Liverpool causing problems for Arsenal as they want to renew youngsters deal

Liverpool is causing problems for Arsenal in their bid to tie down Folarin Balogun to a new deal.

The 19-year-old Englishman is one of the most prolific youngsters in the country and he will be out of a contract at the club at the end of this season.

He had noticed that the pathway to first-team football at the Emirates was blocked by the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Martinelli and he wants to leave the club.

But Mikel Arteta wants him to stay, and the Spaniard gave him some chances in the club’s Europa League games.

It seems that he wants to stay now, but Todofichajes says that he is considering an offer from Liverpool as well.

The Reds are looking to take advantage of his hesitation to remain at Arsenal to lure him to Anfield.

He would struggle to play for the Reds as well and will probably be sent out on loan before he can get some chances with the Premier League champions.

The report adds that the Reds have reached out to his representatives recently with an offer that they hope will persuade him to leave Arsenal for Merseyside.

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  1. If there’s any truth to the fact that Klopp rates our youngster, it’s just another example of how we’ve mismanaged this team in recent years…the fact that we would allow Eddie, who couldn’t even get on the pitch during his loan deal in the Championship, to get playing time ahead of him is criminal…for a team that has a owner who is unwilling to personally invest in the club, how are we so inept when it comes to our younger and much more financially viable prospects…it’s so counter-intuitive, if you believe even for a second that we’ve ever had a long-term plan…Gnabry, Iwobi, Ox and maybe now Balogun…the first 3 played considerably better once they got out of this sh** show, minus Ox’s major injury concerns…we’re like the anti-Dortmund, we don’t nurture or acquire younger blue-chip prospects so we have future sellable assets, instead we tend to concentrate on buying players deep within their second act, pay them ridiculous wages then struggle to get anything in return when it’s time to move on…it still drives me crazy to think that we functionally got nothing for our two highest valued players, over the last decade, in Sanchez and Ramsey, then re-signed Ozil to the most cost-prohibitive deal ever…this can never happen again!!

    1. Very selective version of events. Can’t remember theast time we had so many Hale End boys in and around the first team. A few weeks ago we lined up with the youngest Prem defence for over 10 years. Saka, ESR, Martinelli, AMN, Tierney, Gabriel; some bought, some raised.

      Gnabry sure, but Iwobi and the Ox have been very much hit or miss since they left (and for very good money I might add). Fans would want neither back today which says it all.

      Seems you just want to b*tch.

      1. Balugon is a real prospect and I have to agree, I just don’t understand why he don’t get more playing time.

    2. Ah! The bitter truth but still the truth and truth is paramount, as recognising it is the first step to making necessary change. When you fail to recognise mistakes then you are doomed to repeat them again and again. Stating the clear truth loud and clear, as TRVL has done, is so important therefore.

    1. Arsenal can massively benefit from the abundant youth talent currently coming from our academy.We have seen what the youth can offer if given the chance, it is upon the Arsenal management to ensure we do not lose our valuable assets to our rivals.

  2. Umm isn’t he an American? Or an Englishman? Sorry I have read that he is an American talent like Zelalem but seems he has played for English youth teams. That reminds me, what happened to Gedion Zelalem? He was a hot prospect around 3-4 years ago I think?

  3. That is the soul of the trade, heartless: That’s what we always do as Arsenal Football Club, from the days before Wenger, to Wenger and after Wenger, give Folarin what he needs like you Bukayo and he is already paying back, make his issue your priority, address his concerns and do not let them steal him and then use him to haunt us like they always done in past, Serge Gynabry’s is still very sore. Please Mikel, fight for the boy for he won’t disappoint you. You’re the Boss. It will be too painful to see him move over to Liverpool or any other club for that matter. Ashley Cole, Robin Van Persie and Olivier Giroud are some notable mistakes we made in the past that really hurt us, no again, not under your watch Mikel, these kids are your tickets to greatness, not these semi-retired ones who see you as one of them.

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