Liverpool close to becoming Invincibles? No chance…

Carragher Warns Arsenal.!!!! By Dan Smith

I respected Jamie Carragher the player. What he lacked in skill he made up for in attitude, playing in Cup Finals with cramp, the kind of leader our dressing room often lacked. I defended him when he was filmed spitting at a child while driving home, defending as in terms of not wanting Sky to sack him.

Yet his punditry has really grated on me this season. He reminds me of that kid who at school who always felt the need to make a joke at someone’s expense based on his own insecurities (often not funny). Yet he also highlights why I grew up just not liking Liverpool.

There’s an arrogance, a sense of entitlement about their fan base like somehow their club is unique to everyone else. No, you’re not the only stadium which has an atmosphere, and your certainly not exclusive when it comes to dealing with adversity.

They finished 2nd last year but seemed to get more credit than the actual champions. Now they are acting like they have dominated the last decade like a Man United or Chelsea.

To clarify; they are finally about to win a first title in 30 years, so perhaps you should wait a little until you call this an era of dominance.

Put it this way, if Arsenal won the Premiership next campaign, I wouldn’t dare claim we are now superior to Man City. It’s that lack of humbleness which makes you look silly when you fall flat on your face.

Anyway, perhaps the one positive of being in isolation is a break from Mr Carragher. Yet somehow, despite zero football since March, I see more of him and Gary Neville now then I would if Super Sunday was back on.

Apparently, running out of content, the ex-defender has warned Arsenal that Liverpool are getting closer and closer to matching our unbeaten Invincibles season.

Since Christmas, not just was the red half of Merseyside talking about equalling our Invincibles achievement, but saying how they were going to do it better.

The press were even comparing which Invincibles were better, what would happen if our class of 2004 faced the new Untouchables? In reality they never came close. When they went to Watford, they had 11 League fixtures still left. 11 out of 38 matches in total, how’s that close?

Sorry Mr Carragher, if your target is to not lose till after May and you fail in February, how’s that close?

Yet this is what Liverpool do. They exaggerate how special they are, and the papers rarely question them. They talked the talk and at times belittled our feat, making out it was easy.

Once they lost, they claimed not to care, even though it was only them in their own minds who thought it was possible? Instead of someone who should be a role mode at Anfield showing some dignity, he’s warning us, like they only just missed out? Sorry in what position is he to predict that Liverpool will go unbeaten next season?

He’s wrongly educating his fans, by saying that it’s like he’s saying it nearly happened. He points to the fact that even when they finished runners up 12 months ago, they had only tasted one loss. Exactly!!!

Klopp’s men have played beautiful football for two years now and yet both times had lost by March. That’s how hard it is to do what we did! That’s how difficult it is to go home and away, deal with the weather, bad officiating, injuries, etc and yet find a way not to lose.

The law of averages says if you can’t do it when it’s the best you been in three decades, it isn’t going to happen.

The fact that Liverpool have had so many plaudits (and rightfully so) and yet didn’t come close should finally convince people what a landmark we achieved. Yet we still don’t get enough credit for it.

There will always be the TalkSports who say we drew too many games in our Invincibles season.

Yet if Liverpool had bettered our 49-game record, I bet we would have heard about it? Yet when it remains exclusively our baby, it’s not important?

Sir Alex Ferguson said once you find about ones character not just how they respond to defeat but how they handle winning. Do they display humility?

Well Mr Carragher predicts our unbeaten streak is getting closer to be matched.

Based on losing with 10 games still to play?
Based on losing with three months of the season left?

What are they smoking at Anfield?

Dan Smith


  1. Sue says:

    Oh that lot up there make me sick, their bloody fan base are worse than the Mancs in their heyday.
    I will love Watford forever for that thrashing!

    1. Sue says:

      Top notch article, Dan 👍

    2. Lenohappy says:

      If Jamie Carragher really think Liverpool will be as good as this next season, then he’s more foolish than I thought, most of Liverpool wins this season was luck and var, in the first leg against man city, man city had 3 clear penalty but the referee waved it off, the funniest part was that it didn’t even go to var to check it, Man united would have beaten them, but they were lucky to equalise in the 88th minute through a very costly de gea error, Leicester was 1:0 up till 80 minutes before the referee awarded a very dubious penalty to Liverpool in the 85th minutes and as if that wasn’t enough, they scored a last minute goal which am sure they would have cancelled it out if it had been arsenal, I mean the kind of goal Socratis scored against Crystal palace which would have won the game for us 3:2,but the referee says Chambers who was outside the box had already fouled a palace player in the build up to the goal. Liverpool really tried this season but they are not as great as they are being made out to be, a team that has won the league back since December, but still can’t do the double with either fa cup or carabao cup.

