, perhaps, we wouldn’t need so much of the kind Eddie and Jon are highlighting…just my opinion and Hoe did he do it?!?!?!

    1. Good joke Sue but on VAR itself I would get rid of it this morning were I able. It is ruining the fans enjoyment of our sport and without fans there is no football. It could happen, unless they come to their senses and get rid. Keep goal line technology and anything that can be INSTANTLY decided without doubt or human opinion. Bin all other aspects, esp pen replays and offsides by an “armpit”. To me the whole concept of VAR is a CLEAR AND OBVIOUS ERROR! Ironically, the one thing they do not MOSTLY use it for is clear and obvious errors. MOST LONG LASTING DECISIONS ARE FOR “SKIN OF THE TEETH, READ IT EITHER WAY” MATTERS. Daft concept which should never have come in. Undermining refs is ridiculous and counter productive.

      1. I agree with you, Jon.. and there’s only one team/fans happy with it.. and it sure as hell isn’t us!!
        You mentioned teeth.. on a Klopp article 😂👍
        All joking aside, it’s taking far too long with decisions, some stadiums don’t even have a screen,
        do we celebrate or not… in theory, yes it should be brilliant. But in reality…. 😬😖

  3. Rather than buying a 50+ M defender, Arsenal had better hire Luis Campos. He uncovered and polished many household names, such as Anthony Martial, Nicolas Pepe, Fabinho, James Rodriguez, Kylian Mbappe, Bernardo Silva, Benjamin Mendy and many more

    Luis Campos’ achievement is way bigger than Mislintat. Edu did a good job by bringing Martinelli in, but Arsenal can’t get too many non-EU players due to EPL regulation

    Lille’s highly sought-after players like Victor Osimhen, Gabriel and Boubakary Soumare were also signed by Luis Campos. Arsenal need to identify uncovered gems as what their previous scouts did in the 1990s

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