Arsenal Opinion – Why it matters that Liverpool’s unbeaten run has ended

Don’t get me wrong Arsenal are in no position to celebrate anyone else’s setbacks, especially when their worst-case scenario is lifting the title in a few weeks time, so let’s just say I wasn’t celebrating when Watford best Liverpool, more just breathing a huge sigh of relief.

With our best talent running down their contracts, owners with zero ambition, talk of how much money we are losing and possibly next season having no European football for the first time since 1995, this is a scary time for Arsenal, The future uncertain. No guarantees how quickly we will return to the highest level…

So, in many ways our legacy is all we have, and even that some have tried to attack.

We are one of the biggest clubs never to win a European Cup, so being the “Invincibles” was our claim to fame, an achievement which defined our era. The likes of Henry, Pires, Vieira, Campbell, etc, deserve to have something that separates them from other great sides in our history.

I respect Klopp, he has got his Champions League, but the “Invincibles” is our baby, our claim to fame.

Arsene Wenger has himself admitted, if he had a choice, he’d rather his 49-game record not be matched.

For over a decade some have tried to play down what we accomplished in 2004.

Fans of a newer generation grow up hearing the likes of Adrian Durham tell you why that feat is not impressive, yet fail to answer why if it is so simple, it hasn’t been matched?

I include some of our own fanbase in that. Some have become YouTube sensations by verbally abusing the greatest manager in our history. The other week we were debating should he be given a statue outside the Emirates.

So, if nothing else, Liverpool have helped educate younger fans just how hard it was to do what the Frenchmen did.

Every week we heard debates about where the next Premiership winners stand in the country’s greatest champions. Of course, the same happened 12 months ago with City. You can’t though have it both ways. You can’t say how easy it is to not lose a game in the League all season, yet no one else manages it.

Of course, those at Anfield will tell you records don’t matter to them, but as professionals they would have wanted it.

Certainly, those in the media have mentioned it enough, my friend who supports them was asking at what point do the League hand over a gold trophy? Put it this way, had Liverpool matched our feat would they have mentioned it? Would have comparisons been made? Of course!

When you visit the Emirates, one of the many banners to pay homage to 2003/04 reads: ‘Is yours Gold?’

I guess the answer is still no.

Mr Wenger’s legacy is safe.

Dan Smith


  1. I don’t think any team will ever do it again!

    It also looks like our goals scored in consecutive games is safe too!

    I admit I was a bit concerned by Liverpool’s charge for a while. So credit to them. But now, I will enjoy the silence again as the Liverpool fans come back down to earth!


  2. In a time of mediocrity on the pitch a celebration of our Invincibles is lifting all our spirits

  3. When the dust settled after the Watford match,I thought why is Sarr not playing for Arsenal?Did we not see him up close when he was with Rennes, then decided on Pepe!

    1. I give an honorary Arsenal player. Watching him score those goals was a delight. As if he was in Arsenal shirt.

  4. And its nice to know that Mr Wenger’s statue at the Emirates is more meaningful than if Liverpool had made the Invincibles’ record null and void

  5. Our invincible position will take time to be brocken by any team yet i want us to extend that to 52 match unbeaten under mikel Arteta

  6. I also celebrated! The thing is we done this nearly 20 years ago and everybody still talks about it. Unless Liverpool do the treble no one will ever talk about this season for them again…
    Forever in the History Books!!!

  7. Arsenal under Wenger was a french team. Liverpool under Klopp is a german team. That’s the main difference between the both sides. That’s the difference between french and german lifestyle and culture. Arsenal (2000-2005) played the most attractive football ever played. Liverpool (2018-2020) don’t even comes close to the that ballgame. Wengers Arsenal was, when they played at their best, like the culture of Paris, with it’s artforms, it’s superb food och vintage wine – and l’amore. They were entertainers and loved the joy of playing. They always played on counter attack, FAST, box to box in two-three passes. It’s always better to get into your opponents penalty area when he’s not there. Like a burglar, who always strikes when nobody is home. Arsene Wenger was little like Arsene Lupin – the gentleman thief. I’m sure he had the same vision of football under all his years at Highbury and Emirates, but he only had one Henry, one Pires, one Viera and one Bergkamp. When they were gone – it was over.

    1. Excuse me but Liverpool is clearly NOT a German team. How can you say that? Only Klopp himself and not a single regular player is German. Whereas many of our Invincibles players and Wenger were French. You really should not write lies as if they are true. If you MEANT the manager is German, then why did you not say that, instead of the team?

      Your attempt to paint counter attacking as a German trait is nonsense. You are trying to romantisise facts with sumptuous but irrelevant words and are actually telling falsehoods, with both the French and German styles. Stick to facts is my advice and never try to make facts fit your own romantic theories; assuming that you love the actual truth.

      It seems to me that you can easily write readable fiction and have a definite and pleasing style But it is just not true in this case. I am a professional writer, BTW.

    2. Only German connection at liverpool is manager
      Have to say though
      Even if all were from Germany , what’s wrong with that ?

  8. i had a gut feeling that our ‘invincible’ honour would remain intact and that’s what happened.

  9. The invincibles was a fantastic feat and something to be proud of and a fantastic achievement winning the league unbeaten but the truth is ultimately what you are playing for each year is the league. At the end of this season the only team celebrating the league will be Liverpool and we wont. Still we can celebrate that we were invincible 16 years ago and again next year and probably the year after that but i doubt the euphoria is the same as actually winning the league. We cant keep having a parade each year to celebrate the fact, or get to hold aloft the in invincibles trophy but if we won the league we could. Its a nice and very hard thing to equal but i have young family members who weren’t around then, they just want to win the league. I don’t mean to piss on the parade but the league title is the pinnacle but im proud we did it unbeaten once.

    1. So it only matters when it’s in danger of being taken over
      As in Liverpool matched it lets talk about it
      They don’t , it’s not important

      1. Dan, its a feat but ultimately no, its not important. Whats important is winning trophies. The fact nobody has matched the feat is fantastic but in the great scheme, i would rather win the league or win the Champions League, thats important because that is the goal, everything else is in truth a sideshow. It give me no comfort that Liverpool have been beaten and will win the league but they wont go unbeaten doing it. You get no trophy, no money, no points and only self gratification for going unbeaten. Personally i would swap with Liverpool tonight, if i had the choice.

          1. With all due respect, how does it matter? Its a feat, its not a trophy at the end of the season it wont matter. Liverpool fans wont think twice about it, just like city fans didn’t last year. It wint put any damper on their celebration, i dont get why it matters. If an athlete wins gold and doesnt break the world record, it doesn’t matter. Its in your head but it doesn’t really matter.

  10. Make no mistake.The scousers wanted it & wanted it bad.The media we’re rooting for their darlings too.judging by the denials & responses their absolutely gutted.

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