      1. Sue says:

        I agree Lenohappy, they were fortunate on numerous occasions… One that stuck in my mind was the howler by Dean Henderson (Sheff Utd) which gifted them the points!
        Everything (& I mean everything!) had gone their way…. well up until they went to Vicarage Road of course 😝 Watford showed how easy it was to dismantle them!!
        Thinking ahead to next season, I think it’s safe to say ‘VAR’ will be their shirt sponsors hahaha!!
        Oh, and btw, I’m glad they were dumped out of all the other comps!

      2. John Ibrahim says:

        exactly without the ref and var helping them…

        they would have lost at least 4 games, plus some draws and their momentum and morale would have long gone

  2. Siamois says:

    OT:a thought and prayer for Kenny Sanson who is fighting for his life in hospital!

  3. Tony says:

    They Smoke “Nathing” Mate!!

    AFC the Real Smoking Gunners.
    Forever the Invicibles.

    Argue to the MOON if you want!!!

    We Only can Undo & Redo what we Did…
    Carragher is on Lame Meths or simply Disturbed however.

  4. SueP says:

    Agree with the article
    I have to say that I cannot warm to him AT ALL since the spitting incident. Disgusting behaviour from a grown man who had played for a great club and was a well respected pundit.
    I put his dismissal of The Invincibles achievement being matched soon is down to a bad case of sour grapes

  5. jon fox says:

    DAN, surely what this contention of yours – with which I broadly agree – boils down to, is that CARRAGHER is biased, as is Neville, Owen,and many other ex players esp those who spent most of their time at ONE CLUB whereas professional journos from a journalistic background, are impartial in their public comments EVEN THOUGH, they also almost always have their own favourite club. It is the price we pay for allowing basically amateur “would be journos” from a playing background to mix on equal terms with highly trained proper and professional journalists. It is natural for all fans too to have bias , though some choose to disguise it better than others,. But wthout such bias there would be no real club passion and that would be a far greater danger to thr game than just sham pro journos who are ex players. We have to put up with it as it will not change.

    And remember show producers are smart people and are well aware that controversy is a key element that keeps viewers watching and debating. Its called the way it is.

    Consider too that all politics shows ALWAYS deliberately polarise opinion and WANT heated debates. It is how humans are and it the modern equivalent of the old Romans with GLADIATORS AND LIONS. IT will not be changing , so just accept it is my advice.

    1. Marty says:

      Yes, all the pundits and people on panel shows rely on one thing, they have to say things which are controversial because that is what the producers of programs tell them to do whether they believe what they are saying or not..
      When I watch a match on television I just watch the actual match and not all the nonsense talk and waffle in the studio beforehand.

  6. Uwot? says:

    Theiving,whinging,always the victim,mickey mousers.They were gutted.Absolutely gutted as we’re the media when Watford beat them.convincingly,I might add.not a narrow dodgy decision 1-0 0 defeat.But a thorough dismantling.Could offer no excuses.Thats how hard it is to do.Every single minute of every single match.Home & away for 38 games.I haven’t even started on the credit for 49 matches( criminally & shamefully robbed of a 50th)even if they’d equalled the 38 .They wouldn’t got near the 49ers (They got 43).So carragher is dreaming if thinks they can replicate this season again.whearby they may not be so fortunate with var decisions & injuries next time.A tall order.very,very tall.

  7. Reggie says:

    Invincibles are invincibles, the rest aren’t. Arsenal did it City didn’t, Liverpool didn’t. Nuff said!

  8. Robert Acedius says:

    Season 2019/20: Poor Pool missed the Carabao, they missed the Fa-cup, they missed playing a full season without losing (“invincibles”), they missed beating Asn’ls 49 straight, they missed Champions League – and they missed winning the Premiership (with 25 pts lead!!!)… Hey, baby, who’s got the last laugh now?

  9. Robert Acedius says:

    “Birdbrain runs the World!
    Birdbrain is the ultimate product of Capitalism.
    Birdbrain chief bureaucrat of Russia, yawning.
    Birdbrain ran FBI 30 years appointed by
    F. D. Roosevelt and never chased Cosa Nostra!
    Birdbrain second rate footballer, missed
    a penalty kick in World Cup with two chances,
    and is now so stupid that he think his ignorance
    is the intellectual model for the human race…

    No one expect that Noam Chomsky should be a decent footballer, and no one expect that Jamie Carragher should be a thinker.
    It takes training, you know.

    1. Phil says:

      Robert- I haven’t got the foggiest of what you are on about but somehow find myself agreeing with you
      Great Article Dan

      1. Robert Acedius says:

        Thank’s, Phil. You flatterer.

  10. Shakir says:

    I would also love to add that liverpool had the help of VAR in many of their results.

    And they didnt lose to man city…😂

  11. Ingleby says:

    The bottom line is that it is all ‘if, but, and maybe’.
    Arsenal actually did it and also came close to doing it years before under George Graham.
    Whether it can be repeated is something nobody can forecast with any degree of accuracy.

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